No, It's Not A "Stock Picker's Market", Whatever That Means

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One of the phrases which we have done our best to bury over the last few years has been the absolutely idiotic statement "money on the sidelines" (and right behind it "more sellers|buyers than buyers|sellers"). Sadly a group of persistent, if clueless bobble-headed automatons still insist on using it. So be it. Today, however, we will focus on yet another absolutely idiotic phrase: "a stock picker's market." Leaving aside the linguistic stupidity of this expert "assessment" (because nothing says fundamental equity analysis like picking non-stocks), the mere facts flat out refute any suggestion that there is any material, or frankly, any dispersion, i.e., the proverbial stockpickeryness. But don't take our word. Here is Goldman's.

From David Kostin:

On the stock selection environment: Contrary to the belief of many market participants, stock return dispersion has been extremely low during the  past one and three months, ranking in the 1st percentile versus the past 30 years. Dispersion has been unusually low in Consumer Discretionary and Info Tech. Stock picking is always challenging. Low dispersion means it has been more difficult than usual. Only 42% of core mutual funds is beating benchmarks.



So dear clueless pundits: please stop using such idiotic phrases when you have no idea what you are talking about.

Or, on second though, please keep on doing it. That way you make it very easy for the rest of us to weed out who is even more clueless than most when it comes to market punditry.

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the stock market only goes up. Everyone knows that

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"Throw darts and buy." Bill Miller.

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Yeah, I caught that one, too.  Fantastic timing.  I nominate him as the new Tom Stolper.

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I'm sticking with "nose picker's market"

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In traditional moral theology, usury is considered akin to sodomy as they both involve treating the unfruitful as though it were fruitful. In that light, perhaps it is a "fudge packer's market."

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Yeah and from that "traditional" interpretation, blow jobs aren't allowed, fuck that.

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It's 3:38PM, did you BTFD?

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If the Fed is printing money and rates are zero, all asset prices rise, no need to pick stocks.  In fact the most speculative, leveraged, junkiest will do best.  So, no, not really a stock picker's market unless one picks garbage or is a dart throwing monkey.

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Bottom pickers market.

Top ticks sucking blood.

They're saving the NASDAQ from closing below 4,050 looks like.

Hockey sticker ticker.

Blood on the sheets.

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Spilled milk under the bridge.

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those 4 guys in a room on the phones in London really glued gold down to 1320 today.

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No matter what is trading, HFTs are making money.

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Best snippet of a recent Michael Lewis interview:



The moment I realized things were bad was when that guy stole HFT code from Goldman and Goldman said he had to be prosecuted because of the danger of that code falling into the wrong hands. 

I said wait . . . Goldman is the right hands?  I don't think so.


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Sounds like a good idea. Do you have a link to a good supplier of said body armor? Thanks in advance.


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But actually there can be more buyers than sellers and vice versa! Only the volume matches.

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I wonder if JPM and Wells are going to drop some buttwind on this mirage of a market tomorrow morning when they report earnings.

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"Stock picker"? I remember my mother used to tell me when I was a kid, "don't wear that it makes you look like a rag picker".  

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When they use the term stock just means they are saying you are dumb and should be using me ..the professional.....I know what I am do not...

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stock picker's market = You mean I can't just buy whatever random stock and make money? I actually need to look at the balance sheet?

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The only thing that will trump the amount of money in stocks today is the amount of laughter on twitter and other social media when this thing does it's dive into complete flames.