Part-Time Nation: Number Of High-Wage Jobs Added In March: +2,000

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Curious why March hourly wages fell, and why the weekly number continues to trend at a near-recession level, and certainly one that does not support a 2% inflation growth case? Here's why: in March the best paying industry groups - information, financial activities and manufacturing (which actually saw a drop of 1,000 jobs in the past month) - added a cumulative total of... 2,000 jobs among them. Where was the bulk of the job gains? At the worst paying sectors of course.

  • Education and Health: +34K
  • Leisure and Hospitality: +29K
  • Temp Help: +29K
  • Retail Trade: +21K

And that's why there is no inflation (at least according to whatever the Fed's preferred inflationary indicator du jour is): because the jobs that are "added" to the economy, have virtually no wage and/or purchasing power growth. But at least the "recovery" continues.


And while we have beaten this particular horse to death since December 2010, here again, is America's transition to a part-time society (via WSJ):

And another:

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Quit burdening yourself with Social Justice issues.
There's always room for Jello

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"The wages of sin is death."

But the wages of service industry workers are far worse...


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some look at those numbers and say: the glass is half full. The trickle down effect will do the rest.

some look at those numbers and say: the glass is half empty. Not enough high wage jobs.


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Replacing High Paying / Benefit Jobs, with Low Paying / No Benefit Jobs.

Its really that simple

Who's Laying Off? -


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Obamacare and 29.5 hr/wk jobs......paving a way to the recovery. Just as soon as the weather clears up.

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it's exactly to plan.


low paying jobs are those that ALSO get obamacre (and other) subsidies.   Dependency. 

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Let's start a market.  I'll supply the cheap labour, you supply the rich customers.

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School bus drivers in Texas are getting 1,200 sign on bonus, with 40 and bennies. Must be the weather......

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Middle Class, that is who is paying the most.

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Exactly. Every morning I hear news about deBlasio's universal pre-k plan and how the rich need to pay for it because they don't pay their fair share. 

1)  What the fuck is a fair share? 

2) Pre-k is nothing more than day care centers/indoctrination centers (get 'em young). 

3) The middle class will end up paying for it.  Not the rich. 

Fuck statists and fuck socialists.

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That story about Gallup yesterday made me shoot coffee out of my nose. Great job.

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If they can just keep rates near zero for another 10 years and achieve their 2% inflation target, things will get better.

Because it's been working great.

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I think things are about to turn around.

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Up or down?



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Social Justice = Focused Crowd Control

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Tired of being poor? Stop letting the fucktards on television define "wealth" for you.  Go out and define it for yourself.

tarsubil's picture

What a novel idea. Too bad some choose numbers and paper with green ink or fancy writing as wealth.

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Yes, I wish at 12 yrs old someone had put their arm around my shoulder and explained a job does not equal wealth. Hard to finally figure that out at my age.


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Even if Joey "275K print" La-Balogna made his would still be full of fuedalistic burger flipping, iShit slinging retails hell hole jobs.

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Outstanding ! Temp jobs = Moar Freedom !!

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VICE News did a great segment on how criminal temp labour is: Permanently Temporary

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any number from a centrally planned criminal syndicate (IE, the Fed and US Govt) is BS anyways.  so, who really cares??

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Wages? Who needs wages when Walmart will help me sign up for SNAP, Zero care, and help get me a Zero phone?

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Wal-Mart is the new "Company Store" as it was back in the coal mining days at the turn of the 20th century. 

So...Wal Mart pays a slave wage which forces their employees to take SNAP and other government hand outs.  Which means that a typical employee at Wal-Mart can't even afford to buy Wal-Mart's "Everyday Low Price" food.

So...the Wal Mart employee goes to buy food and enters their employee discount code and then swipes their SNAP card to go buy Wal Mart food that they can't afford on their Wal-Mart slave wage.'s the kicker.....Wal-Mart then is able to enter that purchase in their accounting system as revenue.....and profit.

So....Wal-Mart pays a slave wage....which forces employees to take SNAP which is the same as forcing you via the Feds to subsidize the workforce of Wal-Mart which in turns increases revenue and profits for Wal-Mart.

