Russia's Military Begins Nuclear War Drill

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Submitted by Zachary Zeck of The Diplomat,

While much Western attention has been bestowed on Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine, Moscow also began a massive nuclear offensive exercise on Thursday.

According to the Russian daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta, on Thursday Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces began a massive three-day exercise involving 10,000 soldiers and 1,000 pieces of equipment from more than 30 units. The major purpose of the drill, according to the report—which cites multiple senior Russian military officers—is to ensure Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces have sufficient readiness to conduct offensive operations involving the massive and simultaneous use of nuclear missiles.

Global Security Newswire previously carried a story on the nuclear exercise, also citing the Nezavisimaya Gazeta article. GSN described the exercise as “as practice for a large-scale nuclear offensive.” It added: “Exercise participants were set to position and prepare missile-firing units for launch, and to practice various administrative and support functions for the operation

As Russia’s conventional military capabilities have deteriorated following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moscow has become increasingly reliant on operationalizing its nuclear arsenal. This has been reflected in successive Russian security documents. For example, Russia’s 1997 national security concept stated that Russia would use its nuclear arsenal “in case of a threat to the existence of the Russian Federation,” whether that threat came in the form of nuclear weapons or from a conventionally superior military power.

This threshold was further lowered in Russia’s 2000 military doctrine, which was the first released during Vladimir Putin’s presidency. This document said that Russia would use nuclear weapons “in response to large-scale aggression utilizing conventional weapons in situations critical to the national security of the Russian Federation.” This held out the possibility that Russia would use nuclear weapons even if Russia proper hadn’t been attacked. The same doctrine further noted that Russia reserved the right to use nuclear weapons in response to the use of any kind of weapons of mass destruction against it.

Shortly before reassuming the Russian presidency for a third term, Putin reaffirmed the importance he placed on Russia’s nuclear forces in a number of articles and speeches. For example, in an op-ed article in Foreign Policy magazine, Putin wrote: “We will, under no circumstances, surrender our strategic deterrent capability. Indeed, we will strengthen it.”

Thus, this week’s massive offensive nuclear drill is in line with the goals that Russia and Putin have been articulating for well over a decade. It is also consistent with Putin’s recent emphasis on conducting more frequent and sophisticated military drills to improve the combat readiness of Russian military forces. Indeed, Russia conducted a much smaller surprise nuclear drill in October of last year.

Still, the timing of the drill is likely to cause great concern in Western capitals, particularly in Washington. The drill could very well be intended to signal Russia’s resolve over events in Ukraine where Russia has been at loggerheads with the West and the government in Kiev over Moscow’s annexation of Crimea. A very visible reminder of Russia’s substantial nuclear capabilities would make sense for Moscow in a number of different contingencies, including if Russia is intending to move forces deeper into eastern Ukraine, as many currently fear.

For what it’s worth, the Nezavisimaya Gazeta article said there was no connection between the current nuclear exercise and the crisis in Ukraine. As evidence of this, it pointed out that in December of last year the commander of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces had said that his forces would conduct a large and complicated exercise sometime during 2014. From this, the Russian daily concluded that the drill had been planned for weeks and was completely unrelated to the tensions of Ukraine.

At the same time, it ended the article by noting that testing the readiness of Russia’s strategic forces was especially important in light of the “current reality of the world situation.”


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John McCloy's picture

Good for how many S&P future pumps on Sunday Night?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Lord help us.  It's time for the adults to step in and stop this crap.

rtalcott's picture

And where are you going to find's way too late.

kliguy38's picture

Adults??? who do you think are pulling the puppet strings?? Answer that and you'll understand why it appears insane.......and they WILL pull the trigger if the military lets them

LetThemEatRand's picture

They all hit the "over 18" button, so they must be adults, right?

zaphod's picture

This is the end of 2 generation of PaxAmericana, that the liberals have been chearing for.

prains's picture

sometimes confused with MIC'sAmericana

A Lunatic's picture

Although I am looking foarward to the Miss Nuked America Pageant in the fall.......

