Summing Up The American Dream (In One Cartoon)

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"Why aren't Americans like you saving more for retirement?"



Source: Cagle via The Burning Platform

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What retirement?

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The whole thing is bullshit but who really knows ?

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Retirement as in Bladerunner.

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uhm, debt serfs don't ever really retire...

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Obamacare Death Panels to should put an end to the retirement fantasy.

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Going forward in the future, being a doctor is going to have a totally different (read evil) twist to it.

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The real issue is

The 1% are bleeding away the 99%, sucking every drop of blood

out of every corpuscle in the body politic.

Until they have consumed all of us,

They will NOT be satisfied.

The Squid-Vampire needs its food.


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Even 90% of the 1% are now being bled by the 0.1%

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You fucking imoktard idiots.   Our grandparents never had expectations of :"retirement" ad were thankful to live passed 60 if that!

Where the fuck did this idea of a "promised life" ever come from considering the realities of life?

Do you really believe life is any different than it was 100 years ago??

So , welcome back to the real world and just pray it doesn't get any more real for you !

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Absolute truthiness in that statement.  Retirement was a anomolous blip of time brought to us by 100 years of cheap energy and cheap debt.

That day and age are DONE....never to return.  The pendulum is swinging.....and it will scythe down Millions of people who are under the delusion of that fantasy still.

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Amen..retirement was for a few who got lucky when times were good.

Those days are over..tho it woulda been nice.

Its like old til u die..and quit bitchin. youre owed somethin..

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"About 36% of workers have less than $1,000 in savings and investments that could be used for retirement, and 60% of workers have less than $25,000, according to the non-profit Employee Benefit Research Institute and Greenwald and Associates."

Retirement: A third have less than $1,000 put away
Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY

So 36% have less than a measly $1,000 saved (which is incredible), 60% have less than $25,000 (6 to 8 months of cost of living) saved, and I'd bet that 85% to 90% have less than $100,000 grand saved.

And this study doesn't take into account what current or possible future liabilities these people have, such as mortgages, auto loans, credit card debt, medical bills, etc.

So, what's even worse is that probably a full 75% or greater of the people claiming above that they have $1,000 to $25,000 saved for retirement have NEGATIVE SAVINGS.

These people will live in perpetual poverty in retirement, scraping by on social security and other government benefits.

This country is fuckin' broke and the Federal Reserve wants MOAR inflation.

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Bullshit to all 3 of you.  I down arrowed you.  


More machines doing more work and more people just pushing paper for money.  All bullshit just like your party line.  Fuck you.  Between ebt and union locks on jobs, I won't even bring up the banks, via the "you need this piece of paper to work/certs/degrees for jobs that almost any monkey could do. This means we are producing more with less, which means there is more.  Fuck your globel agenda to say everyone should be in the poor house because (insert stupid fox new momo global warming news BS.)  If we were working smarter not stupid poor life would be better.  It is the system and it was set this way on purpose to fuck the stupids over.

Quit adding to it.


"Seculo seculorum"

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Used to be that retirement was a family experience - family dislocation is now the target along with extraction of rentier payments from private holdings (taxes and fees) & free trade crap (diminshing returns) etc.

All goes to ensure the diminshment of self-sustainable life styles; one has to constantly find $ for govt fees and adjust to new reg's, rules and restictions.

Previously the risk was all our own, now we risk and pay a multitude of fees and taxes that subtly bleed you dry. However this predictament largely applies to those who tried to self-provide with one eye on the future of their grand kids; in my experience folks who don't even consider the impacts of current changes on their kids are those who are the least geared to fund their own old age when labour becomes impossible (others are pretty independant and see doing nothing as a quick route to death).

These debates highlight the growing group of the "expectors" who yearn for a butt in front of the telly or on a crusie ship with naught to do, but I feel for those who have been successively wiped out by stock market routes and the like.

Its not fun watching an elderly relative suddenly realise the value of their wealth in Zim money. Its kinda hard when you're supposed to fix it for them 'cause now their poor and you're apparently rich! (a bit of sarc from feeling like a wallet at times).

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Labor is money everything else is a promise.

I see less and less real work going on.

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USD = Zim Dollar... ho hum, then you'll really have a big problem.

This drama is going to hit people from all sides; at first it'll be hardest on those who work hard (less whining from the sheeples).

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Build a life/farm.

