Forget Cows, Smart Car 'Tipping' Is The New Fad

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Cows in the San Francisco area will be sleeping better at night since, for the last few days, gangs of angry internal combustion engine-likers have taken to a new trend - Smart car tipping. NBC Bay Area found four of the targeted Smart cars between Sunday night and Monday morning. "Whoever is doing this just has misdirected anger," noted one upset owner, as another witness joked, they reminded him of little dogs: "They look like they are dachshunds sitting up on their hind legs." The exact motives behind the vandalism are unclear, as a parody Facebook page was set up called "Smart Car Tipping" by a creator who does not "practice, promote or condone Smart Car Tipping,' and another site called the Smart Car tippers, "heroes." At a price starting at $13,000 for the tiny cars, perhaps it is the relative cost-benefits that the vandals are considering.


This is not an entirely new occurrence - here is a 2011 "tipping"


And NBC Bay Area covering the latest rash of Smart Car tipping...


As NBC Bay Area reports,

Someone's been vandalizing compact Smart cars in San Francisco, flipping the tiny vehicles on their front and rear ends in the city's streets




"Whoever is doing this just has misdirected anger," Gallivan said.


San Francisco Police Officer Gordon Shyy said the suspects are still at large and will face felony vandalism charges if they are caught. Police do have an eye witness account to work from.


Brandon Michael was out having a cigarette about 1 a.m. Monday when he spotted about six to eight people wearing hooded sweatshirts flip over the cars.


"They looked like they were up to no good," Michael said. "And sure enough, they huddled around it and lifted it up."


And the vandalized cars? Michael said they reminded him of little dogs: "They look like they are dachshunds sitting up on their hind legs."




The exact motives behind the vandalism are unclear. The diminutive cars are smaller and lighter than most vehicles. A Smart car weighs about 1,500 pounds; a Ford Focus S Sedan weighs close to 3,000 pounds, and a Hummer clocks in at 8,600 pounds -- definitely a heft that would pose a flipping challenge.




One website, however, seemed to be cheering on the tipping. called the Smart car tippers "heroes" and described the cars as "teensy little wheeled boxes."

The morning after...


Not so "Smart" cars...

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Algosaurus Rex's picture

"I'm sure that'll just buff right out."

TeamDepends's picture

Smart Car (Mercedes) should promote this.  "Hey, you can fix your tire with or without a jack".

Troll Magnet's picture

To the culprits: Please STOP messing with other people's lives. Government hates competition.

knukles's picture

One commentator noted that one of the cars had an Obama/Biden bumper sticker on it and thus, the damage must have been wrought by right wing Tea Party gun, Bible, etc., type folks.
The SF Progressives sure be open minded folk!


PS At $18K/car, does that mean nobody goes to jail or restitution just like JPM's and Goldman crimes?

mjcOH1's picture

"Smart Car (Mercedes) should promote this. "Hey, you can fix your tire with or without a jack""

It's only 1500lbs. It'd make a pretty sweet escape pod for a 1 ton pickup.

MontgomeryScott's picture

'Launch Shuttlecraft!'

(The tailgate opens, and the little carlet springs out, bounces as it hits, and heads the opposite direction)

(KITT launches from the semi-truck)

WOW! They used to do this to Volkswagen Beetles, back when.

A bunch of high schoolers (jocks, geeks, and sosh's), out in the parking lot at 5th period, taking the teacher's Bug and putting it sideways in the parking space...

They were a lot harder to put on end, though (because of their shape and design, their CG was too low, and required far more force to stand up, and didn't stay that way, but rolled over like a turtle). Of course, I wouldn't know personally. I NEVER participated in such unruly behavior. EVER.

Can you imagine the bug splat one of these 'smart cars' would make on the bumper of your full-size truck? I guess the REAL question is: If you hit one, would you even notice it?

(I got this backwards 'bama sticker stuck in the grill. I guess I have to go have my truck detailed tomorrow. I wonder where THAT came from?)


