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The Paul Craig Roberts Dilemma: World War Or The End Of The Dollar

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Submitted by Paul Craig Roberts via The Institute for Political Economy,

Is the US or the World Coming to an End?
It will be one or the other

2014 is shaping up as a year of reckoning for the United States.

Two pressures are building on the US dollar. One pressure comes from the Federal Reserve’s declining ability to rig the price of gold as Western gold supplies shrivel and market knowledge of the Fed’s illegal price rigging spreads. The evidence of massive amounts of naked shorts being dumped into the paper gold futures market at times of day when trading is thin is unequivocal. It has become obvious that the price of gold is being rigged in the futures market in order to protect the dollar’s value from QE.

The other pressure arises from the Obama regime’s foolish threats of sanctions on Russia. Other countries are no longer willing to tolerate Washington’s abuse of the world dollar standard. Washington uses the dollar-based international payments system to inflict damage on the economies of countries that resist Washington’s political hegemony.

Russia and China have had enough. As I have reported and as Peter Koenig reports here Russia and China are disconnecting their international trade from the dollar. Henceforth, Russia will conduct its trade, including the sale of oil and natural gas to Europe, in rubles and in the currencies of its BRICS partners.

This means a big drop in the demand for US dollars and a corresponding drop in the dollar’s exchange value.

As John Williams ( has made clear, the US economy has not recovered from the downturn in 2008 and has weakened further. The vast majority of the US population is hard pressed from the lack of income growth for years. As the US is now an import-dependent economy, a drop in the dollar’s value will raise US prices and push living standards lower.

All evidence points to US economic failure in 2014, and that is the conclusion of John Williams’ April 9 report.

This year could also see the breakup of NATO and even the EU. Washington’s reckless coup in Ukraine and threat of sanctions against Russia have pushed its NATO puppet states onto dangerous ground. Washington misjudged the reaction in Ukraine to its overthrow of the elected democratic government and imposition of a stooge government. Crimea quickly departed Ukraine and rejoined Russia. Other former Russian territories in Ukraine might soon follow. Protesters in Lugansk, Donetsk, and Kharkov are demanding their own referendums. Protesters have declared the Donetsk People’s Republic and Kharkov People’s Republic. Washington’s stooge government in Kiev has threatened to put the protests down with violence. Washington claims that the protests are organized by Russia, but no one believes Washington, not even its Ukrainian stooges.

Russian news reports have identified US mercenaries among the Kiev force that has been sent to put down the separatists in eastern Ukraine. A member of the right-wing, neo-Nazi Fatherland Party in the Kiev parliament has called for shooting the protesters dead.

Violence against the protesters is likely to bring in the Russian Army and result in the return to Russia of its former territories in Eastern Ukraine that were attached to Ukraine by the Soviet Communist Party.

With Washington out on a limb issuing threats hand over fist, Washington is pushing Europe into two highly undesirable confrontations. Europeans do not want a war with Russia over Washington’s coup in Kiev, and Europeans understand that any real sanctions on Russia, if observed, would do far more damage to Europeans. Within the EU, growing economic inequality among the countries, high unemployment, and stringent economic austerity imposed on poorer members have produced enormous strains. Europeans are in no mood to bear the brunt of a Washington-orchestrated conflict with Russia. While Washington presents Europe with war and sacrifice, Russia and China offer trade and friendship. Washington will do its best to keep European politicians bought-and-paid-for and in line with Washington’s policies, but the downside for Europe of going along with Washington is now much larger.

Across many fronts, Washington is emerging in the world’s eye as duplicitous, untrustworthy, and totally corrupt. A Securities and Exchange Commission prosecuting attorney, James Kidney used the occasion of his retirement to reveal that higher ups had squelched his prosecutions of Goldman Sachs and other “banks too big to fail,” because his SEC bosses were not focused on justice but “on getting high-paying jobs after their government service” by protecting the banks from prosecution for their illegal actions.

The US Agency for International Development has been caught trying to use social media to overthrow the government of Cuba.

This audacious recklessness comes on top of Washington’s overthrow of the Ukrainian government, the NSA spying scandal, Seymour Hersh’s investigative report that the Sarin gas attack in Syria was a false flag event arranged by NATO member Turkey in order to justify a US military attack on Syria, Washington’s forcing down Bolivian President Evo Morales’ presidential plane to be searched, Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” the misuse of the Libyan no-fly resolution for military attack, and on and on. Essentially, Washington has so badly damaged other countries’ confidence in the judgment and integrity of the US government that the world has lost its belief in US leadership. Washington is reduced to threats and bribes and increasingly presents as a bully.

The self-inflicted hammer blows to Washington’s credibility have taken a toll. The most serious blow of all is the dawning realization everywhere that Washington’s crackpot conspiracy theory of 9/11 is false. Large numbers of independent experts as well as more than one hundred first responders have contradicted every aspect of Washington’s absurd conspiracy theory. No aware person believes that a few Saudi Arabians, who could not fly airplanes, operating without help from any intelligence agency, outwitted the entire National Security State, not only all 16 US intelligence agencies but also all intelligence agencies of NATO and Israel as well.

Nothing worked on 9/11. Airport security failed four times in one hour, more failures in one hour than have occurred during the other 116,232 hours of the 21st century combined. For the first time in history the US Air Force could not get interceptor fighters off the ground and into the sky. For the first time in history Air Traffic Control lost airliners for up to one hour and did not report it. For the first time in history low temperature, short-lived, fires on a few floors caused massive steel structures to weaken and collapse. For the first time in history 3 skyscrapers fell at essentially free fall acceleration without the benefit of controlled demolition removing resistance from below.

