De-escalation Off: US Navy Sends Warship To Black Sea "In Direct Response To Ukraine Circumstances"

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On the heels of NATO's declaration that is was suspending all practical cooperation with Russia (and ordered military planners to draft new measures to strengthen its defenses), Bloomberg reports that the US will be sending a Navy warship back to the Black Sea. Pentagon spokesman Army Colonel Steve Warren told reporters that the ship (as yet unnamed) wil be there to conduct exercises with allies and is a "direct response to the circumstances in Ukraine." and is the first in the Black Sea for 2 weeks.


NATO started the day off aggressively...

Nato said earlier on Tuesday it was suspending all practical cooperation with Russia in protest at its annexation of Crimea, and ordered military planners to draft measures to strengthen its defenses and reassure nervous Eastern European countries.

Which came on the heels of...

Move follows U.S. deployment of F-16 fighters to Poland and F-15 fighters to the Baltic to assist allies with regional air patrols

And now the US steps up the actions (as well as words)

U.S. in next several days will send a Navy warship into the Black Sea to conduct exercises with allies, Pentagon spokesman Army Colonel Steve Warren tells reporters


Warren wouldn’t name the vessel, the first in that body of water since a U.S. vessel departed March 21


Deployment is “direct response to the circumstances in the Ukraine

We can only wonder how long until Russia "test fires" another ICBM?

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U.S.S. Target Practice

kliguy38's picture

thank God......for a minute I thought that sanity had taken place. Let's go now.....roll out McCain and Lindsey and BEAT THAT DRUM!

Joe Davola's picture

Is this what they mean by "chumming the waters"?

Gringo Viejo's picture

"You've killed us you arrogant ass."

.....1st Officer to Soviet Sub Commander
"The Hunt For Red October"

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Maybe they are just stopping at the new gas station in Crimea, before heading home to Norfolk.  I hear some Russian owns it now.  Yeah, nice guy, they say.

Headbanger's picture

Uh oh.. headline :

It could happen in 12 hours

William Hearst would be so proud of them!


Ignatius's picture

Remember The... Remember The [as yet unnamed] !!

Urban Redneck's picture

If it's an estimate coming from NATO command is Brussels, it is WRONG.

robertocarlos's picture

Don't forget to buy a lotto ticket.

pods's picture

Day late and a dollar short there guys.

Haven't they heard?  Crimea is already Russian.  

Hope the unnamed ship isn't the Liberty or Maine.


Unknown User's picture

Crimea? No. They want to demolish as much of Ukraine and Russia as possible so they would then have to borrow money from the banksters to rebuild what they themselves destroyed.

Ignatius's picture

How 'bout... USS ObamaCare.

Sure to go to the bottom with all hands.

McMolotov's picture

I just re-watched "The Hunt For Red October" over the weekend since Netflix was getting ready to remove it from streaming, and I pointed out to my kids that now we have people like Snowden fleeing to Russia.

RafterManFMJ's picture

Radar contact! It's the North Vietnamese Navy! They are attacking us!

StychoKiller's picture

Yo, be on the lookout for small, hi-speed torpedo boats!

camaro68ss's picture

spreading "democracy" one false flag at a time.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Did you think the satanist Tribe that runs the western world could ever reconcile with the thought of getting bitch-slapped by Russia twice in a year? Not just no but hell no; they'd rather get 95% of humanity killed than seeing their plans crumble in front of them.

The Chief's picture

Russians have nothing to fear. After Clinton was elected in 1992-3, the Navy enjoyed a dismantling like nothing ever seen before or since.

We replaced brilliant commanders with wannabes. Hundreds of them. HUNDREDS. It was carried out by an effeminant SecNav under orders, in my opinion. Destroy any vestige of espirit de corp in all of the services was amongst the first thing that a draft dodging pot smoker foisted upon the service.

We force...a huge number of boot-lickers and politicians (because that's what it takes, just ask 'em) as flag officers.

We rammed a huge number of militant lesbian war-mongers into command positions. You know the type. It may be appropriate to add HERE that the Navy got along just fine for 150 years without ANY women.

With the snarling, snapping, cigarette stained teeth of Pelosi and Boxer, we spit women into combat ships. War ready? Ha! You guys can't even imagine what we are dealing with out there. To be fair, most don't want to be there. Hell, most men don't want to be at sea, let alone do-nothing women.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm fixin' to make me some popcorn. Do I want to see my tax dollars going to the bottom of the Black Sea? Not particularly. It's no longer my Navy though, it's just tax dollars and very unimportant lives aboard (I say that tongue-in-cheek). So why should americans care? We give billions away to crony bankers. BILLIONS.

Watching the skipper of that vessel surrender it to the Russians or skuttle it in fear will be particularly heart warming. Maybe the skipper can become a REAL patriot and do the right thing. Hell, maybe we have an American Captain Ramius on our side. One can only hope...

IronForge's picture

I take it that you stayed in or didn't retire from Active Duty until after the Clinton Downsizings were over, Chief.

I'm a Son of a Chief(WWII/Korea - Vietnam post AD Retirement on Aux Fleet Oilers with the 7th FLT) myself; and I Enlisted to go to the Trade School Pipeline for my Ring of the Seven Seas.

I got out during the Downsizing Myself  - The Cold War just ended, my Late Father was just diagnozed with Alzheimer's with 2years to live, and the Detailer was talking about my going to Sea for up to 5 years to make LCDR due to the overcrowding in my MOS - when my Year Group was On Deck for the Early Promo Boards in a Year or two.  