SafelyGraze's picture

bet you can't tip over my segway

can you

no, you can't

dean kamen 

FEDbuster's picture

Confession time, one drunken night in high school I was involved in a Honda Civic CVCC (the really little ones) car turning in a parking spot incident.  No damage to the car, but the owner must have been a little pissed when they saw their car turned sideways between two other cars.  I cannot condone or even get a laugh out of pranks that do some real damage to the cars, that is just criminal.  A very loud movement sensitive car alarm would be one of the first add ons, if I was dumb enough to buy a Smart car.

MontgomeryScott's picture

Hey, boy...

If you need to wire that thing in yourself, find the box under the dash with a plug that has at least 120 wires on it. Usually, after you poke some holes, you'll find one that is 'hot at all times', and you can simply splice in, to power your alarm thing. Don't worry about buying special stuff. Cut the wire, and twist the new wire together, and use some electrical tape. If you don't have any, duct tape or Scotch (tm) tape will do.

While you're at it, you can add another wire to power your cool stereo system with the amps and the big bass box thingie that you want to mount in the back (with those shocks that open when you push the key-fob thingie, because you probably want to look 'cool' and put Bondo (tm) ofer all those nasty holes where the key used to work).

If you can't find the box under the dash, the engine wiring has some places for you to find your power, as well. Don't be afraid. Cut in there...


The 'CVCC' system was called 'stratified charge', by the 1950's General Motors engineers who actually designed it. Honda marketed it as 'Controlled Velocity Complete Combustion' (in case you don't know what this stands for). See, an ultra-rich charge (exceeding 12/1) entered in to the combustion chamber (via a teeny little intake valve that had a little itty hole in a little well that the spark plug entered in to as well). The plug would then fire, causing a flamefront to propogate in to the MAIN combustion chamber (where the piston was compressing an ultra-lean mixture, usually 16.5/1) sent in by the 3-barrel carb. The result was an almost 100% burn rate, and an extremely high heat generation, which allowed these engines to achieve an unusually efficient volumetric coefficient (high torque and horsepower, combined with MPG in the low 50's). They liked to crack the aluminium heads, and blow gaskets (due to the thermal stresses of the design, combined with the electrical stresses of the dissimilar and exotic metals that were required). The usual lifespan of one of these engines (not maintained) was about 86,000 miles.

Mitsubishi tried to copy it, with their 'High Swirl Combustion' design, first used in 2.0 liter (and later, in a 2.6 liter version). THEY used what was called an 'MCA Jet system'. It was a third valve situated in about the same place, sans the gas charge (the 3-bbl. carb was patented by Honda, as well as the concept of 'stratified charge'; sold off by G.M. to Honda in the late 1950's). THEY suffered from a design imbalance (in the 2.6 liter) that required the use of a counter-rotating shaft to offset the crankshaft pulses (this was well before the invention of 'hydraulic motor mounts').

Yeah, you are a real 'true confessor', and you know ALL ABOUT the Honda CVCC that you allegedly 'tipped'.


Harlequin001's picture

Well I hate to say it but I think they look better windscreen down so to speak...

Manthong's picture

This shit does not happen in a society that is not so smart,

FEDbuster's picture

Wow, much more than I ever needed to know about a 40 year old Honda model.  BTW, we didn't "tip" the car, we "turned" the car in it's parking spot.  Like I said no damage done, just inconvenience.  

ebear's picture

"A very loud movement sensitive car alarm would be one of the first add ons, if I was dumb enough to buy a Smart car."

Personally, I prefer the South African approach

MeMongo's picture


That's what that poor white dude in Detroit needed when he stopped to check on the kid he struck, after he walked out in front of his truck!

MontgomeryScott's picture

I used to mow the lawn with a thing that looked like that!

I had to push it, though.

If I tried to mow a lawn with this thing, and my older brother turned on the sprinklers to mess with me when it was 95 degrees F. outside (like he did to me one time), would it still work, or would it be like getting tazered?

