Russia And Ukraine Lob "Terror" And "Propaganda" Accusations

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While the West and Russia exchange sanctions in a tit-for-tat 'do no real damage' process, the rhetoric between Ukraine and Russia is escalating from words to deeds in some cases. As The FT reports, Russia detained 25 Ukrainian citizens on suspicion of plotting terror attacks (on Russian soil) and claimed to have information that the Ukrainian Right Sector movement was to “carry out subversive and terrorist acts” in seven Russian regions. Ukraine retaliated with claims it had evidence that implicated dozens of Russian Federal Security Bureau agents in a crackdown on anti-government protesters in February that left more than 100 demonstrators dead, many from police sniper fire, which Russia's FSB denied. NATO proclaimed it all "just propaganda and disinformation."


As The FT reports, Russia fires first...

Russia detained 25 Ukrainian citizens on suspicion of plotting terror attacks on its soil, state media reported on Thursday night.


The official news agency Ria Novosti quoted the Federal Security Service as saying it had received information about plans by members of the Ukrainian Right Sector movement to “carry out subversive and terrorist acts” in seven Russian regions.

Which is denied...

A spokesperson for Right Sector denied the group had sent anyone to Russia to organise attacks, describing such claims as “Russian propaganda.” Ukraine’s SBU state security labelled the Russian claims as “wild fantasy.”

Then Ukraine fires back....

Earlier on Thursday Ukraine had claimed to have evidence implicating dozens of Russian Federal Security Bureau agents in a crackdown on anti-government protesters in February that left more than 100 demonstrators dead, many from police sniper fire.


Mr Nalyvaichenko also claimed more than 30 unnamed Russian FSB agents stationed in Kiev during the three-month long protests, and in regular contact with Ukrainian security officials, were involved in the “illegal” operation against protesters.


Mr Nalyvaichenko said investigators had established that the FSB agents were – at a minimum – active in planning the crackdown and also in flying shipments of large quantities of explosives into an airport near Kiev.


The government, however, stopped short of accusing any Russian agents of pulling the trigger in the shootings, in spite of widespread suspicions voiced by members of the opposition movement.

Which is denied...

Russia’s FSB on Thursday rejected the comments as “groundless accusations” but otherwise refused to comment.

Meanwhile, NATO is not impressed...

In a message posted on Twitter, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Nato’s secretary-general, dismissed Mr Lavrov’s claims as “just propaganda and disinformation”.

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Two-bits's picture

NATO is twatting international diplomacy?

We are so fucked.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

The question now becomes, how does Putin take the Baltics?

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Suck it Ukies, suck it, you are becoming america's bitch, to be IMF'ed up the collective rear. 

chemystical's picture

"Russia detained 25 Ukrainian citizens on suspicion of plotting terror attacks (on Russian soil)"

Were they dual citizens?  If you see them practicing dancing and high-fiving eachother on rooftops, then its best to evacuate tall buildings in the adjacent city.

Unknown User's picture

Ukraine is like Georgia 2.0

Latina Lover's picture

Re Baltics: Why would Putin want them?

BigJim's picture

 Nato’s secretary-general, dismissed Mr Lavrov’s claims as “just propaganda and disinformation”

Well, NATO would fucking know all about that stuff, wouldn't they? 

LawsofPhysics's picture


Russia "We want a better deal in the new trade exchange mechansim being proposed (the SDR)"

The West (speaking through sock puppet) "No, take our paper."

Russia "We want a better deal in the new trade exchange mechansim being proposed (the SDR), preferentially something that is commodity backed"

The West "No accept our paper or Dragi will drown you in it."

NATO "Guys, shut the fuck up for a second..."

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, I need to stop talking to myself but the Limerick king kept going on about "captured wealth"? etc.


He completely missed the point, that being; what is "wealth"?  A shit load of paper bullshit?

he kept talking about "strings" controlling us.

Fuck him, for someone who is clearly intelligent I find it amazing that he could not grasp the concept of redefining wealth for yourself.

Especially in a "debt-is-money" world, where it all about the "full faith and credit".

(i.e. - No more faith=no more credit motherfucker)

Anusocracy's picture

After about 25 years of being shit on by the West, why would Russia put itself completely at its mercy through the SDR?

Europe is well on its way in becoming a theme park and Uncle Sam is a drunken child abuser that is about to succumb to cirrhosis of the economy.

The best thing they can do is turn eastward.

Cangaroo.TNT's picture
  • He's lying.
  • How do I know you're not lying?
  • I'm not lying because I don't actually know if he's lying.  I'm just making baseless accusations.  See?  You can trust me to not lie.
Ignatius's picture

"They're lying!"

"No, they're lying!!"

One of those cases where they're likely both right.

But this argument is happening in somebody's backyard.

jldpc's picture

Just get it over with. Sslow drip is so boring.  

HardlyZero's picture

McDonald's pulling out of Crimea (3 stores) causes Moscow discussion to kick out all 400 McD's in Russia.

It is like the only semi-good cheap food over there, with or without the Idaho Potato(TM).

Latina Lover's picture

Better for the russians if Rotten Ronnies was kicked out. One of the main reasons why russian women look so good is that, unlike the ugly, fat, maximum entitled, minimun output US females, they don't eat at McD's.

Harbanger's picture

Nah, it's genetic by 40 they look like a fat dude.  Btw, is that a latina vagina in your avatar?

magpie's picture

Give them fake Swedish passports, two Sten guns each and paradrop in Yakutia.

