Exceptionalism As A Foreign Policy Justification

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Submitted by Logan Albright via Mises Canada blog,

American exceptionalism is a common theme in any policy debate surrounding the United States. We have to protect American manufacturing, protectionists ignorant of economics argue, because America is exceptional. We have to pass expansive welfare programs to care for the poor, because America is exceptional. Most recently, we have to intervene in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, because America is exceptional. Why the imputed exceptionalism requires one country to police the world and meddle in matters that do not concern them remains unexplained.

As an American myself, I do not dispute that claim that the it is, in many ways, an exceptional country. What I do object to is the use of that claim to justify bad policy. America is exceptional because of policy, not as a justification for it.

The exceptional situation America finds itself in is a result of the exceptional circumstances of its founding and the way it has treated its people throughout the years. No other country was created under the specific intention to limit government and preserve individual liberty.

These circumstance are what allowed the country to grow into an economic powerhouse, a world superpower, and a bastion of freedom that draws immigrants from all over the planet, seeking a better life.

But every time the government cites these exceptional qualities as the reason to curtail liberty, to expand government, or to drop bombs around the world, all the things that make America great are subtly diminished.

Those who are advocating for the U.S. to take military action in Ukraine, either directly or indirectly, seem to think there is a moral duty to so, and that to do otherwise somehow diminishes the nation’s greatness. But it must be remembered that these international interventions would not be voluntary, and therefore could not properly be described as moral. The people who make the decisions about whether to act or not are not the ones who do the actual fighting. They do not volunteer their own money to support the cause. They are not the ones who face the consequences of economic sanctions such as embargoes, imposed on others against their wills. All of these policies involve a few designated potentates using force and coercion to dictate what others should do. It’s hard to take the moral high ground in such a situation.

But even if we overlook the rather major point that the lives in play are the unwilling pawns of government force, what does exceptionalism have to do with moral duty? Does great power, as the Spider Man films assert, come with an obligation of great responsibility? Or to put it another way, does weakness excuse inaction? If exceptionalism uniquely demands action, then surely we must also conclude that ordinariness absolves a nation of moral responsibility. That does not seem to me to be a logical conclusion.

A weak man is not excused for failing to stand up to injustice when he sees it. Similarly, a powerful man is not uniquely obligated to take action simply because he can. Morality is a constant that doesn’t depend on the relative power of a moral agent vis a vis his circumstances.

None of this is meant to comment on the relative justice or injustice of Vladimir Putin’s actions or the situation in Crimea – I am not in a position to know the extent to which the peninsula’s secession was voluntary as opposed to coerced – but I am merely making the point that “American exceptionalism” is not a sufficient justification for an interventionist foreign policy.

When discussing American exceptionalism, we should always frame it in the context of the statement: “America is exceptional because we don’t tell people what to do.” Not: “America is exceptional, so we should get to tell people what to do.” The more public policy is guided by the latter statement, the less true the former becomes.

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_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

The USA is exceptionally arrogant!

angel_of_joy's picture

Exceptionally dumb too... 

Because Obama ?

angel_of_joy's picture

Obama as manifest destiny ?


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In Soviet America EVERYBODY is exceptional!   Everybody is above average.   And everybody gets an award just for showing up.

Anybody who says otherwise is just a MEAN PERSON.

angel_of_joy's picture

Math says only half can be above average.

Very unfortunate indeed...

Liberty2012's picture

Don't worry, Common Core s redefining math.


StychoKiller's picture


Why the imputed exceptionalism requires one country to police the world and meddle in matters that do not concern them remains unexplained. [/quote]

More like Manifest Destiny V2.0 or Puritanism V3.0!

Treeplanter's picture

American exceptionalism has nothing to do with foriegn policy.   Tyler has gone off into the weeds this time.  Manifest destiny is so 1848.  

Liberty2012's picture

It's another example of stealing language and ideas. Look at the real / historical meanings of what is stolen and you find the real / current objective of the theft.

American Exceptionalism means we were playing by better rules - US Constitution, Bill of Rights, value individual people and their ideas.

The American Dream is freedom - people living together respectfully and peacefully.

If your aim is to control others, then both of these concepts must be destroyed.

Perversion of language, history, and truth is dangerous and evil.

We should not be using the twisted definitions without pointing out the change in use. Otherwise, we are erasing history, perverting language, and enabling evil.

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Actually the intervention was to remove sevestapol from Russian usage. This would have reduced Russia ability to support Assad, which would have opened the way for the Qatar to europe gas pipeline. Expect Syria to become more prominent in the news in the near future. Obozo is even in Saudi Arabia talking to the king about it. EU needs to get the pipeline going quick to punish Russia.


It all about the North dome/ South Pars gas field.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Its just another excuse for the "holier than thou" busy bees of society to stick their noses into other peoples business.  They need to learn to "mind their own business".  Simply put, butt out of my life!!--and everyone elses too.

Liberty2012's picture

The "busy bees" are unwitting pawns at best. It's those in positions of power and influence that want to destroy America that are the real problem. The generals matter just as much, and probably more, than the foot soldiers in this case.

lordylord's picture

Don't worry.  As an American, we are working on our exceptionalism.  Common core and other socialist policies will finish off dumbing down and impoverishing the masses.  Then we will be as docile, obedient, and unexceptional as the Europeans and Asians.

angel_of_joy's picture

"Will be" ???

