Polish Magazine Lays Out What A Russian Invasion Would Look Like

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While the recently awakened dormant Russian bear appears content for now having digested the Crimea with barely a burp, Russia's immediate neighbors know all too well that appeasement - which is precisely how the west in its own eyes is viewing Putin's actions even if they will never admit it publicly - never works, most, especially the Baltic states, Finland and not to mention Poland, which was the country that got the raw end of the deal the last time European appeasement failed, are getting increasingly nervous.

So much so that some, in this case Poland, are already preempting the next escalatory steps in what some believe is a hyperbolic attempt to accelerate events so much so that a NATO build up in Eastern Europe forces Russia into a provocative first step so that said neighboring countries can get the backing of NATO instead of them too being sacrificed at the altar of appeasement. Nothing earthshattering here, and all in a day's work when it comes to realpolitik game theory.

So what has Poland in this case done? As the graphic below shows, Polish magazine "Fakt" has laid out the following scenario of just how a Russian invasion would look like, sweeping the Baltics, Belarus, and all of Ukraine, in one offensive wave. Obviously the implication is that Poland would be next.


What next: will this spark nationalist fervor in the potentially targeted countries leading to even further escalation, and more importantly, will NATO indeed proceed with a military build up which will almost certainly provoke Russia into even further action, which it itself would view as defensive and justified in light of "unwarranted" NATO expansion?

Obviously, nobody knows yet, although news earlier today that the US is sending yet another warship into the Black Sea at just a time when the tension over the annexation of Crimea appeared to be boiling over, is hardly the de-escalation signal that is needed to make sure the map above never becomes a reality.

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On a good day Bullard has one thumb up his ass and one in his mouth; switches on Mondays.

Latina Lover's picture

Keep dreaming Pollacks, no one is going rescue you from the clutches of the EU banksters.

Fukushima Sam's picture

If they take the Ukraine it is a short adventure away from Bulgaria.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

the US is sending yet another warship into the Black Sea

Will this one also get stuck on a sand bar?

zerozulu's picture

Since Af-Pak is over, NATO needs something to justify their existence.

fx's picture

Poland has become a total lapdog of the U.S. after they overthrew the communist rule. They blindly back every initiative of the US, have willingly built torture centres for the CIA and can't actually await to send their troops wherever uncle sam wants them. Whatever comes out of the Polish govt or the Polish mainstream meadia isn't worth the paper and certainly not worth to even discuss it - or publish it at a www platform. But then again, zh seems to become more and more of a NATO/US propaganda outlet...

Reptil's picture

pwoah... I think it's good to show the madness. puts everything else in stark contrast.

naughtius maximus's picture

Doing the boogieman boogie

naughtius maximus's picture

Nato is really fucking butthurt about Syria aren't they

john39's picture

trying to lay a trap for Russia.  For humanity's sake I hope that Putin is smart enough to turn the tables on these evil pieces of filth.

teslaberry's picture

the question is not how putin escapes the trap, he will. the question is what happens in syria after putin finds a way to deflect the provocations of nato. 


this is ALL ABOUT OIL AND GAS TRANSPORT. PUTIN CAN ESCAPE THE TRAP BUT STILL LOSE SYRIA. i don't think enough people are seeing the ukraine for what it is, a gambit distraction. the west can lose 20 billion imf dollars on ukraine and make back +10x that money if a pro-saudi gcc puppet can be replaced for assad. 


if syria is lost and latakia shut down. putin is in serious trouble with regard to quatari gas and oil being dumped on the european market and killing his profiteable margins. this is as serious an issue for him now, as it was for the czar 100 years ago when the warburgs funded stalin/lenin/trotsky to disrupt oil production . 


5 years of cheap gas and oil from the gcc going through syria and turkey----and nato will have less problems setting off more troublesome 'revolutions' in countries sympathetic to russia. furthemore, without fat profits on high oil and gas sold to europe. putin has fewer choices but to be chinas bitch. 




Carpenter1's picture

US bases scattered all over the area Poland is suggesting will be attacked. Just fear mongering,  no chance in Hades anything like this happens.

