Fort Hood On Lockdown After Shooting, Multiple Victims Reported; Shooter At Large - Live Webcast

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Fort Hood, Texas, was was the place of an infamous mass murder that took place in November 2009, when 13 people were shot by a US Army major in what is the worst shooting to ever take place at an American military base.  Moments ago news hit that there is another reported shooting situation at Fort Hood with the shooting suspect said to still be at large.


According to a KCEN witness accounts describes the suspect as a white male with a gray Toyota. Live webcast from KCEN.TV below: - KCEN HD - Waco, Temple, and Killeen

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I'm moving to Mexico ....

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East sounds a bit better nowadays

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< "Work place violence."

< "False flag."

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..."when 13 people were shot by a US Army major"



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prolly a Russian......... thank goodness they don't allow weapons on base

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Shelter in Place, bitches and don't run with scissors.

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Now we're going to have to have a Department of Homeland Military Security to protect the military from terrorists.

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I am really sick and tired of this "SHEltEr in Place" crap!

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Another Shooting at Fort Hood: Gee, I’m shocked


by John Galt
April 2, 2014 19:10 ET

Here is my “shocked” face:

From NBC News and NBC-5  in Texas:

Shooting Confirmed at Fort Hood Army Base

From the link above:

Multiple people have been injured and the search for the gunman is underway after a shooting at the Fort Hood Army post Wednesday afternoon.

Reports of an active shooter triggered a lockdown at Fort Hood with local sheriff’s deputies and the FBI immediately responding to the threat.

A U.S. Army official at Fort Hood confirms that a shooting has occurred at the base, though the number of people injured and the severity of their injuries has not been confirmed.

NBC News reports as many as eight people may be injured and that there may be two people responsible for the shooting.  One of those is believed to be “down” while the second is at-large.

Let me get this straight; again…An active shooter on a front line military base is roaming free and could have killed or wounded up to 8 soldiers and the son of a bitch is still alive?

Let us all take a moment and reflect on the following statement from the news story linked above:

Just after 5 p.m., the base tweeted that all personnel are being asked to shelter in place, close doors and stay away from windows.

I for one understand telling non-military personnel, medical personnel, etc. to shelter in place. Why the fuck there was not an automatic dispersal of all Military Police or better yet several squads to hunt down and kill the “shooters” on sight is beyond me. After the Islamofacist Nadal Hassan killed those poor bastards while Obama was speaking about the glory of the Native Americans  and no preps put in place to secure all US military bases is not a massive mystery; Obama could not give a shit if American soldiers are killed to protect his regime nor if they live, die, go bankrupt, get injured in training, wounded in combat , nor their paychecks showing up on time. One more time for you stupid assess in the military who voted for Obama:

He could not give a shit if you live or die.

Why these stupid bastards in Ft. Hood of the 1st Calvary Divisoin have not turned their turrets and marched towards Washington, D.C. to remove this communist son-of-a-bitch who adores Islamist terrorists and violates the Constitution more than we take a dump on a daily basis  is beyond me. They have an oath and thus far they have not fulfilled it to protect us from all enemies “foreign and domestic” as they all swore to do. Until they do, sorry guys, you deserve to be targets for this administration’s Muslim Brotherhood type anti-American terrorist friends so keep dying bravely and make those YouTube videos to make the sheeple all feel sorry for you.

If I were the Russians, screw invading the Ukraine; head to San Antonio, put dishrags on your heads and the turrets of your T-84 tanks and march right up I-35 to Fort Hood. The pussification of America guarantees you’ll win in less than a week and MSNBC will declare you were justified in your actions.

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Hear hear!

How do you really feel?

While they're sheltering, who's coming in?

Albequerque P.D.?

Also, if you guard/serve Nadal Hassan, grow a fuckin pair and take care of that already.

OT: Dual citizens. 1)Federal Reserve 2)CONgress 3)"Treasury"



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"Why these stupid bastards in Ft. Hood.... have not turned their turrets and marched towards Washington, D.C. to remove this communist"

Collecting a paycheck/pension seems to outweigh that whole quaint oath thingy, in some cases.

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Hey, I think I get it now. 

"Shelter in Place" is an anagram for "Sheep in t Cellar".

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"Shelter in place" = "Enjoy forced anal."

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So the NSA didn't figure all this out before it happened. Why are they consuming $$, oxygen and resources to exist as an entity ????


Good old USofA................... BORING.

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Don't forget all that WATER.

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Dude, NSA wants to watch your porno and your wife's/GF's bowel movements. WTF would they give a crap about real terrorism?

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The unknown shooter or shooters who have yet to be identified as to whether they are male or female, old or young, race, color or creed, political affiliation or education level, whether they're in the military or not, citizens or not, but most certainly based upon our assumptions are white, Christian, right wing, Tea Party members, gun loving, racially biased, hateful and homophobic have been assumed to have purchased an AR-15 from their local hardware store along with 1,000 rounds of ammunition, 3 dozen 30 round magazines and 2 Gadsden flags.  We'll know more once we have figured out who these people even actually are. 
More at 6 o'clock.

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Even better, early reports from Dallas NBC affiliate is that there are two shooters.  live interview with mystery soldier "Tyler"

Tyler is that you???

