China Warns Obama "US Is Moving In A Direction We Don't Want To See"

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Apparently doing away with diplomatic pleasantries, the Chinese have been directly clear with Chuck Hagel as he lays the groundwork for President Obama's Asia trip later this month (scheduled to visit Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines - all in direct territorial conflicts with China). As Reuters reports, "Obama needs to pay serious consideration to this issue when he comes to Asia... China has already put this message across during the meetings with Hagel," said Ruan Zongze, a former diplomat with the China Institute of International Studies in Beijing, a think tank linked to the Foreign Ministry. "The United States is moving in a direction we don't want to see, taking sides with Japan and the Philippines, and China is extremely unhappy about this."


Things did not start off well...

In one of the many frank exchanges U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had in China this week, General Fan Changlong told him how one of his uncles died as a slave in a Japanese mine during World War Two.




"The secretary made it very clear that we should be informed by history but not driven by it," a U.S. official told Reuters

But as Reuters reports, China made it very clear how it feels...

The exchange sums up the frustration in China over America's role in Asia, where in the eyes of Beijing, Washington is increasingly supporting Japan as well as other countries over territorial disputes with China. The United States has said it is not taking sides but stands ready to defend its allies.


China, some experts said, appeared to be getting anxious that recent tough talk from U.S. officials over the disputed East and South China Seas could be a preview of what U.S. President Barack Obama would say when he visits Asia this month.


Dispensing with diplomatic protocol, China has made clear this week that it does not want Obama jumping in with both feet when he travels to Japan, the Philippines and Malaysia.


While Beijing has territorial disputes with all three, its ties with Japan and the Philippines, both U.S. allies, are in the deep freeze. Obama will also visit South Korea, with whom Beijing is enjoying warm relations.




"Obama needs to pay serious consideration to this issue when he comes to Asia...China has already put this message across during the meetings with Hagel," said Ruan Zongze, a former diplomat with the China Institute of International Studies in Beijing, a think tank linked to the Foreign Ministry.


"The United States is moving in a direction we don't want to see, taking sides with Japan and the Philippines, and China is extremely unhappy about this."

These comments by China are somewhat unprecedented...

On Tuesday, Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan told Hagel that Washington should restrain Japan and chided the Philippines.


Fan told Hagel outright that the "Chinese people are dissatisfied" with U.S. support for Japan and Southeast Asia, according to a statement carried on the Chinese defense ministry's website.


The influential tabloid the Global Times, published by the Communist Party's official People's Daily, said in an editorial on Wednesday that such strong words "have not been seen much in the past".

And are a major potential catalyst for Chinese repurcussions...

"They hope that the Obama visit will not be used to rally other countries against China. If you listen to the harsh rhetoric of senior (U.S.) administration officials, this is a genuine concern."


"They (Chinese officials) are trying to figure out whether it's the lower level (U.S.) people coming out and making these comments so the boss doesn't have to, or whether it's moving to a crescendo,"


"I think there is a concern that this debate could be swayed substantially if Obama were to make very forthright comments on this trip and that could tip the balance internally and make it more difficult for Xi to emphasize the Sino-U.S. relationship as paramount."

We just hope China does not lay down a red-line for Obama to cross. It seems, sooner rather than later, he will have to pick sides (or unpick any side).

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logicalman's picture

The Leaders of the 'Free' world are just little boys throwing stones...


Dr. Engali's picture

I think you meant to say leaders of the "fee" world.

FilthyHabits's picture

I fucking hate war.

Arm yourselves...

MeMadMax's picture

Ochooma and whomever is "advising" him to do the shit he is doing in his so called "foreign policy" must still be living in the fucking cold war era...


Unpopular Truth's picture

The chinese don't like it. Nor do we

old naughty's picture

com'on, play along a little bit, China.

The guy is weak and needs to show a bit of strength. 

Real Estate Geek's picture

Christ, this seems like Cheney's fourth term.

Murf_DaSurf's picture





WELL I do know OBAMA IS his distant COUSIN

logicalman's picture

It's a song title, but I would agree.

America - home of the slave, land of the fee.

Harrison's picture

This is obviously just a leadup to a false flag operation by the U.S. such as the hijacking of a Malaysian airliner to use as an attack vehicle against a CCP party congress. Expect mass carnage in Beijing any day now.

dracos_ghost's picture

Absolutely fucked up story.