Two-thirds of Americans fell for this crackpot story. The left-wing fell for it, because they saw the story as the oppressed striking back at America’s evil empire. The right-wing fell for the story, because they saw it as the demonized Muslims striking out at American goodness. President George W. Bush expressed the right-wing view very well: “They hate us for our freedom and democracy.”

But no one else believed it, least of all the Italians. Italians had been informed some years previously about government false flag events when their President revealed the truth about secret Operation Gladio. Operation Gladio was an operation run by the CIA and Italian intelligence during the second half of the 20th century to set off bombs that would kill European women and children in order to blame communists and, thereby, erode support for European communist parties.

Italians were among the first to make video presentations challenging Washington’s crackpot story of 9/11. The ultimate of this challenge is the 1 hour and 45 minute film, “Zero.” You can watch it here:

Zero was produced as a film investigating 9/ll by the Italian company Telemaco. Many prominent people appear in the film along with independent experts. Together, they disprove every assertion made by the US government regarding its explanation of 9/11.

The film was shown to the European parliament.

It is impossible for anyone who watches this film to believe one word of the official explanation of 9/11.

The conclusion is increasingly difficult to avoid that elements of the US government blew up three New York skyscrapers in order to destroy Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah and to launch the US on the neoconservatives agenda of US world hegemony.

China and Russia protested but accepted Libya’s destruction even though it was to their own detriment. But Iran became a red line. Washington was blocked, so Washington decided to cause major problems for Russia in Ukraine in order to distract Russia from Washington’s agenda elsewhere.

China has been uncertain about the trade-offs between its trade surpluses with the US and Washington’s growing encirclement of China with naval and air bases. China has come to the conclusion that China has the same enemy as Russia has–Washington.

One of two things is likely: Either the US dollar will be abandoned and collapse in value, thus ending Washington’s superpower status and Washington’s threat to world peace, or Washington will lead its puppets into military conflict with Russia and China. The outcome of such a war would be far more devastating than the collapse of the US dollar.


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Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:18 | 4646036 Soul Glow
Soul Glow's picture


Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:28 | 4646052 wee-weed up
wee-weed up's picture

World War Or The End Of The Dollar?

BOTH!!  Anyone with at least 2 functioning brain-cells can see that!

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:33 | 4646075 Soul Glow
Soul Glow's picture

I think the point of the article is that all the opposition has to do is dump the dollar and they win the war.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:41 | 4646103 Newsboy
Newsboy's picture

Can I do a Rip Van Winkle now?

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:10 | 4646186 Ignatius
Ignatius's picture

Can I thank ZH for finally bringing former Asst. Treasury Secretary and a Wall Street Journal Editor, Paul Craig Roberts and his plain talking, on-the-sleave skepticism of 9/11 to the front page.

I tip my hat.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:10 | 4646190 LetThemEatRand
LetThemEatRand's picture

I was reading ZH articles, then I happened upon this one, and I.  Jizzed.  In.  My.  Pants.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:22 | 4646206 Ignatius
Ignatius's picture

The science is overwhelming (with mountains of corroboration) at this point and this may finally 'break' sooner than we think.

Oh, and well spoken as you typically are, LTER.

Paul on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with James Corbett:

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:04 | 4646311 BringOnTheAsteroid
BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

I'm not sure anymore about the power elites propensity to start a war. These are the most scurulous and gutless human beings potentially to have ever slithered across the face of the earth and they would be too scared about upsetting the distribution of caviar and French wine to their private islands. They will be snivelling and shaking in their little corron socks worried that their privilege and oppulence may have a set back.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:26 | 4646363 weburke
weburke's picture

"gutless" "scared" ? oh my no. You said "power" elites. Different breed. murderous, check. determined, check. vastly organized, check. out of reach, check. unknown, check. The "power elites" have the next few centuries in the bag. preppers have the right idea. i am among them. 

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:40 | 4646384 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Obviously the US will go before the world does. It's just how the system works.

SOmeone needs to do a nice cover of "The Day the Dollar Died", Buy Buy Mrs. American Pie, The Levy's dry...

and we all know all too well what happens when the Levee breaks...

Or is it when the Levy breaks? ;-)


Fri, 04/11/2014 - 01:20 | 4646439 Boris Alatovkrap
Boris Alatovkrap's picture

"If you are liking your petrodollar, you can keeping your petrodollar."

Okay, okay, so maybe many is die and war is ravage wealth of many nation, but Rothschild cabal will not be deny global control.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 03:36 | 4646547 MeMadMax
MeMadMax's picture

I was with this article till he swung off into never never 9/11 land...

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 04:27 | 4646579 HardAssets
HardAssets's picture

So much is designed for you to switch off your mind like that . . . .

including 9/11, global governance, global depopulation agenda, police state spying, US sponsorship of Al Qaeda in Syria, etc.


At other times the Tonkin Gulf and pre knowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack were subjects that would create such self imposed blindness.  

Never be unwilling to investigate the evidence and apply logic before making your conclusions. Many of us who at first thought "Oh, that could never have happened." later found out otherwise. Because so many think "That could never happen in America." - - - - it does.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 06:53 | 4646662 negative rates
negative rates's picture

Right, cause how many of you really wanted to be drafted right now?

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:17 | 4646806 Keyser
Keyser's picture

Never mind, you're on a roll. It doesn't matter that selective service was phased out in the US 40 years ago... 


Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:10 | 4646996 swmnguy
swmnguy's picture

Every male US citizen between the ages of 18-25 has to register wiith the Selective Service.  If you don't, you're not eligible for college financial aid, federal jobs, or federal job training programs.  And if prosecuted, the penalties are up to 5 years in prison and $250,000 fine.

