Far-Right Gains In French Election As Hollande's Socialists Admit "Unquestionably A Defeat"

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A week after initial votes showed the far-right anti-Euro National Front party gaining ground in French municipal elections, it appears the ongoing disappointment in the ruling Socialists is increasing (amid record joblessness).


These are the first nationwide elections in France since Hollande took office and point to rather concerning lack of support for his party and his policies (and the core of the EU); but a record high 38.5% of votes abstained suggesting major apathy as the country's north-south divide grows.

Defeat for Hollande...

France's governing Socialist Party (PS) and its allies have suffered heavy losses in the second round of the country's municipal elections, exit polls show.


President Francois Hollande's PS lost control of the northeastern city of Reims and the southwestern city of Pau and the western city of Quimper, among others, an Ipsos poll for French television predicted.

But a potentially concerning rise in nationalist fervor...

The main winner was the centre-right Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) but the far-right National Front also consolidated its first-round gains, picking up the southern towns of Frejus and Beziers, the projections showed.

Which seems to be splitting the nation...

Mayoral candidates linked to the National Front won mayoral races in the southern towns of Beziers and Frejus, while the anti-European Union party failed in its goal of winning races in larger cities such as Perpignan and Avignon, according to exit polls.

The gains by the National Front in 36,000 French municipalities on March 23 reflect discontent with Hollande after 22 months in office... as his promise to 'fix' joblessness is not going well...


Perhaps Hollande should have banned Twitter and YouTube also (for the last 2 years)...

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FieldingMellish's picture

Perhaps a nice little war will fix the joblessness...

greatbeard's picture

Cut out the middle man, kill the unemployed.

Cap Matifou's picture

Maybe another old colony has some valuable resource, and needs "democracy" at gunpoint.

disabledvet's picture

Umm...three awesome comments above that are "not awesome" if true.

Any move by Putin into Ukraine proper will put France at great risk en toto.
First off they'll lose out on all those weapon contracts. Second they're stuck with a huge and obsolete electrical generation fleet. Third they 're bogged down in Chad.

I think the English have already placed their bets on this one and are siding with the Russians if what I read in the Telegraph is true.

Unlike Iraq and Afghanistan which "paid for themselves"(?) however this one might be the gift that keeps giving.

kaiserhoff's picture

Why are there never any "Far Left Gains"?

Oh yes, not in the New York Times style manual, so it does not exist. 

Or as Sarte said, there is no enemy on the left.  (Showing true colors.)

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Loss of socialists in France. Peak libtards? Can we have that in the US?

macholatte's picture

Why are there never any "Far Left Gains"?


Why are there never any "People have been overcome with Common Sense" stories? Why is it always radical left or radical right? I thought those were "minoritites".

disabledvet's picture

this is a good comment too. "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice" but in defense of one's nation or "national interest" it could be.

All I try and do for all you naysayers out there is try and understand the other point of view. Sometimes "what they're doing makes all too much sense." This is not say I agree with it.

"Many things appear a mystery to me" and more often than not I prefer that remain the case.

What I did read in the WaPo is that Putin's call "came as a surprise to the White House" and "they were hesitant to take the call."

Hmmmmm. Are we not talking to the Russians at all? If not...why not...and "to whom are we talking"? Certainly not the folks who are going to offer up a fanatical resistance.

NoDebt's picture

I don't like France.  Don't give a flying crap what they do or don't do.

That's it.  That's all I got.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Perfectly acceptable.  

Some of their coffee is good though.


Nice work!  

NoDebt's picture

Thank you.  I appreciate you grading me on a curve.  That was a B+ post at best, by my estimation.

mc225's picture

gitane cigarettes are coo too...

N2OJoe's picture

Not knowing anything about french politics, I am left to wonder if they define "Far Right", like the american media, as Constitutionalist or if they use the classic European definition of National Socialists(As opposed to International Socialists on the "Moderate Left")

Being Free's picture

Why is it always radical left or radical right?

