Bank of America No Longer Even Bothers To Blame The "Weather" Or "Storms" For Weak Consumer Spending

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Two weeks ago, when Bank of America found that its weekly retail spending data has continued coming in far weaker than expected compared to 2013, it did the laughable: it blamed not the weather in general, but one storm in particular, to wit: "once again adverse weather potentially impacted spending last week, as the storm “Titan” moved across the US over the weekend of March 1st and 2nd and was followed by yet another cold spell." Two weeks later, after shockingly BofA finds precisely the same weakness continuing into the end of a balmy March, it no longer even bothers looking for excuses. The sad reality: there are none.

Our weekly internal BAC card (credit+debit) retail ex. gas spend data for last week (ended March 21st) rose 2.7% over the same week last year, broadly in line with the 3.0% increase the prior week and sharply above the 1.7% YoY spending growth in February and 1.0% for January. However, while retail spending thus appear on an accelerating path away from the cold months, growth rates remain well below last year’s numbers of 5.3% and 3.5% for the third and second week of March, respectively. Finally, note that our internal data is often not a good predictor of the official Census Bureau data.


Of course, the data would be a great predictor if it was "predicting" a bullish print.

We wonder how many months of balmy spring, summer and fall weather it will take before economists finally admit that the drop in consumer spending has nothing to do with climatic conditions (hint:, and everything to do with the fact that consumer are tapped out. Wild guess here: many.

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The American Consumer is dead so What  difference does it make?? 

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When the slaves have all dropped over dead....the plantation owners have a real problem.

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If you like paying for corrupt Obozocare, you can keep it.

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Can't we just form one entity, like the Supreme Bureau of All Bullshit, where all this crap is fed fom one source in one report. My head hurts. 

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Is not all bovine excrement now incorporate in oval office?

TideFighter's picture

COM-MOD-I-TY [Kuh-Mod-Ii-Tee]

Stock Exchange. any unprocessed or partially processed good, as grain, fruits, precious metals.

ORIGIN: 1375-1425; late Middle English commodite <Anglo-French < Latin


And nobody saw it coming (haha).

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The principle advantage America has always held over the rest of the world has been the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, -with both upheld by the Rule of Law.Historically capital was worth more in the USA than anywhere else in the world.

Absent those assets, the risks of business in the USA outweigh the potential for profits. Capital currently is worth nothing in the USA. By the time it is licensed, insured, regulated, taxed, and thoroughly proctoscoped by Homeland Security and the NSA -there is nothing left for anyone.

We are currently living off the credit the world extended the Real America in its prime.

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Could just blame it on 29.5 hr/wk jobs.

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and minimum wage with no benefits

holmes's picture

Everybody is busy this week signing up for Obamacare.

GetZeeGold's picture



Hopefully someone will actually pay for it this week.


Alas we'll never know....cause no one has access to the backend of that thing.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Obamacare is cost of money...? What is point? Amerikan citizenry is plain dumb crazy - vote for idiot banana ear freak not is one, but is twice!

TideFighter's picture

One of the major reasons (hardships) for extending ObamaCare:

"Some unfortunate folks do not own, or have access, to a computer."

So how were 11,000,000 "potential" enrollees notified of the hardship extension? 


Boris Alatovkrap's picture

This is so much typical of IT idiot who is send email:

"Please, SMTP is down, you are not receive email today."

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Let Boris explain using of more old traditional technology... Grog is break drum skin, must have Ork get new skin for drum, so must beat out signal for sending Ork message, "please to obtain new drum skin for Grog!"... Doh!

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i've tried to navigate through it and was exhausted by the time i got through.  Information overload, technical difficulties.  i gave up and just want my toothache to go away.  i think i'll head to denver for a miracle cure.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris cousin, Ivan Turipyuov, is also navigate, and is lucky find thousand of SSN and credit card information.

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Move to Boston with cousin Tsarnaev. 84,000 Massachusetts residents are getting a letter from .gov saying that the problems with their healthcare signups give them free healthcare until the problem is resolved!

F.A. Hayek's picture

When you get a second job to make up for the 29.99999 hour first job, that means twice as many jobs!

This will be the best summer of recovery yet.

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luckily for the central printing fucks, mass inflation in food and energy will "boost" spending for all essential items.  and destroy spending for....everything else.

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If you're a Keynesian, it doesn't matter what you spend your money on, just that you spend it in ever greater amounts.  When you run out of money, borrow it.  When you can't borrow any more, have the government borrow it for you.

You are now up to speed on the last 100 years of monetary and economic policy in the United States.

TideFighter's picture

I got it!   Kenyanesian. 

SheepDog-One's picture

People are pretty ingenious. I've got 1 friend who gets all her paper towels and cleaning stuff from work. Not stealing cases of the stuff or anything,  just a roll of paper and half bottle of cleaner here and there. 

Calculus99's picture

That's hilarious. I used to work with a fella who did exactly the same, bog roll, kitchen papewr, coffee, tea, sugar. He told me once that he hasn't bought any of this stuff from a shop for years. Plus of course all the stationary and printer toner.

toady's picture

I didn't by toilet paper for ten years.

Ness.'s picture

Why is the S&P exploding higher this morning?  Anyone?

Bearwagon's picture

Just because! Period!

Nue's picture

Because Janet Yellen got to work this morning and remembered to press the button this time. She's new to the job so sometimes it's slips her mind till the late afternoon.

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No. There's's clogging up your inter-tubes.

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Full speed ahead, Scotty!  Aye aye, Cap'n (ya blouse-wearin' poodle-walker).

Nue's picture

It's called the US consumer is broke. All the money has been re-routed into Wallstreet bypassing them completely.

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We could spend a lot more money and fix this damn economy if our government would do the rational thing and sell our resources to the Chinese. We could give them 100% ownership of all rain water in return for them lending us money to waste on shit we don't need.

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notice how "spending" is up every year by the exact amount the maggots want it to be up?

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Gasp! That sounds conspiratorial.

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Don't count the pumpers out, I'm sure they'll think if new excuses.

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p>Enough already about the weather!  It DOES matter and the effects last longer than a single storm.  Many people will be paying down record energy bills well into 2014.  This constant bashing of weather excuses by ZH makes the site look stupid.  Yes, weather is not the only factor affecting economic numbers but to constantly imply that weather has no effect is just as bad as blaming everything on the weather (a position rarely taken, I.e. most claim that weather has been a contributing factor)

Ness.'s picture

Did we have "weather" last year?  Are we going to have weather next year too?  I just want to check so I can adjust my portfolio.  I've never heard of this weather thingy you're talking about and I want to be prepared.

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When the gas and electricity bill come in $100 higher than last year, it matters and those bills are due now not last month.

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So, the housing data that fell off more than 7% in the southern region, where there was no snow and ice, and was the major decline in the US, di not register with you? Or the fact that data coluld not be collected because of the cold weather? Or that most of the unemployment enrollees in fact, enroll online? Go away.  

Davilis's picture

Please, proceed to cherry-pick a few more statistics to make your point.  Which really makes my point in that ZH and posters constantly do this regarding the weather to imply it's not a factor.  It is.  When regulators mandate the redirection of propane supplies due to record shortages and high prices for the FIRST TIME EVER, it's time to get a clue that weather DID matter this year in the aggregate.

dogismycopilot's picture

the consumer trade in guns is still going strong in America, no? 

US consumer not completely tapped out yet.