Headbanger's picture

No, I think the real danger now is Israel goes full retard against Syria and/or Iran when they see Putin is gaining too much strength to back Iran & Syria military actions.

It's WW III when that happens

Then you won't need a microwave oven to make popcorn to watch the show.


Update:   I can't believe I just saw this after writing the above!


Reptil's picture

Here's my prediction: Putin will do........ nothing.
He'll let the situation in the Ukraine turn into chaos under the wings of the IMF.
The whole game is to pull Russia into a ground war. Last time that was bloody, no matter what the outcome.

LeisureSmith's picture

Good for a laugh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjmiyOgO66g

And yes Nato is really fucking butthurt about Syria... one Nato country in particular. The one bordering Syria, with a crazy leader hanging on by his fingernails, the one with thousands of butthurt  jihadis in and around it's territory, ( That last sentance pretty much describes every country bordering Syria when i think about it... Thank's Nato )the one who got caught red handed trying to fabricate a pretext to attack Syria....again.

I used to think Nato was good idea, it's agressive expansion and warmongering shenanigans changed my mind.

naughtius maximus's picture

Nato was a good idea. Could still be a good idea. But they have constucted a policy based on revenge and conquest. This is not why Nato was formed at the beginning.

TungstenBars's picture

Americas leaders are perpetually suffering from small dick syndrome.

fx's picture

So what then was the reason for forming NATO? Defense? Are you kidding me??

Motley Fool's picture

Polish magazine 'fucked'? Ahahahahaha

ebworthen's picture

Sensationalism at it's best with that Polish article and map.

I don't think Russia wants Poland or anything besides Ukraine.

Ukraine is further south, has all the gas lines, and is closer to the Middle East and the oil.

Moldova maybe, but why hassle with the Poles and the northern climbs?

Maxter's picture

Exactly.  It is called fear mongering.

McMolotov's picture

Haven't you heard? Putin wants the whole world because he's CRAAAAAAAAZY. Just like that Hitler dude. At least that's the idea they're trying to plant in the public's imagination, regardless of the fact that Putin seems to be the only one acting rationally at the moment.

As an aside, Yvonne Strahovski is Polish by way of Australia. I'd invade her if I had the chance.

EDIT: And apparently there's been another fucking shooting at Fort Hood. Obviously we should park missiles on the borders of Russia in response.


ILLILLILLI's picture

You have impeccable taste, sir!

ImnotPOTUS's picture

Most people have the wrong scale of history. He is aiming to be the next Napoleon/Alexander/Julias Ceasar

Uncle Remus's picture

Well, that was easy. He's already got Moscow. Home for Christmas, I'd say.

Ignatius's picture

Putin "Just like that Hitler dude...only worse."

Someone's having a WWII wet dream with this map.

Subtract 50 of my years, give me my army men and some lighter fluid, and it's a go.

lakecity55's picture

don't forget the cherry bombs.

we used those on GI Joe's foxholes.

Reptil's picture

BOOM headshot

all this crap with advancing infantry units as arrows on a map is soooooo 1895. UROJENIA.

Nick Jihad's picture

So, I guess you are not familiar with the secret codicile to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, in which Stalin made a deal with Hitler to split Poland between them?

Miss Expectations's picture

Even earlier Catherine the Great had a secret plan to divide it up with Prussia and Austria.  Anyway if this map was correct, Finland would have an arrow pointed at it, too.

laomei's picture

You mean the pact which essentially bought Stalin time to prepare for a war while gaining some buffer zone so as to not be overrun instantly?  Cus that war was inevitable and the USSR was, at the time, in no way ready for what was to come.


The best part of that conflict was the ideological component to it.  Essentially the same core ideas, except that the Nazis were all about race and ensuring that everything was privatized to the "right people".  Whereas the communist view was that everything belonged to the people and should be owned by the state rather than allowing individuals to profit from it.

Privatization = Facism.  Now, if you want to see who the modern day nazis are, look no further than who demands privatization, and it all becomes rather clear.

TheReplacement's picture

Why was Stalin surprised by the Nazi invasion if he made the deal to split Poland in order to prepare for war with Germany?