Not only would I tip that thing over, but I would hurl it out in the street, and watch; as it got ran over by people who actually drive real cars and trucks and garbage trucks and semi's and stuff.

Of course, I'd have to go out and sweep up the road afterwards, because my Dad and Mom would make me; but they'd smile at me as I did it, and then educate me about the value of durability; versus the toy thing that I hurled out and watched getting crushed in to tiny pieces of landfill material (most of it non-environmentally freindly).

The discussion would most likely go on, late in to the night; after the obligatory and habitual summer barbeque; as the permutations of all the arguments (both pro- and con-) would be explored by all parties.I would give my input, and my brother would try to best me, and Dad and Mom would give us both their wisdom and learning in the matter...

In the morning, I would probably have to get the lawn mower out and finish mowing. My muscles would continue to develop, and my bronze tan would get deeper, and I would have to stop every half-hour or so to drink some lemonade (the real stuff, with pulp, that my Mom had just made using real lemons), as Dad went to work again, designing that radar system MIC shit for the CONUS.

I'd have to hide the sprinkler key from my brother, though, before I started.

Back then, a 'sprinkler key' was a metal rod, about 3 feet long, with a handle on one end, and a tine on the other. One would have to uncover an underground valve, shaped like a four-pointed star (covered in what you might think of as a 'mini' manhole cover), engage the 'key', and spin it clockwise to open the sprinkler valve for a particular section of the lawn...

I miss the summers with blue skies and real air. They used to have them, way back when.

Batteries DO die, you know. Get one of these 'Segways' wet, and find out what happens to the contacts and wiring, and the cool 'video screen'. 'POPENKORNEN MIT SPRITZENSPARKEN'!



sleigher's picture

I remember when I was a kid.  I watched these buff dudes actually pick up a chevy and move it onto the grass area.  Up a curb and everything.

I think it was about 5 of them but a long time ago.  They didn't destroy the car at all.  Just moved it from it's location.  Practical joke.

I personally don't care for those small cars but wrecking other peoples shit is gay.  I wish I would see them in front of my house.

Sniper style pellet guns would have them crying...  Don't wanna kill, just you know, damage...

Lore's picture

I agree. Those cars are private property. Whoever damages them is human garbage, like the zoo animals who burned cars and smashed storefronts at the Vancouver riots. Love to take a sledgehammer to THEIR property, but oh yeah, that's right, they don't have any.  Smart Car may indeed be a piece of "green" shit, but it's somebody else's piece of shit, not yours!  LEAVE IT ALONE.

Antifaschistische's picture

Then, this is what I would recommend for those who own a Smart Car and dislike Bibles.

I'm recommending the 700 because if you can afford a Smart Car, you can afford this rifle.  Perhaps, the car should come with one.

If you're too liberal for a gun then try this....

I believe hoodies would be much more intimidated after their buddy had to go to the emergency room to have an arrow removed from his thigh

Van Halen's picture

Any time you flip a car with an Obama/Biden bumpersticker, you're doing your part to contribute to society.

Larry Dallas's picture

"Betcha don't feel so 'smart' now, do ya?"

Had to.

Tall Tom's picture

To the culprits: Please STOP messing with other people's lives. Government hates competition.




Project Mayhem has begun. Your level of participation is up to you.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Mercedes forced the original developers of the Smart Car (the Swatch Company of Switzerland) into insolvency, by getting it to fail a specific test: the "Swedish Moose Avoidance Test". I know this to be fact, from Benz insiders.

This allowed them to swoop in, buy it at cents on the dollar, and remove the barrier ("solve the problem").

So Payback is a real Biatch, and has a certain poetic symmetry to it. LOL.

p.s. And so - once again - the good Captain front-runs the story behind the story. :-)

johngaltfla's picture

Hot dang...getting my touch back! Beat old Tyler by a full day for once. But of course he's rocking with the financial news so I'll cover COW/GOLF CART tipping :)


The new Anti-Green Anti-Eco-Terrorism War Begins with SmartCar Tipping!
MontgomeryScott's picture

Yeah, I caught it at 7 this morning local (MST) on WRH, myself (with the links to the local SF MSM news clip). It really doesn't matter, though.

