Spain Rules Catalonia Independence Referendum "Unconstitutional"

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With Scotland moving ever closer, Crimea having chosen their own path, and Venice overwhelmingly voting for secession from Italy, the Spanish government has put its foot down on the Catalonia's planned independence referendum. As Time reports, In a Tuesday ruling, Spanish judges found Catalonia’s planned independence referendum to be unconstitutional. Of course, just as in Crimea, this is being ignored by the Catalan government - a region seen as the powerhouse of the Italian economy - who exclaimed "this will have no effect on the process."


Via Time,



In a Tuesday ruling, Spanish judges found Catalonia’s planned independence referendum to be unconstitutional, but secessionists in the Spanish autonomous region (called a “community” in Spain) have vowed to proceed regardless.


“This will have no effect on the process,” said the Catalan government’s spokesman Francesc Homs on local television.


Although stifled under the yoke of the Franco dictatorship, Catalonia has long felt cultural and linguistic disctinction from the rest of Spain. In recent years, it developed into a powerhouse of the nation’s economy. However, amid the country’s financial crisis, Madrid has been urging national unity.


No one can unilaterally deprive the entire Spanish people of the right to decide on their future,” Spain’s conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told the parliament, which is due to debate the referendum on April 8.




Last September 11, Catalonia’s national day, hundreds of thousands of Catalans formed a vast human chain across the region to call for independence. The referendum, if it goes ahead, is planned for Nov. 9.

As Pater Tenebrarum noted, nation states are starting to splinter

One of these days, one of the secessionist movements in Europe is likely to succeed and then a domino effect may be let loose. The Crimea's recent change of allegiance has probably energized these movements further.


And it is about time, too. The concept of the centralized, large-scale nation state is anachronistic and should be abandoned. The increasing centralization of the EU is going in the wrong direction. Once again it must be stressed that for the individual citizen, it matters not one whit whether self-important EU politicians and bureaucrats can 'throw around their weight on the international stage'.


What matters far more is that they would likely be treated a lot better and become more prosperous if everything fell apart into tiny independent territories. That would definitely not mean that there could be no free trade zone, or that every region would necessarily use a different currency. The main goals of the founders of the EU, namely free trade and free movement of capital and people need not be abandoned – on the contrary, they would likely be adopted without hesitation. When a great many small territories compete with each other for citizens, then they are all going to be forced to make a good offer that makes people want to stay. Large declines in taxes would be an immediate effect, but not the only effect that could be expected.

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edifice's picture

Awesome, a return to city-states. Whowuddathunkit?

fonestar's picture

Separation for everyone!  Everyone should declare their independence!

Dollarmedes's picture

Too bad Russia can't invade Catalonia.

Dollarmedes's picture

Sure...they can use their newly-Russian Crimean naval bases to sail into the Mediterranian Sea for an amphibious assault. Also known as the old "banana in the tailpipe" tactic.

LFMayor's picture

Well, there were some articles about Putin's "madness" recently.  What IF he decided to take the bad pill?

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Putin's "madness" 

Remember, anyone who objects to a libtard is either mad or even worst, evil. Pointless blabber as always.

Zerozen's picture

Or even worse than evil....rayciss!!

Evil Peanut's picture

Perhaps the Catalonians can put out a call for aid to the Russians, Indians or Chinese?


I'd love to see that happen

Overflow's picture

It's just a sad carnival to hide political disaster.

I just hope this gets so wrong something changes fast.

El Diablo Rojo's picture

People choosing freedom and self-governance?  Preposterous.

Ahmeexnal's picture

Catalonia is the powerhouse of Italy?

hmm....and surely Friuli-Venezia is the powerhouse of Spain.

ArgentoFisico's picture

wow! somebody realized that, awsome :o

well, ok, Catalogna is to Spain what "Padania" (the north valley between Alps and Appennines) is to Italy .. not too good the educational system in the US, right? ;D

Unknown User's picture

Will they send NATO to bomb the Catalonians?

