23 Applicants For Every Open Analyst Position At Goldman Sachs

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From Goldman's just released annual shareholder letter:

The quality and breadth of our client franchise are a direct by-product of our ability to attract and retain high-caliber professionals. As an investment bank, our main asset is our people and the advice and solutions that they provide to our clients. Great people build great relationships. And, we are fortunate to have a diverse group of young people from around the world who continue to view Goldman Sachs as a great place to begin and sustain their careers. For our latest analyst class, more than 43,000 candidates applied for 1,900 positions. We accepted about four percent of those applicants and of those receiving offers, more than 80 percent accepted.

Or a lower acceptance ratio than Harvard with 23 applicants for every open position. Something tells us the average wage offered at Goldman is higher than that for line cooks, or for anesthesiologists for that matter. Yup:


... And with so few trade offs too.



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I'd rather chew tinfoil while rubbing a cheese grater across my nuts!

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I'd rather chomp up front-running HFT algos on BATS. And that William O'Brien dork...

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Whoever gets hired now will have plenty of time to look for other work when TSHTF Don't think you'll make it to your 5 year vestment dudes.

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somone needs to go Fort Hood at GS, maybe an overworked "analyst" fresh out of the Ivy league 

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Nah... overworked "analysts" are too busy killing themselves.

"Would you please pass the nail-gun?"

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yeah, "high caliber professionals" who would pimp their own mother for a bonus

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you do not know who the real Satan/Poseidon/Loki/Enki was. Call them minons of da jew god Yahweh, the asshole brother who wanted us extinguished.

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The average wage might be higher but I'll bet the hours worked level things out a bit.


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Do the world a favour. Put a GS sign on the front of an abbatoir. 

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Must be the "all-you-can-steal" lunch buffet.

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The face in the picture


Cold-blooded killer. Totally psycho. These guys are running the show . . . maybe we will get that nuke exploding in NYC and wipe these serial killers out.


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1 applicant for the desperate food truck outside our building

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Oh please,  top talent,  the same talent that was OK,ing a stack of bonds secured by liar mortgages.

More llikely the stupid spawn of some friend of Dimon. 

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Actually the average wage for a just starting out crook....eeer Goldmanite at the analyst level is rather paltry ($100k including bonus).  Especially since one has to live in NYC to do so...well you could live in NJ, but you wouldn't be much better off. 

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These days, as someone who recentley became unemployed, 23 applicants for one opening sounds like pretty good odds... 

I'm not in NYC, but as an "economist" from what I understand there are hundreds of applicants per opening for my position around here.

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Only 23 applicants? I bet it was a lot more at a times...

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Only 23?  Last I heard, over 1000 applicants per position at Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.  Yet they still see the need to use foreigners. 

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Here's Merrill.



Something at CNN as to E.F. Hutton (I'm clueless

as to intimations.)



But if you're TBTF it's even better than being

the weather person.

The latter says:  It might rain tomorrow.

The former says it will rain tomorrow, he bets on it,

and if he's wrong, you pay.





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Sign of the (unemployment) times...
Only the most DESPERATE applied.

Even Dracula had a familiar.

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A financial analyst contractor get paid ca 65k USD sallery, and maybe 10k USD bonus.

60-70 hour weeks and a lots of asskissing and you migth get to keep your jobb..

Neheee If i was a ambitious freshmann i would rather aply at a hedge fund, trade a positive portfolio, and or my own money.

Source : http://youtu.be/OReolQm34TQ?t=2m25s