Russia Set To Sanction US Businesses

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Russian State Duma and Federation Council members are considering the imposition of sanctions on US businesses as discussions are increasingly focused on retaliatory sanctions on the US. "If the US cares little about losing business contacts with Russia through imposing its sanctions," then Duma Deputy Dengin warns of measures to set limits to representative offices of companies in Russia that are owned by US nationals.


Via Voice of Russia,

Russian State Duma and Federation Council members are considering the imposition of sanctions on US businesses. The Russian legislators feel that Russia should react to US moves against Russian entrepreneurs in a mirror-like way. But major foreign companies point out they are going to go ahead with their cooperation with the Russian Federation.


A Duma Deputy Vadim Dengin has told the Moscow-based Izvestia daily that the MPs have been increasingly often focused on retaliatory sanctions on the United States, specifically on measures to set limits to representative offices of business companies in Russia that are legal entities, owned by US nationals.


"If the US cares little about losing business contacts with Russia through imposing its sanctions, then Russia should have long since started supporting Russian producers in full", the Duma Deputy said.


A Member of the Duma Financial Market Committee, Boris Kashin, believes that imposition of sanctions on US businessmen is possible only if the US slaps these kinds of sanctions on Russian businessmen first. But Russia should think it over what foreign goods and/or services we could give up, the politician says.


"Russia cannot forgo all such goods, for instance, US-made computers. But if there is, for example, a Chinese-made analogue available, we could use it instead of US-made goods, if these are on the US sanctions list", Kashin said.

However, not everyone faces the ax...

But US companies that have been cooperating with Russia look forward to further cooperation with this country. According to an official of the US Exxon Mobil oil and gas corporation, one should always make an impartial analysis of the situation first and then decide on whether sanctions should or should not be imposed.


He told the newspaper he hoped his company would manage to avoid political problems and they would be able to continue working in Russia.

The tit-for-tat sanction battle is set to resume and can only be negative for the world's economy as the "boomerang" keeps bouncing back and forth.

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Jlasoon's picture

Well this should be interesting. 

Deathrips's picture

Goes like this.


"Look Moochele...I got em!


Fuck, How did I get shot in the Foot?


At least I cant put it in my mouth again....


See boss... i listens real well sir"





DoChenRollingBearing's picture

ExxonMobil?  Fiat?  BP?  OK fine.  Lil fishez like us won't be putting money into Russia.

ndotken's picture

why do I keep getting the feeling that in the end ... this is going to cost me, the taxpayer ... a hell of a lot of $$$$$

zaphod's picture

This was how the last depression was started.

Only then most of the public knew how to be self sufficient to a degree. When the next depression hits soon and the government has fully run out of other peoples money and exhausted their ability to manipulate the dollar, the free shit army will have no idea what to do. It will be much worse this time.

BlindMonkey's picture

Dude. The FSA knows what to do. Rampage, blame whitey, loot and crack skulls.

You did get the memo on that right? I think the last one was postmarked from Louisville.

effendi's picture

So why didn't the locals get some Louisville sluggers and crack a few of the dumb punks skulls?

That article didn't mention the melanin levels of the 200 punks (typical).

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

Because self defense be rayciss.

Freddie's picture

Sadly, a lot of conservatives are falling for the lying news media shit about " bad guy" Putin and Crimea.    I don't watch ***ing TV. They have no clue about Nuland, Yas, Yulla, Svoboda and poor Robin Hood Billy in his Raiders gear.

They are over at places like Free Republic saying drill drill  drill and then we export LNG gas to Europe.   BS.  This will drive our prices up  for energy but they don't get it. And the Ukriane has no money to pay for any LNG.

Washington DC and the NWO is the enemy not Putin.  The stupidity of some people is staggering.

EscapingProgress's picture

Putin should offer all wealthy Americans and Europeans citizenship in the Russian Federation in order to assist them in escaping the burdensome regulatory environment in the West. This would be quite the blow to the Anglo-American empire. Although, I'm not sure Russia would be much of an improvement. It would be a good PR stunt at least.

