Lewis On Top: The High Freaks Storm To First Place Of Amazon's Bestseller List

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First HFTs took over capital markets courtesy of "legal" orderflow frontrunning which is, for the sixth years in a row, confused with "providing liquidity", and which has allowed such pending IPOs as Virtu to boast 1237 profitable trading days out of 1238 while making their owners multi-billionaires. And now, courtesy of Michael Lewis, the high freaks have also taken over the Amazon bestselling books list.


That's right - Americans are now fascinated by issues involving market structure, exchange topology, momentum ignition and quote stuffing.

And just like that, virtually everyone now i) knows the markets are rigged and ii) has an adverse opinion of the collocated "New Normal" vacuum tubes known affectionately as the High Freaks. (Incidentally, just the way the Goldman-supported IEX dark pool and apparently the FBI wanted it).

Perhaps now may be a good time for Virtu to shelve its IPO. Due to "market waking up to HFT criminality conditions."

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stant's picture

the markets rigged bitchez

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Hey Tyler, missing out on the book action.

Missed this one, but maybe something else?

Edit: And I sure a book by Tyler would far better with humour even a central banker could appreciate.

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poor non-believing sheeples...they have it for free here for years.

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It can't be rigged, Bob Pisani (Of GLD missing bricks fame) says it ain't so....

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"Bought this book expecting gay porn, ended up getting some financial drivel. 0 out of 5."

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...how about a book from a ZH lurker? (With my limited budget, I cannot miss an opportunity for self-promotion.)

The blurb for the book goes like this:

For the 95 percent of currency traders that fail to make it rich, come and join a fellow sufferer for a week of ups and downs.

For Pip’s Sake! will leave you nodding in agreement at how the currency markets often confuse. Angry at how the political and economic industries leave you last in the queue. Laughing at how the author haplessly tries to become part of the 5 percent club.

Readable with Kindles, For Pip’s Sake! can also be read on iPads, PCs, Macs, Blackberries, iPhones, Android devices, and goodness knows what else, by using the following application (link).

The book is available at your local Amazon account… with a free sample offered to those averse to personal expenses.

Yours sincerely,

Damon Cockcroft

Author of For Pip’s Sake!


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When's the movie cuz nothing of substance will ever change and Corozine will never be freed

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Yes, the market's rigged and sheep love Novels, Bitchez.  Edit, the putas love novelas.  Entiende?

ArkansasAngie's picture

I hope everybody in the country reads the book.  And ... let's go on a witch hunt for every sucker who puckered up and spat HFT is good for the market.


How about some clawback


sgt_doom's picture

First of all, the vast majority of Ameritards hasn't read a single book in the last five years, and expect it to get worse --- their attention spans shrink by the minute!

They will listen to the "official pundits" from Brookings, or Heritage or Hoover or Cato or Peterson or American Enterprise (all the stink tanks) pontificate on Lewis' book, being far too ignorant and stooopid to grasp that Lewis is the typical misdirection specialist, claiming that, like that bullcrap on 60 Minutes the other night, a farce which has spiked every accurate program before it made it onto the air, the problem is the microsecond insider knowledge they have on the HFT, thanks to MORA (FPGA programming) and their complex events processing platforms!

Now, the vast majority of the rigging of the retail stock market derives from their Internalization Business (with the top banks and the top hedge funds, usually owned by the top banks, BTW, being the Internalizers).

The remainder derives from the virtual naked shorting from the DTCC's Stock Borrow Program.

But they always somehow forget to report that, huh?


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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Tyler Durden 

<Though in this case I'm not exactly sure what 'win' means.>

Tinky's picture

Well, Mahatma Gandhi anticipating TD, perhaps.

Harbanger's picture

-1 for misrepresenting the author of the quote.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Actually Tyler said exactly that about six months ago if memory serves me right. And he wasn't quoting Ghandi either.

But on a more serious note I guess I need to resurrect the /sarc tag again. There was a time not so long ago when sarcasm was obvious, especially when it was done by well known posters/commenters. Those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end. ;-). /sarc

Harbanger's picture

Our days never end.  Give Ms Cogs a treat, reflect on the mindset of those that came before you, they made it through very hard times during the great depression, she'll love it.


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 The first rule of Nonviolent Resistance Club is...

ebear's picture


First you ignore them, then they envy you,  then you invite them to fight club, then you beat the crap out of them.


Whatta's picture

The High Freex have the Spin Squad out in force to tell us how "great" a service they provide...ya know, like...