Consider the source.  "Right" "Left" is a false dichotomy meant to divide and confuse the more important moment between Liberty and tyrany.

EscapingProgress's picture

Left, Right, who gives a shit? The fleecing will continue unabated.

the0ther's picture

Love that Sartre quote! He was a real bull-shitter but a smart one.

the0ther's picture

But it's not Sartre instead some obscure Russian.

Freddie's picture

Typical demonization of the criminal western media.  If you are anti open borders, anti EU, anti NWO and zio then you are far right.

Peter Pan's picture

Did the article really say 36,000 municipalities?

No wonder they're not getting anywhere.

A true nightmayor.

Skateboarder's picture

They have three months to look for jobs before spending all of July in the Pyrenees and the Alps cheering on doped-up bikerfags. Then back to business as usual.

ebworthen's picture

Same left/right teeter-totter as here in the U.S.S.A.

Meanwhile, immigrants legal and illegal stream in to suckle off the public teat while being used as 21st century slave labor and the corporations are propped and bailed out at the public expense.

This all could go on for decades - while in the shadows the banks and banksters get richer while bribing and controlling .gov and the middle class shrinks.

garypaul's picture

how exactly can immigrants be doing "slave labor" AND "suckling off the public teat" at the same time? They ARE the public teat based on what I see around me...

Money_for_Nothing's picture

Immigrant suck off the SNAP, earned-income-credit, and emergency-room-health-care tits. WIC and more are possible too. Lets see them get those south of the boarder.

Freddie's picture

They can do both. Cash jobs under the table and get almost EVERY free public benefit going.   I have seen Mexicans et al with WIC and EBT cards but certain stuff is not covered. They pull out a big roll of cash to pay for that stuff.  Any benefit you can name - they can get it including social security disability. True.

I once employed an Asian PhD from a very good U.S. school who I found out was moving from job to job to avoid paying taxes.  He was working as a contractor. This went on for a month until I dropped a 1099 on his ass and he freaked out.  He was buying crappy duplexes and loading them up with illegals too.  He figured once he had a few he could stop working.  If he could engage in slavery to take it easy - he would.

Sudden Debt's picture

Well, allow more North Africans and Eastern Europeans to come into the country....
Same will happen during the Belgium Elections.
People are sick of all those immigrants that flock all the cities.
In 10 years time crime skyrocketed over here, 1/4 is from outside Belgium and they're getting pretty agressive.
All the stories when they claim their free money znd free housing would make even the most saint of man pissed.

debtor of last resort's picture

This week, a jewellers wife shot two of those goddamn robbers over here.

The robbers inbreds are protesting....


lotsoffun's picture

and they are laughing at us white 'faggots' giving all away to them for free.   as an american living in europe, they respected me (not that i'm happy about this) because we 'kick ass'.  they just laugh at europeans.  white man's burden?  it's funny.  it's sad.  they gave europe away.  US isn't far behind now.



debtor of last resort's picture

We kick ass, Putin kicks ass, yup. Everyone kicks ass, except the 'Europeans', until we catch up and start killing Europeans.

thethirdcoast's picture

+1 million

American ex-pat in north Africa here. Before I got here I was in the bleeding-heart camp.


After 15 months my eyes are open and I am awake.

rbg81's picture

Sometimes wonder what is wrong with our Society.  Even the Romans were not stupid enough to finance the barbarians that were destroying their Empire.  Political Correctness is a mental illness.

Oldwood's picture

Too many of us spend too much time complaining of the financial costs, (which are relevant) rather than the social costs to this attitude. Imposing guilt on those who did work hard to get ahead while rewarding those that do not is the ultimate in destructive behavior. Besides the fact that those who typically receive these rewards despise those who contributed them. If there are those who advance themselves through criminal behavior, they should be punished, not taxed. Our governments are funding themselves (what's not borrowed or printed) through the taxation of vice and therefore have no interest is ending it. They would like to believe that they can manipulation society with their social engineering and not suffer the consequences of the moral hazards they have created. They are wrong.