GERxit's picture

Fred, If I could have +100'd your comment I would have...

SilverRhino's picture

So much for my idea of relocating to Russia for the income tax bennies and doing my work remotely across the internet.   Fuck.  

BlindMonkey's picture

Moving to Crimea to work remotely? I am right behind you man. I can't imagine that Putin really has a problem with high producing expats disgusted with the US.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

I thought sanctions were meaningless. Or is another case where if our team does it, it has no meaning, but if Russia does it then it has the full weight and power of Putin, so it is unstoppable and legally right.

Cattender's picture

tit for tat.. i guess the u.s. Economy is too Strong for it to Matter?

LetThemEatRand's picture

Good thing we shipped our technology to China so that our middle class could be destroyed and Russia could find American designed clones easily.  Good thinking, every politician since 1980.  Oh wait, it was deliberate on the part of the oligarchs who bribed the politicians with relatively paltry campaign contributions, and this is part of their plan.  Got it.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Everyone watched it happen and shrugged their shoulders... who's really to blame?

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

IIRC, after the collapse of the Soviet Empire, the plan was to induce the Chinese into free market capitalism by giving them most favored nations trading status with the U.S.  Somewhere along the line, we induced ourselves into socialism.

Spanky's picture

Some of us were not shrugging our shoulders. And things turned out pretty much the way we said they would... Guess you didn't get the message way back then. So, who's really to blame?

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

You can pat yourself on the back all you want, but the fact remains... we are here.

Spanky's picture

Not patting myself on the back. Simply noting that not everyone was a passive observer.

You're attempting to apportion blame for our current state of affairs. Fine. Begin with wealthy campaign contributors and their corporate lobbyists. Then consider the role of the mainstream media and red team / blue team politicians. How much confusion did they engender with propaganda and out right lies? How difficult was it for working folks to dig out real facts and honest analysis amid the media onslaught?

Propaganda has been a fact of life in the US for a considerable while. You might want to consider that particularly important factor, before arguing that we "consented" to "free trade" treaties and the subsequent de-industrialization of the US by simply shrugging our shoulders.

What I witnessed during those years was nothing less than a propagandistic process of manufacturing the illusion of consent.

silvermail's picture

"So, who's really to blame?"

Putin. Putin is to blame, always and everywhere, starting from the time of the Mesozoic era. Whether or not you watch CNN and faux news?

LetThemEatRand's picture

Yes, we're fucked, but I don't subscribe to the idea that we sheeple (including guys like me who voted for Perot) should be blamed for deliberate ass fucking by the oligarchs.  Share the blame for failing to prevent the ass fucking, maybe.  But there's only one ass fucker here.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

The real heroes who challenged the Empire are either dead or in prison for life.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Snowden is alive and not in prison.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

For now... but I can modify that if you like:

"The real heroes who challenged the Empire are either dead, in prison for life, or on the run."

LetThemEatRand's picture

Don't underestimate the leak in the dam.  And there are a few really good journalists such as Taibbi and Paul Craig Roberts who are gaining traction.  Some of the biggest fires start with a spark.  When you look at the inert pile of dry tinder and wonder why it's just sitting there, think to yourself what could change instead of what hasn't changed yet.

BlindMonkey's picture


God I hope you are right.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Steve McQueen.

Nevermind the ending that is edited out.  Let's edit it out.

silvermail's picture

Putin's alive, he's not in jail and he doesn't runs from the police.

Aussiekiwi's picture

Not quite, lots of places he can't go, not exactly free either, telling the truth will always leave you branded a traitor to be imprisoned for life in the US, fortunately the US did promise Russia that if they returned him they would NOT torture him, well not by definition anyhow, maybe a couple hundred water boards, but that's ok, that's just an interview to see what he knows, NOT torture.