Putin solved.

Yen Cross's picture

  O/T    I know we've been joking alot about nail guns and bankers being suicided, but this article is really disturbing.

  New revelations about mom killed by Capitol cops


kchrisc's picture

It's getting to the point that any interaction with the gun and badge thugs where you walk away is a fortunate day.


"They will all be held to their oaths and accountable for their deeds."

RafterManFMJ's picture

I've recently become a gun-running, H smuggling, illegal immigrant mule and I gotta tell ya the po po leaves me the F alone.

Back when I was Johny Straight Laced I got pulled over and fined all the time.

Trying to learn shadow banking and shoe horn that into my busy schedule.

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We have fucking school children running our major institutions. NATO's secretary- general tweeting foreign policy responses. They are all like a bunch of little teenage bitches...... idiots.

Bastiat's picture

That moron in the yellow dress was iconic.

Two-bits's picture

Doc, is there any doubt this wasn't intentional?

Joe A's picture

Did he already make a selfie?

Jack Burton's picture

A new cold war is of enormous benefit to some. See Cold War One to look up the profit centers and who made trillions. Now they want to do it all over again, and US taxpayers will be drilled again. There is no sane reason in 2014 to have this east west confrontation over bankrupt Ukraine. But that won't stop those who aim to profit from it, and there are many of them with great power inside the Washington Whore House, sometimes called congress.

kchrisc's picture

Like  a 4th. law of thermodynamics: All government efforts and plans are schemes, scams.

Unlike the mob, government steals its resources first and has its members compete with each other with schemes and scams to get as much of this loot as possible for themselves and cronies.

Always think "schemes and scams" and you will always understand.


"My guillotine is a scheme to get ahead."

disabledvet's picture

the build up of conventional forces proceeds apace.

come August you could see two one million man Armies staring at each other on just that "Front" alone. (lest anyone forget Mali is a catastrophe.)
Not sure Russia can build an Army that big right now. NATO sure could though.
"So much for Ukraine supplying food to anyone this season." The irony is that this could be a bumper crop.

"Come winter the Navies will start appearing en masse." Black Sea, Baltic, Eastern Med, West Africa.

ZeroFreedom's picture

Have they defriended each other on Facebook, yet?

Harbanger's picture

Unfriend is the correct term but the FB geniuses use defriend.

ebworthen's picture

Go ahead Ukraine, arrest those Russian FSB agents and give Russia a reason for retaking Kiev from the Svoboda neo-Nazi's.

JR's picture

This he-said-she-said approach to Ukrainian news has got to stop. It is long past time for reporting the truth.

Kevin Barrett challenges the propaganda of lies. He writes:

Since the 1953 CIA-MI6 coup in Iran, the West has been using the same formula to overthrow legitimate but uncooperative leaders.

First, sabotage the country’s economy. Then bribe corrupt military officers and thugs and pay rent-a-mobs to create chaos in the streets. Next (this step is optional) incite violence by paying snipers to fire into crowds – and maybe set off some bombs. Finally, send the corrupt military units and gangsters to overthrow the target nation’s legitimate leader, murder or imprison his supporters, install a Western puppet in his place – and announce that “order has been restored.”

The CIA did it to Iran’s democratically-elected Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1953, to Indonesia’s President Sukarno in 1965, and to Chile’s Prime Minister Allende on September 11th, 1973. They did the same thing to Ukraine’s legitimate president, Viktor Yanukovych, a few weeks ago.

Neocon regime-change apparatchik Victoria Nuland (the assistant US secretary of state) got caught admitting that the US had spent five billion dollars to overthrow Ukraine’s democratically-elected government; and EU Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton was heard on tape discussing the “news” that the Maidan Square snipers were part of the US-sponsored coup.

The people of Ukraine should be worried. US-sponsored coups can turn very bloody very quickly.

The CIA’s 1965 Indonesia coup was one of the biggest holocausts in history. According to Princeton history professor Bradley Simpson, as cited by the Jakarta Globe: “The US and British governments did everything in their power to ensure that the Indonesian army would carry out the mass killings” of more than one million people following the coup against Sukarno.

Most of the victims were tortured before they were murdered. The list of names of people to be tortured and murdered was provided by the CIA to their hired Indonesian thugs.

While this was going on, five-year-old Barrack Obama was living in Indonesia with his stepfather Lolo Soetoro, who was working for the American mass murderers. That’s right. Obama’s stepfather was a holocaust perpetrator.

Manipuflation's picture

I will ask what this is all about.  JR is correct, we have to know directly from sources in the area and not from these propaganda shitshows.  I can not promise an answer anyone wants to hear though.

edit:  OK, it is a group called "Bendara" and they are considered pro-western fascists.  In other words, neo-nazis.  A pretty interesting conversation again though.  I need to learn more before I say anything else.  We all do if we are going to continue on with the Ukraine issue.  I will start reading.

NoPantsSpongeBob's picture

"Earlier on Thursday Ukraine had claimed to have evidence implicating dozens of Russian Federal Security Bureau agents..."

I don't get this. They are making these empty claims BUT they have yet to arrest a single Russian citizen involved in either Maidan or Crimean "invasion." The only people they detained so far were 12 Ukrainian Berkut officers.

BearClaw's picture

It gets worser...the guys Russia suspects are behind the sniper shootings are the ones currently running the "investigation" in Kiev.

kurt's picture

Hey, Let me "lob" this idea: