The Top 25 "Greatest Fools" In The World

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And by 'greatest fools' we mean sovereign wealth funds that stand ready to soak up any and every heavily-marketed pitch that comes their way...



Just one word of caution... if the US is looking to pressure oil prices in order to squeeze Russia, perhaps a glance at just where all this sovereign wealth fund 'wealth' comes from will change their mind...


Source: Deutsche Bank

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Only $675 billion in the Saudi wealth fund when they sell almost a billion in oil a day?

Where did the rest go? Oh... right...

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We're not here to pick winners.


No Shit.

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A large portion went/is going to educate their population. In other words, a complete waste of money.

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Are you sure?  I expected numbers about 2x these.

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This is whats left. Everything else is in numbered accounts... somewhere.

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A question to ponder; how many "funds" or "banks" or "wealth managers" have their own private armies. I know of at least three if you count The Fed.

After thinking about that please define what you mean by "fool"...

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It's a Private Army if it was funded with their own money.

In this case, the money isn't theirs, and never was theirs, so we call it a 'Public' Army, or 'Social' Army.

The private army is legitimate, while the public one is not, since it is funded with stolen capital.

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Frontrunning April, 1

Barry Soetaro called a news conference this afternoon, and announced that HE IS HERE,  HE IS QUEER, and the honkies should get over it.

Moochelle announced that in solidarity with feminist perspectives, she will no longer shave her back, or her chin, setting off an immediate fashion slave stampede toward Amish beards in East St. Louis and Gary, Indiana.

Hedgeless Horseman announced that he has purchased ZH for one gold maple leaf, and a jack ass to be named later.  No confirmation, but the betting is on Krugman.

Kaiserhoff has traded his farm and best dog, for a roach infested closet in Harlem, where he hopes to open a successful crack cocaine, and booty rental service, and dabble in high frequency trading on the weekends.

Poisson d'avril, Bitches.  Vive La France

(in honor of the election)


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You had my upvote at the 2nd paragraph.

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Very disappointed to see that CALPERS did not make the list. It definetely belongs on there.

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Only after California secedes. But it isnt sovereign.


Then Calsters can go on the list too. If you add Calpers you need to add UTIMCO, Harvard Investment Management, Princeton, Stanford, Copera, etc etc.

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I'm sure glad you cleared that up in the first sentence.

Reading the headline I thought, "how did they find out and why would they care about my still being in the stock market"

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Be assured, kind Sir, that there is serious competition for those top 25 slots.

There, but for the grace of God...

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Don't some of these countries have large national debts? That means they're investing the country's borrowed money. What could possibly go wrong?

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"if the US is looking to pressure oil prices"


looks like the price of oil is already under pressure and not from it's use but it's speculation

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estimating a nations (SA) income on spot crude prices is ignorant.

regardless, paying off the mullahs, wahabi's and mutaw'aa's aint cheap