Debunking The 'Gutting Of The Military' Storyline

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Submitted by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform blog,

“War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.” –

General Smedley Butler – War is a Racket

I peruse a number of websites everyday as I look for interesting articles to post or reference in one of my articles. I agree with many conservative leaning websites when it comes to economic issues, but when it comes to war mongering and wave flagging, I go my own way. Any site that supports our empire building and excessive spending on war is not a conservative website. You can’t act in a fiscally responsible sustainable manner without dismantling our war machine and taking on the military industrial complex. You’re a faux fiscal conservative if you think we can continue to spend $800 billion per year on war with no financial implications. The entire Federal budget was $800 billion in 1983.

The latest storyline being propagandized by Mad Dog McCain and his band of merry neo-cons is that Obama’s latest defense budget will gut our military and make us susceptible to attack from all of our enemies. The mainstream media mouthpieces like Fox News repeat these boldfaced lies without seeking facts or real data. The power of the military industrial complex is dangerous to our citizens. They have bought off Republicans and Democrats in Congress and they control journalists who get paid to write scary articles about the horrific budget cuts and danger to our nation. It’s all lies. Spineless corrupt politicians like Bush and Obama do and say whatever is necessary to win the most votes. Statesmen like Dwight D. Eisenhower stood up to the military industrial complex and their bought off lackeys in Congress.

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

Statesmen are like bald eagles around here – almost extinct.

The United States spends more per year on war than the next thirteen countries combined. That imminent attack by the Iranian navy may be overblown. Our generals blather about the threat from China, that spends 18% of our budget, and threat from Russia, that spends 7% of our budget. The mainstream media articles and fear mongering drivel from our corrupt bought off politicians are nothing but propaganda designed to keep the billions flowing to the arms peddlers like Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing, and the rest of the dealers of death. Politicians who have been bribed with decades of “political contributions” won’t even vote to get rid of weapons programs the military no longer wants.

It’s interesting how politicians are able to tell citizens they are only spending $520 billion per year on war when the true figure is $820 billion. Obama’s FY15 budget says we are going to spend $520 billion. He conveniently leaves out the cost of ongoing wars and the cost of past wars. We are still spending over $100 billion per year on our ongoing wars in Afghanistan, occupation in Iraq, and provocations in Libya and Syria. We are also providing military support of $50 billion to Egypt, Israel and dozens of other countries around the globe. Lastly, we spend over $150 billion per year on veterans of past wars. Our beloved leaders move that expense to another line item in the budget and pretend it is not a cost of war. The American people have short attention spans and once our wars of choice aren’t on the nightly news anymore they think it’s over. Tell that to the families of the 7,100 dead soldiers killed in our Middle East invasions, along with the 50,000 badly wounded servicemen, and the thousands more mentally damaged by the ordeal.  The cost of war goes on forever. Government obfuscation does not fool anyone with critical thinking skills.

The dogs of war – McCain and Graham,  along with hundreds of other war mongering pricks in Congress claim Obama is some pacifist attempting to dismantle our beloved military. These traitors of truth evidently can’t understand math or charts. Bush’s last war budget was $731 billion. The Iraq war has ceased and Obama is still spending $820 billion per year on war. Does it sound like the military is being gutted? Are we more in danger of being attacked by another country today than we were in 1999? That is the question that should be asked. They call it the DEFENSE budget because it is supposed to be used to defend us from attack, not to bully countries throughout the world and attack sovereign countries who are no threat to our security. Isn’t it convenient that the U.S. provoked overthrow of the democratically elected government of the Ukraine has initiated a new media created “Cold War”?

The country was sufficiently defended with a war budget of $333 billion in 1999. No one invaded us or threatened to invade. The Cold War was long over. The military industrial complex needed a 9/11 to revitalize their profits. The neo-con/military industrial complex created War on Terror has opened the door to never ending wars of choice around the world with no consent or approval from the people. War spending grew to $879 billion by 2011, a 164% increase in 13 years. Over this same time frame GDP grew by 74%. Does this sound like the military has been short changed? The fear mongering neo-cons and conservative websites are nothing but nattering nabobs of nonsense. Even the hint of slowing in spending on our empire building creates an urgency for a new evil enemy. Is it a coincidence that Vlad Putin has now emerged as an existential threat to our freedom and liberty according to the den of vipers in Congress, the military industrial complex, and the corporate media mouthpieces?