Freddie's picture

I still think European and some elections are legit.  American elections are rigged.  The problem for European nations is they can make some changes and improvements but the criminal EU will not allow the nations to stop criminal open borders invasion.


inky's picture

Just an observasion but

Here in england never ending tidal waves of immigrants flood the citys.

Its got to a stage now that in some parts of country we are now the minority.

Yep free welfare for them here too plus have kids and get paid even more !

Rapes..murders..thefts ect 

What i dont understand is WHY would a goverment or royal family would want to do this to their own country ? and to their own childrens future and heritage.

I cant believe its for the money ( paper illusion ) 

So wtf are they allowing it ? They cant be that dense can they ?

Mad Muppet's picture

It's because you Brits charge too much by the hour for your labor. All same same as here in the US. They do it for the profits of the Corporations.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

"Far-right" means "anti-Euro" in politics...I personally prefer "Pro-common sense" to either...


Grouchy Marx's picture

I've noticed in the news, there is no 'conservative', only far right; and there is no left, and certainly no far-left, only liberal or progressive. The terms used betray the media bias. And of course anyone who wants control of their own country's borders is a "xenophobe".

I see zero functional difference between progressivism and fascism; only the suits differ.

bugs_'s picture

Wow they do not sound like real socialists to me!  I have never heard of socialists admitting truth.  Perhaps things are very very bad for them over there....OR they were never REAL socialists to begin with.

debtor of last resort's picture

The 'far right' or the 'lefties', yeah. Populism, fascism, communism. Stupid French. They should vote for the 'middle' aka corporatism.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I find the French a curious people. 


If only they would accept their place in society and try and focus on France and not places line Libya and Ukraine they might be able to accomplish something. 


Then again they're french so they need a nap and a cigarette break before doing either. 

holgerdanske's picture

I fully agree. They have never recovered from being relegated to second division.

And your argument goes perfectly well for the next country to follow the same path.

It is sometimes best to remain humble and sort you own affairs out, before you start on others.

Freddie's picture

Well they are still at it but the USSA with their mascot the UK still accel at blowing up and murdering people in little countries if those little countries have Shit That The USSA Can Steal.  Oil, gold, put the people into Red Shield central bank and IMF control serfdom.

The French military got royally sold out like the USSA military in places like Indo China and Algeria.  The US soldiers then get F over by LBJ in his war for riches and his MIC contractor pals in Vietnam.

LePen's dad was in the thick of it as a French paratrooper officer in Algeria which was a nasty war.


I think one basis for the father starting the party was the French people being F'ed over by the French elites.  Sound familiar?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I find the French a curious people. 


If only they would accept their place in society and try and focus on France and not places line Libya and Ukraine they might be able to accomplish something. 


Then again they're french so they need a nap and a cigarette break before doing either. 

Schmuck Raker's picture

Corsican referendum on independence in 5....4....3....

Kaiser Sousa's picture

the MoneyChangers construct is falling apart on many fronts...

it appears that in Ukraine someone has taken on the character of Darth Vader and is goin to run for the presidency in the upcoming election...urnarveling...

keep stackin...

Mad Muppet's picture

So, in France, the far-right would be roughly equivalent to our Progressive Democrats?

JR's picture

Well, no, Marine Le Pen's Party wants to stop immigration, control imports, leave the euro and, as The Economist writes, "wreck the European Union."

The Economist believes the rise of Ms. Le Pen is a warning not just to Paris but also to Brussels. Writes The Economist:

"Populist parties, mostly but not solely on the far right, are on the march across Europe, from the UK Independence Party in Britain to the Finns Party in Finland, and from Geert Wilders's PVV in the Netherlands to Alexis Tsipras's Syriza in Greece...voters are disenchanted not just with euro-induced austerity but also with a European Union that seems to get more remote and less accountable even as it becomes more intrustive. If Europe's leaders cannot reconnect with their citizens, Ms. Le Pen's success will be just a start."