Give it to your young'ns.

If you raised them right, they would let you stay on -- as long as you didn't drool too much in your old age feebleness, and could still tote a bucket.

Two to five year max.



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Go look up what a combine costs, or enough land to make it worth the effort and then talk about farming.  The only people leaving farms for their kids have one already that was given by their parents or are already wealthy.

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"Go look up what a combine costs, or enough land to make it worth the effort and then talk about farming"

You don't know much about farming, do you?  I don't need a combine to harvest grains - there is a group of traveling "threshers" whose sole income is from custom hire machine work.  They will be passing through my neck of the woods in the next few weeks to harvest what is left standing of winter wheat and any rye that can be taken.  When I grow hay, I don't even need a cutter/conditioner, rake, tedder or baler.  The large farmer down the street also does it on halves or per-bale charge.  I can save some money by using my two (smaller) tractors cutting the hay with his cutter (he also has a nice haybine too) and pulling a rake after it's been down a few hours.

Farming is only about how much effort you are willing to put into it.  My wife's family only had 10 acres in Virginia, but they raised sweet corn and you-pick strawberries.  That help pay the bills and fill the freezer.  You can easily subsist on 5 to 10 acres if you want to plant vegetables around your fruit trees while they are dormant.

I have raised beds for my vegetable garden, and all of those used 200# protein tubs make excellent tomato and pepper planting pots.

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I live in an AG community, so I know a fair bit.  Farmers drowning in debt, Amish hijinx - still a decent place.  The point is about making a farmstead like of old that can support 3-4 generations of family, not a hobby farm.  You won't do that on 10 acres alone I guarentee it.  There are HUGE barriers to entry - good land with proper dranage, contigous (or resonably close) acredge, know-how, taxes, regulations and county governmets, dealing with Ag market ups and downs etc.  Heck, milk farmers have to work out around here because there are a lot of times where the milk check doesn't cover the loans.

You will not be a farmer (as in sole occupation, not as a hobby) without some SERIOUS capital outlay in addition to the above mentioned tenacity.  1-10 acre Victory gardens?  I'm all for that and have one myself, but I'm by no means a farmer that can support multiple generations by any stretch with just the productivity off of my land.

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I'm not that knowledgeable about farming, but a wealthy client of mine is a large scale soybean farmer (and grows other high value crops, such as chickpeas and other legumes).

He told me that a Midwest farm on loomy, dark topsoil, of a size that is approximately 600 acres (up to 2200'acres) is the sweet spot, assuming one has labor, equipment and their situation in order, and they ACQUIRED THEIR LAMD 15 YEARS AGO OR MORE.

He retired as an mechanical engineer from an automotive parts OEM, by the way, and now has a net worth of at least 35 million USD just including the value of his farm at a conservative 5,000 per acre, which is growing in value at leaps and bounds (and he has ZERO debt).

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Yeah, just roll over and die ya stupid fucks.  'cos there's no way we could do anything about it so it's not worth trying.  Why, we shouldn't even believe retirement should be possible becoz it is too hard.  Never mind we got machines that let one man do the job of a hundred, we still gotta work our guts out until we die.  Well, if that is the case, then you may as well embrace debt and Ponzi finance because you won't have to pay that back when you die and you'll never have to worry about trying to live on a retirement income.  Fucking grow a brain and think a bit harder.  ( I know that is a big ask ).

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The promise was within the family, which has beeen divided and conquered.

Divided and conquered just enough to leave all alone and uneducated to such, in the western world.

Or just plain old rehypothecated Grandma, and her savings.

Suckazz Bitchezzzz!


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My folks really want to leave something to us kids - not cause we're lazy or expecting it; we do not! But it gives them a sense of care and makes what savings they made seem like something greater than just money, because they had to earn it 2 or 3 times over (Mugabe lovers of the 1980's be praised- assholes) its a sense of victory and independence for them.

My work is to make sure they can 'leave something behind' - its a victory of they can keep their lifestyle and peace of mind, it also makes me think twice about everything (my decisions are not just about me, myself and I): that is the point of family and that is what the parasitic freaks want to break.

Get back into your annoying, irritating extending family in a big way, its pisses TPTB even more than it pisses us off. Its also a tough nut for outsiders to crack when TSHTF.