As far as it goes, the BMW 'Mini' thing was all the rage 10 years ago (until people realized what peices of shit they really were, out where it counts in the real world). The closest dealership to me is about 330 miles away. I have a customer that has one, and when they bring it in, they know to wait for repairs (due to a lack of parts), and expect to pay through the nose for the parts (as they aren't available, mostly, exept at the Dealership).

People who purchase these little 'smart car' things are usually 'social progressives' who wish to take all rights to free enterprise away (as well as 'socially engineer' everyone's lives to fit THEIR model). They think that they are being 'environmentally friendly' by purchacing these hybrid/electric/plastic/electronic items. Do you know how much bad shit is produced with a lithium/ion battery, and how dangerous it is to dispose of? Do you think that mainland China ISN'T being poisoned by the chemicals used in the production of these things? WHERE does the 'electricty' come from to CHARGE them up? WHAT about the PLASTICS? WHAT is PLASTIC made of? Is the PLASTIC 'biodegradable' once it has been produced and combined to make that trendy coffee cup holder or that flower vase in the PLASTIC dash? If I wanted a battery-powered Yugo, I would have built one myself... until the 'NATO FORCES' smart-bombed Zastava, this car wasn't actually too bad... a 1981 Fiat Strada (European version)... I got 46.5 MPG, and ran the one I had for close to 200K miles... It cost me almost nothing to repair, once I figured out what it was based on... rebuilt the brake master cylinder with $3.50 in parts... the clutch cost about $68.00... I stopped driving when a gravel truck coming opposite me on a two-lane 60MPH highway threw a rock off, bouncing and hitting the windshield right at my head level. It scared me enough that I parked it, and started driving my '94 Cummins Dodge again. The best part is that it came equipped with a TESLA lead/acid battery, and I NEVER had to replace it... 1984-1998. R.I.P.

Well, I guess you 'scooped' the Tylers on this story...

Do you enjoy the comments (see below) about 'destroying other peoples' personal property' on this blog? Multiple examples of the 'police' raiding peoples' houses trying to find drugs after detecting tea leaves in the garbage (and destroying their apartments/homes in the process) , or standoffs between people building ponds on their land; versus the EPA (who bring in bulldozers, and file tort claims fining the owners $25,000.00 per DAY) are echoing through my memory, right about now, 'johngaltfla'. The cattle rancher in Nevada whose family has grazed cattle since 1877 is now being assaulted, and his herds are being destroyed, by the 'BLM', because of an 'EPA' mandate to save some fucking 'rare turtle', right NOW. LOGGING is all but dead, because of some 'SPOTTED OWL' that the EPA and the BLM decided is 'more important', and agriculture in California as a WHOLE was killed off (and the water was cut off, destroying the livelyhoods of SEVERAL THOUSANDS) due to a 'threat' of losing some 'snail'.   MOST of these same people drive battery-powered 'smart cars' (or support those who encourage it, such as the examples given here).

ONE DAY, Soetoro will go out to Andrews, and find his 'Air Force One' golf cart tipped over (and the secret service agents will be trying not to laugh too loudly, pretending to talk in to their lapels).





NaN's picture

Q: Which is easiest to park, has 8 airbags, and keeps you dry in the rain?

a. Smart Car
b. Dodge Suburban
c. Tesla Model S

Lore's picture

@MontgomeryScott:  Fair point. If there is a higher political purpose to be served, it has not been presented. What we see in today's media appears to be little more than vandalism for no special reason.

Omegaman2211's picture

This is old news. Why is this being posted today?

Buck Johnson's picture

This needs a POLICE ACADEMY MOMENT.  lolololololololol.

bearwinkle's picture

The car may or may not be smart but the dumbasses destroying other's personal property are definately not smart.



