Ex-ABN Amro CEO Killed Family Before Hanging Himself

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Sadly, as suspected - and in line with his CFO in 2009 - the reported death of Jan Peter Schmittmann was indeed suicide. The ex-CEO of ABN Amro hanged himself, but only after murdering his wife, Nally, and 22 year-ol daughter Babette. As Bloomberg reports, a farewell letter was found in the house, but authorities declined further comment on its contents. Schmittmann’s family was cited as saying in the statement that “we knew Jan Peter struggled with severe depression," and added that their "first concern now is supporting the remaining daughter in coping with this indescribable grief." Aweful...

As Bloomberg reports,

De Telegraaf reported today that Schmittmann hanged himself, citing two people it didn’t identify.

Bloomberg explains Schmittmann's history:

Schmittmann joined ABN Amro Holding NV, once among Europe’s biggest banks, in 1983 as an assistant relationship manager and was named head of the lender’s Dutch unit in 2003. As a member of the bank’s executive board, he was responsible for restructuring it along the lines agreed by Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc, Fortis and Banco Santander SA in their three-way takeover of the lender in 2007.


A year after the biggest financial-services takeover in history, the credit crunch drove Fortis to the verge of collapse, forcing the Netherlands to take over its Dutch banking and insurance units, including assets of the former ABN Amro in 2008. The Dutch asked Gerrit Zalm to lead the company now called ABN Amro Group NV.


On the eve of the nationalization, Schmittmann was dismissed by the Dutch Finance Ministry, he told lawmakers in a 2011 hearing. He received an 8 million-euro ($11 million) severance payment, less than what he was entitled to under his contract and more than the Dutch government sought to pay.

Dutch Police Statement (via Google Translate):

On Saturday April 5 officers found three lifeless bodies in the house. It turned out to be the father, mother and the youngest daughter of family Schmittmann. The entire Saturday performed the Forensic Investigation research in and around the home. The first indications of the police pointed to a possible family drama. The eldest daughter of the family was not at home and is caught by her family.


Further investigation


To exclude other possible scenarios were, in addition to the search for clues in the home, research bodies carried out to establish the cause of death. Information was also gathered from family and friends of the family to get what had happened as possible a clear picture. Dutch Forensic Institute confirmed the suspicions that the police had. The mother and daughter are killed by the father, the father then committed suicide. The house is a suicide note found.


Are related to privacy and respect for the family, no further statements made about the time of death, the manner of death and the contents of the suicide note.


Explanation family Schmittmann


The family has stated: "We are deeply shocked and beaten by this unimaginable news. We knew that Jan Peter struggled with severe depression that would eventually lead to these events is still incomprehensible to us, our first concern... now supporting the other daughter of the family in the processing of this indescribable grief. We hope to be able to do. "in peace and seclusion"


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Dirt Bag!


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Headline should read: Father commits atrocious act: Names child "Babette"; also kills her 22 years later

McMolotov's picture

Completely offensive. And funny.

Stackers's picture

I wonder what Babette's middle name was ?

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< A Tragedy.

< A good start.

What do you call 13 dead bankers?

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...found on an obscure Dutch Mystery Science Theater 2000 website...

Herr Dr Shitgum was found hanging by a thread, upside down in a dark closet locked from the outside with his hands tied behind his back in a black cloak, mask and matching thong trimmed in florescent red velvet.  The accompanying typed note stapled to his forehead with a 3" nail signed "Robin" said he was "tired of being Bat-ted about."  That he was unavailable for comment was found to be somewhat suspicious by police, but was ruled a suicide due to the lack of interest being it occurred on a Saturday a mere 17 weeks before August holidays. 

dryam's picture

Sure, makes total sense.....someone who is very depressed has the energy to kill not just is wife, but also his daughter.  On top of that, he left a farewell notice because people who kill their wife & daughter give a shit about what other people may or may not be thinking.  Then, after writing that all important farewell notice he hangs himself.

No, people that are that despondent tend to not have energy to kill their offspring, and if they do, they typically aren't thinking about a farewell notice because they are more than ready to leave this world.

I hate to be so conspiratorial, but more times than not when something in the world doesn't sound quite right it usually isn't.


A wild alternative idea.....the guy was getting ready to be whacked by those bank-whackers and the wife & daughter happened to see what was going on.  The bank-whackers knew they needed to silence the wife & daughter also.  So, they try to turn it into some bullshit story of the guy killing his family and then hanging himself......just a wild idea.

knukles's picture

That's why he was getting ready for a long holiday in the slums of Bangladesh, to cheer himself up.

old naughty's picture

people believe what they want to believe...

depressed (eh, i mean dead) people too.

CH1's picture

Jokes aside, you have to feel very bad for the second daughter. Can you imagine living with that?

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Step 1. Capture the subject's wife and daughter.
Step 2. Hold gun to subject's wife's head and coerce subject into writing and signing suicide letter ( or they both die)
Step 3. Optional. If subject refuses to cooperate, terminate wife. Then hold gun to daughter's head.
Step 4. Once note is written. Terminate daughter and hang subject.
Step 5. Hold gun in subject's (correct) hand and pull trigger, sending rounds in general direction of wife children.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Check the dates...you can't make it exactly a year...nobody's perfect!


"struggled with severe depression"....SO. FUCKING. WHAT! Does that stop the love of your own child?! NOPE!

How many very wealthy people did ABN rip-off in the great Gold reneg?