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"Our grandparents" joined unions and mass movements and FORCED the oligarchic corporate and capital owners to come to the table with a FAIR deal, otherwise known as the NEW DEAL. They didn't just sit around passively consuming cable, internet and McDonalds while being farmed like sheep.

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You are absolutely correct but we've been feminized by substances in plastic packaging and bottles. Full of estrogen we lack the will to fight. You would be amazed at how much of this they are pumping into us. Add to that CNS depressants, flouride, and psychotics. Watch endless cop shows: how many times do you have to see a good guy tied up in a chair by a smirking sociopath. You are being programmed to be docile, girlish, weepy, weak, worried, afraid mostly AFRAID.

Clean up, eat only elemental, hopefully home grown, foods. Avoid packaging and all drugs and plastics. Put in reverse osmosis, be sure it removes flouride. Get in shape.

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Logged in just to UP arrow you.


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Yup, very well said above.....

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When is the cutting edge zerohedge going to start talking about the estrogen mimicers? 

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Like all the fucking soy? Where I live, fields and fields of the shit.

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Crazy talk.

My old lady is loaded with estrogen and she loves to fight.

I had to institute no chains, knucks, or broken bottle rules.

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Instead of that tired old socialist big government crap how about simple to understand and universally applied rule of law with consequences for any who break the agreed upon rules?  Perhaps you, yourself, make a go of it without having someone else take from yet another in order that you can be given a piece of the pie?

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Dream on cupcake.

My grandparents came here as immigrants from northern Europe.

They were hard working sons of bitches who grubbed in the dirt, saving pennies until they could afford their own land.

They farmed, grew their own food and worked in mills to supplement their lifestyles and to afford running water and toilets.

When I visited my grandparents I was not allowed to use the indoor toilet. It was reserved for guests,

By the way, they really did have Sears catalogs in the outhouse (along with other used media -- aka newspapers). Try wiping your ass now on a google or yahoo screen from your iPhone. Progress? Really?

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98% of unions are gov "workers" now

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I'm a realist.

One day, I'll be dead, for a long time.

I just don't want to rush things.


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"One day, I'll be dead, for a long time."

That sounds logical........

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I don't know about your grandparents, but even my great grandparents had retirements. They did it the old fashioned way. They saved for it. Some also lived with their children. That was back when children still followed the 10 Commandments, and didn't toss their parents in a Gov. Sponsored Home.

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Have seen THAT work out well - not.    


Some people make good parents and do a good job raising their children.  Their children are more than willing to help out those parents later in life.  But way too many families are dysfunctional - with everyone fighting over everything.  Karma comes home to roost - have seen it repeatedly.   

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Then the SHTF and guess how things work out? the opposite of what one thinks.

If what some think is coming your way, Karma will shift pretty quickly and push the unprepared shite family you want naught to do with, onto your door step - that becomes pretty hard to turn away from for us decent folk. The leeching never ends, but heck until you're in the spot you don't realise what you'll do to help them.

Just a tip, but prepare accordingly. Its bizzare watching it unfold.

UselessEater's picture

p.s. some grand parents & family are total asses.... but most cannot compete with the real arse holes wrecking our lives.

Perspective & focus changes quickly with circumstances.

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Do you really believe life is any different than it was 100 years ago??

Yes, the average lifespan was about 47 years old 100 years ago.  

But I do agree with you that most have this phony idea of a "promised life."

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Absolutely nothing to worry about, two can live as cheaply as one…….half as long

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Tried to warn some kids going on to college in medical fields to check into what's happening.

Wouldn't listen. Too many years in public 'education' to be able to actually think for themselves.

Hard to blame an 18 year old kid - - - - on the other hand, their parents are complete morons.

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I'd rather be the doctor's plumber than the doctor.

August's picture

Medical training may still work out, thgough I'd suggest keeping your options open re what country you train and practice in.

The USA might still be Mecca in terms of medical research, but pay or lifestyle considerations may well be better ifor a practioner in another locale, specifically Down Under.

Iam_Silverman's picture

"Medical training may still work out, thgough I'd suggest keeping your options open"

If things are really going to be as bad as they say it will get (economic collapse), then I would think that a good trauma level first responder would be very popular and useful in "your tribe".  Especially one not opposed to working for barter.

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Just change their title to "sandman" and implant glowing LEDs on everyone's hands. Red LED = death.

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Carousel, à la Logan's Run.