If only they knew where to really direct their anger towards

Harbanger's picture

Their college professors would be a good start.

sessinpo's picture

Harbanger       Their college professors would be a good start.


I'd start with the parents. The youth need to learn to think before they go out on their own instead of just being a parrot for grades.

Tall Tom's picture

Looking in the mirror is the absolute best start at where to direct the anger. You are responsible for your own life...the successes and the fuckups.

Georgia_Boy's picture

Yeah that was my thought, not pranksters, but more-liberal-than-thous who have some problem with smart car liberals. Maybe the same people who are protesting the Google employee buses. Fools.

BlindMonkey's picture

Might I suggest Corzine-tipping as an optional outlet for frustrations against "da man"?

Harbanger's picture

Corzine was appointed head of MyRA by Obama.  He's a provider of future Gov candy, He's not seen as the enemy by these people.

BlindMonkey's picture

Holy shit. 2 questions:

1. How did I miss that?

2. WTF??

Somebody dropped the script somewhere and a ZH fight club member penciled in Corzine as the nominee. You know, gag reel practical joke type shit.

MontgomeryScott's picture

I thought the same thing. Corzine doesn't fit.

He's a tot. soc. (totalitarian socialist, for those not wise enough to know), but he's way too skinny.

The one I thought of immediately was Chris Christie.

When I was a young teenager, I had the unfortunate experience of witnessing a woman who was about 5'3, and weighed close to 380 pounds, fall down in her driveway. It was actually pathetic, as she flopped around, unable to even try to get herself up. It took me, along with her husband, several minutes to get her back on her feet again. Every time I see a pic of Christie, I think of that time.

Corzine is a twig.

He's the type of man that would be bent over double and used by his correctional facility roommate (nicknamed 'Bubba') for sexual gratification.

Bubba and his friends would tip Christie up, and have fun watching him try to get up off the floor (thus giving Corzine time to try to expel the semen before the next session).




californiagirl's picture

Who better to put in charge of the new progressive retirement fleecing program than an expert fleecer.

sessinpo's picture

Harbanger     Corzine was appointed head of MyRA by Obama.  He's a provider of future Gov candy, He's not seen as the enemy by these people.


Wow, I posted this over a month ago. And was right again. Take that you down arrows. I love it (and hate it because Corzine belongs in prison). Ho hum, next will be the Ukraine were at the beginning I have said this is a currency war. And Then that the monetary problem is deflation, not inflation.

Overfed's picture

Damn straight. The need to fuck with someone's vehicle means you're an impotent piece of shit who deserves a minimum of 10 lashes with a rattan cane plus pay restitution.

BandGap's picture

In HS six of us picked up a 1974 Fox and put it on a cement deck. We had to jockey it a bit to get it up the step. Six guys for a car that weighed about 2K pounds. Smart Cars weigh more.

Just kids being assholes.

El Vaquero's picture

No shit.  I'm not a fan of the things, but if I did have one that some people decided to tip, I would be fucking livid.

Tall Tom's picture

Project Mayhem bitch.


This is Fight Club. You had best figure out what Project Mayhem is all about. Your level of participation is up to you.


You had best watch the movie as it is the guide to crashing the system.


Who is Tyler Durden? Who hosts Zerohedge?

LetThemEatRand's picture

This reminds me of the FUH2 website.  Idiots getting angry because other people want to drive something that they would not drive.  Divide and conquer at its best.

Ignatius's picture

Like the scene from Wag The Dog.

A couple of young CIA guys chaneling the angst and tossing shoes.

Harbanger's picture

Most smart car drivers are liberals maybe we can label it a hate crime.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Thanks for proving my point.  I can always count on you.

Harbanger's picture

Why do you always have some point to prove?  You know that divide and conquer based on Race, Gender and economic Class has always been the American liberal meme.  Maybe this is just another unforseen consequence of the indoctrination in schools.