And The World's "Most Powerful" Nation Is...

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In terms of economic might, BBVA has created an index of "world market power" enabling an at-a-glance view of a nation's impact on the global economy via relevance of exports, exposure to external shocks, technological content, and retained value-added. And the winner is... Hint, not USA...


As BBVA sums up,

China shows the highest value not only among emerging economies but also when considering all the sample, inverting with the US the rank order given by the exports’ share in nominal terms.


China holds the largest share among emerging markets in the sample for 9 out of 18 industries, including all manufacturing groups except food (surpassed by Brazil). The largest industry share corresponds to textiles and leather (above 30%).


Russia and especially Saudi Arabia are well ahead in the ranking due to their key role in the oil market for which they show a high degree of product concentration.


India and Mexico have a similar share of world exports, although the market power index is significantly higher for the former on dominant positions in ‘other manufactures’ and business services.




On a side note, as Constantin Gurdgiev notes, three out of current G7 states should not be anywhere near G7. You might argue about Saudi Arabia's place in the world's 'power by exports' rankings, but China and Russia certainly are diversified enough and have a strong enough sway to be in G7.



BBVA's Full Report below:


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Nah, we're having enough trouble dog paddling.

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One small problem.

That is the buying power of DEBT.

Debt money is an oxymoron...

See this and laugh, cray as appropriate...



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that commercial is pretty silly now that we know that China has printed more money in the last 5 years for 'stimulus' then all the other central banks in the world combined

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... Israel should be first or second....USSA and UK are two of their Colonies.

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Merikans buy 'Hecho en China' T-shirts, socks, and so on .... and they take the money, turn around and buy gold and/or land.

They ain't stupid.

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Dear "BBVA" (if that is your Real Name):

maybe you can get your Facts Straight before you create another "graph" of your "world market power index" next time

because you have not done your Due Diligence in terms of what is the power of the dollar

I know of a country that happens to have more hundreds of trillions of dollars than you would believe

and also I personally have some hundreds of trillions of dollars also myself

so maybe next time you will Check your Facts

gideon gono


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@Mumbo.. maybe from a relative credit money creation perspective today that is a valid point, but  1) we ARE where Greece ended up B.C. and Rome was in the 4th century. 2) we HAVE shipped our industry to them and others off-shore 3) we ARE growing a third world work force while they graduate 600K engineers per year 4) our third world work force, economy and decimated industry does not provide an internal market that can grow like theirs can. They are moving up, we are moving down . It may be that they are doing to us what we did to the Soviets in the 80’s with spending.. only they have an internal market (as well as Inda, Southeast Asia and Russia) to help them grow out of it.

I think that if we don’t change fast, that commercial will prove to more prescient than appears now.

Oh.. and don't forget where all the gold has gone.

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They printed to absorb dollars

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Debt money is an oxymoron

Bingo!! the average american and most americans for that matter have no clue what money is.   In 2002 I awoken to the "credit caper" being used to disquise the real lapse in the american economy due to job losses.  I explained to friends and family that credit was beginning to act as money and it shouldn't - they then laughed and told me of course it does.  I said DEBT cannot be money, ever!!!  I have explained this to a retired freind of mine invested in Muni bonds.  I asked him what is a muni bond and his response what an "investment".  I asked him if in fact it was a loan? he stated no, just an investment.   I advised him that he is right it is not a loan as the difference is he holds no collateral and has no recourse in a default.  I told him his investment was in someone else's debt.   He didn't get it.  

The credit is still expanding and ....   

Mises said it best:

"There is no means of avoiding a final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved."

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very thought out, cashonly. The average sheeple is clueless, as I once was. 12 years of mis-education [or moar] can do that to a person.

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People are taught obedience in school not critical thought, growing up I was a C student who got A's on all the test. The ability to mindlessly process busy work is rated higher than actually comprehending the material. Also even the very basics of personal finance are never taught, it's obvious that education is not the purpose so much as programming.

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in what?

Oh, I get it 'number two'!