Even the dreaded sequester would have done nothing but slowed the rate of growth in war spending. You have to understand that a Federal government spending “cut” isn’t really a cut. It means the increase in spending you anticipated will be slightly lower. Of course, the one party system in Washington DC compromised and eliminated the sequester “cuts”. Those politicians need those “political contributions” to get re-elected in 2014. Defense spending will be far higher over the next decade, not including the inevitable wars of choice we are led into by our noble leaders. Putin must be stopped. Assad must be stopped. Iran must be stopped. China must be stopped. The world policeman must do his job and bankrupt the empire. War is highly profitable for peddlers of debt, corporate dealers of death, and the politicians getting bribed by Wall Street and the military industrial complex. The peasants who are sent off to die are nothing but cannon fodder for the power brokers of death, destruction and debt.


The war mongers will continue to use propaganda and misinformation to convince you we are in danger if the war budget is cut by 2%. The truth is that we need to cut the military by 50%, stop trying to operate a world empire, and withdrawal our troops from Germany, Japan, and the dozens of other countries around the globe. We need to stop handing billions of dollars we don’t have to Israel, Egypt and dozens of other countries so they can buy arms from our arms dealers. We are the cause of all the war and violence in this world. The job of our military is to protect our borders, not to police the world. Hubris, arrogance, and overreach, financed by central bank created debt, is how empires die.

“As many frustrated Americans who have joined the Tea Party realize, we cannot stand against big government at home while supporting it abroad. We cannot talk about fiscal responsibility while spending trillions on occupying and bullying the rest of the world. We cannot talk about the budget deficit and spiraling domestic spending without looking at the costs of maintaining an American empire of more than 700 military bases in more than 120 foreign countries. We cannot pat ourselves on the back for cutting a few thousand dollars from a nature preserve or an inner-city swimming pool at home while turning a blind eye to a Pentagon budget that nearly equals those of the rest of the world combined.”Ron Paul

Understand where they are spending your money:

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kaiserhoff's picture

Let's cut all government spending, by 10% each year, every year, until we have a free country.

Seasmoke's picture

Why wait 10 years ??  Let's just start at Freedom this year. 

NoDebt's picture

With family in the military, I can tell you none of them stand in opposition to cutting the military's budget.

Their concern is much more along the lines of gutting the INTEGRITY of the military, most notably those in high command positions.  They're throwing out those that honestly want to protect and defend while using some kind of common sense.  They filling the positions with political hacks and cronies who are far less concerned about threats without than perceived threats within.  


Surly Bear's picture

Bring everyone home. Tell the world to fuck off.

Bollixed's picture

Just tell them to stop all the wave flagging.

Dollarmedes's picture

Something to consider:

If the US pulls back to a defensive (lower-cost) posture, we will have little or no influence over international situations. While that might sound good to a lot of people here, remember: that was America's position prior to WWI and WWII. We thought that neither of these wars was "our business," until they exploded and the shit hit the fan.

Then, we had to clean up the mess.

A permanent interventionist military may indeed lead to adventurism, but let's not fool ourselves that reducing the military will be a net benefit.


We will simply trade one set of problems for another.

Omen IV's picture

youre misreading USA involvementyprior to each war and especially the financing of  WWII  and actions to limit access to energy for the japanese by FDR

Keyser's picture

Some are not doing their homework. The US government could cut 100% of all discretionary spending and still not balance the budget. The 800 lb gorilla in the room are Social Security and Medicare. Until those two programs are addressed, the future is not only bleak, but disastrous. 


zerozulu's picture

Change is not easy especially when 330 million people have no idea what 1st and 2nd amendment means.

greatbeard's picture

>> Social Security

And how much is social security adding to the budget deficit again?

JeffB's picture

">> Social Security

And how much is social security adding to the budget deficit again?"


The answer to that question is whether you reclassify the liabilities to an "unfunded liabilities" category or not. We do that and Social Security has just started barely moving into the red. But they would throw business owners, CEOs and their accountants in prison if they ran their corporate accounting that way.