Now, we don't have an active draft right now and haven't since the end of the Viet Nam War. But we very much do have the Selective Service and it is very much active.  You can see the forms at any US Post Office branch.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:32 | 4647051 BobPaulson
BobPaulson's picture

Absolutely. Previous laws are certainly not a predictor to what will happen. The fun thing about laws is that the government can just change them, or as it turns out, violate them. "It's good to be king." When you are in charge of everything, laws are irrelevant.

The most important tool in the warmasters' war chest is mind control. If the populace is more focused on Kim Kardassian that Vladimir Putin, they can fund however many irregular forces they want. Fun facts: that Italian operation funded by the US to destabilize Italy employed Lucky Luciano ( as primary operative. Crime and drug warz are used as a primary training tool and cash (as in printed notes) revenue source for irregular forces used by the CIA.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:31 | 4647060 Budd aka Sidewinder
Budd aka Sidewinder's picture

Cruiser: I joined the army 'cause my father and my brother were in the army. I figured I better join before I got drafted.

Sergeant Hulka: Son, there ain't no draft no more.

Cruiser: There was one?

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 07:05 | 4646671 BandGap
BandGap's picture

Or the murder of a sitting US President, in broad daylight, in a major metropolitan area on TV.

When you can get away with that, you can get away with anything.

Who ran against Kennedy in 1960, planned the Bay of Pigs invasion while VP under Eisenhower and was later president? Who was in charge of CIA operations fro the Carribean sector and later became president, and whose son became president?

Magic bullet, indeed.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:56 | 4647181 BobPaulson
BobPaulson's picture

Very early on I read "Crossing the Rubicon" and at the time struggled to accept the scale of the accusations it contained. Consider now how far ahead of his time Ruppert was. Poor guy went almost nuts and I am sure they were all over him for outing the CIA drug trade and 9/11.

Crushing his soul and people like him is how they win on the mind control battlefield. He tried to start that community in Oregon to prepare for collapse and I followed that for a while but by then I am sure he was so penetrated by spooks they could do whatever they wanted to his brain.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 10:45 | 4647411 samsara
samsara's picture

Around 2000-2001ish   I found FromTheWilderness.   Mike was a hellofa writer and I agree with what you said.

Found out about Peak Oil,   and the rest.   

Also an early reader of back in the day....   


 The beginning of a knowledge journey.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 07:09 | 4646678 Ying-Yang
Ying-Yang's picture

MeMAdMax... "I was with this article till he swung off into never never 9/11 land..."

All truth and lies are out there. Just look and pick your beliefs.

Begin here

Professional architects and engineers that design and build buildings go through the destruction of the World trade Center buildings on 911.

Do you know the 47 story building 7 came down at 5:20 pm in what looks like a typical implosion?

No airplane hit it. Study this and the rabbit hole opens for you.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:09 | 4646783 sleigher
sleigher's picture

I liked the logic someone else put forward.  If those towers fell because the steel softened from the airplane fuel, then why is it that every home in america didn't burn down when their kerosene heater's steel "softened" and fell down only to ignite the house?

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:36 | 4646864 ATM
ATM's picture

Because the heaters are not load bearing thousands of tons of concrete above them?

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:46 | 4647135 BobPaulson
BobPaulson's picture

Go into your back yard with some kerosene and a thermocouple and see what is the hottest temperature you can obtain without mechanical forced air draft, a refractory enclosure and very careful supervision. If you know anything about combustion and steel, you will know most of the "experts" who waved their hands about the steel softening were full of shit. Ever wonder why one of the most important combustion stories in world history has never once been discussed in the scientific combustion journals like Combustion and Flame?

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 16:00 | 4648787 StupidEarthlings
StupidEarthlings's picture

+911 ;)

Agreed.  Anyone who runs away at the mere mention of 911 is part of a major problem.


I did see a vid a while back (cant remember which right now) about the phychology of choosing to believe / not to belive..the "official story".


It really shows how peoples minds just wont let them believe the truth. It's crazy.

Hey , I was all gung ho, "lets get the bastids that attacked us" and all that.. I admit, I fell for it. BUT, about 4 years later I remember when It really hit me. The truth. All the pieces fell into place at once. It was a friggin scary ass day for me. My world changed that day.


It took me a while I admit, but I can't believe that all these years later , that ANYONE can still believe the so called "official story".


Carry on..

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 04:40 | 4646584 The Blank Stare
The Blank Stare's picture

You must be a pretty kickass 75 yearold republican to like Mad Max

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 17:01 | 4649022 Rafferty
Rafferty's picture

9/11 is the key to everything.  If the truth comes out about that the American people, and the world generally, will be so outraged at what the Permanent Government and the Israelis have done that everything will be questioned.  Nobody will believe anything that TPTB or their presstitue shills in the MSM tell them. I predict that the Fed will be the first up for 'review'.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 05:31 | 4653445 Captain Chlamydia
Captain Chlamydia's picture

Aha, a 9-11 skeptic. From the 'dumb ass official story' corner. Go and wash your mouth please, or go back to your couch to be brainwashed by CNN. But please, don't bother intelligent people on ZH. 

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 06:59 | 4646667 negative rates
negative rates's picture

Are you old enough to remember the draft? You know, at night, in your room, it's just you and the radio and they want people to go to war, it depends on your birthday and they pick # out of a hat at random, and if you picked, you must serve, or run away with lots more money than Cashius Clay, cause you can't stay here. They were looking for about half the dudes out that bowl, and I came in 3/4, i was sweating the first part of it, but it's cake now.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 10:36 | 4647376 easypoint
easypoint's picture

I remember. Sweating it out through lotteries that determined whether or not you would go to a jungle on the other side of the world and probably die, not fighting for a cause you understood and believed in, but simply trying to survive your tour and get back home. In my second grade "Weekly Reader" the case for intervention on behalf of the South to help them protect themselves from the evil North Vietnamese "rebels" who snuck across the border and burned the villages of the peaceful South Vietnamese. That was 1961. I was all for it. "We can't let them do that." But, as I later found out, as did everyone, the war had nothing to do with that.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 06:36 | 4646645 flapdoodle
flapdoodle's picture

While the ziocons in the US and EU may be gutless and stupid, their most dangerous trait is that they are incompent, stupid and arrogant enough to start WIII

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:42 | 4646376 wee-weed up
wee-weed up's picture

...or Washington will lead its puppets into military conflict with Russia and China. The outcome of such a war would be far more devastating than the collapse of the US dollar.


