President Obama's European "Ally" Tour Continues - Live Feed

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Making friends and mending fences and reinforcing his 'promise' noto to spy on friends and to have NATO's back... in Rome with Italy's newest Prime Minister Renzi...


Fascinating indeed?


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Make it stop!  Please, for the love of God, make it stop!

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Can you hear me clapping? I'm clapping!

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$$$ BrownNosers Abound ...

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Slightly OT .. it’s a pisser to see the pope (small ‘P” intentional)  yucking it up with Mr. Forced Contraception/Abortion Funding in Graffiti City.

I would not take a public stand against contraception and abortion in this decrepit society, but I do object to forcing others to pay for it.

As far as the pope/obozo love fest goes though, it is a hypocrisy thing to me.


(-ps..  Maggie Sanger, your eugenics is alive and well long after your carcass has been planted).

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Well at least we know who the blow and rubbers were for?


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The Gospel tell that Jesus sought out sinners and outcasts, prostitutes and tax gatherers, and ate with them.

As politicians are both prostitutes and tax gatherers, and Mr Obama is a politician, the head of the Latin Church is merely doing his job, as per his boss's example.

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How the American educated whistleblower class has to convice the tired massive sheep how badly their getting screwed while the pscyhopatic wolves run the game is....




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Spoiler alert! Nothing will be said that isn't just regurgitated bull shit from the last 5 years. Oh and costs... lots of costs...

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I think the majority of Europe sees right through his lies now.

Worst.President.Evar, with the possible exception of Woodrow Wilson for enslaving us with the Feral (sic) Reserve.

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And Lincoln for his contribution to the destruction of the Constitution.

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But, but, that's "honest" Abe, the one Obama models himself after.  Oh wait, ok I think you have a point Dr. ;)

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for sure a majority in Europe is appalled by Obama's "call to arms" regarding increases to european allies defense spending

Russia spends 4.4% of it's GDP per year for it's military, about $ 90bn

Germany, France and Italy alone spend between 1.4% to 2.3%, with a total of $ 138bn. That's 50% more than Russian spending

If you take the whole Eurozone, total spending is roughly 189 bn. That's double the Russian spending

If you take the whole European Union, total spending is 274 bn or 1.7% of GDP. That's three times the Russian spending

In fact if the EU was a country instead of a fancy multi-sovereign "trade cooperative", it would "boast" an active military of 1.5 million soldiers, a spending of 1.55% of GDP which translates to €387 per head

the USSR was scary, yes. it also included the satellites. i.e. Poland, Eastern Germany, the Baltic States, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, all armed and ready to be pushed forward by Soviet armoured divisions

Russia? Alone? toe-to-toe WWI-style, we'd have three times the reserves. toe-to-toe WWII-style, we'd have enough tanks, planes, etc for years

And all this without counting neither American troops here nor the British and French nukes

Dear Mr. President Obama, we don't need moar defence spending. we don't want moar defence spending. It's your country that might want, eventually, to reconsider why it spends moar than the next eleven countries together, including China, Russia, etc

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the problem is if there is no more spending here, who is going to buy americans planes and other military hardware? Obama only want our euro through the black hole of Nato, which US control.

Just tell Obama what Soros, Krudman, Rubini and others jewish gurus of wall street said in 2010, is right, we have no money and euro is finish.

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Ally tour? I'm trying to think of who might fit the description, but since we alienated everybody, no names come to mind. So I guess it will be a short tour.

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"The Tragical History Tour is stomping to get its own way,
A shameful histrionic display..."

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I have a message for you Obama...FUCK OFF and seriously consider suicide as an option!

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turn off the voume and it's like he is a "Just for Men" hair dye commercial.

"Prime Minister Renzi, you hair is so, so, so 'black'. how do you do it?" asked Obama.

"easy, i spend less than i earn; pray to Jesus Christ; make my wife listen to me and i don't pick fights with Kung Foo experts. Low stress. Small nuts. That keeps my hair black."

"well, I have big nuts and no brains so I have big stress. i stay black with Just for Men. Watch me next week. Big black afro"

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He's either not sleeping, on drugs or a combination of the two. He looks like shit, which matches the rest of his persona.

