Russia's New Weapons: Passports And Pipelines

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Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea and Sebastopol last month, Western leaders have been pondering how to get back at Moscow for its actions without starting a new world war. The situation is what the Brits may describe as a sticky wicket.  They want to get back at Russian President Vladimir Putin but at the same time they don’t want to upset him too much seeing that he controls much of the oil and natural gas that flows to Eastern and Western Europe via a number of pipelines.

The options available to punish Russia for its actions are really quite limited when you think about it. Direct militarily action is –thankfully-- out of the question and while economic sanctions will bother the Russians it is not going to bring about a change of mind, a change of heart or a change of policy any time soon.

A few Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill have suggested to start tapping into the US strategic oil reserves and help bail out a number of European countries that remain heavily dependent on Russia –such as Ukraine-- for much of their oil and/or natural gas.

While some of the petrochemical products needed to warm homes and businesses in Europe originate in Russia, much of the rest that originates in Central Asia and the Caspian region transit via pipelines in Russia and Ukraine as they make their way to markets in Western and Eastern Europe.

No doubt much of what Western leaders have suggested either publicly or privately is filled with good intentions, such as releasing some of the federal strategic reserves. That however remains highly unrealistic as it would take at least three to four years to transport enough energy needed to sustain Europe’s needs, by which time much of northern Europe would have frozen to death.

So what is the answer?  Where lies the solution? For the moment nobody really seems to have an answer, let alone the correct answer. Which of course gives Russia the advantage as for the moment Moscow holds all the cards and it knows this full well.

Indeed, it will take several years for Western nations and NATO to re-organize and adapt to the new threats posed by Russia’s new foreign policy. Since the end of World War II and into the Cold War that followed, until the fall of the Berlin Wall the North Atlantic Alliance had trained to counter an enemy in a conventional war in Europe. Today’s political reality offers a very different picture, and one where NATO is ill-prepared to deal with.

President Putin now has two new weapons which in some ways frightens some of the old Soviet republics and the Europeans even more than conventional and nuclear weapons: One of Putin’s new weapon is nothing more than a Russian passport which Moscow is so willingly delivering to those claiming Russian ancestry in the countries on Russia’s periphery.

Although it was not Russia that started the fight a few years ago, it was under the guise of coming to the rescue of ethnic Russians that Putin sent his troops into South Ossetia and Abkhazia, two break away republics in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. And last month when the Russian president sent his forces into Crimea, It was again to protect the rights of Russian citizens living in that province.

And more recently there have been several reports that Russian consulates have been issuing hundreds of passports to Armenians living in Georgia.

Putin’s other weapon of course is his control over the flow of oil and gas.

Very likely it will be a number of years before any concrete action can be organized in such a manner that would force Moscow to reconsider its new policy. In the meantime however that will give Putin the time he needs to implement some of his new policies. Particularly as he holds onto the quasi monopoly on much of the natural gas deliveries to the West during which time the most damage that can be afflicted on Russia and President Putin’s new policies will be highly symbolic more than anything else.

Try as they may the best that Western leaders may end up resorting to this: imposing sanctions that would have little no effect on Russia. At the end of the day the West may have to content itself to such symbolic gestures such as the closing of McDonald’s restaurants in Crimea. Now that will really get Putin to reconsider.

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vlad better watch his back is all i can say. those joo bankers are pure evil.

RaiZH's picture

I too fear Vlad will end up on the wrong end of a nail gun... somehow. 

813kml's picture

Too true, I hope he gets a popemobile soon.

zerozulu's picture

I fear Vlad may not turn out to be Hitler II

Tulpa's picture

Fear?  Your pal "Vlad" is a disgusting authoritarian of the worst sort.  I'd be celebrating.

jeff montanye's picture

imo there is something about "vlad" that makes it hard to envision him as one's "pal".

however, as i understand it, that was the secret to the rise to power of both george w. bush and barack obama (if, by "pal", one includes "boyfriend", broadly defined).

VD's picture

u really want to get banned for bigotry buzzsaw99 ¿¿¿

The_Prisoner's picture

Have you got sand in your vagina?

