No One Will Ring The Bell At The Top

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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Ding, ding, ding...

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Ding dong, ying yuan double ruble, the wicked dollar is dead...

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You are wrong if you think that China and Russia cutting a CAPEX deal for a region of Russia responsible for 3% of oil and gas production is a game changer...

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funny how frank baum's 1939 book is related to the destruction of value in america today. coincidence?

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AooooGA AooooGA.....DIVE DIVE

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The Top"?  When will we see that, maybe 2019?  Look at interest rates. With rates so low, investors have nowhere to put there money except in stocks.  Once rates start meaningfully rising, I might start thinking about a top.  Despite the Fed's posturing the past couple of months, there's no way the Fed funds rate rises any time in 2015 and I fully expect more stimulus in 2014, whether it come from the EU, China or the Fed.

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I think Goldman's actions say you are wrong.

Lions and tigers and bears ... they're going to eat you up and spit you out.

Me thinks I smell something rotten.  A planned reset?

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I just went short credit suisse, and I feel really good about it.

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" Look at interest rates."


"Reuters is reporting that Greece has received no less than €11bnworth of bids for its new five-year bonds -- much more than the €2bn it was initially expected to sell.

Strong demand, which explains why analysts are suggesting that the bonds could be sold at an interest rate of just 5% - as Athens can cherry-pick the best offers."

Time to stop worrying about the NWO. It's here. Global slavery 2.0 has arrived and the grandest experiment in the history of the financial system can now hold up it's "mission accomplished" sign.

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There are plenty of places to put your money instead of stocks.  And you will end up with more of it in the end, instead of less.  You have convinced yourself you are not chasing prices just because they are moving.  You are chasing prices just because they are moving.  Stocks need an actual functioning economy because they represent living companies.  I see decline and need of bailouts.

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Perhaps you speak of the precious good sir?

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Why?  I tell you why!  You're the sucker that they are selling to.


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There will be no top, only MOAR

There is no Dana only Zuul. [/Ghostbusters II]

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It's not real anymore so the article is outdated,might have been useful when we had a real economy.

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DING DING DING!!!! < Several Months ago..

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Just money to be made shorting

q99x2's picture Investors Business Daily has about a 100% track record for calling the market tops accurately.

They are not that good at bottoms because of the huge amount of money that is available at market bottoms. But they always get the uptrend once it starts again.

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They don't even know why they are bullish most of them

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Top in 3, 2, 1...

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The graph is starting to show a dick in mouth pattern 

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How many years have we been hearing this story? 

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Oh, about every ten minutes for the last five years.

But this time its different ...

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Dr. Strangelove Part Two: How I Learned to Stop Complaining and Love HFT

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Goldman Sachs will tell everyone to go long.

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bells have been ringing at ZH, but few beyond regular ZH'rs seem to be listening

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I still recommend that one skips a diet of too much doom and gloom. Sunshine, a girlfriend, and a career is a much better prescription.

Zero Hedge can be toxic entertainment.

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You can still buy stocks, but make damn sure you use trailing stops. 

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 sure those will execute, given a flash crash where the cb's don't work properly? Pst.... Those are algo's too. Perhaps they could pull the plug on Hal9000. Or just re-set it to what ever point in time they feel suits the largest houses of ill repute. sketchy at best. Be careful out there.

Tigers and Lions and Bears!

Notice the lack of bulls.

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Yeah, and hide them from the algos.

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Ha! Most "investors" pensions, 401.....have no say in the matter. Those funds are where all the shit gets stuffed and they get a free ticket on the express elevator all the way down to hell.

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when interest rates on borrowing are low, why would someone not borrow and buy stocks to make 10% a year, with 3% on dividends alone.  Makes sense!!  Ding..Ding...Dah...

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Yes, but when will margin debt and S&P 666 meet?


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I hear the music and see the dancing, but I don't dance; and I'm quite fine sitting here in this cozy chair, watching from the side of the dancefloor. Some of these guys are pretty funny to watch dance! Gartman is doing the Macarena in Yen terms. 

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"The current levels of investor complacency are more usually associated with late stage bull markets rather than the beginning of new ones." 


Ha, ha. Just ask JIM PUPLAVA, RALPH ACAMPORA, JEFFREY SAUT, JAMES ALTUCHER, JIM PAULSEN, THISRIDENEVERENDS, etc.  They say we have just recently entered a new 'secular' BULL even though the 'secular' BEAR that was ushered-in in 2001 has been stymied twice by the PINKO COMMIES at the Fed and in Washington. Since the BEAR has been 'artificially' engineered to re-hibernate, I think we have a resumption of that BEAR on steriods----with not too much longer to wait...

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THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT or didn't you get the memo?

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didn't get the memo...we got the MOMO

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I have an idea lets get the Long Island medium to channel Mark Haines.  Since he called the bottom...he can obviously call the top.

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Who is optimistic about their investments? Seriously, who is out there talking about how wonderful the stockmarket is? 

All I've seen for three years is people screaming on about how awful everything is and how the market is on the verge of collapse. Please link me to a commentator who is genuinely, seriously, pitching stocks as being a "sure win" or a "guaranteed return" like they used ot in '06. Where are these market bulls everyone is talking about?