Day 10 Of Pre-Open Gold Dump, Stock Pump

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Behold: the "8:30 am" risk repricing catalyst, because sometimes you just have to laugh... of course we also know how this has ended for 10 days in a row too.


And stocks...



Of course, only one thing matters today - closing the S&P green to end the quarter... let algo battle commence...

Charts: Bloomberg

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NoDebt's picture

Central planning and rigged markets.  Large and in charge.

Ya know, somebody could probably make a lot of money if they traded that pattern.

remain calm's picture

Buy gold at 1250, sell at 1400. Keep a core position for Mayhem. Your welcome

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Offer void should the market crash......or WW3 happens.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

What pattern?? All i see is a series of unprokoved drops all at the same time of day.

DirtyWilly's picture

Why does everyone still support this massively manipulated lump of shit metal that doesn't do anything other than empower banks and big governments?  Open your eyes and explain this to me, please, anyone...

Manthong's picture

Because the metal is not manipulated, the paper synthetic is, they will lose control of the paper like they always do and every ASE stacked is intrinsically worth a tank of gasoline.. and eventually more.

manofthenorth's picture

This can all come to an end sooner than we think. If people commit to removing the physical metal from the system it is party over in short order. If 1 in 10 people buys just 2 ounces of Silver and 1 in 100 buys just 2 ounces of Gold we can remove ALL the mine production, ALL the recycled and some of the stockpile for an ENTIRE YEAR ! This IS the Achillies heel of the FIAT Central Bank scam.


Grom Hellscream's picture



Thank these assholes for making metal slightly cheaper, and buy more physical. Between the Putin and Obama show, and QE: the Sequels, I've finally gotten my wife to dump her CDs and start stacking gold and silver in her gunsafe as well.


And each ounce you buy removes 100 paper "ounces" from rehypothetication hell.

dizzzave's picture

Why does it have intrinsic value?

DirtyWilly's picture

This might come as news for you, manipulation of prices, synthetic or not, always ends badly on the people.  You don't gain wealth holding onto this paper weight.  At best you preserve it, it's a lose-lose.  You're not going to be purchasing a city block with an ounce of gold "after the collapse", it doesn't work like that.

Mercuryquicksilver's picture

There are potentially 7 Billion people with access to the PM market. They can trade their time and property for it, or mine it directly from the ground (by using their time and property). 7 Billion people each have input into the valuation of PM's. The more PM an individual has the more influence they have, but fundamentally someone without any PM, no influence, can dig it out of the ground and begin to influence the market.

There are 145 Central Banks, many of which collude with one another. The number of men controlling 85% of these banks is less than two dozen. Two dozen people effectively dictate each individual's value on the planet.

I recognize these are highly generalized, macro statements, but I choose 7 Billion people (one of those people being me even though I am but a mere drop in the bucket) over 24 people where I am but nothing.

sixbilliondollarman's picture

Why does everyone [WHO IS "EVERYONE" JACKASS?]  still [STILL? ...STILL WHAT??? IT'S BEEN GOING DOWN FROM TOP] support this massively manipulated [NO SHIT] lump of shit metal [THAT CENTRAL BANKS STORE IN VAULTS NOT GARBAGE CANS] that doesn't do anything other than empower banks and big governments?  [SOME KOOK OPINION? PRECIOUS METALS EMPOWER ALL THAT OWN THEM...AND YOU DON'T OBVIOUSLY*] Open your eyes and explain this to me[ OPEN YOUR ASS BECAUSE THAT IS YOUR MOUTH...AND THESE ARE YOUR WORDS], please, anyone...[JERK ME OFF! STUPID IDIOT STOP WASTING PEOPLE'S TIME HERE]


DirtyWilly's picture

If I opened my ass you know what would come out?  HINT:  Has an atomic weight of 196.96657.

I'll put it in kids terms so you can better understand...

If me use money big bully store in their garbage cans, then me support big bully.

Grom Hellscream's picture

Sure, I'll explain it to you:


You are a sucker who believes all that worthless hypothecated paper is actual metal, and when this all crashes only individuals holding physical metal, and banksters ( who are always first in line to collect the real metal ) will have a seat when the music stops. Everyone else gets Zimbabwe money.


And you will be beating your neighbor to death with a human femor over a bowl of treebark soup.

dizzzave's picture

And you are a sucker who believes the doomer nonsense about the end of the world being close at hand. Not only that, you also believe that your feeble stack of metal (and maybe some non-hybrid seeds and a few hundred rounds of ammo) will be all thats necessary for you to ride out the apocalypse and emerge on the other side as a prince.