Russia AND China?

Of course, no US President would be stupid enough...

Oh, wait...

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:51 | 4647154 BobPaulson
BobPaulson's picture

Maybe he didn't watch Princess Bride

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 01:30 | 4646446 snodgrass
snodgrass's picture

Evidence doesn't matter to Americans. The truth doesn't matter. When a guy Jeb Bush was working with to bring drugs into the country threatened to go public if he didn't get his payoff, Bush told him that there is no constituency for the truth in America. I'm afraid he's right.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 01:36 | 4646451 NaN
NaN's picture

What an architect and government security exposer thinks of WTC collapse:

(See link to earlier comments too )

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:12 | 4646198 Anusocracy
Anusocracy's picture

Uncle Sam has already had numerous mini-strokes, now it's about time for him to drop dead of a heart attack.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:36 | 4646255 Radical Marijuana
Radical Marijuana's picture

Yeah, Anusocracy, I have also been using that metaphor since the 1970s. However, it always got harder and harder to imagine how anyone could survive through that happening! Perhaps some will, however, in my view what Roberts is describing is what I refer to as us being driven towards Peak Insanities.

For many decades, Uncle Sam has been able to dominate the whole world's money/murder systems, as Uncle Sam was directed to do so by the international banksters. In fact, the money system is based on runaway frauds, while the murder system is based on runaway deceits, which have been feeding back to reinforce each other.

Since money is necessarily measurement backed by murder, the end of the dollar, due to the development of debt insanities, is connected to the threats of that provoking death insanities. The death of Uncle Sam would be an event that could become trillions of times worse than anything previously in known human history. The almost total degree to which both Uncle Sam, and the whole world, is dominated and controlled by lies backed by violence, or frauds backed by force, goes deeper and deeper through the basic ways that people either think, or rather, refuse to think about that ...

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:48 | 4646284 Anusocracy
Anusocracy's picture

Pathological lying results in a feedback loop. It severely taxes and overwhelms the abilities of the liars.

My guess is that that is true of psychopathic behaviors - a feedback loop that constantly introduces errors that can't be contained.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 04:47 | 4646586 The Blank Stare
The Blank Stare's picture

They should make a movie about that. 

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:12 | 4647002 flapdoodle
flapdoodle's picture

Pathological liars cross the Rubicon when they start believing their own lies. At that point they are transported into a parallel world that almost aligns with reality but requires herculean effort on their part to keep afloat.

Cognitive dissonance results in blindness, but at some point, their efforts to maintain their weltanshaung fail and the realignment is catastrophic... of course, the ones who will pay are us.


Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:19 | 4646341 Anusocracy
Anusocracy's picture

As for the demise of the US, having 50 independent states means freedom from a 3.5+ trillion dollar parasite that is redundant with regards to 'useful' state activities, and having to proportionally divide up federal debt.

In foreign affairs, the various states would have to make nice with the rest of the world to survive.

I've made the comment before that for the world in toto, the countries that drastically reduce or eliminate their governments, will be the big winners economically.

The longer the delay before accepting the inevitable pain means longer and harsher pain to endure.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:33 | 4646855 new game
new game's picture

it is like watching a drunk fuck up a perfect marriage with 2 beautifull inocent childern getting trashed.

should i intervene? would anybody listen? feel helpless, but know i have to do something...

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:02 | 4646968 SamuelMaverick
SamuelMaverick's picture

Yea , and the drunk degenerate wrecking everything around him happens EVERYDAY, over and over and over again. The human race is a complete mess.



Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:05 | 4646314 teslaberry
teslaberry's picture

yea just like france thumped the rentenmark  and the reichsmark. 


no . you cannot stop war with money. money is a part of war.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 03:13 | 4646530 hungarianboy
hungarianboy's picture

NATO’s Russian troop build-up satellite images ‘show 2013 drills’



Fri, 04/11/2014 - 04:34 | 4646583 HardAssets
HardAssets's picture

Yep, that's what I heard on Republic Broadcasting network yesterday. Thanks for posting the link.

They lied . . . again.

No surprise.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:09 | 4646184 DeadFred
DeadFred's picture

It's the Bush Doctrine of preemptive war coming around to bite on the hind quarters. This thing may not evolve into war step by step the way most believe. If war appears to be inevitable or beneficial the Russians (with or without the Chinese) will strike first. The west has been playing with fire.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:27 | 4646242 Snidley Whipsnae
Snidley Whipsnae's picture

I don't think so Fred. I believe that Russia would wait until confirmation of a US first strike missle launch and then launch their missles. 

It wouldn't make a hell of a lot of difference... we would all be toast... or, the lucky ones would.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:51 | 4646289 813kml
813kml's picture

I dont' think that scenario will come into play, even the nutjobs running the US aren't crazy enough to disregard MAD.  

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 04:41 | 4646585 HardAssets
HardAssets's picture

Not only are they nutjobs . . . . they are insane.

Theyve done studies to investigate their survival in underground bunkers during/after a nuclear war.

They have built arctic seedbanks.

They have written that the vast majority of the world's population of 'useless eaters' needs to be eliminated in 'the great culling', and one of them said he'd like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus and wipe out billions of people.

