Ukraine's 'Freedom-Seeking' Nationalists Protest Government Building, Ministers Evacuated - Live Feed

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Well that didn't take long.. the "nationalists" who freed the country from Yanukovych's apparent corrupt government in favor of a well-chosen US leadership, are now turning on the replacements:


Of course, this is a day after the party's leader was allegedly killed by Police, and following lawmakers demands that citizens return any illegally held guns. It seems reveolution is addictive...


Of course, bear in mind that the lawmakers are still discussing whether to vote for and approve the IMF aid package and this suggests things are on hold for a while...


Hundreds of the Right Sector members flood the square in front of Verkhovna Rada in the Ukrainian capital on Thursday night. Wearing masks and brandishing bats, they were shouting "Avakov, get out!"


Via RT,


Things are starting to get heated...

And there's always time for a #selfie...

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silvermail's picture

In a democratic free country people can protest in front of their Parliament. And throwing Molotov cocktails at police and kill people from sniper rifles.

In countries like Russia you get jailed. In USA - you will shot immediately.

Who's free-ier?

adonisdemilo's picture

The Nazis / Nationalists have served their purpose, expect quite a few more of them to "asked" to not spill the beans.

kashey's picture

Right sector is a neo-nazi group which glorifies WWII war criminals and whose members fought against Russians along with Chechen muslim terrorists.
They are under partial control of Nuland, they were the main fighting force in Maidan, their opposition to all agreements was the only reason opposition won. But now they realize that US favors more civilized and obedient puppets and they are being marginalized so they want their share of power back.

Volkodav's picture

Their Leader said no NATO on Ukraine lands...that seem positive

If these overcome the neocommies while bringing east to full rebellion, could be better scenario than prompt get locked into the west, imf,nato clutches...

could backfire into eu as east protests and fights back


Jack Burton's picture

Right Sector thugs have been bussed into the eastern cities. Already caught on videos threatening, beating, using knives and taking away pro Russian peoples. When do Russian Ukrainians fight back to these thugs?

The Deacon's picture

Russian thugs have been bussed into the eastern cities. Already caught on videos threatening, beating, using knives and taking away pro Ukrainian peoples. When do Ukrainians fight back to these thugs?

Jack Burton's picture

IMF terms for Ukraine. Gas prices raised 50%, Government wages cut 70%, pensions down to $80 a month for the old, sale of state assets to western corporations. Just a start in return for billions of loans to be paid back over decades of debt slavery. No wonder the east wants to be like Crimea and declare freedom from EU rape squades.

Volkodav's picture

Those are about identical to original EU demands.

Terrible, and thats just the really short list.

SmittyinLA's picture

Hey man EU rape squads have a right to that revenue stream as anybody, so says our Senate 98-2.

Swing and Miss, Mike Lee Ted Cruz corporate posers. (they voted with the other 96 Socialist vermin)



Crash Overide's picture

Doesn't Ted Cruz's wife work for Goldman Sachs and wasn't she a term member for the Council on Foreign Relations and economic adviser to the Bush administration?

I am not saying it means anything but I thought once you are in the mafia you are in for life no?

Yo Ted, what's up with you're girl?

tony wilson's picture

my guess is cia,mossad and mi6 have a list of targets.

before you know it right sector will have a new liberal makeover perfect for the bbc rewrite tv show.

the dangerous nazis will vanish,commit suicided,car crash boston breaked,heart attacked or the classic auto erotic hanging.

no nail guns needed here

just classic frank kitson techniques.

 right sector pseudo gang numbskulls are fucked.

SmittyinLA's picture

So are the "freedom seeking nationalists" seeking EU entry, Russo sphere or independence? 

I'm confused and the bond debt chart didn't help. 

esum's picture

yo "nationalists" suggest you retaliate by killing 100 for every one of yours.... that'll get some attention and calm things down a bit and if it russians who killed him... well they are fair game too

esum's picture

where are the "elections" in the ukraine..... crimea had them.... maybe afraid of results??? right wing used and discarded like a condom... suckers... you fight and reap no reward... hey just like the ussa in iraq and afghanistan.... now i understand... just spill blood, promote dimwitted generals, leave and fuck over vets... 1 million without jobs.... way to go.. now all is clear

DutchMadness's picture

What will happen when a pro-Russian candidate will win the next presidential elections? Civil war? Do not forget that the last elections were won by a  Russian candidate... Or will the majority vote for an old boxing legend or a ex-president who was jailed for stealing 300m $ from the state coffins? And how will the  heavenly armed Nationalist react? We better buy some emergency food and drinks when the war starts. Putin will not accept a mess next door of the Kremlin. We are softies, he is not!