....one losing trading day in 4 years and shit. I say THANK YOU for that service!!! /sarc

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Nipple rubs...the look on her face was priceless. LOL

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any alternative links?

"Sorry but this video is unavailable from your location. But hey, atleast you have kangaroos and boomerangs."

haha... d'wads

Even a youtube link is "unavailable".

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You know Irene has good margin in place behind all her bids and located the borrow for all naked shorts; she's just quick about wiring money and getting compares to clean her skirts. Silly, stupid boys.

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So, HFT's are being set up as the fall guy for the next crash to deflect attention away from the FED,  the real market riggers. How does Michael Lewis fit in to this? He just decided to write a book about it at a very beneficial time? I love his books, but this is a little ponderous.

Big Brother's picture

Possibly coincedence... 

The frequency to which his books tend to come out are about the same time-frame after the event occurs.

I have in front of me the publish dates to the following books authored by Michael Lewis (I've read all his books).

Liar's Poker - publish year 1989.  Premise is junk bonds; Michael Milken indicted in 1989

The Big Short - publish year 2010.  Premise credit default swaps and ginormous profit realized by Michael Burry's hedge fund in late 2008.

Flash Boys - Interestingly, there's no real abrupt black swan yet to occur with this issue of HFT.  It has only become really somewhat mainstream since the flashcrash of May 2010.  Even still, when has anyone on ZH ever heard about the profits garnered from HFT in the news other than the mouth-pieces that talk nothing but good of it?  This book is Lewis' most precient as the final chapter has yet been written (we can all guess how this probably ends).

I agree with you in the sense that this book will greatly raise the awareness of the market-gaming that is HFT.

My copy is in the mail. 

dexter_morgan's picture

He is an awesome author - very readable. Just weird with the timing.

chindit13's picture

Maybe it's weird, but when one considers the timing between sitting down to put finger to keyboard, then editing, then having his agent sell to a publisher, then final editing and proofreading, then actually getting it into print...the entire process is years.  Even between final draft and in-the-bookstores is about 18 months, 12 tops.  Lewis tends to be at the ready when public awareness and interest begin to peak.  That's a pretty good skill to have if one wants to be a successful author.  Once is serendipity; three or four times is a trend.  He also has enough of a persona to get really good gigs when it's time for the dog-and-pony show/promotional tour, such as a segment on 60 Minutes.  Kudos to him.

Lewis writes in an accessible manner, and he also has a delicious sense of the absurd.  I recommended "Boomerang" to my father, who was never a Wall Street type, and he blew through it in a day and got a good many laughs out of the experience.

sgt_doom's picture

You've nailed it without understanding it; Lewis, like Kevin Philips, Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Rifkin (and a bunch of those phoney "corporate environmentalists") are redirection or misdirection specialists, which it took myself and a number of other volunteer-type social activists many years to comprehend!

When Lewis wrote of the recent global economic meltdown, he referenced as his super-heroine a former student, and her thesis on CDO counterparties, at Harvard, whose advisor was the legendary Martin Feldstein (Lewis' words, never mine --- and if unfamiliar with Feldstein, just look up the crimes committed when he was a director at Eli Lilly and HCA and, oh yeah, AIG/Financial Products.

Feldstein was the dood at NBER always pumping out those phony job and economy stats, also.

No, the meltdown did not occur the way Lewis would have everyone believe, which was why his books always get so much play, and his featured Harvard grad super-heroine went on to do nefarious deeds at Morgan Stanley.

'Nuff said . . . .

sgt_doom's picture

How can you possible be well-informed yet love his books when Lewis is such a disinformation specialist, which is why he has always been published.

The Wisp's picture

I'll wait till I  see it on some Yard sale table for a Quarter.. I already Know how the Story ends, It's Not Pretty.

hot sauce technician's picture

Or just as good, wait till some anarchist posts an electronic copy of it on piratebay and downroad it to your ebook reader of choice.

Yen Cross's picture

    I thought Faceplant held the title of " Most Idiotic IPO", but IEX is looking to dethrone Zuckertard and his NSA stooges.

Freddie's picture

IEX propritary technology is they stopped running their orders though BATS.  This stuff happenes every five years.  And people know what is going on.  This happened with Island's exchange and their brokerage DATEK.  Roughly the same scam just a new day.

BeetleBailey's picture

You think with this "outing" the PTB are gonna do any reform Yen?

...any at all?