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Christ is My Lord and Savior.

jeff montanye's picture

that has got to be a consolation, albeit not for everyone.

too bad the pax americana didn't have more pax in it and less americana.

having the cia run a coup (with neo nazis and neo zionists, apparently) to kick out ukraine's prior government in order to put nato and its missiles yet closer to russia was an outstandingly bad idea. that this idea is bipartisan and dates, generally, from the clinton administration, merely indicates that the real problems are not what the parties "fight" about but that on which they agree.

GetZeeGold's picture



Lord help us. It's time for the adults to step in and stop this crap.


Yeah....about that.

Isaiah 3:4 And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.


Which would explain this..

White House looks to regulate cow flatulence as part of climate agenda...

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Ah, that must have been the problem that Hiroshima and Nagasaki had: not enough of that belief.

How ironic that they became victims of those who did. And even more ironic, that so many US "Christians" feel compelled to kill others -- especially on a massive scale, and it does not seem to matter if the victims are also fellow "Christians". Wow, how "Christ-like' of them.

Point is: "A Christian is as a Christian does."

I see VERY FEW Christians acting Christ-like, especially in the US, where the One God that they truly worship, and love with all their hearts & minds, is Mammon.

As someone dedicated to TRUTH above all things, I have also noted that the "wicked Jews" some like to constantly speak of, do not go about killing each other (willy-nilly), and certainly not on a massive scale. Christians and Muslims on the other hand,.have no such "hangups".

In conclusion, I will say that truth does not lie within religion, but lives outside religion. It is a (Jedi) mind trick of ancient and present day clergy of all ilk, that they have the answers and solutions, when they don't. What they DO have, is a brilliant plan/scheme to Aid & Abet the ruling Elite of their time and place, and thus ensuring themselves a perpetual lifestyle.

If the Flag is the last bastion of a scoundrel, then organized Christianity is the last bastion of Sheeple.

"Bah, ram, ewe. Bah, ram, ewe. To your flock, your sheep be true. Bah, ram, ewe." (from the family movie 'Babe'.

- Kirk the realist, out.

Philalethian's picture

Might be sooner than most want to consider.

Always is it forgotten, that the Sun is the greatest source of light and power in the known and unknown universe. When it goes snap...crackle...pop...everybody isa gonna know. World be a turning and there are no certainties.

We had a earth facing X-class flare today, so you can be sure those winds will picking up in about two to three days.

Stay indoors if you can.

Earth Facing X-Flare!:

Next distraction?

Something bigger could happen and then, out go the lights!

Be prepared to live in the dark, and to protect yourselves.

Do not fight the crowds if there is a national emergency. Stay home. Neighbor-up now.

A fool makes no moves. A survivor lives to fight another day.

Watch this video now and duck and cover in a day or so.

There are plans and exercises that practice for this.

Could even be a contrived event. Who knows any moar?

You should advise all to be prepared, just as you are.

DutchR's picture

No biggie, just a glancing blow.


'this is not the carrington event you are looking for'*     *waves arm

Anusocracy's picture

Another worthless article from Dipshit-o-mat.

Hey dipshits, what is the only country to have used nuclear weapons on a defeated country that had already surrendered? On civilian populations to boot.

I do believe Russia is completely fed up with the behavior of the Psychopaths on the Potomac.

greatbeard's picture

>> on a defeated country that had already surrendered?

Not being a flag waver here, but I think your perspective might be a bit different if you'd fought your way up the Pacific and were prepping to go ashore in Japan.

Anusocracy's picture

Sanctions and blockades, then wait.