What's the crime here? Cows grazing on lands the guy has 150+ year old deeds and rights to. All because of a tortoise that BLM has been killing for a couple of decades.

They will kill this poor bastard and spin it as a win. And almost no one will care.

Oh I forgot, this is Amurika. LOOK A TWERKING SQUIRREL!!!

Brindle702's picture

Exactly why is this a problem now? ... after 150 years?  Do cows eat desert tortoise?

Brindle702's picture

... and then to send in Federal guns to solve a cow / turtle problem!?!?

Real Estate Geek's picture

It's probably about water rights.  There are lots of fountains to fill in Vegas.

doctor10's picture

the prolly is that there are about 500 Federal jobs built around them tortoises-not to mention a few college grants thrown in somewhere for good measure

RafterManFMJ's picture

Simply must read this, and digest it.

Probable cause? Warrant? Naw fuck it we will just rob the old man, because reasons:

"However, the FBI was careful not to say whether they believed the man, Don Miller, had knowingly broken any laws. The FBI's aim is to catalog the artifacts and return them to their countries of origin."

Robbing the man.

"The objects were not stored to museum standards, Jones said, but it was apparent Miller had made an effort to maintain them well."


"The aim of the FBI's efforts is to determine what each artifact is, where it came from and how Miller obtained it, Jones said, to determine whether some of the items might be illegal to possess privately."

Say 91 year old man, where did item 2387 come from? Can you document that?

""It may be 30 years — or never — before they have it all cataloged."

You own nothing. You commit 3 felonies a day. You exist at the whim of the State, Mr. Reardon...

tarsubil's picture

WTF?! That story is written like it is straight out of the twilight zone. Can't wait for calm dry headline on page 8, "Many families from rural town relocated to Federal rehabilitation facilities. - Authorities quick to point out that they may not necessarily have committed any crimes..."

El Vaquero's picture

Fucking "First Amendment Zones."  To anyone from the BLM reading this:  If you enforce that "First Amendment Zone" bullshit, you deserve to be taken out to an unmarked grave, forced to beg for your life, then shot in the back of the head.  After that, you should be buried where nobody will know where to find your grave to place flowers.  The First Amendment applies even when inconvenient for you, you dumb cocksuckers. 

medium giraffe's picture

My thoughts exactly, and I'm not even American.  How is it that the constitution is only applied when convenient?!

From an outside perspective, I think your constitution needs to be scrapped.  It's essentially a bargain made with dead men, and it's clear that it means close to zero for DC scum.  Time time build a new one, relevant to today's concerns, up to date and inclusive the modern generations.

And one more thing.  I like to bait Americans as much as the next asshole arrogant Brit, but all of the US bashing has gone a bit far even for me of late.  You are constantly told how dumb Americans are when put in front of a map of the world.  You are told that increasingly you have no say and your voices cannot be heard.  I think this is useful bullshit working to an agenda of disinformation and, more importantly, disempowerment.

The young lady burning her Obama shirt?  Think what you like, but people see that.  A lot of people.  The world hears American voices of dissent growing louder, more now than ever.  This is obvious when you look at the promotion of NSA spying stories - they want you scared to speak your piece, and back in the box.  As for dumb Americans?  Let's not forget that America still has the largest educated population in the world bar none.  There's some fucking inconvenient truths for you!

I think, away from the warmongering, the Americanism that is sold to you via wailing guitars, soaring eagles, flag waving and such statist bullshit, the American soul is very different and has been lost for a long time.  It's really a tragedy but there is still hope, the sleeping giant is not the US Government.  Slowly but inexorably this will start to become apparent.  So chin up America - it's abundantly clear to the world that they are not your politicians, this is not your America.  You think America's detractors don't see the growing divide between the population and the rogue government?  You think they don't have internet? Lol.

At least you have some semblance of a constitution, somewhere to start.  And at least you are minus one illegitimate monarch. :)


RafterManFMJ's picture

Say, about those precious tortoises...

"The Desert Tortoise Conservation Center — a 23-year-old federal refuge in Las Vegas for the threatened species — has collected only $290,000 from its primary funding source of local developer fees over the last 11 months, the AP reports. The center can’t count on the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or Nevada Department of Wildlife to make up the shortfall on the center’s $1 million annual operating budget because of federal and state budget constraints.