Why is Putin worth over $60B?  How many centuries has he worked on a government salary to save that much?



laomei's picture

$60B is a bullshit number.  Might as well claim obama's net worth includes the white house and all assets under his control.  He "allegedly" has super secret ownership stakes, paper wealth that is theoretical, not actual, according to critics who have zero actual evidence.  It's mainly just part of a propaganda push to make a sane guy look "crazy".  Nothing new at all under the sun.

lakecity55's picture

exactly. why would russia want anything else? Maybe Odessa.

why would they go to war when they can make beaucoup rubles on exporting oil?

I think Ivan has his mind on building drilling infrastructure and selling oil, natgas and such.

Somebody is trying to create a fear scenario here, imo.

cynicalskeptic's picture

Military invasions are so AMERICAN...... (do a count for the last 30 years on who has invaded who)


No need for Russia to invade anyone.  One nice cold winter and they'll OWN half of Europe.

skepsis101's picture

Russia has no interest in Poland and is capable of easily keeping the Baltic states off balance.  It will take eastern Ukraine, but not like the map shows.  It will go all the way to the east bank of the Dnieper River, entering from southern Belarus and north of Kharkov.  It will overwhelm Chernihiv, Surriy, Poltova oblasts on the east side of the Dnieper, and severe the Cherkasy and Khiv oblasts all the way to the Dnieper, thus gazing into downtown Kiev and the west bank - being thus literally under the gun.  But it will not take Kiev, leaving it the as the capital of the rump Ukrainian state to manage the non-industrial neo-fascist agrarian western Ukraine.  However, Russia must also across the length of the Khirohrad oblast in the south in order to protect Transdniester and Odessa.

It wil be quite a show.  It will have encompassed 95% of the nearly 20% of ethnic Russians, and 80% of Russian speaking Ukrainians, which are about 20 million or nearly half of the population.  This also encompasses over 80% of the industrial core of the country and its most vital natural resources.  The blitzkrieg will be over in 2 weeks.

Yatsenuk and Obama get Svoboda and the neo-fascists, all the small family farms, the IMF and Kiev.

Karl von Bahnhof's picture

Polish it little more!

SpanishGoop's picture

Does Putin's palace need a renovation ?

To inavde Poland you must be in need of some cheap painters, wall paperes or drywallers.


Nick Jihad's picture

It's infinitely more convenient, if you invade Poland while their army is busy fighting the Wehrmacht. Which is exactly what the Russians did in '39.

cynicalskeptic's picture

And SO much easier when their allies in the west don't do a thing to come to your aid......


While the Poles were invaded by the Germans (and Soviets) they were sold out big time by the Allies who did NOT come to the aid of Poland, who sat by idly while the Home Army in Warsaw rose up and was slaughtered and who at the end of the war let Uncle Joe take Poland with not a word of protest.

The Poles (who fought hard and long - Poles in the RAF, British Army at Monte Cassino and Paratroopers sacrificed at Arnhem) weren't even invited to the Victory parade in London for fear of annoying the Russians.

The West has repeatedly sacrificed Eastern European countries over the years... Poland, Finland, the Baltic States in 1939 and later again in 1945, the Ulraine (where anti-Soviet partisans were active into the 1950's, Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968.....  they are viewed as pawns in the global chess game.

Torgo's picture

Spot on. Without the false war guarantee from Perfidious Albion, the Poles would perhaps have allied with Germany to serve as the tip of an anti-Bolshevik spear to put Stalin in the ground in short order. The Poles most certainly did not expect to be stabbed in the back by Churchill, but that's exactly what that accursed man did.

To quote Ralph Raico: "Winston Churchill was a Man of Blood and a politico without principle, whose apotheosis serves to corrupt every standard of honesty and morality in politics and history." http://www.lewrockwell.com/2013/04/ralph-raico/good-guy-or-bad/

ImnotPOTUS's picture

I thought all those tradesman left Poland for work in the Upper EU states? Hope Putin doesn't keep moving west to find them.

IREN Colorado's picture

Fakt = Fact

The Poles need to take this stuff seriously.