Speaking of sand, your tribe's own historian Schlomo Sand proven there is not such thing as a Jewish race.

"When one looks at Jewish history, though, the whole picture becomes quite muddled. It appears that, contrary to popular belief (even among Jews), Judaism was for many hundreds of years a very actively proselytizing religion, and a very successful one at that. It has been known for some years that we Ashkenazim (the Yiddish speaking people) are the descendants not of the Hebrews but of the citizens of the Khazarian Empire, which was converted to Judaism back in the 8th Century AD. And due to the efforts of an Israeli historian by the name of Shlomo Sand we discover that many of the Sephardim (from Spain and Portugal) and most of the Mizrahim (Middle Eastern and Asian Jews, mostly North African) are descended from Berber people who were converted by a warrior Queen."

So ban that, cunt.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

Putin has one weakness that could be exploited now but it would require bloodshed.

If Western NGOs and Ukranian thugs began killing Russians living in the Ukraine and it made the press big time. 

Putin has stated that he will only invade to protect Russians living in the Ukraine. He doesn't want to invade but he could be forced to with enough violence against Ukranian Russians. Putin is polling very high at home and doesn't want to lose the backing of Russians living in Russia...and, he has his tough guy image to think about.

Of course this is a rotten thing to do by US NGOs, Eastern Ukranian thugs or anyone but it's a possibility.

It could also backfire very big...and given recent history of US strategy... well.

Personally, I hope no one gets hurt. It's time to leave the bear alone...and time to retire some neo cons.

Uncle Remus's picture


this is a rotten thing to do

That's not been a hinderance here of late.

logicalman's picture

Seems to make it more likely, not less, given the record of US.


socalbeach's picture

The neo-cons or whatever you want to call them aren't going to give up. They'll try something else I can guarantee it.


LISTEN: In Private Speech, Dick Cheney Talks Bombing Iran and GOP Donors Applaud

"What do former Vice President Dick Cheney, billionaire megadonor Sheldon Adelson, and Republican activists and funders talk about—and applaud—when they're behind closed doors at a Las Vegas hotel? Bombing Iran.

This past weekend, the Republican Jewish Coalition held its spring leadership meeting at Adelson's Venetian hotel, where several possible 2016 contenders, including ex-Gov. Jeb Bush and current Govs. Chris Christie, Scott Walker, and John Kasich, showed up to kiss the ring of the casino magnate, who's looking to bankroll a viable Republican presidential candidate... But Mother Jones has obtained a recording of Cheney's talk, during which he once again derided President Barack Obama on foreign policy, blasted the isolationists within his own party, assailed critics of the National Security Agency, and seemingly endorsed the idea of an Israeli strike against Iran..."

Iocosus's picture

What makes you think this isn't pure theater for the undiscerning masses?

Both villains receive wire transfers from the same bank account.

Uncle Remus's picture

No doubt he is on the short list, with extreme prejudice and all that.

CH1's picture

those joo bankers are pure evil.

If I haven't told you recently, go fuck yourself.

angel_of_joy's picture

How many KGB bosses that have been assasinated do you know ?

It's worse that trying to assasinate the top CIA director...

jefferson32's picture

Can I mix in the fray to get a russian passport too?

Soul Glow's picture


Brick Tamland playing a US Congressman -

yogibear's picture


Just demand payment of natural gas by Europe in gold. Watch how fast it would make the Federal Reserve spin when it has to immediately give Germany's gold back and blow up it's naked gold shorts. 

Soul Glow's picture

Has to give Germany its gold back?  Yellen will just write them a check payable to "Fuck the EU".

Urban Redneck's picture

Not likely, Yellen is more likely to write a check payable to "Fuck the US (Debt Serfs)" as the farce must be maintained at all costs, if FRBNY doesn't have States' gold, the USD dollar is dead, and imported goods in the US will experience hyperinflation.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Yogi...I think you are on to something. Somebody send Vlad a tweet..asap.