Which helps Wal-Mart become the largest employer in America to the tune of being bigger than the next five largest employers combined.

And the largest employer in the WORLD to the tune of the next 4 largest employers in the world combined.

And THAT is what passes off as capitalism today.

Capitalism the new FUEDALISM.  And democratic republicanism today combined with Wal Mart style capitalism in America is the new FASCISM.

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We have become France but with an inferior social safety net.

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...and inferior croissants


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...and women. Mon Dieu, have you ever known a french woman? C'est bon.

dontgoforit's picture

I wished they all could be California girls.

Jumbotron's picture Paris Hilton ?

Or God forbid any of the Kardashian whores.

tarsubil's picture

Haha. Funny you say that. I met her in San Francisco. *stares off into the distance with a slight smile*

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All this freedom in the population will allow us to become a nation of great thinkers, the resurgent idea people - real renaissance men!

After a full day of porn, video games, and absolutely nothing.

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If more an more of the population are finding work "off the grid" does any of this really matter?

The world is saturated with debt, period.  The IMF, world bank, and the BRIICs in particular are all hinting at some new pricing/exchange system.  Brussels wants to impliment the SDR ASAP and the BRIICs don't like the deal they are getting (hence all the Russian movement to renegotiate trade deals).

But, let's be honest.  It has always been about power and control over real resources, including the human kind.  The people who hold those reins of power never simply let go.  prepare for war, life is hard, always has been...

disabledvet's picture

Total War.

Coventional forces are irrevocably building up between Russia and NATO.

The President will head off to East Asia to fire up the war engines there...and for the Grande Finale we'll have North Africa as well.

So let's see...that's Nazi Germany, Patton, Korea, and Vietnam.
Plus "something new that we didn't see coming."

Can't wait for the debate in Congress.

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The temp jobs are why the ADP report is so fucked up each month (along with inter department fail from the ADP folks....but I do give them this pass).

People are working harder than they ever have today.  The thing is, they are hustling between two-three jobs doing so.  I know of at least two people in my department (most of us under 35) who have 2 jobs.

This messes up and rehypothecates the actual payroll numbers because the number of checks being cut don't reflect the economy's actual growth of real, sustainable, long term CAREERS....not just JOBS.

Seeing the establishment left folks on my twitter feed praise and defend these reports are just fucking sad.  Tribalism at its worst.  We will deserve what is coming to us.

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Nicely put.  As I have been saying for a while, get your tribe in order and get long black markets (or black trading pools if you will) and sharecropping...

Beat the rush.



The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability

 to understand the exponential function.

  - Dr. Albert Bartlett

    Professor Emeritus, UC Boulder



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let's not forget ADP was started by the great socialist entreneaur Sentor Frankenface Latbenger, and his numbers have been skewed since birth. I trust all the data coming from and evowed Democratic hardcore socialist.

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Yikes. This is why communists place such a high priority on controlling the media and schools.

Give me 4 years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.

~ V. I. Lenin

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And what after 12+ years of Common Core?

Ignatius's picture

Shovel ready, indeed, and not much else.

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I'm confused by what a 'high wage' job that anything over minimum wage or what?

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These jobs numbers are as legitimate as you know who's certificate of live birth. 

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This allows millions of people to be freed from teh shackles of a job! Free to write cowboy poetry! To become artists and basket weavers! Free to express themselves without the nasty complications of having to fend for themselves!

dontgoforit's picture

Yeah - like it was in the 'old' days!

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Same thing happening with our Canadian job numbers.  For the month of March we added 30,000 new part time jobs out of 43,000 new jobs created, the rest went to full time leach fuck taxpayer supported public sector jobs.  Thus a zero sum game, since virtually all and more of the income tax paid through the part time workers went to pay all the full time leach fucks.

wcvarones's picture

Anybody got data on wages by sector?

Seems odd to describe Education & Health as a low-paying sector.  Sure, there are some ass-wipers and teacher's aides making $10/hr, but nurses and teachers don't have it so bad.

elwind45's picture

Classed as professionals paid as hourly best of both worlds?