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That's 1000 armour piercing rounds of ammo. Fixed it for you.

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Wait - you guys have TWO Gadsden flags? Son of a ...

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>> In an unrelated incident two off duty sheriffs deputys have been apprehended after a brief chase through the the woods surrounding the daycare center..... what's that ..... we used that one already.... shit.... ok open another can of bullshit for me..... In other news ...>>>>


Rock on Bitchez

Looking forward to reports of multiple shooters reported on the hill  or the Shithouse....... duz that make me a tourist, a constitutionalist or a hopeful idiot??

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I am not claiming a conspiracy in any way, shape or form, especially given the very preliminary information of this breaking news, but my cynical, jaded older mind (30 going on 70) can't help but wonder at all the odd events (missing airliners, stock market scandals, etc.) that just happen to "cluster" at just the right moments in history to create all manner of distraction & cover for much higher crimes taking place at much higher levels against the citizenry, perpetuated by the inner sanctum of the elite who meet to beat (at places like Davos).

Just a thought.

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May Day (the 1st of May) has always been the prefered date for the Illuminati to start or reveal something.   So beware the first of May.

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Which is also Communist Labour Day and the dance of the Maypole day.

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In Chicago, it's called "Dick Durbin Day".



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Planes into skyscrapers is a conspiracy--a shooting on a military base is just a shooting.

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prolly a Russian......... thank goodness they don't allow weapons on base


If I'm a Russian or Iranian general witnessing a 14:1 kill ratio against US soldiers on OUR base, I'd have a boner about a potential war now.

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Gun free zones.....bytchez!

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Here are the likely consequences... The post commander gets a promotion, more Muslim outreach and sensitivity training, it becomes instantly 5 times as difficult to conduct live fire exercises anywhere in the military, DOD blames Christian bigotry, Base security gets bumped up but the personnel needed to secure a facility like Fort Hood gets cut in half because of "sequestration"... Oh and the next Post commander will likely be named General Mohammad Hassan or something similar for appeasement purposes. So glad I got out when I did.

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Why is it always Ft Hood?  What is really going on there?

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We must get guns out of the hands of military personnel before there's another mass killing!

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You can't fight here, this is the BATTLE SIMULATION CENTER!

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You! Yes, you, soldier!  What makes you think you can be issued a weapon?  Your micro-chip record indicates that you've not yet completed the non-excusable mandatory courses in diversity, GLBT training, underprivileged appreciation, poverty enhanced living, post racial harmony baiting and hate management, constitutional destruction, civil disobedience arrest of civilians, domestic terror training, facilities withholding from innocent bystanders, lawless behavior justification and same sex unprotected practices.
Not to mention, you are not a registered democrat, nor have you voted democratic in the last 4 election cycles, says the secret information accumulated on you by the security apparatus.
In fact, I'd say, soldier, that you're beginning to look more and more like the enemy every moment....


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Oh good, I was worried you died Monday. Glad you are still with us.

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these things are starting to happen with some regularity fuu.

these military posts existed before there was a town or State even...let alone "major metropolitan area." but most people don't know their history too well and figure "we were here first" and "the military folks came later."

even a cursory glance of the books says that is a totally false construct however. "might want to start cutting back on all the prank phone calls."

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Does anyone remember what was in the news the last time there was a Fort Hood shooting? You would think they would have that place on careful watch, you know, the same way they were really careful with the WTC. 


just saying. 

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Were I in the Army, I'd rather do a tour in Kandahar than serve my time in Ft. Hood.

At least there, I could maybe after checking the rule book and contacting my CO possibly fire back.

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like on 9-11-01? that was a cool training drill, then it got out of hand

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We can't secure our own borders and we can't secure our own military bases, but by God we can stick our noses into every goddamn country on the face of the earth and tell the people of the world how to run their shit.

Uncle Sam is one stupid, arrogant motherfucker.

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The US sends a ship into the Black Sea for "excercises."

Putin sends spetznatz into Fort Hood in response.

It's 1914 all over again except this time its deja vue and rhymes.

disabledvet's picture

"Otto" in a Fish Called Wanda. Kevin Cline's finest hour.

"Why do we war in Russia" you ask?
ummmm..."because we phucked up somewhere along the line"?

I say again! "Lincoln was a failure"!!!

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Who is this "we" you speak of? I have no borders, and I have no military bases.

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"Personell ordered to shelter in place"

They are fucking military and they are ordered to shelter in place?

This fucking country is GONE! Soldiers that can't protect theirselves. Fucking useless government that runs this country! They are soldiers LET THEM DEFEND THEMSELVES! GIVE THEM THEIR WEAPONS BACK WHILE ON BASE AND THIS SHIT WILL NOT HAPPEN DUMB FUCKS!!!!

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Boston Strong! Grab yer scissors!

The Gooch's picture

And yer childrens and yer ankles and get the fuck out of your own house.

We're gonna conduct an illegal search at gunpoint.


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Precisely my initial thought too Salvador.  You're the FUCKING MILITARY, sheltering in place?  Grab a weapon, hunt that fucker down, and KILL HIM.  He/she immediately became the enemy.

Even the military have become obedient sheep.