This was a telegraphed message.

espirit's picture

+1 TSP.  Nice catch.

Seems he couldn't come up with ALL the Vatican Gold!

Aussie V's picture

Yea your conspiracy thinking makes much more logical sense. Why would he kill his wife and child?? How were they murdered?? Surely not hanged?? So, you'd assume that he shot them and then, decided to kill himself but, then got a thought...."Hey, why shoot yourself (which is quick and painless) when you can hang yourself (which is slow, painful and needs logic and rope)"

But, before you hang yourself, write a note to the world and to that other daughter who, you wish was here so you could also kill. Then, look for a rope and hang yourself.

Totally understandable! (sarcasm intended)

natty light's picture

Yeah this stinks like limburger cheese.

samcontrol's picture

@ Aussie V.

come on don't be unfair, he was depressed because he " only " got 8 million when he was fired...

UnpatrioticHoarder's picture

"aweful", as in "awesome" or "awful"?

CHX's picture

Lowflation of the dirty dozen.

Keyser's picture

I find it surprising that you believe anything that they say. 


Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Agreed. This story is complete bullshit, a total whitewash.

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This is seriously fked up. Someone knows something. Several someone's. This is going to get bad. I'd say we are about 3 mins in at this point.



LetThemEatRand's picture

Nothing an 8 ball and some scotch can't cure, says every banker (while they hide their nail guns, rope and guns, and stay away from tall bridges).  Time to invert the charts.

fonzannoon's picture

I wish I understood this better. what do these guys know that is 1) so damn important and 2) not already admitted in public?

LetThemEatRand's picture

My guess is that it is derivative-related.   But purely a guess.  

The public doesn't understand derivatives and for the most part has no idea how massive is the liability to big banks if things go South.  This would assume that these guys know it's about to go South and that the overlords have been divesting themselves of the exposure, and that these lower level guys planned not to take the fall when the public gets the unpayable bill.

fonzannoon's picture

makes sense. The DB guy that whacked himself was the head of risk. But would we not see that type of stress showing up somwehere? Even if just through cds spreads?

LetThemEatRand's picture

It's all manipulated so we would not necessarily see it coming.  If you're head of risk and you see a disaster unfolding that was not of your making and you knew you were going to take the fall, you may think about pulling back the curtain before it happens and say "I wasn't pulling the levers on this shit."   That may cause you to take a fall.

fonzannoon's picture

makes sense for the risk guy, but the ex ceo from 4 years ago? 

LetThemEatRand's picture

No apparent connection, I agree.  Your guess is as good as mine on whether they will kill off the witnesses in sufficient time to prevent us knowing the root of all of this and/or convince the remaining living ones to keep their mouths shut.  

espirit's picture

Follow the "Blood or Gold" conspiracy theory.

medium giraffe's picture

Oh, they know it's gonna happen, otherwise you wouldn't have outfits like this appearing:


Read somewhere that total deriv. exposure was around $600T and was held in the larger part by the main banks.  That's a lot of shit, we're gonna need a bigger fan.

If these deaths are linked then someone is getting desperate enough to risk it looking obvious.  That can only mean we're close.  Damned close.

logicalman's picture

The public doesn't have a bill to pay.

See 'odious debt'


LetThemEatRand's picture

They will hand us the bill.  It's up to us what to do with it.

LetThemEatRand's picture

The Fed has been loading up on the underlying assets of derivative risk, foisting the non-performing assets on you and me.  The problem the Fed has is that it only has so many Trillions to play with.

espirit's picture

The Race is on!

"THE BANK" wants to end re-hypothecation and is making Central Bank Branches accountable for misplaced Gold.  Markers are being called in because China and Russia are in competition and accumulating both gold and energy assets.

In the End, there can only be one.

Conspiracy fact or conspiracy theory?

xcehn's picture

Just over a year later, still nothing about David Rossi. Monte Dei Paschi Bank had been under derivatives investigation. Complete media blackout. Gabriel Magee.....media blackout. Two "apparent" suicides that are patently suspicious. Whitewashed lies all around.

StychoKiller's picture

What about that Italian Vatican banker found hanging under a bridge in London?

Pumpkin's picture

I can't figure out why the people who 'know things' don't spill their guts on video and make it viral.  Hell, take em out with you, at least.

Antifaschistische's picture

Bruce Jenner should be taking notes...


JuliaS's picture

I'd be depressed too, if I lost my nailgun.

drendebe10's picture

Tragic, tragic... but too bad it wasn't the disrespectfu, arrogant, narcissistic, pathological lying, illegal alien kenyan muslim sociopathic ignoramus fudge packer in chief....  pity..

AGuy's picture

"Dirt Bag!"

Or cover-up with staged Murder-Suicide. Seems rather strange that he didn't kill his other daughter that lived only a short distance away, but left a detailed farewell letter.  Also note the same Bank's CFO off'd himself back in 2009, also blamed on "depression"



logicalman's picture

Maybe the decor was drab.

Stoploss's picture

2007 just called and wants it's crash back..

Nikki Alexis's picture

The depression and murder weapon:  His conscience

trader1's picture

the human mind is a powerful force, even when lacking reason, taking things too seriously, and unloving.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

Call me old fashioned, but there is probably more to the story...The PTB are plenty capable of framing stories to suit their agenda. It may have been suicide, it may not have been...


LetThemEatRand's picture

If he intended to kill his family and then kill himself, why not wait for the other daughter to come home?