Services Data Misses As Pent-Up "Weather" Demand Fails To Show

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Markit's Services PMI missed expectations (55.3 vs 55.5 flash) and dropped from last month - as it seems an easing of the 'weather disruption' did nothing for pent-up services demand. Services employment growth slowed (suggesting a weak NFP) as did new business (very significantly) but optimism rose (so that's good). On the heels of that the ISM Services print missed expectations for the 4th month of the last 5 (53.1 vs 53.6) but rose modestly MoM.

Markit's Services PMI is not the big post-weather bounce everyone was hoping for...

"Service sector business activity rebounded in March after being hit by the adverse weather, and companies have grown more upbeat about the outlook. But hiring remained disappointingly subdued, suggesting firms are reluctant to expand capacity until they see firm evidence of stronger demand feeding through to their businesses."


And ISM Services missed expectations for the 4th of last 5 months with what can only e described as a limp bounce...


The tabular breakdown:


And the respondents, where we find that Obamacare continues to wreak havoc:

  • "Outlook remains positive." (Information)
  • "Cold weather played more havoc on revenue, causing steep declines
    for nearly a week, and then picked up well beyond expectations. Overall,
    per capita spending increases, but frequency of visits are down; net
    neutral to slightly positive." (Arts, Entertainment & Recreation)
  • "Demand is rising; while at the same time there is pressure to reduce staffing expenses." (Finance & Insurance)
  • "Healthcare reform continues to adversely impact hospital projected/actual revenue." (Health Care & Social Assistance)
  • "Weather in Northeast — lost business days/business travel and site
    visits impacted. Energy costs rapidly increasing." (Professional,
    Scientific & Technical Services)
  • "Business was a little slower than expected due to harsh weather
    conditions across much of the country, but we expect a rebound as spring
    approaches." (Retail Trade)
  • "Economic environment continues to moderate slowly." (Management of Companies & Support Services)

At least everyone agrees that spring follows winter.

This was the biggest bounce in ISM Services employment on record - but only recovered half the "weather" loss...

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Can't even beat a purposely manipulated number...what a fukking fraud this whole game has become...

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This is could be a good day for the ZH cheerleaders. The S&P below 1884 will give us the dreaded bearish engulfing candle.

You can do it! Yes you can!

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if only there was a way to get rid of "the weather"

it's started appearing about 3 years ago and it hasn't stopped showing up on every numberpresentation ever since...


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It's earthquakes now, weather is so last month.

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Nobody is hiring the serfs for the service industry due to the fact that there are fewer people who can afford service. 

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How are the serfs supposed to get to those meagre wage service jobs with auto prices out of reach and transit costs soaring?  Besides, the serfs are all too busy filling out the extended forms for benefits to survive.

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Mr. Yellen will soon have to untaper in a large way. My guess is no taper for a month or two as the data doesn't support it then an increase of QE first slowly then LARGE.

Bill of Rights's picture

No doubt this number was much worse...

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the Fucking stock market is doing NOTHING Today (again) this shit is so FAKE even a Blind person can SEE it. PM's have been SMAKED DOWN (again) as this is more PROOF of a Recovery... Meanwhile the u.s. Ten Year Bond Thingy is Rising (again)

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Everybody's just enjoying the good weather, once they get over it things will return to normal.  Why do these numbers even get published anymore?

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      We clearly need more part time shoe shiners...

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hiring remained disappointingly subdued, suggesting firms are reluctant to expand capacity until they see firm evidence of consistently GOOD weather.


I understand CNBC is being phased out in favor of the weather channel.

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Weathering weather is one thing. What has happened this past winter, world-wide is so far off (9 sigma) from normal that it's plain to see, it's a new world and weird weather will be the norm.

Expect a scorching summer in the hills to make all that snow melt really hard.

And pent up demand assumes real demand prior to the weather events. Fake numbers cannot hold up faker NUMBers.....


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"Healthcare reform continues to adversely impact hospital projected/actual revenue."


Healthcare reform?  They did nothing to reform healthcare, they just changed the way overpriced healthcare is paid for.


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You can clearly see the different economies of the different segments through the comments section.


  • "Demand is rising; while at the same time there is pressure to reduce staffing expenses." (Finance & Insurance)
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Just once I'd like for these idiots tell the truth in these surveys.... The economy sucks and it's all we can do to keep our head above water. And oh by the way...Fuck you BernakenYellen! And fuck you Zero!

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Every hooker I walk by has at least one black eye-- Bullish

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Strange shade of green now... Meh, bullish.

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I went through the car wash twice today, to make up for not going in Febuary. Just doing my part to contribute to the snap back.

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if China can build more shat that no one uses, the US economy can export their shat to China to help build it.


problem solved!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!


Where's my fucking foodstamps Barry?????   Baby wants his egg-mcmuffin!!!!!!

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Plenty of pent-up Wall Street BS.

Guess the parade of $5,000 suits on business channels can't convince enough indebted and broke debt-slaves to beg for more credit.