Invasion wasn't necessary.

jeff montanye's picture

sanctions and blockades got japan to attack pearl harbor.  from the way it took two atom bombs to break them and the way their soldiers stayed in position on islands for years after the war, it might have taken starvation of at least stalin like proportions to bring surrender.  which would be more humane?

p.s. cuba, iraq, iran

richsob's picture

greatbeard, embrace the down arrows you will get for making a lucid comment on this website.

Nexus789's picture

I thnk you perspective would different if you were Russian - invaded many times throughput history and broke the back of the Nazi armies with the loss of 20m plus. No trust as Washington is perfidious.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

So, Hitler's TRUE infamy should ne that he killed 20M FELLOW-CHRISTIANS, and a "mere" 6M* non-Christians, aka Jews.

* Up to 6M, with the real number probably between 600k and 6M. But let's not digress on this point, as we have a bigger and more important point to focus on: the eternal crime against one's own.

That is, if your brainwashing allows you to realize that - as Kirk contends:

"The greater betrayal and infamy is killing your OWN people, people of your faith, tribe and race. And the greatest of all betrayals is to cause the death of your own species"

Come unto me, all ye lost, confused and brainwashed people. For Kirk will help you out of your mental end emotional prisons. Come out, and breathe the fresh air and warm sunshine of Nature's Truth.

ThroxxOfVron's picture

"Not being a flag waver here, but I think your perspective might be a bit different if you'd fought your way up the Pacific and were prepping to go ashore in Japan."


Let's ask Someone who was in charge of the fucking largest collective military aggregation the world has ever seen and who knew as well as anyone:

""In 1945 ... , Secretary of War Stimson visited my headquarters in Germany, [and] informed me that our government was preparing to drop an atomic bomb on Japan. I was one of those who felt that there were a number of cogent reasons to question the wisdom of such an act.... During his recitation of the relevant facts, I had been conscious of a feeling of depression and so I voiced to him my grave misgivings, first on the basis of my belief that Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary, and second because I thought that our country should avoid shocking world opinion by the use of a weapon whose employment was, I thought, no longer mandatory as a measure to save American lives. It was my belief that Japan was, at that very moment, seeking some way to surrender with a minimum loss of 'face.' The Secretary was deeply perturbed by my attitude, almost angrily refuting the reasons I gave for my quick conclusions."  -Dwight D. Eisenhower

IMHO, Eisenhower probably knew what the fuck he was talking about.;"> 

Tegrat's picture

You ignorant cunt. When someone sneaks up and attacks you from behind when you are not looking (Dec 7 1941) you accept the risk of complete annilation in response.

Only the most ignorant stupid fucks who have no idea how things work in this world would post what you did.

Your sympathy for the attacker it a complete and final revelation of who you and your handlers are and your utter ignorance.You are the assholes who feel sorry for the knockout game attacker when he goes to jail for 30 years and dont mention the victim.

If someone attacks me in the method they deem appropriate, they accept my retribution is how I deem appropriate. If million knockout game attackers die from the result of one's actions, so be it.

Only idiots like you think they would not have used every bomb available on US to win that war if they had the tech. 

You are an ignorant cunt.




Turtle49's picture

Dec 7 1941 was not a surprise.  The fact that all the aircraft carriers were gone from Pearl Harbor tells you that the leaders in Washington knew what was coming -- even if some of them could not remember where they were on Dec 6-7 1941.  Those who died at Pearl Harbor were collateral damage to the ultimate goal -- entering the war in Europe.  Name calling adds nothing except the possibility that you are a shill for the greedy fools in Washington. 

We all are about to be the collateral damage in 2014 -- when the big kids attempt to rule Earth manage to end life on Earth.

onthesquare's picture

Intentionally letting your guard down and exposing your weak side is a technique used by boxers, warriors and politcians.  From, a none afflicting wound you will get to know your enemy and at the same time test the reaction of the spectators.  Whether it is Hitler invading Poland, US allowing Japan to attack them, or 9/11 the results lead to public opinion ragging and telling their leaders to "get the bastards".