TaperProof's picture

Yup its a war against Americans.  You can't have a cozy world government with one superpower and a bunch of second rate nations, so they attacked our populaton on all fronts. Now we are a bunch of dumb, broke, drugged up fatties.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

Note to Putin:  Belly laughing at your opponent while playing chess is considered rayciss in this country.  Especially if your opponent is the Black King.

disabledvet's picture

"no Kiev Rus" is a crushing blow to President Putin. We all suffer here from limited information so while it's easy to pom-pom, it's hard to tell "who" (or what) "started it"(and why.) Our President isn't helped either because while Putin makes it about him...there's no vice versa. I continue to be "beyond livid" that an entire generation of Americans have fought a war to basically keep Russia whole. And we continue to fight that conflict I might add. If Ukraine pulls off a successful competitive election (the boxer dude versus Rapunzel then...indeed..."Russia has its Crymea." Does that put Putin in a corner? Is he forced to retaliate? Our President's trip to The Kingdom strikes me as "yet another Long March" here. Assad, Istanbul, Egypt, Beirut. Yikes.

silvermail's picture

Ukraine - is bankrupt and the bomb for the U.S. economy.
Washington will not change "Russian thinking" most of the population of Ukraine.
If it failed to do over the last 100 years, why it will be possible in the next 10, 20 or 100 years?

Ukraine is the largest geo-strategic defeat of the United States and throughout the American ideology. In Ukraine, Washington fell into the trap set by Putin.

401-Kulak's picture

oh snap - where am i going to sell Stupid suppositories.

zhandax's picture

If you have perky tits, CNBC is always looking

surf0766's picture

O' caused the crisis and has the solution already planned.


NoDebt's picture

zerO had no idea what was coming.  And he has no solution, except the default solution- accepting it.  He was out-matched and out-played by a smarter opponent who started with fewer pieces on the board.  Putin's goal was to get what he wanted and play to 'stalemate' after that.  He accomplished his goal.

When you see international corporations (which have NO loyalty, except to money) basically telling their home countries 'shit happens', it should be apparent the depth of Putin's victory.  zerO said "shun Russia economically for what they've done" and they say "well, let's not be so hasty there, Mr. Thinman."


NYPoke's picture

Everybody assumes that Obama is incompetent, which is no doubt true.  Given the goal of the 60's Socialists, which is to bankrupt the American Government, this is probably all planned.


The White House is going to sit back & watch the Economic Destruction and smile.  They want this to happen.


ACORN wins; we lose.  Assholes.

zhandax's picture

I would believe that in a heartbeat if I could find some evidence to contradict that this is is the final showdown between the only two sides which really matter.

Stuck on Zero's picture

If Russia bans Hollywood, Miley, US News Media, US government websites, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Obama I'm moving to Moscow.


nmewn's picture

Somehow, twerkin with Vlad doesn't have the same connotation with me.

But hey! long as I stay in his good graces and perform as expected, shouldn't be a problem ;-)

knukles's picture

Step outta line and it's off to the Siberian FEMA equivalent.  Which they have up, running and fully populated.

It's OK to respect the man because he's one tough no nonsense motherfucker who'll crush your nuts in the door jam and does what he says, but another to have a man crush which is what so many around here appear to have embraced.
Just sayin'

Freddie's picture

Well I will twerk with Anna Chapman and you can twerk with Yulia the 5/8ths goy warrior Ukrainan princess who is supposedly not even Ukrianian.  She is supposedly Latvian and something else like a Turk. 

Optimusprime's picture

And something else like a Jewess.  And don't forget the Donmei--a lot of "Turks" are actually crypto-jews.


Evil Bugeyes's picture

In 2013 US exports to Russia were $11.1 billion vs. imports from Russia of $27 billion resulting in a $16.9 billion deficit for the year. So it doesn't seem to be a big deal when compared to QE purchases per month.

I think Putin is mainly trying to scare the EU. And he is probably succeeding.

nmewn's picture

I'm thinkin by unanimous