Your neighbors will beat you to death with a human femur over a bowl of treebark soup. Then they'll take your gold.

DirtyWilly's picture

I happen to like treebark soup...


It's not gonna happen.  Are you really gonna be paying for bread with a shaving of your gold coins?  It will end badly for all, just ask those who were holding metal in 1929 - whoops.

disabledvet's picture

We are doing great actually.

You folks who have pounding "go Putie go" now know what that means.

"To add to your ass whuppin' you could also get an earlier exit from QE than expected." Of course at this point why hurry.

Spitzer's picture

Hey retard..


Are you aware that gold went up while interest rates went up in the 70's, 80's and 2004 to 2006 ?

Grom Hellscream's picture

Gold is up 16% this year.


The DOW is down to 13 ounces of gold, from 43 ounces in the 1990s.


Exactly who is taking an ass whuppin' here?

Villageidiot777's picture the higher the better. the lower the better


Highest point seems to be at the very end of '90s when dot com bubble was strong.

Serfs Up's picture

My time it is coming.

The bankers have much to answer for.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Optimist.  But yes, please stick you in them, they are done...

Bearwagon's picture

That's the point. What you (rightly) call obvious, is perfectly hidden in plain sight, from a different point of view.  ;-)

SilverIsMoney's picture

Last day of a non-delivery month... Pretty expected smash. Ill be buying shortly as the price will turn later this week as we get into April.

eclectic syncretist's picture

Looks like the april fools are at JPM.  They must deliver 247,000 ounces but have only 214,000, and it's only the first day of the month!

Al Huxley's picture

Those delivery obligations are meaningless.  The situation's been going on for years and nothing ever comes of it.  Official reporting in a rigged and crooked game isn't going to tell you anything other than what the liars and criminals want to tell you.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Like fucking clockwork, and the end of the month to boot, time to shear the 401k crowd, thanks ZH...

Probably going to keep going like this for a few more months as the finanicial/economic power (and gold) keeps shifting from the West to the East...

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

It is like clockwork. Good thing all the MSM outlets are under their control and this won't report on things like this. It would be pretty hard to get away with this with and actual free press. Although I do think the threat from china is overblown, they have a lot of their own problems. David stockman had a great article about it a couple days ago on lew Rockwell, I was surprised it didn't run here. The lose of western gold will create troubles in the future though.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Technically, what is happening to the United States Treasury and American Taxpayer is treason.  Everyone in government, from the president on down through every member of congress, who authorized this theft should be promptly put to death.

Look, it's really simple folks, unless there are real consequences for bad behavior, nothing changes.

Kaiser Sousa's picture


been sayin it every since i came here...

Until the MoneyChangers and the government officicals they control r made via death to understand that we demand change....nothing will CHANGE.....

Death To The MoneyChangers....

lakecity55's picture

You don't want the news to get out.

Those of us on ZH have studied this fixed market. I want to still be able to get bullion at lower prices. Anyone who has spent the time studying all this is due to reap some rewards eventually. At least there is no counter-party risk.

While the "price" is suppressed, it is moar for us who stack.

Keep Stackin'

Keep packin!

Bearwagon's picture

As I said: Eight days a week!

RacerX's picture

so based on the charts we should be selling our gold and silver and buying s&p right?

ok got it. To the moon alice.

Seasmoke's picture

People need to pay a severe price for this very soon.....I leave up to you, what that price should be. 

Hindenburg...Oh Man's picture

enter a short position at the market open?



SheepDog-One's picture

'Of course the only thing that matters is to get (xxxx) to do (xxxx) because of (xxxx) today'.....been hearing this shit daily for years.

Then what's going on for tomorrow after S&P must close green for the quarter? Gotta get it up green to START the quarter too no doubt....on and on.

sudzee's picture

Its different this time, you CAN fool most of the people ALL the time.

SheepDog-One's picture

People sure don't seem to learn, I don't know anyone around me concerned about anything. It's like a herd trance.

DeadFred's picture

It's something they put in the water. Except for California where they're shutting off the water. You can see they put it in the air there.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

In NJ it's the water.  I almost tried to explain to some family why you can't just say, "oh it was FDR's fault for introducing socialism to the blah blibb blab.." because in reality, it's the laws of physics that determine how and when an economy collapses, that it is the nature of empire to revert to mean, submit to entropy, etc.  You can blame central banking for bleeding off the USA's potential as a real empire.  We've conquered no one.

coulous's picture


Some public "muppet" job should be taper !!!




firstdivision's picture

Sell the paper, buy the physical is a sure fire way to secure your future. 

DavidC's picture

I'm not going long into this market but I am going to wait for an opportunity to short it.