The "unfunded liabilities" for Social Security $16.9 Trillion + and Prescription Drug Liability $22.4 Trillion + and Medicare Liability at $89 Trillion + come to more than $128 Trillion already and it's climbing rapidly. Those "unfunded liabilities" come to more than $1.1 million per taxpayer so far. If you add in the official public debt, state and municipal debt, corporate debt, student debt, credit card debt, mortgage debt and other assorted debt we're getting into some pretty serious debt problems. We're already beyond bankruptcy status it would seem to me, though the Ponzi schemes continue on unabated... for now.


W.M. Worry's picture

quote : The 800 lb gorilla in the room are Social Security and Medicare.

Possibly the stupidest comment on here. The SS trustfund may or may not run out in 20 years. Let's worry about it then. In the meantime we will have racked up 20 trillion in defense/security spending, all on borrowed money. That's your 800 lb gorilla.

sheikurbootie's picture

W. M.'re the fucking problem.  There is no fucking trust fund.  The Constitution says PROVIDE a national defense.  YOU FUCKING FUCKIDY FUCK. I do say bring the troops home though.  No more America military bases overseas.  We're not welcomed and it's too fucking expensive.  We're broke and can't afford that shit.

Furthermore W. M. Worry, there is NOTHING in the Constitution that allows Social Security.  It should IMMEDIATELY be dropped.  If you sad sacks of shit didn't save enough for retirement then you're fucked.  Go live off family.  Get you're fucking hand out of my pocket. NO MORE SS and Medicare/Medicaid.  We're broke and can't afford that shit either. 

artless's picture


To all the down voters: Go fuck yourselves and I hope you choke on every last fucking dollar you steal from the rest of us in the form of SS, Medicaid, & Medicare. You are no different than a TBTF banker on the dole. A thief.

There is no "trust fund". There is no money to pay all the current retirees much less the ones poised to start living off the backs of the rest of us who have never taken a dine and will never receive a penny from the greatest ponzi scheme ever created.

That 20 Trillion of which you speak is NOT predominently a product of war or military spending but rather a result of the nearly SIX trillion directly resulting from "Great Society" boondoggles (otherwise known as transfer payments to those of us with barins) , the ever growing, eponentially expanding interest payments on said debt, and yes, the very SS, Medicare which draws hundreds of billions of dollars out of the general fund EVERY FUCKING YEAR to pay the bills. We could spend ZERO on "defense" next year and STILL be in deficit.

DO the math assholes. Arithmetic is a bitch.

And then when you are doen go re-read The Constitution. SS, Medi-ANYTHING, and about 60% of The Federal Government is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. I really don't give a shit what 9 senial assholr lawyers in black robes say.

That said the "defense" budget could be cut to leave a Navy of few dozen ships, 20 nuclear subs, and a standing army that is ENTIRELY within at least just our fucking hemisphere, and we'll be just fine. We've not been invaded (mainland guys), never will be invaded, and have no business fomenting wars around the globe-okay now this where it's gonna hurt-

LIKE WE DID IN WWI and WWII. We financed Nazi Germany. We financed the growth of the Soviets. We (Wilson) was desparate to get into WWI and FDR did the same with Japan WWII. War is good for business and it's the business of American government. If we don't actually have an enemy we create one. Perhaps you and your ilk missed the semester on geography. We are surrounded by the two largest Oceans on the planet. We have the worlds largest Navy. Nothing in the the last century or this century was ever or will ever come to our shores in the form of an invasion the likes of D-Day or some such. It's juys fucking delusion to even think it.


dark_matter's picture

Exactly right. SS and overseas interventions are both ways to make some people rich while impoverishing others with government coesrsion behind them. With one the displacement is geopgraphical, with the other it is temporal but they are heads of the same beast.

redd_green's picture

Not even close, Junior.   We PAID into the ss system, we didn't have a choice.