My guess? NO



They're "fascinated" by it 'cause they want to learn how to do it too.

stant's picture

warren pollock said in one of his vids hft is old news now, the big boys are going mega data now

ArkansasAngie's picture

So ... that's who is storing and sifting thru the NSA's records

Algosaurus Rex's picture

Haim Bodek will sleep like a baby tonight...

Jack Burton's picture

It's nice to see a book for the public being printed. Reading economics blogs for the last decade has made pretty clear to me what High Frequency Trading is all about. When Wall-Street started looking for the best and brightest from the worlds of Physics and math, you knew they were looking for a way to skim. The laws of Physics which drive everything in the universe are very capable of beign turned loose on the problems of trading systems and how they can be gamed. In the end, it is all a very intensely scientific way of front running all markets, of putting gatekeep in the way of all market activity, a gate keeper who must be paid a skim for every activity in the market. It's legal and those who hired the best scientists and compter science folks are reaping utold profits, while mains treet economy sinks into a black hole of a failure to invest in the future and failure to invest in American based business enterprise. Worse than Wall-Street perhaps, are the evil banker class of the city of London. Laundering drug money, sex slave profits, organized kidnapping businesse's profits. Using skimming and free zirp loans from the BoE to organize vast theft operations across the entire Market Systems on the EU and Britain. Yet, these are the people politicians answer to, the people whose agenda the politicians regard as their clients. Nothing is changing, it is jst getting worse. Market players like the little guys are simply chumps to be skimmed and screwed up the ass till they can no longer walk a straight line. Instead of cleaning up the crimes, politicians have ginned up a war against Russia as a destraction. And of course we buy into it.

prains's picture

Shit still didn't get time to make my tea first

Big Brother's picture

When Wall-Street started looking for the best and brightest from the worlds of Physics and math

What a waste of talent.

Absinthe Minded's picture

If you saw the movie, Margin Call with Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons there is a part where Paul Betteny of the new Star Trek fame, Spock, is explaining how he knows they are way over the line in the risk of their investments. When asked what he majored in he says he is basically a rocket scientist.He is applying the same equations it is all just mathematics when you come down to it. It's just that banking pays way better than being a scientist. That in a nut shell is what is wrong with America. Glorified blood suckers. At least athletes are creating some kind of enjoyable aversion for those who care to part with their money to watch them. Definitely overpaid, but people choose to part with their money to see them. Bankers fucking steal it from you in the night. Fucking traitorous pieces of shit.

Algosaurus Rex's picture

Scott Patterson's "Dark Pools" is highly recommended and an excellent history of HFT starting with Josh Levine's Island ECN exploits. Not only does it blow the lid off HFT and shady exotic order types, it's also well written and VERY entertaining...


sgt_doom's picture

It's nice to see a book for the public being printed.

Dood, consider yourself an official sheeple, as you will never get the truth from the likes of Lewis.

Concentrate on economists Michael Hudson and Michael Perelman, Paul Craig Roberts, Nomi Prins, Matt Taibbi, Pam Martens (for her wonderfuly daily column, wallstreetonparade.com), and many others, but Lews is a no go!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Does this mean Lewis might be the next "nail gun" victim, and Steve Kroft will have to go into hiding???

GS and JPM will need to blame the abrupt change in market behavior on something even if this airing on CBS was all appropriately timed for a potential big drop!

Anybody been hearing about large deployments of U.S. Navy and Marines getting ready to head East? Looks like Johnny Heinz 67 and his puppeteers are getting ready to pull "the ripcord", along with the Markets...

Start WWIII even when it's your own fault for creating the economic mess that destroyed your economy for the past two decades???

Damn straight!!...

We'd rather start a World War and blame someone else (even if it is our fucking fault) that will kill potentially billions than accept responsibility for our own actions!

Sure hope the boyz and girlz ready to fight and die for it understand that point!


sgt_doom's picture

Dood!  Lewis is on their payroll, why can you not see that!

Vice's picture

You need a book to confirm this?

Calculate Virtu's odds of profitability and that's all you literally need to know. 

It's really not complicated. 

Mr Thomson Swift's picture

 Flash a-ah....He'll save every one of us


Blankenstein's picture

This guy's a hack.  Today on NPR he said we shouldn't put any of these Wallstreetsters in jail because it would hamper financial innovation.  He used to work at Salomon Brothers and then left to write a book on the shenanigans that went on there.  Looks like he is still working for his friends.  If he really was for the retail investor, he would want the whole lot behind bars.