Russia Demands NATO Answers For "Unreasonable" Eastern European Escalation

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Days after the US escalated, announcing it will be sending a Navy warship back into The Black Sea, and on the heels of NATO ordering its military planners to draft measures to beef up defenses amongst its Eastern European members, Russia is demanding answers for this escalation. As Reuters reports, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said any increase in NATO's permanent presence in eastern Europe would violate a 1997 treaty on NATO-Russian cooperation: "We have addressed questions to the north Atlantic military alliance. We are not only expecting answers, but answers that will be based fully on respect for the rules we agreed on." De-Escalation-Off.


As Reuters reports, NATO has ordered military planners to draft measures to reassure nervous Eastern European countries - which were under Moscow's domination until the 1989 end of the Cold War - but stopped short of calls by Poland to base more forces there.

Foreign ministers from the 28-nation, U.S.-led NATO met this week to discuss responses to Russia's Crimea takeover, including sending NATO soldiers and equipment to allies in eastern Europe, holding more exercises, ensuring NATO's rapid-reaction force could deploy more quickly, and reviewing NATO's military plans.


Military planners will come back with detailed proposals within weeks, a NATO official said.

The Russians are not amused...

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said any increase in NATO's permanent presence in eastern Europe would violate a 1997 treaty on NATO-Russian cooperation.


"We have addressed questions to the north Atlantic military alliance. We are not only expecting answers, but answers that will be based fully on respect for the rules we agreed on," Lavrov told reporters at a briefing with his Kazakh counterpart.




"It is necessary to de-escalate rhetoric which overshoots the mark and crosses into the unreasonable," he said.

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Ignatius's picture

"Rules?  What rules?"

Here Billy the Kid  kicks his wanna-be usurper in the nuts.

LawsofPhysics's picture

There you go.

remember, when fraud is the status quo, possession is the law.

It's been a few years since millions of american debt slaves were sacrificed in Europe and Asia, let's see how willing they are to be again...

Tick tock motherfuckers...

Save_America1st's picture

we aren't willing, so they better not count on us this time around.  Fuck them; pardon my French.  All we got for saving Europe's sorry ass after 2 world wars were many dead Americans and a still extremely fucked up Europe that fell head first right into Socialism regardless of what we did for them.

Yeah, I know...America has fallen into the same trap to a large extent.  Fascism is the scourge of the entire planet. 

So as I said...we aren't going to be willing to save Europe again if they can't save themselves.  We're too busy gearing up for a major battle against our own treasonous, criminal, Fascist government and the NWO globalist scum with their boot lickin' goose-stepping traitors (DHS, TSA-types) who think they're going to dominate good Americans with their tyranny.

Europe is on it's own...we've got our own Marxist Fascist scumbags to eradicate in America first. 


detached.amusement's picture

one squid, many tentacles.  you think we kill the beast here and not there?  then you underestimate...

Ghordius's picture

well, let me start by thanking you for your intervention in the first and second world war

then, as I wrote here, let me explain that Europe spends three times as much for defense as Russia

then, please remember that we western europeans were not that keen on NATO expansion. that was Dubya's idea, and he offered EU memberships to our Eastern Brethens as a sweetener to this deal. sweet to the easterners, quite bitter to the westerners

but now they are our allies, and we have a duty of making sure they don't have nervous breakdowns about the Russians coming again. it's a treaty, remember?

sometimes, honour trumps justice. I know, it's a conservative, nationalistic sentiment, which is regularly misused by Scoundrels Wrapped In Flags

and so we'll have a few manouvers, here... let's hope there is no bastard trying to make more out of it

gcjohns1971's picture



No offense, but there is a very good argument to be made that mindless pursuit of agreements under the banner of honour, without regard for costs and under questionable legitimacy has harmed far more people than it has helped.

After all, the entangling alliances prior to WWI is how this whole chain of events began...

Perhaps a bit less credit to the presumed 'sovereign powers' of government to make agreements binding on populations not directly referenced is warranted?

Ghordius's picture

of course. yet our populations, including the Russian, have huge chunks of conservatives. note 74% of Russians approving of the Return of Crimea to the Motherland

and all our conservatives like the Flags, the sovereignty of the armed republic/kingdom/polity, the National this-and-that-including-an-army, etc.