LooseLee's picture

"We will simply trade one set of problems for another."...Sounds good. Less lives lost for protecting the interest of bankers and the power elite and the new problem of a decrease in the income inequality brought about by protecting the interest of the bankers and power elite. Sounds like a win-win from where I sit. Now I will wait for those of you incabable (or unwilling) of grasping this to reject and convolute this thinking....

shovelhead's picture


Don't you feel more secure when we start wars instead of someone else?

You want Somalian pirates off the coast of New Jersey?

SilverDOG's picture

They are pirates for the currency.

The exact reason we have military pirates worldwide- DEFEND the petrodollar currency.

It is all about currency.

Crimea/Ukraine currency. SSDC Same S&%T Different Currency.

Oligarchs wish to not lose a dime. Fuuuk the commoners.

A kingdome without a King. 

Just a school of sharks.

hankwil74's picture

With so many countries nuclear capable, it would be all but impossible to have war like WWI or WWII again.  It's not like China could just march 3 million troops into Russia, or Russia could march three million troops into Western Europe.  Too many countries have "the nuclear option" for wars to truly escalate between major world powers.

JeffB's picture

I guess that depends on what you mean by "escalate".

I agree that we're not likely to have wars like WWI or WWII again any time soon, but I could see some idiot somewhere resorting to the nuclear option, or someone deciding to "preemptively" prevent someone else from making that first nuclear strike.

It may not be just like WWI or WWII, but I would consider any such nuclear exchange be a war that "truly escalated between major world powers".

I hope it never happens, but I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility by any stretch of the imagination.

holmes's picture

We need a strong military to protect our homeland and its borders not to intervene in the affairs of Countries in the Eastern Hemisphere. Let the big boys of Europe protect their own turf for a change. And WTF do we have soldiers doing in the no man's land between North and South Korea for the last 60 years. Haven't we bought enough cars from Korea in the last 30 years that they can invest in a fucking army? We should have NO military assets in the eastern hemisphere except very infrequently for humanitarian purposes.

Keyser's picture

Why? The borders are an open door that people flow through every day.

There are no protectionist business or emigration policies that are enforced to protect US sovereignty. 

What are you trying to protect? 


holmes's picture

Maybe the borders are an open door but they shouldn't be.

Should our borders be an open door to terrorists?

daemon's picture

" Should our borders be an open door to terrorists? "

If you take into consideration the possibility that the US foreign policy is the main producer of terrorists, you can wonder if stopping said policy won't be all that is needed to guarantee your borders against terrorists.

Nehweh Gahnin's picture

I want to respond to the idiocy in your comment, but where do I start?  Where have you been the last 15 years?

booboo's picture

Well we sure the fuck ain't been in Saudi Arabia where all of the terrorist came from 14 years afuckinggo have we now...hmmmmmmm??


daveO's picture

We are so deep in debt now that murdering Gadahfi(or Saddam), for his oil, doesn't even faze Americans. He might have deserved it when he was sponsoring murder, but our so-called leaders looked the other way back then, for his oil contracts. The west (GB and US) has lost the moral high ground now. 

Philalethian's picture

Nothing in politics or war happens accidentally. It is ALL PLANNED for the profits of a few.

No longer are the Major Generalissimo Keystones going to take the shirt that rolls down the sides of the pyramid. Brick by brick, every man-Jack will regroup on the level ground which it was meant to prosper on, leaving the storks at the top that have mislead and co-opted that which was meant for ALL men suspended in nothingness with no moar "useless idiots" support at all.



Philalethian's picture


Now there is some real science. There is a real valid profitable answer to the world's economic problems and it does not take a flabberghasted PhD to comprehend that. Any third grader gets it. EVERYBODY GETS IT! Warmongering is not the new world. It is the old one and it still does not work for the world's people. This is an all or nothing game and those who care better get off their duffs and get jiggity in saving this nation, and then the world by simple leaving it alone except for fair and free trading.

Thank you for posting this article.

daveO's picture

It's the central bankers promoting the wars that need th Eff Off. Libya is a perfect example. They weren't provoking war. They were daring to trade oil outside of the Petro-Dollar, the foundation for CB's and the wars they promote. 

Nehweh Gahnin's picture

If we bring 'em home, then the entire world will be able to say "fuck off" with having to worry about a Hellfire being sent through the stovepipe.  Freedom of speech...