Billy Sol Estes's picture

Or win the World Cup. We all know losing in soccer is every red blooded american's achilies heel.

shovelhead's picture

Soccers a girls game around these parts.

wmbz's picture

I think Vlad is playing his hand very well. He/they have been working on this for a long time. The set up is as good as gets for his moves. The USA is on the downslope. It is governed by a weak selfsevering hate America crowd. Obozo is the perfect spineless whimp to slap around. Time will tell, but I see this time as very big tipping point.

Ifigenia's picture

"Johannes Kerry, minister rebus exteris Civitatum Americae Unitarum, aperte collegae suo Russo Sergio Lavrov dixit, non sine effectu Russiam discordiam adaucturam esse; interea Donescae, in urbe Ucrainae orientalis, iam tres victimae in dimicationibus oppositarum partium computantur."


In this news, we see that Kerry had pressed Sergio for a russian passport, because Johannes want to be a dual citizen.

Nullan already has a russian passport and she planned to sell cookies in Red Square.


Those damned 1% of America are emigrating to Russia, just like the rats abandoning ship.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  Those damned 1%

That's 3 mil people.   Snowdon's gonna have to put some cots in the living room.

Ifigenia's picture

Those 1%, 3 mil., could apply for Birobidzhan residence.

KarlGDenninger's picture

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McMolotov's picture

Did Angel Biff keep saying, "What are you looking at, butt-head?"

RafterManFMJ's picture

Naw he said, "Let's make like a tree and get the flock out of here."

NOTaREALmerican's picture

If the scrolls aren't invisible I don't believe you!  

Uncle Remus's picture

[sound of respirator]

biff, I am your father.

[sound of respirator]

[sound of bif denial]

[sound of music]

[roll credits]

socalbeach's picture

Even the McDonald's exit from Crimea will be nullified.


Fast move: Burger King to enter Crimea after McDonald’s quit

Debugas's picture

i see one big difference

Putin does not hate ukranians

new ukrainian leadership hates russians

socalbeach's picture

Correct answer to the questions posed in this article: Do nothing in this instance, and stop supporting the overthrow of elected governments, especially those on the other side of the world.

"The options available to punish Russia for its actions are really quite limited... So what is the answer?  Where lies the solution? For the moment nobody really seems to have an answer, let alone the correct answer..."

Ifigenia's picture

Perhaps could send meretrix Vitoria Nulland to do some extra services for Vlad the impaler to calm him down. The romans said: Parva Leves capiunt animas

Ifigenia's picture

John McCain got a Vietnamese passport for the services he did during the stay in Hanoi Hilton

All is chosen's picture

A passport? Just for McCain's Oven Ready Chips? - I thought they were a UK-only thing.

Ifigenia's picture

Naturally, McCain also has a kind of O.B.E. from King Abdullah bin of Saudi Arabia.

Uncle Remus's picture

Old Bastard Entertainment?

[flaps T-Rex arms]

Ifigenia's picture

Pentagon secret. They keep it with the tapes.

Joe A's picture

You would think that leaders in the EU learned a lesson after the events of Georgia in 2008 and the gas shortages of 2009 when Ukraine did not receive gas from Russia and tapped off gas destined for Western Europe. You would think that the EU would develop alternatives. Well, they did but not fast and rigurous enough.

Ifigenia's picture

The problem is not Europe, but USA and petrodollar. There is no problem for us to buy gas and oil from russiians. USA want us to use dollar, that is the real problem.

Joe A's picture

That is right. The US dollar hegomony keeps the world from developing and using renewables and nuclear fusion. Meanhwile the plant goes bust.

Gaurden's picture

Im still not convinced that he is on the level. I hope he is, but lets face it, we are in the age of deception and lies and some of the lies are so epic, like 9/11 or even WW2, that this could be the mother of all set-ups.

Im not completely sure the "soviets" ever truely left Russia. I feel like they are still there plotting humanities demise in the background. 

I truely do hope the people of Russia have a leadership that really cares about the Russian people and have no hidden agenda. I think this world has had enough evil and the whole world is counting on this man to not betray them.



MoneyThimbles's picture

WW2 was *staged*?




logicalman's picture

I think he meant 'based on lies'

@ Gaurden - correct me if I'm wrong. please.