The result? Center administrators are planning to close the 220-acre facility in 2014 and euthanize about half of the 1400 tortoises under their protection, the AP reports. No more than 100,000 of the desert tortoises are believed to exist in the wild. Most of the tortoises there are former pets returned to their habitat once the government classified the species as threatened — one step short of endangered. And most are too feeble to be returned to the wild, the AP reports."

My cuntry piss on thee, sweet land o tyrrrrrany - of thee I swing...

MontgomeryScott's picture


BLM Sells 29 Oil, Gas Leases In Northeastern Nevada:

No, I didn't make this shit up.

Nothing to do with snapping turtles...

It's either water or minerals, here. The PTB really don't give a fuck about a snail, or a turtle (or a human).

BandGap's picture

I'm no fucking hero but I can see where this shit has gotten old.

I've had a good time on earth. You come in with nothing, you leave with nothing. Go out in style.

Doubleguns's picture

Yep go out a man, not a sheeple.

doctor10's picture

sounds like the old boy needs some reinforcements

Shizzmoney's picture

China should maybe look in the mirror before it says this shit.

Either way, both entities are entirely corrupt, inept, and near-sighted douche factories, and I highly look forward to both of their prospective lulzy demises.

nmewn's picture

Its 3:00 AM...again, boi.

ZippyBananaPants's picture

Isn't Obama playing in the Masters Tournament this weekend?

HardlyZero's picture

Nope, he's a smokin' Rope-a-Dope.

Charles Nelson Reilly's picture

Obama... What a fucking dope.

Dr. Engali's picture

Rumor has it Clinton smoked him, but he didn't inhale.

JuliaS's picture

I bet one week before the election there'll be calls for Obama's impeachment. I'm noticing the pattern here. Clinton, Bush, Obama. Each one is worshiped prior to the election and practically booed off the stage by the end of the last term, leaving the public eager to accept the next banker puppet.

RP was a gold candidate who like a comet comes around once a millenia. Now that he's practically retired from the political stage, there's guaranteed to be a 100 years of Obama/Bush like puppets... that is provided we last another 100 years.

I'm getting tired of this. When's this game gonna end?

Real Estate Geek's picture

Based on its recent actions, the Squid seems to think "soon."

yogibear's picture

Enough already, work with Russia to kill the US dollar. 

Jenet Yellen, Charles Evans and William Dudley of the Federal Reserve will help China and Russia to also kill the US dollar.

HardAssets's picture

Well some say China is in on the NWO game.

But maybe they are looking for revenge after putting up with a couple centuries of AngloAmerican opium wars, gunboat diplomacy, and being totally dominated by the western gang ? 

Interesting times, indeed.

Squid Viscous's picture

Malaysia was going to ask him for help in finding #370, but then realized he hasn't seen a black box in many years...

BandGap's picture

Thank you. This is easily worked in to a punch line. Thank you again.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Now is a good time to bring up the subject of Tibet. </sarc>

disabledvet's picture

"one should not be driven by History indeed."

I would think both China and the USA can both agree that going all in into Vietnam is indeed risky business.

Certainly the Sec Def can report that back to the "huar ren."

Is a little odd they didn't mention Korea.
Japan and the Phillipines are preparing to attack?

They have a secret plan for enslavement of population centers?

"Very nice Ukrainian Aircraft Carrier and of course we thank you and repect you for the unprecedented tour."

Dr. Engali's picture

With Japan being a vassal state of the U.S, and China holding 1.1 trillion dollars of U.S debt, this is a no win scenario for us. It sucks knowing that the globalists have sold our country down the river for a better bottom line.

Never send a wookie to do a bath house boy's job.

Tulpa's picture

They gave us a bunch of plastic stuff of varying build quality in return for a trillion pieces of green paper that we control the value of.  How did we not win that deal?

jeff montanye's picture

when we (broadly defined) sold them thousands of tons of real gold for some of that green paper?

and followed the british empire into the khyber pass and, more recently, the valley of death in crimea?

HardlyZero's picture

Ho Leee Defpends come the Piss'n Sh*tStorm.   Michelle didn't lay it in properly.

Emergency Ward's picture

Funny this happens right after Queen Michelle's visit.  She probably offended the Chinese with her tactless, condescending and boorish behavior.

booboo's picture

Could have been all of the hotel drains she clogged up shaving her arms too...just sayin.