I'm just illustrating some sentiments that might look exotic, or a never-used-before Point of View

hell, for something like 200 years we had wars that were practically only manouvers, 'cause otherwise it would have been too expensive

Starkiller's picture

" as I wrote here, let me explain that Europe spends three times as much for defense as Russia"


...and have three times less defense capability than Russia, and zero projection capability.


Why is that? Because we are entangled in the US military complex, payng ten times the cost of every bullet; and because a big part of the spending is NATO-Oriented; that is, to fortify the projection capability of US, not our own defences.


In my country there are some NATO bases of zero utility for our country defense, maintained by our army only as a US Air Force stepladder. Hell, some of that bases (Moron) are in specifically vulnerable areas (from a defense point of view) from our more hostile neighbour, Morocco, so, in a scenery of global conflict, if spain negate the use of the base to US, the region can be take by force by Morocco, a very US-friendly country.


So, EU can spend three times more than Russia in defense, but we get a very poor bang for our bucks.



And sorry, but EU haven't a treaty with NATO. EU is, literally, military occupied by US. That is very different.

Ghordius's picture

only this: Russia can't invade us. We can't invade Russia. Since neither is really keen on that, I find it a perfect solution

and our Eastern Peers were literally military occupied by the USSR. so? nothing new on this continent

Sandmann's picture

NATO is used by the US to place an overlay on the EU structure to stop Europe developing outside US control. The fear of Europe + Russia dominating Eurasia is too great for the US to permit it to happen.

NATO was designed "to keep the Americans in, the Germans down, and the Russians out" it is being used to keep Europe on a short leash and Russia isolated

Zerozen's picture

"all we got"

You should be happy the U.S. got to fight in WW2. Of all major combatants, the US paid by far the smallest price in terms of casualties but pretty much inherited the world as war booty. The industrial competition completely destroyed itself leaving American industry to rule the global economy and export to everyone; the petrodollar was established; the U.S. got to station its military in dozens of countries; no invasion or damage to U.S. infrastructure or civilian lives lost; etc. etc. The American golden years of the 50s and 60s were largely a product of WW2.

BTW 70% of the fighting in Europe was done on the Eastern Front. The heavy lifting in beating the Nazis was done by the Soviets.

Starkiller's picture

Last time you "save" us from german occupation, only to end occupied by American AND germans.


I think this time I'll take my chances...

snusnufreak's picture

I suggest you revisit middle school history before making statements about saving the europe. Europe was saved mostly because of Russia. US participated in WW1 since 1917 - right at the very end, the war itself started way back in 1914. In WW2 your pussy allies opened up western front in june of 1944 - only when it was pretty damn obvious that Hitler won't defeat Russia, which had been involved in action since 1941 and by 1944 already lost dead more than 20 million people.  

Kaiser Sousa's picture

i respect both of ya'll for sayin what u say BUT -

as long as u stay inplanted in their debt based currency paradigm to any extent other than what is absolutely neccessary ur words r meaningless...

the MoneyChangers can only be destroyed by abandoning their paper paradigm an accumulating the only 2 forms or real money...


gjp's picture

There's only one rule, the same rule America has been playing by since day one: might makes right.

The rest is just sanctimonious posing.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

Russia -

just dump dollars already and quit pussy footin'...


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Dear Russians, repeat after me:


GAS FOR GOLD.  OIL FOR GOLD.  Fuck the Petro-Dollar!  Fuck the fiat-Dollar!

GAS FOR GOLD.  OIL FOR GOLD.  Fuck the Petro-Dollar!  Fuck the fiat-Dollar!

GAS FOR GOLD.  OIL FOR GOLD.  Fuck the Petro-Dollar!  Fuck the fiat-Dollar!


You seeing a pattern here?

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Let them dump the fiat-Dollar. It will not hurt it that much in the short term. Sorry, to bust your bubble folks.

Theta_Burn's picture


Some here laughed at the 20Bil deal between Russia/Iran

Watch Zero and crew miscalculate yet again, resulting in a Russian/Chinese deal of 400Bil, not to mention sophisticated military hardware sales to anyone with a checkbook...

furgheddubouddit's picture

Next exclusive deal will be done with China.

Then India.