Skateboarder's picture

What do you call a landmass in which the bipedal inhabitants of militaristic nature are allowed to keep their jobs if they are in agreement with the gunning down of their own people?

Take a moment, concentrate. Think back to the days of camp.

p.s. National Security is an anagram for Routinely Satanic.

greyghost's picture

anyone else getting the never ending trade station ad at the bottom of their about over kill......makes me never want to use that company...ever

August's picture

I keep getting Holden ads.  Go figure.

rubiconsolutions's picture

It would be an interesting experiment to remove the profit motive from national defense. What if companies were compelled by patriotism to contribute to defense at cost rather than exorbitant profits? We'd see just who cares about America versus those that are in it to make a buck. And what of the people who sign up to 'serve' but expect all kinds of benefits such as a free education? If all the perks were removed it would be really interesting to see just how many people enlisted. You know, on the basis of patriotism rather than enlistment bonuses. War is a racket - for corporations and individuals alike.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I have read similar accounts, but yours, NoDebt, is the first personal story I have seen.  Thank you for your perspective, my  hunch was always along similar lines.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

DoChen, NoDebt... I read recently that the commander in chief has fired ~ 165 high ranking officers/admirals... don't know over what period of time. 

Interestingly, I recently read another article that China's army is afflicted with similar cronyism/nepotisim problems... which surprised me more than what Obummer has done to our military. It shouldn't have surprised me.

Any country goes to war with the military it has and then is either defeated or hardened during actual combat. After combat ceases militaries seem to lose their edge quickly.

Look what happened to US in Korea only 5-6 yrs after WW2 ended. US Army was hapless in Korea for a time till they got combat experience and reorganized... then they fought well enough to win a partition at the 38th parallel even when 250K Chinese joined the fight.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

Everyone in the military I know does not stand in opposition to it either. It's no coincidence Ron Paul collected more contributions from active duty military than the rest of those stooges combined. I have seen the waste first hand for many years. Trust me, it can more than adequately defend this country on half the budget it has now. The problem is the MIC just owns too many politicians. And the govt has succeeded in convincing most in this country that the terrorist bogeyman is a big threat thy must be countered by having us troops in every part of the world 'to defend our freedoms'

Dollarmedes's picture

There's going to have to be a top-to-bottom counter-purge after Obama's gone. Get rid of the greens, gays and gals.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Bullshit. .I spent 7 years in the US Army. I worked with excellent female soldiers and gay soldiers. Some of the female NCO were the very best instructors and leaders I have ever had the priviledge of knowing. At that time being gay was a problem so the homosexual soldiers kept their sexual activities and desire at home so it did not impact performance. Which is what all professionals do by the way. Being female or gay does not mean you can not be a great soldier.

If you place your sexual preference or desire, or you gender, or if you are heterosexual who happens to enjoy peanut butter, midgets, oranges, and small furry animals, above your allegiance to your troops then you lack the character to be a leader and are a piece of shit and should not serve in the military.

Being a professional soldier is about having the character to seperate those kind of things. And there are females and gays who do that every single day in the Armed Forces. There are some who do not and should be removed.

massornament's picture

Dollarmedes, you do realize that the ancient Spartan soldiers each had a little boy that they both mentored and had sex with? It is assumed that that was one of the reaons that Spartan warriors were so dedicated to one another and willing to fight to the death.

DIgnified's picture

Another round of officers getting shitcanned under questionable circumstances should do wonders for the integrity...


greatbeard's picture

You do realize blogs have all the credibility of the funny papers?  Anyone can say anything on a blog?  Blogs are cool and all, but let's not make them somthing they are not, a credible source of unbiased information.

Skateboarder's picture

Fringe blog = crazy drunk guy on the street telling you the world is gonna end.

Sure as shit, he's gonna be right at some point.

Treason Season's picture

So by your definition what you stated is bullshit,

Tom Terrific's picture

They're throwing out those that honestly want to protect and defend while using some kind of common sense.  They filling the positions with political hacks and cronies who are far less concerned about threats without than perceived threats within.


Now I wonder why that is?

CH1's picture

Let's just start at Freedom this year.

Just stop obeying them.