Propoganda is the masters tool.  To affect change in your opponents mind.  The boxer needs to take a few hits to tune his stategy.  Unfortuneatley this technique has been lost to rile the masses.  The citizens demand it.  There is no time to think just react.

Who do we blame for these false flags, now that we know the truth?  Who is accountable?  Hitler, Truman, Bush, Obama, etc?  Perhaps we just need to look in the mirror.  No human being is better than another.  We are all the same and all connected.  Unfortunately those who think otherwise are in charge.  Obama's statement a few months ago about Americans being exceptional put more fear into my heart than anything I have ever heard before.

Rakshas's picture

While i don't wish to jump in the middle of anything I would recommend you read a bit about the real winston churchill - that guy was a real piece of work antagonizing to get the US into both world wars using false flag attacks and other ploys that resulted in America or more properly Roosevelt getting what he wanted - into the war; ah but there was another dimension to that as well - entry into the war provided the distraction and economic boost that got America back to work and focused on the outside threat - sound familiar.  To say the Japanese attack was without provocation is naive in the extreme; always always always ask yourself who is to gain by this action, I mean really really gain.  

War is the continuation of politics by other means; and politics is the continuation of economics by other means thus war is the continuation of economics and that my little friend is the sum total of the world wars in it's barest form........ the rest can simply be put down to the egomaniacal raging of pure psychopaths; the spawn of which form the .0001% ................... same as it ever was.  

dbTX's picture

The reason I believe Eisenhower was wrong is that it took a second bomb to bring Japan to its knees.

Philalethian's picture

An old WW II Iwo Jima etc vet that was a reformed and retired survivor was our shop teacher in 7th grade. Back when they taught Craftsmen to be cautious. He was a big hero. A big scary grough man. Wow. Some stories. Used to keep us spell bound listening to the reality in his words of war. He was primarily trying to teach us about the horrors of war, to prevent war. An early model preemptive, preventative psychology. He never wanted to go there again, nor really wanted any of his prized pointed heads to go there, either.

Sometimes he would say, prolly because of some early model racist thing that was not a thing then because really tough men that horrifically killed for a living could say any darn thing they wanted to, but he would say way back then as if he knew something we had no clue about, "if America ever wanted to get rid of the Chinese, we would arm the Japanese again and send them over to China." He spoke about how ruthless and murderous killers the Japanese were and spoke to how it took so much to overtake them in so many details never to be mentioned here, or anywhere again. He said that the chinese really feared them, and their killerous ways.

Cambodia. Laos. Viet Nam. China. Indonisia. Thiland.

Forward to present:

Oh, wait.

Hummmm....can you say...French Fries?



fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Remind me how many Chinese civilians were killed when Japan occupied portions of China. I mean it is civilian deaths that matter right? 

How many American soldiers lives were saved by not invading the Japan? Hundreds of thousands, as well as the hundreds of thousands of civilians which would have died protecting their homeland.

And for one last exercise, if you do not believe that the Japanese would not have used Nuclear weapons first, had they the ability, you are either a liar or simply ignorant. Hitler would have used them on the Russians as well.

The Japanese killed more innocent people than they ever lost.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Seriously?  We used nukes and we deliberately targeted civilians.  Perhaps your point is that we're as bad as the other guys.  My America would not deliberately target civilians.  That is what is supposed to make us different.  Enjoy your fucking hot dogs on the 4th.

post turtle saver's picture

total warfare always targets civilians... and deliberately at that

if we didn't have nukes we would have done to every city in Japan what we did to Dresden... why? Because *fuck you Japan*, that's why

total warfare means that when you start shit, you damn well better be ready to finish shit or you're finished... I truly laugh at anyone who treats this method of waging war like it's some big horrible surprise... it's not, it's modern warfare and anyone who asks for it better understand what they're getting themselves into


LetThemEatRand's picture

That's why we shouldn't have [banker] wars.  You think the people of Japan or Germany or the US wanted WWII independently of the propaganda that was fed to them?  