That's more than 1/3 of the global population locked up in lucrative Russian contracts right there.

Add to that then the continued gas supply to Europe, which the Euro's under no circumstance can give up lest they wish to freeze to death during the winter.

So much for 'isolation'.

It seems the more the US attempts to isolate Russia, the more it ends up isolating itself.

And given that the entire 'American dream' is based on nothing more than a giant pile of debt, and a printing press, it could well come back to bite us......

813kml's picture

I would love to see the next gen iPhone released exclusively in BRICS countries.  Apple is an opportunist, after all.

That would shake the US foundation to its (rotten) core.

Canucklehead's picture

Do you realize the market cap of Russian stock markets roughly equates to the market cap of Apple and Google?  You don't want to be 4 foot nothing and playing basketball against NBAers when there is no referee... 

Husk-Erzulie's picture

New horoscopes are up at Lunascope... (bitchez).  ;~p

medium giraffe's picture

Curiosity made me click the link.  I found myself agreeing strongly with this statement:  'The USA is a Cancer'

813kml's picture

Well played.  

The US actually has many placements in Cancer.  Kind of sums everything up...

Ghordius's picture

"Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said any increase in NATO's permanent presence in eastern Europe would violate a 1997 treaty on NATO-Russian cooperation."

Lavrov is correct, yet not complete. It's a question of which treaties are going to be upheld, including the one about... Crimea

Fact is that the whole north-east sector is not amused, and would have manouvers now even if not in the NATO

And when I say the whole sector, I'm not only talking about Poland, the Baltics and Finnland. This includes Sweden

------ added:

at the end, it's a tribal thing. manouvers of this kind are the equivalent of thumping your chest and roaring loudly

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Have you heard of any hysterical Finns screaming in front of cameras for NATO to come and save their sorry ass from Russian aggression? Well neither have I, although it's Finland that should be most "frightened" of the manner in which The Bear "annexed" Crimea. On the other side you have "viking" Swedes soiling their pants in publc because 'the Russians are coming'... 

I'd suggest you don't play into these games of theirs, it's all for domestic public consumption purposes. Don't forget who Carl Bildt is (and see this) and what his agenda is.


Also, speaking of treaties, riddle me this Ghordo: if EU/US/ZATO are so into rule of law and respecting treaties, then why is it they never condemned Banderastan nazi thugs for disrespecting the Agreement of 21st of February?

Smiley's picture

Bullish:  Palladium.

Canucklehead's picture

It's a mistake for Russia to ask these questions.  It shows weakness on Russia's part.

Ignatius's picture

Not so sure.  Russia has been decisive in its actions as a companion to this obvious question.

Canucklehead's picture

I agree Russia has been decisive.  They want to portray themselves as a prime player, sitting at the table.

Now is not the time to ask ... What are you guys doing?  Any reasonable person would have forecast this reaction.  Russia asking questions shows lack of fore thought, or indesicion in dealing with this issue at the next level. 

Russia asked the question because they were made to feel "uncomfortable".  Their reaction signals weakness.

Uncle Remus's picture

Russia knows not to ask questions they don't know the answer to already. This is theater.

cro_maat's picture

Theater that is aimed at the upcoming April 10 meeting in Washington of the G20 Finance and Central Bank group. And what are they discussing? I would bet that the major topic will be the IMF 2010 Code of Reforms that the US Congress refuses to look at or pass and which all other members have ratified.

Here is an excerpt from a great blog on the subject:

"The United States is the last hold out on the Reforms.  The Congress has to pass the legislation in order for the 2010 Code of Reforms to be fully enacted and the required changes to the Executive Board of the I.M.F. completed.  As some of you may have already guessed, and not to put too fine a point on this, the Reforms will allow for the following things to happen:

  1. Restructure U.S. sovereign debt. (other countries as well)
  2. Final payout on historical bonds.
  3. Revaluation of currencies.
  4. Preliminary SDR bond agreements.
  5. Soft landing for stock markets.

From there the real work will begin as SDR allocation sites are strategically located.  As stated previous, the “restructured” Fed will issue SDR securities along with the World Bank, European Central Bank, and the BRICS Development Bank.  There will be others but those are the core institutions." 

