Initial "Results" From Turkish Municipal Elections Show Resounding Victory For Erdogan's Ruling Party

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In a country which has banned the free flow of information via social networks and other venues in order to preserve the corrupt government, why one would believe any official data is unclear, but for those who are curious, here are the early results from today's municipal elections (where eight people have already died as fights broke out between rival candidates in two villages near the southeastern border with Syria): with 12.4% of ballots counted, the ruling AKP party appears to be a blowout victory, with 48.1% of the vote, while CHP has 24% and MHP is at 13.8%, based on CNNTurk reporting. Bloomberg confirms the official "results":


More from Euronews:

The election is being viewed as a crisis referendum, say analysts on Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s 10-year-rule. He was not standing but criss-crossed the country in the build up to Sunday’s vote campaigning for his Justice and Development Party – the AKP. Tensions had risen in advance of the ballot and the PM was in a defiant mood when he cast his vote.


So far in political rallies there have been undesirable statements and speeches, our public today will have the last word, they will express themselves. Despite those political meetings, their last word will be decisive,” he said.


Voting went ahead peacefully in most parts and the clashes which led to the eight deaths were over local council positions and not directly linked to the wider tensions in the country.


Erdogan is hoping the election will boost his standing after allegations of a corruption scandal and string of damaging security leaks.


The main opposition, the Republican People’s party portrays him as a corrupt dictator ready to hang on to power by any means.


The Islamist – rooted AK Party is aiming to equal or better its 2009 vote of 38.8 percent. A vote below the 36 percent mark would be considered a huge blow to the PM.

As expected, there are huge discrepancies between the numbers provided state run news agencies, and the pro-Gulen, Cihan, news agency. Its data, courtesy of Ilhan Tanir is shown below:

Another way of showing the official data, is with live updates from the polls throughout Turkey: 19:34 - Turkey local election map as of now... (AKP: Yellow - CHP: Red - MHP: Maroon - BDP: Blue) (source)

And just in case there are those who don't buy the official "numbers", there is this:


Perhaps the most memorable thing about these elections are the following protest photo by protest-group Femen.

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Millivanilli's picture

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure. Thomas Jefferson


That is the truth.   I wish it weren't,  but it is.

SWRichmond's picture

Elections don't mean anything.  There is power, and there is powerlessness.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Power is now conferred by Divinde Right of the Majority.

weburke's picture

electronic voting folks


tony wilson's picture

and why not

what is the problem here.


any man that says the mighty turk is a liar or a cheat.

that man is in trouble

do not besmirche the relations of erdogan

the jewish king of the swarthy turks.

anyone saying we have body odour issues

will be in trouble as well.

we turks have book ledgers for the names of the folks on here

that smear the turk with human shits.

a warnings little men on here 

cross the turk at your peril.

Salah's picture

The more I read about Turkey & Erdogan (albeit corrupt & authoritarian), the more I'm convinced they're just not following the US Deep State's policies, and returning to their historic antagonistic posture toward Putin & Russia.  There's more here than meets the eye, otherwise all this would be backwater news.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

yeah Edrogan winning...

like the Globetrotters versus the Washington Generals...

i got the Trotters...who u got????

blabam's picture

Politics. A fucking waste of time. 

FredFlintstone's picture

As Satoshi/Zionhead would say Politics = Government + Bullshit.

IridiumRebel's picture

Politics is acting for ugly people.

francis_sawyer666's picture

"Politics" is WAR by Other Means

The essence of "GOVERNMENT" is "Beating, killing,
and imprisoning".

WRT "BULLSHIT", the government doesn't need to feed
you bullshit that is the ZIO-MSM's job.

Who is the 'government' is a better question?

Who run's the political system, who bring the
political candidates to the MSM?

dogismycopilot's picture

Turkey, a proud member of NATO and with liberty, justice and democracy for all. (sarc)

Quinvarius's picture

Recently a lot of people have forgotten we all agreed to use ballots instead of bullets.  If the process is hijacked, we go back to bullets.  It is the same thing with the US constitution and the bill of rights.  They are a set of things we told the government we would start smoking them over, not some little rule book for them to follow and tweak.  It is in effect no matter what they do.  The civilized agreements we make are to avoid violence.  Government officials have no power to change the "guidelines for not getting smoked" the people gave them.  Because the power was never in the ink.   

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Which is why any group who advocates sweeping changes to the 2nd is paid shill and poser for the ruling elite and should get smoked when it starts.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Sounds like social contract bulshit. I agreed to nothing. Ballots are the means by which the most popular mafia is granted monopoly priviledge on the use of bullets to commit legalized theft.

If one were to resist having property stolen by that mafia, one would see the bullets come out PDQ.

Super Broccoli's picture

Why bother with democracy ? in north korea the great leader passed a law binding every man in the country to have the same aircut he has mwahahahaah so much fun

Paveway IV's picture

Bald North Koreans will be liquidated for willfull dissent and dishonoring the great haircut leader.

As soon as you allow a few exceptions, the whole system starts collapsing.

Seize Mars's picture

Hey elections! Whee! The people have spoken!!
Just like the good ole USA, where every congressman has approval ratings that are unelectable, and yet somehow they mysteriously get reelected all the time!
You know how it's been revealed that everything, everywhere has been hacked by the NSA?
Don't worry about those election results though. Those things are as right as rain.

Jorgen's picture

Just like the good ole USA, where every congressman has approval ratings that are unelectable, and yet somehow they mysteriously get reelected all the time!

Peter Pan's picture

At least in Turkey there appears to be a real opposition.
I can't say the same for the USA.

W74's picture

I doubt even many ZH'ers would get the reference.

The American Sheeple?  HAHAHAHA.  Who is Kesha?

Paveway IV's picture

Turkey had so much promise at one time. I never did get it - WTF ever happened to that place?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I see a lot of "fly over" country in Turkey also.  And a lot of polarization into regions.

Something to ponder: Will the NWO work toward ruling over a neo-Feudal network of Regional Powers, each of which will be to weak to resist The (as yet to be revelead) Emperor?  IOW, are they simply turning back the Clock to the Middle Ages (minus Magna Carta), or trying to set the stage for a One World Ruler? 

A Nanny Moose's picture

Why not both? First, Balkanize to disperse power, then consolidate under crisis?

I suppose the wildcard would be that people might learn to enjoy not being told what to do.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Did anyone get a load of this?

This could certainly be easily fixed if over the last 7 years DNSSEC and IPv6 were in place? Isn't it a pity even with a Federal mandate for it in 2007 (came and went), we still don't have it in place across most of the U.S. and Europe's IP networks?...

What an open invitation for mischief that never had to happen?  Someone needs to remind General Alexander & Friends of that point when they are ready to declare WWIII based on a cyberattack that most certainly could have been properly authenticated and more importantly averted if we had those security alternatives working and in place for the last 7 years and counting.
Morla's picture

I guess all the media and internet censorship kept that false flag genie in the bottle just long enough.. Unless of course the election is rigged anyway. Still, that audio is out there now, and internet censorship isn't going to work forever. Things might get interesting.

valley chick's picture

Phucking depressing.  Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

SmittyinLA's picture

They voted for a war with no "upside", is there some huge resource pool in Syria we don't know about?

Even if they win what do they win?

Seen the price of bullets letely?

Turkish civilian population 3 mo from now:  " Oh duh we didn't know they could hit us with a dirty bomb and depopulate our cities, we don't want war anymore!"


We're actually teaming up with Sunni and Shia jehadi to remove a diverse mutli-ethnic multi religious state.