Yes, they are completely insane.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 07:50 | 4646748 UselessEater
UselessEater's picture

disaster economics, shock doctorine, weather derivatives

they bank on this

we assume they do not have the inside track on calamities but trades prior raise a logical rational question; are some natural and un-natural events profited from a few days ahead?

see other posts  for links / comments eg at 45 min

My Master His Royal Virus also loves killing wildlife and apparently prefers only a few whitey slaves on the planet, but his 'good' works support the smart planet concept of Ag21 and vaccines, etc which are slow burn roads to culling - the evidence is there if you take the painful journey to research the money and foundation trails. Dr J Coleman has some good works with original sources (documents written for my masters) if you want to research. btw I'm a bit wary of where Naomi Klien is in this mix following her moves after Shock Doctorine.

What we define as insane appears to be a semi rational intergenerational (risk averse) protection racket spread over time into corporations and foundations allowing the laundering of war and drug money and power bases. It makes sense that falsely "free trade" agreements are constantly manufactured (they are counter free trade, health, essential personal/property rights).they also make a mockery of the biodiversity related legislation supposedly aimed at protecting wildlife (neither wildlife nor food security nor priveta property rights are protected but decimation of legal rights are decimated).

I am rambling, but the deniable culling is in my home town and its more dangerous than the stupid cyclone the media wants to make into a sensational mass murder (stupid cyclone Ita)...after two years of reasearch the same thing in Aust is in the USA and others - worst policies possible for fire management, worst policies for local farmers vs meg-corp famers (who get green trape reductions) policies possible for ARUP, Clinto Foundation and other cohorts of the financial arm of the UN called ICLEI - sick of trailing the revolving door cvs and financial contracts with no end to govt bodies. Really fkg sick of ZHrs who say UN Ag21 is a conspriacy while my fkg money pays fot its shit through the VCs on the realted CSIRO boards generated fky calculater to sell to tax payers justifying why they should be removed off beach front properties that are then onsold to developers.

Murder is only useful after the life has been sucked out of the non-socipathic uselesseater. Time to have a sip and check the cyclone. WOOF.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:40 | 4646873 new game
new game's picture

upon recent travels one can see it all. lot said, wish i was smart enough to write what you just did, but in a funny way i see it.

connecting the dots can be fun in a fiendish way...fucken-wh

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:08 | 4646983 UselessEater
UselessEater's picture

thanks for putting up with the typo's; I am wired because everytime we have a cyclone (etc) we wonder if this will be the new excuse to make our property rights non-existent.........they seem to hunger for calamity of any sort to usurp the rule of law.

Since when were NGO's greater "stakeholders" than private citzena and private property holders who pay the BS fees and taxes? In 5 min I can protect nature better than the clowns with no financial stake no private home/business landownership and no interest in actually caring for the kand by their own effort e.g we plant vines that attract rare butterflies cue the monkeys that sit on their butts who decide we're now a conservation zone under their control and the butterflied must be protected from those WHO PLANTED the vines - wtf?

Dipshit Tim Flannery - scare monerger admitted himself govt national parks were creating native fauna waste lands and wildlife was falling because of nationalisation of land (under the UNESCo banner)..... its happening on every western continent because there is an agenda that is NOT about wildilfe.

People you are being starved, impoverished, controlled and sold for a buck. Our funerals are looking like S. Kings game in the book version of the Dome.

Another sip and wait, atupid cyclone is taming so bugger TPTB nothing for you to see, move along parasites.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:51 | 4647155 new game
new game's picture

think of sitting in the woods for 100's of hour watching, observing and thinking(i have), and then think how wonderously random and self correcting the cycle of life is w/o humans. then drive around merica and look at how fucked up the countryside is with human change...

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 06:44 | 4646655 Boomberg
Boomberg's picture

They didn't disregard the destruction of WTC and thousands of people. It's only a matter of scale. 

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:25 | 4647046 Omen IV
Omen IV's picture

There is really only one reason why they wont launch MAD - the epi-center for Russian missles will be NYC:  - 57th & Park Ave -

There is nowhere else for NYorkers to go in the USA, except for LA, the rest is considered a cesspool of boredom - it will never happen!

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:02 | 4646278 813kml
813kml's picture

If I were Putin I would secure whatever parts of eastern Ukraine he wants pronto, it should be bloodless and isn't a provocation.  He can't afford to let the US or its Ukraine puppet army to slither into those territories.

He already knows that NATO will be sitting this one out.  The US already knows whether or not it's going to proceed with military action, Russia might as well be first on the draw to call their bluff.

Decisive action isn't exactly America's strong suit at the moment.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 07:44 | 4646729 Global Observer
Global Observer's picture

The Western stooges in Kiev are agreeing to referendums in the regions .

Vladimir Vladimirovich hasn't yet given up on Ukraine remaining united. It is also in Russia's interests to have a united Ukraine that doesn't work against Russia's interests, than to have the South and East of Ukraine as part of Russia and the rest of Ukraine at the mercy of the West. While the Nazis may be in control in Kiev right now, they don't enjoy majority support even in Western Ukraine. Ukraine will become a federated state with the regions having most of the powers, a constitution that commits it to neutrailty with regard to Russia and the West and which requires all the regions to agree for the constitution to be amended. Sergei Viktorovich Lavrov has proposed this a while ago and it will come to pass.

Vladimir Vladimirovich intends to completely humiliate the West in this matter and he will succeed.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 10:01 | 4647201 813kml
813kml's picture

Thanks for the link, interesting developments.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 02:17 | 4646491 Kirk2NCC1701
Kirk2NCC1701's picture

You couldn't be more wrong...

The end will come with BIOLOGICAL WMDs. Bitchez!

Leave everything standing, except the masses of Troglodytes. But first you need to power down the nuke reactors, or you still get monstrous problems.

