Small Business Hiring Plans Plunge To 11-Month Lows

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Having hit their most hopeful levels in seven years in January, small business hiring plans have collapsed at the fastest rate since Lehman in the ensuring 2 months. Despite the headlines proclaiming the modest rise and beat in the headline NFIB data, capex spending plans dropped and hiring expectations dropped to lows seen 11 months ago. We can only assume the small businesses are expecting more winter storms through the spring...



Charts: Bloomberg

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dow jones 20000's picture

just in time for summer jobs to open up for all the highschool and post-secondary students!!!

oh wait, all those jobs go to middle-age debt slaves because there's a better return on investment if they spend the time to train someone who'll work indefinitely instead of someone who can only work 2 to 4 months before they have to go back to school.

RevRex's picture

Both parties are the same. This is all Bush's fault...

RevRex's picture

Recovery Summer FIVE.....right around the corner!!!!

Manthong's picture

“oh wait, all those jobs go to middle-age debt slaves because”..

..and the kids don’t have to work through school anymore because the feds will fund their education in order to give them the jump on becoming a debt slave.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"oh wait, all those jobs go to middle-age debt slaves because there's a better return on investment..."~

Er..., no. The "middle-age debt slaves" will have to stand in line with all the high school and post-secondary students as the "undeportables", (yes, I coined that), take their jobs for a) less money, b) less benefits and c) free education at taxpayer expense!

Isn't time for a selfie of Jeb and Eric Holder holding hands and singing Kumbaya? /sarc

Run it by me one more time about how different those two are...

dow jones 20000's picture

yeah, future debt-serfs VS current debt-serfs sadly

I'm just happy I figured out what was going on behind the curtain while I'm still a future debt-serf. 

Pee Wee's picture

You really mean the Supreme Court that installed him right?

Remington IV's picture

I didn't realize that there were any Small Businesses left

Nigh Eve's picture

I think the Koch brothers have been able to maintain having all of their holdings classified as "small businesses" (i.e. S-Corporation)

Rising Sun's picture

that's just fine - I just gots me some MOAR food stamps!!!!


thanks Barry - next time make sure they show up on time you fucking prick!!!!!

Dr. Engali's picture

When SNAP, Zerocare, and Zerophones are the new normal, who needs a job? Especially a job that pays what a small business can afford to pay.

dow jones 20000's picture

Enjoy the delicious new Angus ZeroBurger™!

The Zero stands for the amount of the burger than isn't made of sawdust and feral dogmeat!


NoDebt's picture

It's all about government and your relationship to it at this point.  On the low end (entitlements) and on the high end (corporate welfare).  In between is the middle class and small business getting squeezed a little thinner every day.

"It's just you and your tattered libido against the bank and the mortician forever, man.  And it wouldn't be luck if you could get out of life alive."  <G-n-R>

kaiserhoff's picture

Because Scumbama.

RevRex's picture

Don't you read? Both parties are the same, so this is really Bush's fault....and the rest of the republicans that didn't vote for it!

Pee Wee's picture

Nobody f-ing voted for it, the Supreme Court took us to Iraq, and bankrupted the nation.

Jeb 2016

PlusTic's picture

the fruits of forced/socilaized healthcare...this dood with the CT soc sec# is a peach!

RevRex's picture

Yore raycisssss....just like the Associated Press



"FOREIGN BORN OBAMA WINS U.S. Senate seat"  AP Headline.....2006

yogibear's picture

Some pro-union states just want tax their citizens to death. Who would want own a business in one of those? Their like leeches that drain the lifeblood until the host dies. Their the most liberal states as well. Redistribute the wealth to those on goverment programs and government union employees.

dobermangang's picture

Going Galt bitchez!

Seasmoke's picture

I can't even hire myself. 

mayhem_korner's picture



Looks like a one-month chart of my wife's mood.

agstacks's picture

I don't need a stupid job. I have been "liberated" from working and am now following my passion of getting the band back together in Ma's basement. World Tour in 2016.  That Nancy Pelosi is a smart lady.

ArkansasAngie's picture

It's about time that the government quit creating disincentives to hire.

Wait ... wait ... here's an idea ... instead of unemployment, how about giving the money to small business to hire someone.

Paying people not to work is worse than stupid.

Give me the WPA over monthly unemployment checks any day of the friggin week.

JailBank's picture

Well if these charts don't go down how can they ever go up? Besides these are "small" business they don't matter. How many lobbyists do they have? How much money are they funneling in to the political kitty? In crony capitalism you have to be a crony to matter.

Never One Roach's picture

"No one saw this coming...."

wmbz's picture

Clearly this is very good news!

Moonbat Polosi has stated a number of times that the unemployed are good for the economy, the more the merrier. They have more time to shop. Plus the extra bonus of spending more time with ones family as POS Reid has said. So hopefully we can add to the rolls of the unemployeed going forward for a stronger USSA.

Van Halen's picture

You just don't understand. Small businesses aren't hiring because under the policies of Obama and the Democrats, the economy came roaring back and so small businesses don't need workers.

Er... wait...

I mean, you don't understand because under the policies of Obama and the Democrats, health care costs plummeted for everyone and so now people don't need jobs and smalll businesses are saving a fortune.

um... no, hold on...

I mean, under Obama and the Democrats, so many people got off public assistance, that it was worth it to take a job in a small business or any business at all.


Look, things are just doing BETTER!

Because... Obama!

ejmoosa's picture

Raising the minimum wage oughta help out this forecast, right?

magnumpk's picture

As for me, I'm planning to go from around 160 employees to roughly, ummm, carry the one...  zero.  And stay there.  But the employment law plaintiffs' bar needn't worry.  They'll find other victims.

Iam_Silverman's picture

Maybe they're planning to engage more "private contractors" instead of direct hires?