Anusocracy's picture

So the US put sanctions on Japan. Japan responds, who's at fault?

shovelhead's picture


For invading China.

Reading is good for you.

nmewn's picture

Revisionist history and this guilt tripping is such crap.

The Japanese launched over 9.000 fire ballons towards America before it ever fire bombed anything in Japan, they don't tell you that. These were crude and unguided (carried on the wind towards us) meant to start forest fires, burn crops, houses, civilians, whatever.

In other words, the odds were extremely low that one would land and ignite on any military target. They were brutal dickheads, deserving to be treated the same way.

The Japs bombed the Chinese cities of Canton & Nanking, well before "Germany bombed Pearl Harbor" and Nanking (and the Japanese march toward that city) of course, as everyone should know by now, was one of the most horrorific acts ever commited by any nations army.

The Rape of Nanking.

Freddie's picture

NME - Nanking was just the tip of the iceberg.


nmewn's picture

Looting and raping under the guise of the state or law (or even a man-god named Hirohito) seems to be a human trait ;-)

disabledvet's picture

well...if you were Japan and you had your entire country burned to the ground I think you would say "it was Japan's fault" even if you didn't start the war or believed in some "wild eyed conspriracy theory." but certainly there is room for debate as to how it really was all of 'merica's fault.

one thing hard to argue with is whether the USA was ready for its close up circa 1941. no one argues with who ended the war...and how. in fact this was probably the most definitive ending to a war ever. even came with Ye olde "reign of death unseen in history" comment from POTUS Truman just prior to The End. Then an 800 ship Navy parked itself in Tokyo Bay as well as thousands of aircraft overhead which then landed and parked themselves there. "Say hello to your new BFF." Heil MaCarthur! "those were the days."

I'm not sure I look forward to how this next war even starts actually. or is it "I don't like how this next war has already started and it's current trajectory."

August's picture

>>>"those were the days."

And for a can of condensed milk, you could get a Japanese girl... all night! 

Calmyourself's picture

Fire bomb raids on Tokyo did kill more civilians than Hiroshima, I dont think the origination of the firestorm that strips your skin off really matters.  You could ask the folks in Dresden I am sure they would know.  War is hell brought to earth, its not fair its not sporting its war.  Lets use it as only a last resort, FUCK the MIC bitchez

kashey's picture

Agreed, of course the USA value a couple of thousands of their military more than millions of civilians of other nations, this is the reason this mad dog must be killed. America is too dangerous for the human kind to allow it to rule the World.
As for Japan - it had already been efeated by Russia, which destroyed Japanese 1 mln strong Qwantung army in China. Japan had been on the brink of total collapse economically and lost its military power. One had just to wait a couple of months.
But the US needed a chanse to demonstrate to the World that it is able to destroy a big city with a single bomb - to be able to impose its will on the World.

Oliver Klozoff's picture


"It is fantasy, not history, to believe that the end of the war(WWII)  was

at hand before the use of the atomic bomb."

                        Richard B. Frank - US historian

Lets hear what somebody who was there said, Dow Theory guru Richard Russell 


August 9, 2005

Yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb drop
on Hiroshima. The bomb resulted in 140,000 Japanese dead. And the belated
arguments go on as to whether the US should have dropped the bomb. At the
time, the war was over in Europe. The US had suffered massive casualties
and with tens of thousands dead. The war in the Pacific continued, and it
was horrendous. The US had taken 27,000 casualties in seizing the 8 square
miles of Iwo Jima from a garrison of 21,000 Japanese troops. The US learned
that the Japanese don't surrender, they were willing to die almost to the
last man. Roughly 6,000 Japanese stood ready (all volunteers) to fly the
certain-death Kamikaze missions. The US had taken 49,000 casualties to
capture Okinawa during three unbelievable months of fighting.
 Supporting the Okinawa battle, the US navy lost or suffered damage to 350 ships,
 while 10,000 US sailors had been wounded or killed.
Meanwhile, the US military was working on plans to attack Japan itself.
At the time Japan had 4 million well-trained soldiers, 2.4 million of them
stationed in Japan. The US military believed an attack on Japan could cost
as many as 250,000 casualties with at least 60,000 US dead. Some estimated
a lot more, possibly as many as a million US casualties and dead.

