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First this...


.... then this.



At least it's not this.

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A tap on the shoulder perhaps?

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How does this douche even have a job....He makes more shit up than a weather man.

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eventually... you run out of shit.


My grandpa used to say that when we where kids.

And before he went to the toilet, he always said: "AAHH, BEST PART OF THE DAY!" and off he went with his newspaper. We never saw him back before noon.

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You want growth?  Bitcoin is falling into the $300s!!!

This is your chance to scoop up this world-changing technology cheap that is heading into the trillions (as the dollar collapses).


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So is his use of 'we' supposed to add credibility to his statements?

No rationale needed, no explanation of where this 'full % point of GDP growth' is meant to come from?

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This is what he's saying: "Q1 grew 1% less than we thought it would.  Therefore, de facto, Q2 will grow 1% more than we previously expected it to!"

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"I'm constipated, therefore my shit should be twice as large tomorrow."

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Contact the author at, "LaVorgna @ Lackey.gov".

We'll be seeing a LOT of this in the run-up to the elections.

Remember, If you like your senator, you can keep your senator.......PERIOD!

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Better yet buy FBI-Coin or CIA-Coin!

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Yes because the CIA and FBI actively works to destabilize the dollar (according to mentally feeble ZH posters)!!

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when you reference "feeble" are you looking in the mirror or down the barrel of one of your shotguns?

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You want growth?  Bitcoin is falling into the $300s!!!

This is your chance to scoop up this world-changing technology cheap that is heading into the trillions (as the dollar collapses).





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Why stop there, Joe?   12% is as realistic as your number...

But hey, whatever gets you more clicks and airtime on CNBC.....

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He is a little bit late -- April 1st was two days ago.

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I see what he is doing..... DB is downgrading their uber bullish look at Q1 GDP but going even more uber bullish on Q2 GDP... this must be because of the weather.... nevermind the fact that 90% of the US population is broke and indebted into their fucking eyeballs.  Yup... those 90% will keep spending...

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Who gives a fuck about corporate growth when there's nothing but shitty jobs to be had (if one is 'fortunate' enough to find one).

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when a tree falls.....

when an asshole tweets .....



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Lavorgna is a fucking idiot

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he looks like geithner...and both cocksuckers look like beavis.

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As I was watching Sherlock, I kept thinking, why does that insane Moriarty guy look so familiar?  Now I know.

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Imagine a world where you could make wild data speculations, be proven incorrect 90% of the time and get paid >$1MM a year...it exists!

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They have a typo in the date.

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It''s insane !!!

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Looks like he has all the bases covered.



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Hey Joseph A. LaVorgna!!!!


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Never right but he's paid to suck in the unwashed masses. That fivehead of his could have been the landing strip for the malaysian jetliner. Oh yeah, he's a giant pompour douche

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      Joe Bologna.

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If ever there was a face that said punch me, I'm an annoying little prick.... his is it.

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Agreed Doc,and after punching the living shit out of this prick condem him to working in an underground coal mine for the next 30 years of his life

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So what happened in those 27 minutes that caused him to revise his forecast by 2.2% (or approx $350 Billion)?  I assume his excel goal seek malfunctioned

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like I posted in the other GDP thread nearly an hour ago:


"piece 'o cake.  Just go back and revise the old GDP numbers all the way back from 1913 to present.  Add a bunch of good shit...redact a bunch of bad shit.  Shift some numbers here and there...ya know, just like they calculate inflation.  And whoalla!!! 

Best damn GDP ever, bitchez!!!

Then just keep repeating that you're "Winning!!!" and deny all manipuflation and that anyone who disagrees are just uneducated, redneck, racists and you're good to go.

Isn't that how a successful economy works?"


***thanks for not letting me down "lavorgnanomics"...what kinda loser thinks he can combine his name with economics and be taken seriously? 

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Word must be out that the newly-created GDP intellectual property component will be even moar massive !!

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" anyone who disagrees are just uneducated, redneck, racists and you're good to go."

Option #1: "Thats why I'm richer than you!"

Option #2: "Where did you study economics, Jan?"

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The GDP will NEVER be a problem again. There is a ton of activity that can still be 'imputed'.

Do you brush your teeth? Has that been counted as productive economic activity? No...we need a bump let's count all the strokes.

Hey....we had growth last quarter....see how easy that was?

GPD means NOTHING...it is a figment...like data from China....just a suggestion of how someone would like it to be.

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That's 21 weather-excuse tweets in the first 3 months of the year...almost 2 a week.

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Does anybody have today's weather forecast handy?  I want to know if I should be buying or selling today.

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it's been sunny here in Florida all winter long, but it still sucks just the same. 

I guess some people's sunshine isn't as good as other people's sunshine.

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looks perfect out my way. maybe bad weather is good for growth?

or maybe good weather is bad for growth?
or maybe weather itself is the problem and we should ban weather "and all weather related activities"?

clearly we need to back end load this "very naughty boy" recovery either way...otherwise how else not to assuage our "correction prevention team."

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Can we get a professional MillionDollarBonus comment on this?

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Who got to him?  What kind of threats did he receive?  

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I would say it was sort of like the Frank Rizzo threat:

"you buy this fuckin' car or I break your fuckin' face"

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Fuck it, I'll take some of whatever this guy is putting in his coffee every morning.  


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Ha ha ha ha more fake numbers from the fake economists who talk about the fake economy.

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    I think Joseph missed his true calling in meteorology.