When I qualified for the Separation Bonus, I already served 2 beyond my Obligation and got out, eventually got him into a VA Alzheimer's Ward (actually lived 7years), moved my Mother near him, and heard about the Chaos regarding all the Officer Manpower shortages from letting too much talent go and not retiring the passed-over deadweight LIFERs fast enough.

7Ps Rule come to mind. 

Mixed crews were on Tenders and Hospital Ships in my Time - I'm sure the Fleet had some adjustments to make in order to accomodate Mixed Crews on Warships with all the tight Berthing Spaces.


The Chief's picture

We burned through a few billion dollars in accomodating the fairer sex building berthing infrastructure. Great spend. Then we spent another few hundred million trying to figure out how to shore up holes in the fleet when half of them wouldn't report for sea duty.

I got out right about when you did. I was at Office of Legislative Affairs and it was sooooo much fun trying to lobby to keep women off of combat ships, gays out of the military, etc, etc. I was a quality of life raises for sailors, etc. It was always my trump card..."What's that Chief of Staff so-and-so? The Senator doesn't have time to discuss giving a 1.0% raise to our sailors yet he just gave himself a 12% one? Thanks, that's all I wanted to know. I'll inform the CNO on your, er, I mean, HIS position."

That was the place where I learned that they are all, ALL, a bunch of lying, self-important, scumbags. The D or R makes no difference. My personal favorite for the world's largest douche was Howard Metzenbaum-Ohio. One of the tribe and I'm fairly certain a dual-citizen (if not, he sure acted like he was). He hated the 2nd amendment. He hated freedom of any kind. In my opinion, pure communist.

I have stories. Good God. I thought Frank Kelso would have a heart attack about a dozen times. He was one of the last great flags. God only knows where they get the flags of today. Instead of retiring to a nice cushy job at Lockheed Martin or Boeing, the bastards today lobby Facebook and Google for work. What does that tell you?

Payne's picture

watch them run aground and have to ask for help.

Headbanger's picture

This is fucking nuts!

God bless her crew.

Grande Tetons's picture

None of THEIR children will be on board...that is for sure. 

maskone909's picture

just wait until they incentivise this by paying off student loans for sign-ups. 

Big Corked Boots's picture

They do that already - provided you have a degree in something useful, like STEM - but then, if you had that kind of degree, you wouldn't need their deal.

Two-bits's picture

U.S.S. Friendly Fire.


Fixed it.

NOZZLE's picture

Deployment orders issued by COMCINCUS.


JJSF's picture

Just want a bit more time on this rally to get the short on..

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

THey are going to bait russia into goin into Ukraine to protect ethnic russians by getting their neo bazi shock troops bussed in to the particular areas to start roughing them up.


Putin warned he would only go in under those circumstances and they are going to make it happen, then lie like cement on the evening news like they do every day.

pods's picture

Do they even have evening news on anymore?

Ever since I found Scooby Doo reruns and Looney Tunes I stopped caring what is on tv after I eat.


icanhasbailout's picture

I remember television, I had one installed on my horse-drawn carriage

RafterManFMJ's picture

I quit watching Scooby Doo soon after the introduction of Scrappy Doo; I watched for a few shows, hoping he'd die a violent bloody death but quit when it became clear he was around to stay.

Same with that punk kid they added to Married With Children.

pods's picture

Oh no no, no Scrappy, the grey dog, or the Globetrotters. Only the original will do!


Canadian Dirtlump's picture

The new Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated is actually quite good. Certainly as you say better than watching someone read something that isn't true.

Obama_4_Dictator's picture

Why...Why Why?  Why are we doing this?....this is retarded and will accomplish nothing except anger other countries that control our financial future and can/will wipe us off the face ofhte earth militarily...God help us all (except Obama and obama supporters).

10mm's picture

The same reason as Iraq Afghanistan. And of course it's in America's intrest.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

i have said over and over again...

the people who  r ur government r the MoneyChangers ....

the MoneyChangers r sociopaths...

they care not about anyone or anything else accept that which they desire...

and because of they r obsessed with their selfish desires they will destroy everything,anyone, even themselves in pursuit of their narcissitic objectives...

Obama_4_Dictator's picture

Can we start a "Kiev" here......

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Sure, just find a Rotschild bank that'll finance your endeavour

tony wilson's picture

Why...Why Why?  Why are we doing this?



hush now son.

you talkin like a faggot dats been adopted by elton johns.

we do dis cos we can

we are the exceptable naision

we are the cock of the walks baby cock of der broadwalks.

in the country of der blind the one eyed cock is king.

you get wid the cock war programme soldier or yer for the low jump.

medium giraffe's picture

Uh oh, Choom In Chief sent the cabin boys in.  Pooty must be shitting it.


Are we really going to let these fucking idiots start another war?

Abitdodgie's picture

Of course we are going to let them start another war , just think of all thoses stupid people in the armed forces they cannot wait to kill people in the name of defending America and our freedoms. We as a human race get what we deserve.

blabam's picture

Let it rest ya cunts! 

Truther's picture

ICBMs or not, Putin is laughing his ass off..... "Barak Obama? Never heard of her."

Karl von Bahnhof's picture

Dear Russian patriots, grandsons of heroes of Big Patriotic war, which they won against brutal agressors.

Please close the Afghanistan northern transit window. And let them burn!