RANsquawk Preview: Nonfarm Payrolls 4th April 2014

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Big AH ramp across all Indexes , European Indexes going crazy, at this rate the S&P will be at 1900 in a few hours, IBEX up 50 points !!!

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And I still don't know who she is. Sounds british; London, probably south-west? 


An NFP beat will let the market drop after a spike. Not so much this time, but it seems fear will rule the weekend and probably Monday. Nice chance to reload in2 Wednesday/Thursday of next week I guess.

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Sexy eyes, mouth, and voice; let your hair down.

The NFP will be a number they deem good enough to keep the "recovery" lie going, yet bad enough to keep QE/ZIRP dreams alive.

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125k and a load of talking heads wetting their knickers over reverse tapering.

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Nipple Flavoured Prawns