Donetsk Creates "People's Army"

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With tensions rising ever faster in eastern Ukraine, the anti-government (pro-Russia) movement in Donetsk has taken dramatic steps to bolster itself by creating a "people's army," or National Army of Donetsk. As RT reports, masked men, who are mostly civil volunteers, but also police and army defectors, say they “defend their motherland from the fascist army that’s going to kill them.” They also demand “a referendum to be independent from Kiev” and are in favor of “being with Russia.”

The Ukraine forces are moving in on Donetsk...



And now the people are organizing...

The importance of this move is the pro-Russian local forces are now organized to repel any Ukraine (government) attempts to re-take government buildings - and conjures ugly memories of the hell that Kiev suffered for multiple weeks.

As Dontesk protesters prepare...


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Konrad Heinlein - Czechoslovakia

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

As Putin laughs and NATO cries.......

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Can you blame them? The Tea Party's foreign policy would have them submit as dogs to the unelected Ukrainian Fascists in Kiev. At least with Russia's Putin, they are treated as kin; battered maybe, but kin.

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blackwater assassins are trying to kill these people i suspect.  God speed people... 

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People´s Army of Donetsk or Donetsk People´s Army?

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America undermines governments across the world, then sits back to feast on the corpses as it creates another zombie puppet state and then offers the proto-fascists IMF loanshark loans. ''America ruins the world to rule it''. I envision an America more along the lines of Ron Paul and Andrew Jackson, than Mike Rogers and Obama.

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That shoulder on the road looks pretty darn good for bike riding.

Unlike roads here.

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plus for astute observation!

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It looks like this weekend is going to be interesting.   I think we see fighting in the streets and then, after a relatively short period of time, Russian forces begin to cross the border in the Ukraine using the unrest as an excuse for entry somehow.


Gonna get messy.



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Did Vitoria Nulland know that this scenario is one of the possible consequence of her distribution of cookies in Maidan Square? I think she know, so what she did was a premeditated act, a crime against ukranians and their country. US had already rob 40 tons of Ukranine Gold.

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"Tea Party's foreign policy"

Where did you come up with that one? There isn't an actual Tea Party you know, it's just a bunch of old people...

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Some of my friends are in a Tea Party. They dress up as Victorian Goths and hang around bubble tea boutiques inside shopping malls. Most still live with their parents.

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Are you an indoctritard tm? Me thinks soo. Which one of your common man brethren is it..please do tell.


Pay no attention to that man behind the currency...i mean curtain.



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"The Tea Party's foreign policy would have them submit as dogs to the unelected Ukrainian Fascists in Kiev."

Wrong. The Tea Party could care less what happens over there. The Tea Party is concerned with injustice here - not there. 

Flagit's picture

unelected Ukrainian Fascists in Kiev


Peoples Unelected Krainian Entity


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Moreover, most members of the tea party couldn't find Ukraine on a map.

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I'm not sure how long until war is breaking out. :-(

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Yeah, all joking aside, things aren't looking too good for anyone. It's the same kind of feeling you get when you're halfway through a movie and you start to think everyone's gonna die at the end.

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Following the world-wide acceptance of oil as the primary fuel source around 1904 Germany rushed to establish trade routes with Saudi kingdoms that have just discovered huge quantities of it. The move was met with opposition from every international player who could not compete with the highly industrialized but still dependent on coal Germany.

It took 10 years of provocation and industrial sabotage to push Germany to the brink of War. Since none of the issues were resolved, Germany was put into much worse situation, resuling in a repeated attempt to secure trade routes throuhg conquest rather than diplomacy.

The reason Germany ended up on the same side as distant Japan is because they were in an identical economic situation. Oil haves vs. oil have not's.

As for Italy, it was in it for the money... and it was hoping enough breadcrumbs would fall off the master's table to satisfy the appetite of its political elite.

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Just glad I have the Zil and the guns, thats all.

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I am highly skeptical of any movement that seeks to replace one government by that of another nation.

McMolotov's picture

I am highly skeptical of any government.

ebear's picture

I'm just high!


CannoncockerUSMC's picture

Me too!

Bring on the armored columns!

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

So you are you talking about Ukraine's interim gov't, or America's dual citizen-run gov't?

SimplePrinciple's picture

I am highly skeptical of any government that brags of spending billions of its citizens' money to overthrow another government half-way round thw world.

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Well done Obummer for yet another fuckin mess

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For some strange reason, every time I read "Donetsk" it makes me think of Donatella Versace.

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Pretty sure that shooting your citizens isn't the best way to get the rest of the citizens to support you... However, I could be wrong.

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Yeah, but our stooges are shooting the citizens er terrists this time so all's good.

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and again






that is the programme

the process

the merry go round


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Crisis in Ukraine: anti-Maidan protesters in Kharkov detain US mercenary

Cangaroo.TNT's picture

Just playing devil's advocate here, but couldn't they just capture a US citizen (I'm sure there are plenty in Ukraine for legitimate purposes such as business or family visits) and dress him up in a uniform?  People are trying to start a world war, so nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Where do you suppose Kharkov is situated in, Massachussets?

nightshiftsucks's picture

Yep maybe it's a Russian false flag so they can invade Ukraine.

Two-bits's picture

Because they should have just put his Greystone ID badge infront of the camera?  

Ifigenia's picture

They just found some infamous Nulland`s cookies in this Greystone guy left side pockect

Anusocracy's picture

I think the probability of there being no presence of US Mil/Mercs/terrorists in Ukraine to be approximately zero.

Same for America's toadies.

Cangaroo.TNT's picture

You guys are funny.  Apparently none of you understand what playing devil's advocate means, and all of you believe only the US is capable of dirty tricks.  Additionally, you all believe there are ZERO "US citizens" (which is different than being 'merikan) in Ukraine for legitimate reasons.


Fake YT clips abound, but this one is 100% legit because it's not pro-American, and it fits your narrative.

BlindMonkey's picture

No, I/we get it.  The double false flag stuff is fairly easy to disprove.  I would not suspect that the Russians would do that given the blowback risk.  They exhibited mastery of political optics with Syria and Ukraine to date.  Your suggestion has a grossly asymetrical risk/reward associated with it to think it is close to reality.

Cangaroo.TNT's picture

It is laughable that people so easily and readily lap this up as gospel truth.  We know for a fact Israeli citizens that were born in Ukraine took part in the demostrations that caused the overthrow the previous government.  So there's no way that this guy is  a Ukrania born "US citizen" that went back to support his country, right?  It may not be a likely scenario, but it is possible and even plausible.  I'm not saying he is not a US contractor, or even a US operative.  But I'm not falling for every piece of propaganda that's put in front of me just because I don't like this administration or US foreign policy.

This video may not even be for US consumption.  A Russian news article linked to this video proclaims this proves the US involvement in provoking and escalating the situation.  Oh, Russian media has to be believed because only the US serves as the president's lap dog.



Duh, the article I reference is the one linked to above.  This video is appearing in too many places to track.

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Your talking about the same "side" that tried to falsely use the attack of chemical weapons in Syria by their allies and tried to blame Assad?

I am proud to take a side against these maniacs. Thank you.

In this series of conflicts Russia appears to be the voice of reason and Barry and the Neocons seem to be only slightly less murderous than Kim Jung Fat-ass in North Korea.