I had just returned from combat in Europe and was scheduled to transfer
from the B-25 Mitchell bomber to the faster Douglas A-26 "Invader" bomber.
I was on a 30-day leave, following which I would be heading for the
Pacific. My thought was -- "I got through Europe, but is it possible that I
could get out alive from the Pacific too? Could any bombardier be that
lucky?" I consoled my frightened parents by telling them what a great plane
the A-26 was, "much faster and safer" than the B-25 (I loved the B-25, it
could take a fearful beating and return home).

And then the news of Hiroshima and Nagasaki came out and shocked the world,
including the US military, who had no hint of the atomic bomb. Against the
wishes of the Japanese military (who would have fought to the bitter end,
they didn't believe in surrender), Japan's emperor announced that Japan
would surrender.

Every guy in the military that I knew was elated. And millions of American
mothers and fathers looked to the heavens and thanked God that their kids
were still alive. I went down to Time Square, and it was a total mad house.
People were kissing each other, hugging each other, kissing strangers --
some were crying, others were drinking, hysteria reigned. I doubt if
anything like that had ever been seen in New York before or since.

A few weeks later I got my discharge papers. Next day I went down to
Washington Square and registered at NYU under the GI Bill.

Should we have dropped the bomb, or should we have invaded Japan the hard
way? Don't even ask me that question. When I hear young people or academics
arguing that to drop the bomb was inhuman and immoral I simply ask them
where they were in 1945. I didn't know where they were, but I damn well
knew where they weren't. They weren't in the military in that fateful year 1945.




My old  man fought in the Philipines in the last half of the war(33rd Division) and recounted to me that the Japanese soldiers ran every time his company tried to engage them. He also was in the Battle for the Liberation of Baguio City. When the Japanese surrendered he told me that he would never forget the condition of the survivors of the American civilian population who were imprisoned by the Japs.

He could recall the minutest detail of just about every day of his life during the war but never spoke of that subject further.

EatYourCornTakeyourPill's picture

Totally agree. Thank you for your post.

Totentänzerlied's picture

"Next day I went down to Washington Square and registered at NYU under the GI Bill."

Get dat gubmint chedda while its stills be hot, yo! This is a typical "Greatest" Generation apologia for naked Anglo-US imperialism, absolutely no historical perspective whatsoever.

I bet those morons were slapping themselves for their forefathers' ever having had the brilliant idea to fully modernize Japan (catastrophically disrupting its society), totally disrupting a regional power balance that had existed for millennia, then have the nerve to be incensed when Japan decided not to be a good little client-state and start doing exactly what the European nations had been doing for 500 years and America for a little under 200.

U.S. banker-capitalist Russell is glad Japan got nuked and lost WWII? Color me fucking surprised.

The fact that "he was there" is utterly materially ifuckingrrelevant. His entire fucking generation "was there" and still GOT THEMSELVES involved in the fucking war which was caused and created by the equally "there" previous generation who gave us World War I and it's brilliant conclusion as well as everything that interceded the two. The level of denial and post-hoc rationalization is not "great", "huge", "immense", "enormous", or "gargantuan", it is COSMIC.

Oliver Klozoff's picture

"U.S. banker-capitalist Russell"


loonyleft's picture

yup. that's what our history books tell us. 

Anusocracy's picture

It is probable that any of the combatants would have used nukes during WWII - if only they had them. So what? Japan was surrendering.

bilejones's picture

Go to a government school, did you?