Sat, 04/12/2014 - 01:47 | 4650342 TBT or not TBT
TBT or not TBT's picture


Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:19 | 4646223 Radical Marijuana
Radical Marijuana's picture

Yeah, wee-weed up, the first thing I thought was that, eventually, ain't both more likely?

After one attempts to comprehend some of the deeper levels of more probable 9/11 Truth, the degree of the runaway criminal insanities of the currently established ruling classes operating to dominate the government of the USA provides enough cogent material to conclude that the actual degree of their criminal insanity is sufficient for them to really risk world war to try to advance their agenda.

Ever since the development of weapons of mass destruction, the world could be metaphorically compared to a group of people standing in a pool of gasoline, threatening each other by waving their matches around. Meanwhile, that pool of gasoline got deeper and deeper, from knee deep, to waste deep, then receded a bit, that got deeper again, to chest deep, and appears now to be nearly neck deep, while there are now more people standing in that pool of gasoline, waving more matches at each other, threatening to light a fire.

The fundamental structure of the current world system is globalized electronic fiat money, made out of nothing as debts by private banks, which is backed up by nothing except the power of governments with weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, as that monetary system advances its insane agenda, the corresponding murder system advances its corresponding insane agenda.

By and large, there is no rational public debate whatsoever about how to operate better debt controls, backed by better death controls, because the entrenched systems are based on the maximum possible frauds and deceits, which can not even begin to admit the real facts about themselves, in order to negotiate.

Since the real world is controlled by lies backed by violence, which have become legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, BUT, those lies can never be made to become true by being backed with violence, WHILE that violence continues to be able to drive those lies to still dominate society, we are collectively trapped in those paradoxical problems spinning out of control, since the degree to which society is successfully controlled by lies backed by violence eventually drives that whole society to become more and more insane. Hence, there does not seem to be anything which is actually possible than that system will continue to drive itself more madly self-destructive, and therefore, it eventually must go through a series of psychotic breakdowns.

Therefore, I agree with the view that BOTH the collapse of the US Dollar as a still workable global reserve currency, AND an insane, almost omnicidal, world war with weapons of mass destruction, appears to be the most probable future scenario.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:31 | 4646248 Westcoastliberal
Westcoastliberal's picture

Well put, Rad and I agree.  I've been searching for a straightforward way to get across the meat of the 2nd paragraph....thanks for fixing it for me.  I think 80% of those "inside the beltway" are psychopaths.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:46 | 4646281 BeansBulletsBandaids
BeansBulletsBandaids's picture


I like that. (the word, not the idea)

Thanks for another though-provoking post.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 05:07 | 4646595 HardAssets
HardAssets's picture

The 'guiding hands' of the world are made up of psychopath control freaks.

Investigate the psychology of psychopaths and you'll see that they are quite willing to destroy the world and themselves in the process, if what they want is denied them.

But it is ultimately also true, that humanity's destiiny is in our own hands. We are the eyes and ears and arms of those that would be willing to do such insane destruction. Its only through us that they can carry out their plans; we far outnumber them.

So the question is - "Will people grow up and think for themselves ?"  Will the little boys in uniforms and wearing badges and wearing white lab coats - just do as they're told by their masters - - - - because they aren't willing to think ? Will they pull the triggers and push the buttons ? Has years of indoctrination in their families, 'schools', by the media, and in their organizations destroyed their sense of self preservation for themselves and their loved ones ?

And when you bring up these subjects to others and 'they don't want to think about it' - - - - that's a perfect example of the non-thinking that might very well destroy humanity.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:43 | 4646885 Eeyores Enigma
Eeyores Enigma's picture

Hardass... You are wrong to place the ultimate burden on whether or not individuals think for them selves and act accordingly.

There is only one dominant thought going through their minds, through EVERYONES mind. I MUST keep my job in order to make money in order to stay ALIVE!

You would have then risk their ability to earn, to make money to keep themselves and their loved ones ALIVE to "do the right thing"? You first buddy.

No Money=You Die    

That all you need to know about why things are bad and getting worse and why we can't and won't do anything about it.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:06 | 4646776 Global Observer
Global Observer's picture

The US elite are not insane, they are psychopaths. The difference being that they have a strong self-preservation instinct that insane people may lack. As long as they are given the message through private channels, of course, that they are facing annihilation and not some limited conventional war that they may believe they can win, they can be put in check. I believe Vladimir Vladimirovich has already delivered that message.

Sorry to disappoint, but there will be no World War III (or IV, if you count the Cold War as WW III). There will only be economic destruction of the West and its possible descent into pre-industrial feudalism.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 16:21 | 4648803 Radical Marijuana
Radical Marijuana's picture

I hope you are right, Global Observer.

However, the real weapons systems have already been built that are designed to try to cope with a first-strike against them. That means that the inherent structure of those systems is extremely dangerous, and that insane wars could get going by a series of accidental events. The real history of those systems during the previous Cold War had several significant episodes when it almost went HOT! Twice, it was only the decision of a Russian officer that stopped it from happening.

I do not agree with there being a big enough difference between "sane psychopaths" versus "insane sociopaths," to prevent the consequences of pushing their agendas into greater and greater risks warranting still believing that there is enough residual sanity or rationality behind taking that much risk. The very existence of a couple thousand atomic bombs being kept at a moment's notice of being deployed is INSANE, although, within the current world system, that kind of militarism had a history of developing to be seen as sane each step along the way.

Militarism developing weapons of mass destruction has been the greatest from of "mission creep" ever. That could become a galloping mission, if the right set of circumstances set it off. Meanwhile, all the rest of the other weapons of mass destruction continue to also be developed. Along with many others, I regard the threat of biological weapons as being up there with atomic, in terms of being able to disrupt civilization enough to cause it to collapse into chaos quite quickly. Biological weapons are the "poor man's atomic bombs."

