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Presented with no comment:

  • TWTR -43% (from highs)
  • Pandora -30%
  • NFLX -25%
  • AMZN -22%
  • FB -20%
  • Biotech -17%


Biotechs now unchanged in 2014 and biggest drop in 6 months...


Charts: Bloomberg

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NOTW777's picture

quite the reversal - near term top? - took profits in strong energies

camaro68ss's picture

O yes, there is a God. I want to see these bitchez tank.

fonzannoon's picture

Look at that again and realize the fed managed to pop the momo bubble while at the same time managing to keep the almighty S&P right on course. Then stand back in fucking awe.

Skateboarder's picture

I didn't get the memo that we were taking 10B / 50B / 100B fake valuations and 'lows' from previous [IPO-generated] "highs" seriously.

inky's picture

somebody pinch me i must be dreaming

Dr. Engali's picture

I agree Fonz. I just had the exact same conversation with a client today. They pop the momo bubble and they keep a lid on silver and gold while keeping the S&P fairly stable. Freaking amazing.

gmrpeabody's picture

I recently added some AGs to the portfolio (after they were pounded into the ground ((pun)) the last time)..., they're still going up.

eclectic syncretist's picture

It ain't over yet.  Especially with a nice scapegoat in place.  Anyone who thinks NFLX, FB, and AMZN are now fairly valued hasn't been around the block yet.

Al Huxley's picture

Never seen anybody let the air out of HALF of a bubble before - they must be magicians or wizards.

Bearwagon's picture

Right, that's how it unfolds ... slowly at first ...  and then with thunderous applause!

asteroids's picture

QQQ is only down 5%. Wake me up when it's down 15%. This is a controlled sell off. NO volume or volatility. Be very very very careful. Stay the hell in cash if you can.

Himins's picture

It's like watching parents, that get along!

chemystical's picture
  • TWTR -43% (from highs)
  • Pandora -30%
  • NFLX -25%
  • AMZN -22%
  • FB -20%
  • Biotech -17%
  • BTC - 66%
  • Needed to add one more dump n pump n hump to the's been a while since "Tyler" posted a Btc article

    Skateboarder's picture

    Obviously, because rule #1 of BTC is "don't question volatility."

    Payne's picture

    Good point Gold paper contracts and silver paper contracts are off.  Now try and get my physical gold from my hands I don't care what the paper is worth.

    LawsofPhysics's picture

    Want to see someone's head explode?  Go ask the average kesian/liberal fuck what the "price" of something is that they need in order to survive, but that everyone refuses to sell...


    NOTW777's picture

    small bio s are getting murdered

    playnstocks's picture

    3:30 ramp capital ... get ready!

    irishlink's picture

    Do not forget Cramers Mad money pick WPRT - 80% FROM HIGHS.  nat gas not impressing anymore? 

    Flounder's picture

    But, there's a V recovery coming real soon always.  Isn't there? Right?

    playnstocks's picture

    I can see it from my house.....

    pigs-n-space's picture

    No thats Russia you see From your house

    buzzsaw99's picture

    all of them are still way freaking over valued

    Smegley Wanxalot's picture

    And every one of them is still massively overvalued.

    Bernoulli's picture

    at least 10 times overvalued. but maybe more like 50 times (ehm... in what currency do we measure?)

    Also I just saw the CEO of grubHub (GRUB) on CNBC. Hilarious. He had this big smile on his face like a school boy, explaining why his business model is so great and what not (of course i understand that he was happy for HIMSELF). They basically coded a website to order food online from small restaurants? Wow. A fucking revolution. Totally amazing. Currently 40% up on the day.

    And then, just a bit later Opower (OPWR). Cloud based software for utilities. He was asked if they would basically use their software as a "trojan horse" to get all the data of the private consumers. And he was like "Yes absolutely. That is correct" and then going on like how great his idea was. wtf? Currently up 20%.

    Were any of those people buying into these kind of IPO's alive in 1999 and 2000? I don't think so. So how old are those people?

    adr's picture

    Hi, what does your company make?

    Nothing really, we borrowed some code from a website and market it like a new service.

    How much money do you make?

    Well we have revenue, but we don't make a profit.

    How much money is your company worth?

    $2.4 billion


    ReactionToClosedMinds's picture

    no ....surreal....this is as surreal a global capital markets scenario as I've ever seen.   Makes the dotcom NASDAQ bubble overall seem sane.....but nary a caution anywhere in our 'news' media (and why would Brian Williams say anything when he thinks he is getting richer by the day ... just think of all the kerchiefs he can insert in his suit pocket...).

    just like young people can't get enough of the  Affordab;e Care Act..........


    Frank N. Beans's picture

    obviously smegley and buzzsaw are mind-melded in time and space


    Kaiser Sousa's picture

    clearly the equities of all these companies that produce absolutely nothing of real value r screaming buys at these attractive debt coupon dollar valuations.....

    did i win something???

    LawsofPhysics's picture

    Ha ha...  (pointing finger)

    that is all...


    Wake me when they are "fairly priced" at zero, then I might be willing to take another look at their business model.

    FuzzyDunlop21's picture

    Not even halfway there

    Squid Viscous's picture

    maybe someone will finally take cramer out, lead pipe in the parking lot... just a thought

    Mesquite's picture

    Maybe I should not have put in that skunk bid...

    Rainman's picture

    Somebody musta yelled Fire !! in the Hedge Fund Hotel.

    irishlink's picture

    lots of shredding and destruction of files going on as we speak!

    madbraz's picture

    TD Ameritrade and probably a few other brokers pulling the plug on HFT (order flow revenues).


    So we have the NY FED, primary dealers, algos and HFT supporting this illusion.  Let's see how much it falls when one of the pillars is severely cramped.  Maybe a 10% correction to begin with.  Lots of heavy lifting by the NY FED needed.

    walküre's picture

    Can Tylers identify who shorted these and how well they're doing? Probably the same hedgies and IBs that got their clients to keep buying all the way to the top. Wall Street is a small zip code. Collusion to make a buck and skim the muppets is on the menu every fucking day.

    Roundtrip on TWTR is beautiful. Almost like art.

    centerline's picture

    HFT's gone wild!  Angry bots!

    NDXTrader's picture

    I love the smell of margin calls in the afternoon. I really hope the HFT are going to make a show of force and take this bitch down with them. That might make some people back off

    Bernoulli's picture

    Nasdaq currently down 2.2% and CNBC headline is "March jobs report just-right mix"
    LOL. Ha ha! This is just too funny. I'm choking on my popcorn because I'm laughing so much. Quickly need to wash it down with beer.

    NDXTrader's picture

    Nothing like a 15 point bounce in 2 minutes. I'm sure that was human

    Emergency Ward's picture

    TWTR flying high, P emerging, NFLX streaming up, AMZN with huge move, FB spying a new breakout.....

    NDXTrader's picture

    TPTB will do anything to hold the 100 day on the Nasdaq. It's guided this turd all the way up

    scubapro's picture

      its contained.   the weakness in biotech, tech, ipo's, shouldnt spread to the larger market, its just a rotation.   carrry on, and dont forget BTFD.  /sarc natch

    SpasticGramps's picture

    Woohoo. The Momo killing fields. Die Bitchez.