Back By Popular Demand - The CNBC Talking Head Guide

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Presented with no comment...



h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

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There's no better time to back up the truck!
Snap 'em up before they're gone!
PMs that is..........

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Anyone still laughing at Gartman now? :-)

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Although similar to the "money on the sidelines" bit, and despite the fact that it may be more relevant to the economy as a whole, I'd still ad this to the list:

"Corporations are sitting on record amounts of cash!"

(completely ignoring the also record levels of corporate debt, of course)

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All that cash was borrowed at near zero interest. And that pie is only going to get bigger.

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And he's on right this moment still saying he's "scared". I guess we rally tomorrow.

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April 10:  Scarred Gartman says fuck it.

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Even a broken clock is right...

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Nailed it.......twice!

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I read somewhere....something bad is going to happen tommorow...If it's not Yellowstone...just move on

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first blood moon is April 15th... second is October 8th...  just saying...

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The caldera, the caldera, the caldera!

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Bear-Stearns is NOT In TROUBLE.

DON'T move your money from BEAR-STEARNS.

That's just being SILLY!

PMSNBC, 2008, Jim Cramer.

Over here, the 'Hedgies' might know it by the acronym, 'CNBC', though.



Maria '('Mile-high-club') Bartiromo is actually married to henry Kissinger, you know.

I can't seem to find the clip with she and he on the floor of the NYSE after the 'crash', but Kissinger is quite optomistic about the 'chaos to order' scenario, in this interview on PBS:

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Bear Stearns is fine!!!!!! Classic Cramer!!!

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Gartman, Good Analyst., Hideously horrible market timer

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"Off the lows. Now I turn my attention to Warren Buffett's cock." Maria Barfaroma

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WOW!  I can't wait until tomorrow so I can start buying!  I'm putting in my market buy orders now so I'll get filled first thing tomorrow AM and be able to participate FULLY in all the pending upside!

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sorry sir, you'll have to get in line behind the algo's!

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regardless of the trade. You are always in check. You sir are Francis.

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BTFD...that will work...untill it doesn't  8^)

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I'm putting it all on La Quinta.

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FUCK CNBC.... Fucking idiots who will be running soon.

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They're not idiots.  Apart from a few of the talking heads they all know what they're doing. Which is to get the viewer to buy into a fairytale and end up losing what's ;eft of their money.

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Please finish your comment and tell us who they lose it to...

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Fucking the messenger won't save you now.

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Yeah, that was a great article. It's the democrats that are corrupt. No convervatives are. Give me a fucking break. That's the bullshit that prevents any change at all.

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Member for
11 weeks 24 min

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Lynched in 11 min 24 sec

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Over the past couple of centuries, separation of church and state has pretty much been accepted. Actually, it was the separation of church and control. What is needed now is separation of government and control.

For the sake of humanity.

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Rush is hardly a messenger...he is a dumb-ass

Down votes now

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You are all fucking government trolls. The point is the numerous democrat senate-whores being nabbed for felony corruption before they escape. But nooooo, you shills chose instead to snipe Rush Limbaugh and *somehow* bring my time online into question. I've been here long enough to see that trolls set up aged sign ups, oddly clustered around the same dates. The msm whores are all dirty, they all take the money and deceive the rubes, Limbaugh is not special. Its the content dummies, and the point that the msm is airbrushing this out of the hive mind right now.

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No... you think there is a difference between the red team and the blue team.  Rush is a red team cheerleader and is part of the divide and conquer system of the oligarchs.  Until you see that truth, it is you who is the shill.

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There is no difference between the Red Team and the Blue Team.


The Red Team, along with the Blue Team, in the Red Team controlled House of Representatives VOTED TO FUND OBAMACARE LAST OCTOBER.


Money talks and Bullshit walks. They put the money where their Mouth is not. They claim that they are against the ACA and then FUND IT???


You are not a troll. You are just DELUDED and are still asleep.



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It is worth reminding people that NOT ONE Republican voted for Obamacare.

You are disingenuous in your assertion that Republicans voted to fund Obamacare last October.  They allowed the government to shut down over that.  They attempted to pass separate spending bills for everything else, but Harry Reid would not let any of those bills come to the floor of the Senate.  

I would have preferred that the Republicans hold the line on the government shutdown.  Nobody gave a shit about it, but the R's caved due to the media pressure, as usual.  They funded the gov because the Dem controlled Senate and the White House would NOT back down. 

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It's so stupid to say that someone is more or less credible based on their time on ZH.

It's also stupid to say that there is no difference between the left and the right.  Only liberals say that, of course.  It's idiotic.  I mean, seriously, do you people think that Harry Reid and Rand Paul are the same?  Hardly.  Hank (Guam will tip over) Johnson and Trey Goudy are the same?  Not even fucking close.  Maxine Waters and Louie Golmert are the same?  They aren't even from the same universe.

Hey, if you hate Rush Limbaugh, then say you hate him and then have the balls to own it.  I like him.  He talks about my conservative values and ideas far more than Al Sharpton, for example.  (See, there really IS a difference between the right and the left.)

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Yeah, he's been an epic failure unlike you.

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No red arrow from me, but I agree with you 100%. Limbaugh is nothing more than a Red Team cheerleader that worships the state when his team is in power and (supposedly) hates the state when Blue Team is in power.

It seems to be a running theme for Team Red to be all like, "Just give us One Ring again! I know it's bad and I know we screwed up the last time we had it but I swear we have the right guy to control it this time! Hold your noses this one time and we can control the Ring better than Team Blue can! I promise!"

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Straight to a felatious ad hominem. Thats the best you can do. Surrender, you don't stand a chance.

There will be no mercy.

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It's not really an ad hominem when that's an accurate description of who Limbaugh is (as well as the other conservative talk show hosts).

When Bush Jr. was president, Rush was singing the praises about the Patriot Act, all the warrantless wiretaps, the spying, and other Constitution-violating laws. He also flexed his neo-con muscle by being a huge supporter of the Iraq war. He also didn't give a fuck about the deficits the Red Team was running up despite being supposedly a fiscal conservative. The only person that really raised the alarm about all this was of course Ron Paul. The same Ron Paul that drove El Rushbo crazy.

Now he suddenly cares about all the shit the government is doing because Team Blue is in power? Come on now.

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Your response is divergent on an irrelevant theme. Comment on the substance of the article.

Right now 11% of the current sitting democrat mafia State senators of California are under inditement for or have been convicted of multiple felonies. The treason of the silent msm is even more damning. They didn't have this much on tricky Dick. They all need to hang too.

Any crook who commits vote fraud deserves to be executed for treason.

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Why stick to your original topic when they can feel better trashing Rush Limbaugh, that's far more popular.  However, I do agree with criticism of Limbaugh and others who praised the same shit Obama is doing when Bush was doing it.   Then again, I think we've all grown up over the last few years.