Canucklehead's picture

There never will be SDRs.  Why would China want them?  China is looking for the same benefit that the US has.  India knows this.  So do the Russians.  They simply want their piece of the pie to manipulate as they see fit.

The IMF has no future.  Everyone knows this.

Uncle Remus's picture


There never will be SDRs


Dude, seriously, ya gotta stop thinking in terms of absolutes.

NoTTD's picture

And here I thought you were parodying President "Russia invaded Crimea out of weakness" Obama.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

a regional power who invaded them out of weakness no less.


LMAOnade anyone?

Al Huxley's picture

It's 'de rigueur', protocol - the Russians aren't anxiously awaiting answers to the questions so they can plan their next move, they just have to ask so their next move will have proper justification within the script.

Canucklehead's picture

'de rigeur' protocol is for surrender monkeys.  That's my point.  Russia shouldn't have asked the question.

Leaping Lizard's picture

Actually, Putin has been incredibly careful to dot the i's and cross the t's of international laws and treaties.  This fact is lost sight of with the pressitutes in the west gibbering on about the Russian "INVASION" of Ukraine.  As far as I can see, not one additional Russian soldier has entered Ukraine (or the Crimea for that matter), beyond what the treaties allowed them to have at their Crimea bases.  OTOH, what Nudelman and her neoNazi snipers did in Kiev was quite "illegal."  Also NATO promised Russia back in the early 90's that they would not enlist the former Warsaw pact countries in NATO.  We see where that promise has gone.  While the pressitutes like to present Putin as a KGB thug, I cannot see one action on his part since the Zionist banksters pulled off their putsch which was either illegal or unethical.

And Tylers, please do not parrot the pressitute meme of INVASION in your own copy unless you are willing to back it up with facts.

gcjohns1971's picture

Which part of that treaty allowed the Russian Soldier based in Ukraine to partrol the streets?  Which part allowed them to attack the Ukrainians?

The statement that Russia faithfully upheld the treaty is a mockery no matter what the crazy, nazi western Ukrainians did.

Your assertion that this was all according to treaty begs the question, "So, then, what good are treaties?"

Canucklehead's picture

"Nuance" is not Russia's debating style.  If you believe in "Strength", show strength.  I think everyone understands the surrender dance of diplomacy, but to try to match the european masters step for step is a mistake.

Who cares if NATO promised Russia they would not enlist former Warsaw pact countries!  What do you think EU membership entails?  Do you think the Russians are really that stupid? I don't. 

Omen IV's picture

NOT a mistake - there are only two answers to the question - that NATO will leave after the military exercise in Ukraine -or- they will NOT - this is a way of creating pretext for action - Preempting by asking and demanding time sensitive answer that they "will" leave - if not then a quick response

then the russian answer is set up the referendum in the south and east and then "protect" the citizens post federation alignment - Before Summer games start - much harder to throw NATO out then set up a gate and a wall of defense

if they say they will leave then - do you beleive them? - I would never ever believe OBAMA on anything so sensitive - He Lies!

and Lavrov is much better at reading tea leaves than Kerry

PlusTic's picture

this is just the daily excuse to get oil a buck off the lows...happens everyday... Putin wins again

Old Man River's picture

Not 24 dadgum hours past since the whole Fort Hood deal and this son of a gun wants to get back in your dang face. These war-minded folks is like boogers you can't thump off.

b_thunder's picture

"Russia is demanding answers"  - Or what?  What are they going to do?  Build a nuclear reactor in Iran and buy Iran's oil? Raise gas prices?  Invade a sovereign country and threaten more invasions?  They've already done all of that! The worst they can do is more of the same, which is what they intend to do anyway.

"Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said any increase in NATO's permanent presence in eastern Europe would violate a 1997 treaty on NATO-Russian cooperation."  - And what about invading the country that you promised to protect?  If yu behave like Molotov, the West has a right to behave like Ribbentropp.

"We have addressed questions to the north Atlantic military alliance. We are not only expecting answers, but answers that will be based fully on respect for the rules we agreed on," Lavrov told reporters.'' - LOL.  Who cares what lavrov says?  He's basically a spokesman, he says what he's told to say. He has no authority to influence polic. He has no idea what Putin is about to do next. Only Putin and ex-KGB friends know for sure.  Lavrov is an outsider to them.