Furthermore, we still have the runaway potential for future nanotechnological weapons to combine with all the previous weapons of mass destruction, so that those end up becoming quadrillions of times worse. So many different science fiction novels have attempted to speculate about what it would be like if advanced nanotechnological weapons were developed and used.

All in all, the basic problems are that the advancing technology has nothing comparable to advancing politics. Politics is still run as organized crime, dominated by old-fashioned religions and ideologies. As far as I can tell, the ruling classes, in the wealthiest and most powerful families, appear to believe in the most old-fashioned religions and ideologies, which they can maintain because they operate from within the most protected environments. Hence, I stand by my view that those ruling classes have become criminally insane, and that they are able and willing to relentlessly and ruthlessly risk starting wars with weapons of mass destruction, which could rapidly spin out of control, in order to continue to advance their global agenda.

Furthermore, they already dominate the monetary systems, and everything that is controlled by those monetary systems, so much that there is no practical way for any effective resistance to operate outside of that context. Therefore, I continue to believe that the future will be a wild roller coaster ride, which will go out of control of the ruling classes. I think we are headed for times of Peak Insanities, not some gradual grinding down into misery that is able to continue to endlessly deteriorate, without some wilder and dramatic changes of state being provoked. I still believe that pumping science and technology which are trillions of times more powerful (and headed towards quadrillions) into the social pyramid systems of Neolithic Civilization is inherently an insane thing, which must necessarily blow those social pyramid systems away, one way or another, sooner or later. I think that both the rulers and those they rule over, are collectively INSANE, because they can not cope, and have not adapted to the development of weapons of mass destruction.

Theoretically, we should go through profound paradigm changes in the philosophy of science, which then can be applied to politics, in order to cope with the technologies that now exist, and are being developed to be even much more so. Theoretically, we should go through intellectual scientific revolutions in the ways that we think about politics, and apply that to our combined money/murder systems, or the ways that we back up our debt controls with our death controls. However, in practice, both the ruling classes, and those they rule over, are mostly not able to do that. Instead, the pumping up of the systems of lies backed by violence, maintaining conditions of ignorance and fear, to become trillions of times GREATER, as long as science and technology continues to advance, is deeply INSANE.


Everything happening is still correctly described by this famous quote from Albert Einstein:

"The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and thus we drift towards unparalleled catastrophe."

Theoretically, we should be profoundly changing our modes of thinking, in order to adapt to the real powers and capabilities that science and technology have enabled. However, the established social systems are based on lies and violence, maintaining attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance. In that context, the runaway social polarization is made much worse by the even more serious destruction of the natural world. Both together are way worse than the majority of mainstream morons are aware of.  It is the combined systems of BOTH the rulers, and those they rule over, which are collectively criminally insane.

We DO operate our death controls through the maximum possible deceits, and our debt controls through the maximum possible frauds. That runaway social insanity is practically NEVER addressed by proposing better combined money/murder systems, because that would take changing our modes of thinking in ways which the vast majority of both the rulers, and those they rule over, do not want to think about.

The Grand Canyon Paradoxes of science and technology advancing through a social system based on lies backed by violence is constantly getting worse, faster, and automatically becoming more criminally insane every day! Since our real human and industrial ecologies operate through the maximum possible deceits and frauds, the natural ecologies are being destroyed at an exponentially accelerating rate. Meanwhile, it is practically impossible to have any rational public debates about any of that, since both the rulers and those they rule over, are trapped within their ways of thinking about the combined money/murder systems, which modes of thinking are based on lying about those as much as possible, while maintaining attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance as much as possible.

In that context, a gradual and consistent decline of Western civilization back to some kind of grinding down into Neo-Feudalism is one of the more optimistic scenarios, which I doubt will be what actually happens. Rather, my view is that there will be a much wilder roller coaster ride, which will go out of control. I believe that we are headed towards times of Peak Insanities, which are more insane that we can currently imagine ... I like to maintain the irrational hope that, after those psychotic breakdowns, some will survive through that, and be able to thereafter change their modes of thinking enough to adapt to the powers of science and technology.

However, I think that this prediction by Albert Einstein was too optimistic:

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:38 | 4646261 813kml
813kml's picture


"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue."

*snort* *hack* *cough*

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:58 | 4646414 Relentless101
Relentless101's picture

Prisoner's dilemma.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:24 | 4646824 new game
new game's picture

after sleeping in (7am) and reading this there is no need to post anymore! reread this article when ever you and I desire to post. redundant thoughts (and in a fiendish way DESIRES) AND our hatred of our masters reveals istself deep in our mind because in a scary way he is RIGHT ON, SPOT THE FUCK ON! now the afterthought of either of the two outcomes sets in...

prepare because life is going to change

he ties it all together-911 to gold and it is coming to a head(conflict)just like when a bully gets surrounded and gets the shit beat out of him and others join in and give a kick when he is down...

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:28 | 4646833 samcontrol
samcontrol's picture


we will not have world war or dollar collapse THIS YEAR, what is wrong with you pleople.?

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:43 | 4646883 new game
new game's picture

does it really matter when? it is where we are headed...


Fri, 04/11/2014 - 06:41 | 4646650 Harrison
Harrison's picture

I'm not sure if this article is satire or the ravings of a complete loon. The 9/11 conspiracy nonsense was a bit over the top, but OTOH there are moonbats who actually believe that nonsense.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:25 | 4647048 flapdoodle
flapdoodle's picture


Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:58 | 4647187 rwe2late
rwe2late's picture


If the ruling powers merely turned a blind eye, the 9/11 false flag scenario changes from nonsense to plausible.