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If economic might means who has printed the most money and who has the largest amount of bad debt then its's spot on.

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The G-7 is all about the strength of economies. If the analysis incorporated the fact that China's debt is increasing at 4x the level of the US, then China would be 4-6 ranks down. Similarly with Russia -- while China is desperately weak, Russian wealth per capita is only half that of China. These are substandard slave-labor-based economies, with no place in the G-7.

If the US took on debt at China's rate (i.e, 4x the current rate) then its economic statistics would swell exponentially as has China's. Take away the $20T in debt China has taken on since 2008, and they would be ranked out of the top 10.

BBVA needs better analysts. 

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Zen Master, "If one paddles forward in a circle, is one still paddling forward?"

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life is a circle, so where are we going?

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  I have a fun project: re-do that chart and synopsis with the U.S. not being the reserve currency and see where the "ol' girl" stands?

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On a side note I love coming down to the comments page to catch a glimpse of that chicks sweet ass - thank you ZH

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Does she have "zero hedge"?  We have ad block and know not the ass of which you speak.

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"... know not the ass of which you speak."

just change the config in you adblocker to "do not block ass"



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Don't tell me ZH has sunk to advertassments to draw its audience.

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Probably not to draw its audience, likely to pay the bills.


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The Tylers should try to keep the ads clean.

They need to advertise products that children need for growing bodies, like milk and stuff.

See? All wholesome and clean...


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just watch not to make this into "do not block ass ad" someone over @NS_A might get suspicious...

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Now I'm really confused, are we referring to anatomy or ZH posters?

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LMAO TD, I was looking for the ass as well but I too have ad block (Can't stand all the clicky crap on a web page these day's.

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Not to worry. Specific ad targeted to user's previous metadata-based search results, ie  porn sites.

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Oh, so that's why I'm getting ads for incontinence products, dog food and phantom cures for phantom diseases.

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Hey, with that on one's meta data / resume , one might get a cushy job @ SEC...

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I rank Switzerland, Norway, Israel and Nigeria in the top 20. Might not be PC to say

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Switzerland? Clocks, cheese, and money laundering?

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I don't buy the whole China thing, not yet.  Their only promise is that they have billions of people, (which is a great promise) but their past and current government policies, and severely crooked governments will continue to depress the vast majority of their population. This is not to mention the pile of souring debt they have accumulated and will continue to accumulate.  Their system of financing is all gummed up and it should collapse soon.  The debbt collapse in China will be born to the individual provinces.  It's going to be like 3/4 of the US States going bankrupt.  They have allowed a select few to prosper and the remaining population is left to poverty.  At least the US subsidizes our poor people to keep them quiet.  China's social tension will continue to surface in the years ahead.  No, as much as I despise many of the decisions our government makes, China will not become the dominant player over the US anytime in the near future.  

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One of My business partner is hosting 38 Chinese millionaires next week looking t export, i mean invest millons of dollars here for green cards.  They smell something burning in the kitchen and getting their families out.


Don't believe all of the crap you read here.  Also, the Russians have been exporting their wealth to Europe for years.  

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How do you say "soylent green" in Chinese? 

Tall Tom's picture

I believe it is pronounced "Mar-Yee-Khan Noodles" or something like that. Of course I have also heard it pronounced as Yan-qui Stew.

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Sounds like you are describing the USSA about 30 years ago...

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and people pay for this stuff?  useless

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  I just finished planting 4 more lemon trees, layed a trench for asparagus crowns, potted my everbearing strawberry runners, planted a couple of rows of Conneticut pumpkins around my mature fruit trees. (Raccoons and Rats, Opossums hate the spiny stems) Also potted my miniature Bell & Jalapeño peppers, and I'm having a pretty darn good day!

  Oh yea, the worlds most powerful nation is the same as it ever was... And ever will be. "He who holds the gold"...

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Plant some weed, you'll need a cash crop.

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    My neighbors would steal all of it.

  How I miss the days of rock salt in a 4-10 shotgun shell. ;-)

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Love me some spiny stems... rock-salt not so much.