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Didn't the US send 600,000 of our young men and women to their graves over this issue in a civil war?

piliage's picture

Given Obama was in Brussels yesterday, and with his stellar track record in Egypt, Ukraine, Libya, Syria, etc., I'm surprised Belgium hasn't already fallen into civil war and there isn't a referendum today to join Russia.

Rafferty's picture

Catalonia is a powerhouse of the Italian economy?? Who cuda guessed.....

oklaboy's picture

Spanish? now which one is it?

Rafferty's picture

Tyler must think all dagos are the same.

Ludwig Von's picture

Sorry, but we 've just started it... .

Latina Lover's picture

All your assets belong to us. Self determination is only for those who we  invade conquer and colonize.


Signed The EU/NATO/US

zaphod's picture

Considering what a corrupt mess central states have become, city states does not look too bad.

LFMayor's picture

F yeah! and I'm going to be a plank owner in the thieves/assasins guild, too.  Might as well get started early.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I'm going to get into gibbet manufacturing.

Sloppy Joe's picture

the Catalan government - a region seen as the powerhouse of the Italian economy

Can't keep Italy apart from Spain? Sad.

StychoKiller's picture

Torunaga:  "There are no 'mitigating circumstances' when it comes to rebellion
against a sovereign lord."
Anjin San:  "Unless you win." -- Shogun, James Clavell

AG BCN's picture

They already sort of did, if you walk the streets of Barcelona you will here the Russian language very often. I have lived in Barcelona for 10 years and this has all happened in the last 3. It seems that for some reason our Russian brothers prefer the Mediterranian lifestyle over the Moscow suburbs. 

mt paul's picture


should contact Putin 

666's picture

I have the results of my own referendum on whether I should or should not secede from the USSA, and the tally is a resounding 1 vote for and 0 votes against! Goodbye to the 535 rocket scientists lounging on the shores of the Potomac, and good luck!

Christophe2's picture

I downvoted you first for your nick: what's so cool about satanism that you make its symbol your name?  Like satan much?

Next I thought how strategically dumb your suggestion ultimately is: we can't win against millions of co-conspiring satanists by going it alone.  Doing that is basically abdicating entirely, and obviously, we will only ever be a real danger to them when good people start working EFFICIENTLY together, teaming up together like they do.

'They' would certainly like us to give up on figuring out how to work well with our fellow man, to stop thinking about how to undo their crappy programming...

Joe A's picture

And the ICJ ruling of 2009 on Kosovo made that possible.

exi1ed0ne's picture

People with balls of steel make independence possible, not the folks handing out the paperwork.

Anusocracy's picture

Well, it is more than obvious that government is a failed concept.

rubiconsolutions's picture

Penalty for early withdrawal?

dogismycopilot's picture

10years ago I read an article about city states .... Foreign Policy I think.

Old_Dog's picture

We should do this in the US.

Separate the cities FROM the states.

Let the cities wallow in their Blue Wonderfulness and the states can propser without the yoke of the cities on their shoulders..


corndog's picture

Why is it Democracy now and it wasnt in 1860?

101 years and counting's picture

what's texas waiting for?  they leave the union, i'm moving there.

silvermail's picture

If the authorities in Washington, will be captured by the rebels and the Nazis, with the support and funding from Moscow, then Texas will abide by the decisions of these rebels and impostors?
Yes or no?

oklaboy's picture

beat you too it. Moved down here in February. great place....lots of opportunity

Oh regional Indian's picture

Looks like collectivism is a soul killah...

LFMayor's picture

As bad as the caste system? 

Just you wait, one day the rat-smokahs gonna RISE up! 

Gonna RISE up 'an shout "OLD Brahmin, let my PEOPLE go!".

Sashko89's picture

"Of course, just as in Crimea, this is being ignored by the Catalan government - a region seen as the powerhouse of the Italian economy - who exclaimed "this will have no effect on the process."


Correction* - powerhouse of the SPANISH economy -



HardlyZero's picture

Yes saw that too...unless there is a new axis forming between Spain and Italy (across the Med ?).   What if Venice and Catalonia formed a partnership ?  it is possible these days.

edifice's picture

It's only possible in Civilization V.