"Are" is way more close to reality.

disabledvet's picture

"We fight." That's the nature of the American animal..not "exceptionalism."

Contrary to popular opinion we did attack Canada to start the Revolutionary War.
We then spent the next 10 years defending our homeland from "deprivations" and we "won" our Independence in the form of an negotiated settlement and a Constitution which has been shredded beyond recognition now.

It's not for lack of wealth or power that's fer sure.

When World War II broke out there were no "Spanish Armies on the march in Europe."
The biggest battle in the history of the American Continents remains Gettysburg.

And of course the one fighting for the faith remains the Americans...for now.
Jefferson enshrined the freedom to practice your faith without fear of interference for a reason...and the world of Islam knows this because he was the first American President to attack them.

Liberty2012's picture

You start false, end true, and the middle doesn't connect. Can you tell me a little more? ;)

TungstenBars's picture

I seem to recall another group of people in history thinking they were exceptional..something about a master race and european conquest..

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Exactly!!  We are becoming the evil what we fought so hard against back in WW2.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Love the junks but no rebuttal.  We are becoming what Hitler set out to do.  Sure, we maybe haven't fired up the ovens yet, but we are killing a lot of people around the world aren't we.  All for what?  Some illusion of safety?  Please....

We think we are the chosen ones of the world, on the moral high ground.  Pffft.

Liberty2012's picture

Who's this "we". By not standing for what is exceptional about US, then you help destroy it.

Which side are you on? Freedom, or control.

You appear to be a fence-hugging sniper.

Edit PS I didn't down vote you.

nickels's picture

"American exceptionalism" is a Palin-esque conceit that inspires a drunken bravado in otherwise feckless incompetents.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

Ha be careful bad mouthing the great Sarah palin, apparently she has a lot of fans around here (I'm not one of them, I just find the idea of people that like both this website and palin amusing)

TungstenBars's picture

She certainly would make a fine cum receptacle.

Liberty2012's picture

Do you not have a brain? Do you not want to think? Or do you just enjoy being sleazy?

Clowns on Acid's picture

No one cares what you find amusing..

Liberty2012's picture

Nickels - what is your definition of exceptional? What do you value?

ILLILLILLI's picture

>> I seem to recall another group of people in history thinking they were exceptional...something about a master race and european conquest.


Oh, for a moment there I thought you were talking about The Chosen People. Never mind....carry on.

orez65's picture

As much as I detest the comedian Bill Maher, we've come to the same conclusion from different directions:
"The only exceptional thing about the US is how stupid we have become"

Liberty2012's picture

We? Don't lump everyone in the same basket.

Chuck Knoblauch's picture

The USA has been infiltrated by filth.

WTF2's picture


America is peculiar in that it is remarkably phenomenal which is noteworthy and uncommon, making us very special.  Therefore we are uniquely qualified to have our way with regular, ordinary folks.  It is not our fault if the commoners think this unconverntional, but God made it so.  So it will be our globall manifest destiny do do so.  If you don't believe me just ask me.

I think that sums it up.

robertocarlos's picture

Have you thought about marrying Miss South Carolina? I have.

orez65's picture

"T-Ball Nation."

Worst: Liberal T Ball.

I could not believe it when I saw my grandson play Liberal T Ball!!

Almost ran into the field and yanked him off!!

The rules:

1. Everyone scores a hit
2. There are no outs
3. Everyone scores a run

Kids have no idea what is going on

All because there should not be any losers.

The lesson should be: the next best thing to winning is losing. The important thing is to stay in the game.

May all you liberals rot in hell!!

Liberty2012's picture

Replace "liberals" with controllers or progressives. Liberal is one of the stolen words that we need to take back. Freedom is liberal.

Gringo Viejo's picture

Orez: Hear ya. I'm an old guy too and I ran across this quote by Fred Reed yesterday.

"We dumb down everything for the emotional benefit of the incapable."

new guy's picture

You call it exceptionalism. Other people call it yankee bullshit.

Distinctly different from Canadian or British bullshit. In the bullshit department the USA is #1

Winston Churchill's picture

Seems no better than English BS. God is English, and plays cricket.

I read it in an old history book,so it must be right.

Plenty of room in historys dustbin/trashcan, for more exceptional Bull Shitters.

new guy's picture

I respectfully disagree with you. God is Canadian, plays hockey and does not speak French. However the Americans are the current reigning champions.

DOGGONE's picture

America, BE exceptional ... STOP this:
"The Public Be Suckered"

Liberty2012's picture

How is your website relevant to this article?

q99x2's picture

America was great when it was ruled by whites. The shit sure hit the fan once the minorities moved in.

nickels's picture

America was great when it was ruled by Indians. The shit sure hit the fan once the whites moved in.

kurt's picture

America was great when it was ruled by Bison. Ths shit sure hit the fan once humans moved in.

Emergency Ward's picture

Fuck the bison says the wooly mammoth.

orez65's picture

Baby bison BBQ ribs are tasty!