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People are pointing and laughing at him. No one respects him. That's the only thing that could keep the arrogant one awake at night.  Well...except maybe Reggie...

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Maybe they lost his golf clubs at the airport.

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No, it is easier to tell that he's lying or doesn't believe what he is saying when he has to go solo like this. Look at his face and head movements. He blinks constantly. He looks down a lot. He's easier to read than my teenagers on Saturday morning.

Take all of this in context to what we saw 5-6 years ago. So much deterioration along a lot of fronts.

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Check the video for Green Screen artifacts.

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Wow, thats ALOT of grey on that head!!

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When are they going to start throwing rotten fruit at the bastard already? 

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Obama is a growth.

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That's one way to characterize him..... I however have a few other flowery words to describe him.

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Ho hum! Typical Liberal back stabbing weasel! So what's new?

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He is NOT a liberal.   He is a neo-marxist progressive, an opportunist, an over-grown boy toy, and some sort of controlled minion of the people who created him.

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Interesting how liberal was turned into a dirty word.


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Russia walks through the door of diplomacy ??? 

fuck me gently with a tank does it get any thicker .......

US diplomatic core includes Blackwater now?? oh.....yeah that's right...... nevermind

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Renzi must have been that one guy clapping after Obozo's presser yesterday.

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Hey Valerie is in the house....... judging from the downvotes......oh maybe Reggie......any chance they are one and the same??

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let it out, don't hold back.....

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I wish I could upvote you more! That was almost a perfect rep of what I did when that fucking clown and his butt-boy started talking.

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It was no tribble at all (as Scottie said).

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When they say "less austerity" and "moar growth" they mean public sector, government groath, yo.

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Looking back to the coup in Kiev and the information provided in our columns during the course of the events, Manlio Dinucci describes a decades-old device used by the United States and NATO as it appears today: a new "Gladio," that is to say a secret military structure capable of manipulating political facts.
To paraphrase a famous U.S. television series: "The Pentagon will deny all knowledge of your actions ..."


These facts shed a new light on the way the coup in Kiev was organized and implemented. Under the direction of the United States and NATO, the CIA and other secret services have for years recruited, funded, trained and armed the neo-Nazi activists that in Kiev stormed government buildings, and were then made into the "national Guard.”


Photographic documentation, which has been circulating recently on the internet, shows young Ukrainian activists belonging to the neo-Nazi Uno-Unso organization, in Estonia in 2006, being trained by NATO instructors in urban warfare techniques and the use of explosives for sabotage and attacks [2] NATO did the same thing during the Cold War to form the clandestine "stay-behind" paramilitary structure, codenamed "Gladio" [3]. Active also in Italy where, at Camp Darby ( U.S. military base near Pisa ) and other sites, they trained neo-fascist groups to carry out attacks and perpetrate a possible coup d’état. An analogous paramilitary structure was created and is functioning today in Ukraine, also using Israeli specialists.


Didn't Renzi come into power in a similiar manner without the protests....

The only question is Renzi just a political front man for these"stay-behind" democracy spreaders and more importantly is which side does the Italian Mafia groups ultimately back if the people actually get into power over there for once.


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Don't worry, all will be well. Barry has told the bloke who holds up the "applause" card that he'd better not fuck it up today....

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The Running Out of Other Peoples Money' Tour has been a huge success. The Recovery Summer VI Tour is next!

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Hey, who are those guys walking through the audience with cattle prods?

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They are "enjoyment enforcers"

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Hiss or boo or silence brings enforcer's scowl and a prod.  Cheers and applause bring smile on enforcer's face.

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Let's get together now and keep repeating: "Obama's message", "Clear", "Shared views", "Obama honestly and truthfully promises NSA reforms and this time he is really sincere", "Obama's challenge", "Putin is a brute".

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Blah-bah-blah, , "democracy", blah-blah, "youth", blah, "freedom", blah, "employment", buh-blah-blub.

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wear you knee pads Barry and keep sucking!!!!