WTF Wal-Mart Headline Of The Day

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Quite frankly, we are stumped...


And rock'n'roll?


Bloomberg provides a little more color...

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest retailer, was sued by shareholder Trinity Church Wall Street, which seeks to force the board to exercise greater oversight of high-capacity weapons and sexually charged music.

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Another gun control stunt?

And that music kids listen to these days - Satanic, I say.

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Well as long as there is sex and drugs I can do without rock n roll

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DeBlasio behind this?'s a church.


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CHINO, Church in Name Only.

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Churches with high capacity pews are anti-constitutional.

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When Desmond Tutu says its fucked, it's fucked

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Walmart allows people to camp in its parking lot overnight.

How long before some degenerate camper commits a crime and deep-pocket Walmart gets sued for facilitating the criminal?

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I thought they found the Treasure of the Knights Templar under the church ? What do they need investments for ?

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Nice work...if you can get it.



The Rev. Dr. James Herbert Cooper (the Rector)

  • Annual salary in 2011: $475,000, with pension and rectory included, $1.3 million[3]


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So they dont want us to have high cap mags, but they are cool with the government been able to destroy the world 10 times over with nukes, this church must be  501c3 and have taken the 30 pices of silver.

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As long as there are guns you can do whatever you want.

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No Sex, No violence? If you think the economy is bad now, just wait....

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If we force unionization of all ZH bloggers I think we can go for all three here...

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JPM - Sent you a request via ZH. If you don't get it or notice it email me at

No worries, I separate the wheat from the chaff on that email.

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I would suggest a first of April stunt...

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The problem is, there is so much DERP in the world today, it's tough to tell.  It would be funny if it is, and sad if it isn't.

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Just a stunt to get stupid believers to give money to the church. 

What a scam.

Wal Mart should stop selling Bibles to really piss em off!

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"Kill all the lawyers."   Shakespeare

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Nah - Trinity's a Whiskeypalian Church. Walmart screwed up by refusing to pay Trinity's property tax bills for the year, so now its the Devil's Hairpiece (Hell Toupee) for the Waltstones. Waddaya expect when you're (literally) at the top of Wall St.?

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Destroyer of local economies, rapist of local business and profit whore deserves to be sued. Then we should do the same to the church...all churches.


Personal preference like owning something, listening to something, not so much.


They keep dishing it up , cause the people keep eating it.



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Same Bill of Rights that keeps the church's doors open and tax free says the right to bear arms shall not be INFRINGED.

"Trinity is located near Zuccotti Park, the location of the Occupy Wall Street protest. It has offered both moral and practical support to the demonstrators but balked when church-owned land adjoining Juan Pablo Duarte Squarewas demanded for an encampment." - wikipedia

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Lock and load and rock and roll.

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Catchy.  I like it.


Note*  Why don't they just sell the stock?  Is money more important than principles?

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Probably another socialist shakedown.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I wonder if this church habitually stands up and claps whilst swaying side to side in a loud and passionate manner?

Its_the_economy_stupid's picture

HArdly, there you are as WASP as it gets.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

You apparently don't know what that acronym means, or at least are unfamiliar with the middle two lettters. 

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WASP is redundant. Deliberate cloaking out in the open. One cannot be Anglo-Saxon without being White. What they really are are ASPS, more recognizeable for the poisonous legless bastards that they truly are...

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I wonder if they fall to the ground and convulse whilest speaking gibberish. 

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Bullish for medical services.

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But every day low wages are a- ok.

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I thought they were suing because the unions have successfully kept Walmart out of NYC, forcing all to pay higher prices than necessary.

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Maybe the church needs another renovation. Got to keep in the publics mind. Or get the money the American way....sue. 

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yeah...where are the high capacity mags Walmart?...all I ever see are huntin' tactical whatsoever....I may join the suit....

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Saw Windham and S&W there the other day

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I'd suggest this is a strong competitor for headline of the day - - real-time crab pricing raises $5 mil??? Aims to turn crabbing into the next bitcoin?

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Fonestar is going to get the crabs?

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Doubtful, that would require interaction with real-life icky girls.  Or boys.

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Teg Nugent is gonna love this one.

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We don't have any hi-cap weapons.  Dave's not here either.

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Dave? I'm looking for my Labrador Black...