Chink In The Market's Armor?

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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top was when Yellen said rates to increase in 2015.

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tylerz said 'chink"

he is now banned from zh

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Lol. Technically it was Lance.

I thought his line about "investors having no place to hide" was pretty funny too.

Marks in a rigged casino.

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No kidding.  He should donate to the Ching Chong Ding Dong foundation that Colbert dreamed up.

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All those pictures with the jagged colored lines and little numbers…  that is no “market”.

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Are you fukking kidding you people ever give up on this bearish nonsense?  It's rigged, it is NEVER going down!

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one of the many bears that have flipped and are now 100% convinced that "this time is different"

(i love seeing these posts.)

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Yeah, that's all the analysis that's required - well, I guess I'd change it to 'it's NEVER going down until the Fed stops giving out the free money to it's friends and family' but the end is the same.  Of course, that makes for pretty thin website content...

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I keep wondering about what events, precisely, can start the collapse. The market is rigged, but the Fed has made it the only game in town. They NEED/MUST keep interest rates low, so the "only game" thing will likely continue.

Generally speaking, I can only think of two classes:

1) Real events that are too big to cover up: China collapse, a major war(?)

2) Some mass change of psychology/perception. A sudden loss of confidence. But I'm not sure what could cause that.

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"But I'm not sure"



the reduction in flow, telegraphed and trial faked once to get out the jitters (these guys ball hard), will not, repeat not, be the magic sauce as it wasnt after the overt end of flow in QE1, or QE2, prior to the redistributionary drain that each day further has cost the US capital base

on top of it, China is a pool of frauduent conveyance and fabricated prices, an evergreen forests of MAD, guided down by noneother than the top ranks and JPM but its always seemed unravelling the connections takes a few months especially considering global momentum and that Jan1 print w/o the 'lectric to back it up


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i'll also try to help:

food inflation is what caused the 'arab spring'

lets see how resilient the dominant paradigm is in the USA with 19% food inflation in one quarter alone

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Would that be the Chinese situation...


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Don't say 'chinks', say 'chinese restaurant'.

Chinks is bigoted.

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I see what you did there..

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there is no market

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Only certainties in life are death, taxes and institutionals inched out the door before the fire alarm goes off.

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Just a little more polish on the Titanic's brass and we will be set for a thrilling ride...

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The only "real" way to manage risk in an inflating currency is to BE as small as possible.

So we need not look at the data but can actually see product. In this case that would be...for example...a turbine "jet" engine that can be printed.

These things are really small...but can power pretty much anything electrical using anything for fuel.

The Russians have already pointed out defects with the current design of GE turbofan engines. Have they been fixed? Can they be?

It's really ridiculous when you realize we don't need the stupendous glut of energy that we do in fact have. The Energy "economy" is soaring (buy a Tesla, never pay for fuel again) but here we stand on the precipice of War...all so that Enron can keep on keeping on?

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Which put would make more sense at this point in time?
Sell'n the Yellen or
Buy'n the Putin

Using the presidential approval ratings metrics, it'd be put'n the Putin put in my account at 2:1 odds...FWIW

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all this bipartrisan bailout money is heading to Russia, I am PUTIN' On The Ritz

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written with the perspective of someone trying to game the system. the market craves bad news, will it get what it wants? you can mark the end of MSM news organizations on the day they started listening to their viewers who complained the news is always bad. (after that they added feel good segments, and the format turned into a dog and pony show) mcluhan said, television news is BAD in order to sell you consumer products in the intervening ad space: insurance, toothpaste, modern cars, modern homes, modern airplanes - you don't want to drive that death trap do you? see even Ralph Nader got caught up in the hype, and did his part for progress..

do you know how old the word modern is? 1913 same year as the Fed.  so far the fed has been diligent about delivering bad news, enriching the 1%, spoiling the economic recovery, why hell they've created a wall of worry a bull market can climb for at least two decades! when wall street demands good news and the Fed delivers, then the show is over

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Don't you worry about all those calculations. This time is differrent. BTFD and leave the rest up to the globalists. This is the age of tech and they have software to handle any problems that might arise.

Except for the nukes. You do have to worry about those damn nukes.

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Only in Manhattan. Stay out of Manhattan.

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Chinese people wear Under Armour? 

I thought that was a Murcan thing. 

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His newsletter always has a negative bias, yet he advocates clients be fully invested in stocks. Either way, he's always right.

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Does Lance publish these articles so when the market craters on all his fully invested long clients, he can say "I told you so"?