Even if one continues to believe the official story details of falling buildings and luck of the box-cutters, all the ruling authorities had to do was facilitate such an "event" bydeliberately turning a blind eye.

There is substantial evidence that they so did, from PNAC hopes to dismissal of warnings.

They hoped for an "event" to justify their ambitions.

Comparison may be made to Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt may not have known exactly where or how effectively Japan would strike. All he had to know/want was to sufficiently provoke Japan.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 15:26 | 4648642 Keyser
Keyser's picture

Someone needs to remove the rose colors spectacles. I would suggest as a starter to watch the film Dr Roberts linked in the article. If you still have questions, then google is your friend. 

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:20 | 4646041 Truther
Truther's picture

Let the $$ fall.... It's the better alternative. Got gold?

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:23 | 4646043 Soul Glow
Soul Glow's picture

So say the Fed?  Or the CIA....

Didn't downvote ya.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:30 | 4646062 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

If our government is left standing, money will be worth whatever they say it is. I have no faith that gold or any other asset is "safe" given the power of force available to our overlords.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:20 | 4646228 daveO
daveO's picture

Local barter is out of their domain.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:16 | 4646343 KickIce
KickIce's picture

Even if money becomes worthless they’ll just promise food and shelter to those deemed necessary for national security.  I will guarantee you that the MIC, Homeland Security, FEMA and the IRS will all be considered high priority.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:28 | 4646837 shovelhead
shovelhead's picture

Black markets always lead to price discovery...

+ risk.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 15:30 | 4648669 Keyser
Keyser's picture

You missed the point. Gold IS money as the basis of wealth throughout the Asian rim. That's 4+ billion people. I think their view of the ancient relic will win out over the western hegemonists. The US government will have little to do with it as they no longer have any gold. Their naked shorting of the PM markets during times of low liquidity shows how desperate they are to preserve the sanctity of the USD by slamming gold. 

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:25 | 4646048 Jack Burton
Jack Burton's picture

Was just having this conversation with a friend today. He wondered what was coming, I told him the end of the dollar as world reserve currency was a real possibility. Then I explained how this status allows the mass money printing, market manipulations and huge import imbalance here in the USA. I explained that the US Government spends twice the yearly tax revenue, and borrows and prints the other half. I told him, Imagine you wake up tomorrow and all government spending is cut in half at a stroke. Food for thought. Russia is under all forms of attack by the west, for some bizzare reason. China has been issued a strong series of threats by Washington on economic, currency and geo political fronts. Iran is threatened with destruction from the air and Syria is also on that same list. Many other threats come out of Washington daily, many aimed at other BRICKS and many at Central and SOuth America's nations. Cuba is on a hit list. Imagine what we could do to all these powers without the spending power of the petro dollar and reserve world currency status. Without that money printing power, we are no longer the world's hyper power. There simply is NOT enough wealth creation inside the American economy to afford half of what we do now. Cut everybodys budget in half, government and personal. A depression the likes of which modern times have never seen.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:31 | 4646068 rsnoble
rsnoble's picture

Cool i'm glad someone else is making an ass out of themselves trying to explain this shit to normal people besides me.

My problem was I started several years ago.  

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:44 | 4646115 Frostfan1
Frostfan1's picture

Timing matters.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:45 | 4646119 Frostfan1
Frostfan1's picture

Or as they say in the hedge fund world, "being early is the same as being wrong"

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:11 | 4646171 LetThemEatRand
LetThemEatRand's picture

Or as they say with a straight face in the hedge fund world, "I've never been that premature before."  

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:22 | 4646232 yellencrash
yellencrash's picture

You're a broken record. 

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:29 | 4646245 daveO
daveO's picture

Doesn't matter. They still don't see it. Most I've talked to are oblivious. I actually have octogenarians next door who have their house mortgaged to the hilt and tried for another loan. The bank was smart enough to turn them down. When they told me this, I was afraid they were going to hit me up. They've lived there 40 yrs and have nothing. They both worked most of those years, too. I've lived here half as long and have mine paid off. Paid it off when things started falling apart in 2008. I might get a bargain, in their house, before it's over.    

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 05:21 | 4646599 HardAssets
HardAssets's picture

Then again, your city might be on the nuke target list and they lived it up for 80 years on borrowed money that theyll never have to pay back.

In times of drastic world change  . . . . tomorrow rarely looks like yesterday.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 07:48 | 4646738 duo
duo's picture

The house next door to mine was empty for 3 years after the octogenerian who lived there died.  His son pretty much paid the taxes on it and let it fall apart.  I was about to give him a low-ball offer, like $90K, for it because it needed $100K worth of work, and then might be worth $200-220K.

Lo and behold the "investors" show up a few months back, pay $240K for the place, are fixing it up with builder grade materials, and hope to get $400K+ for it.  It's on the tax rolls at $140K presently.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:38 | 4646868 fallout11
fallout11's picture

Virtually the same story here. Folks had been there about 3 years, of which they hadn't made payments in a year. Skipped out in the middle of the night and left the place abandoned. VA and then bank finally took it over a year later, and it sat empty for another year afterwards. Good thing strippers didn't notice it. Finally one of the bank's "service" guys, the ones that go around and mow grass at bank owned placed and the like bought it and started fixing it up on the cheap, builder grade materials and own labor (example: do-it-yourself roofing job). I expect to see it on the market again soon.


Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:08 | 4646324 TheReplacement
TheReplacement's picture

Nice to meet someone else who has two heads.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 12:35 | 4647873 Jack Burton
Jack Burton's picture

Agreed, I started in 2007! Waste of bloody time.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:37 | 4646089 nightshiftsucks
nightshiftsucks's picture

Beers on me guys.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:53 | 4646144 Omen IV
Omen IV's picture

Andrew Mellon:

He advised President Herbert Hoover to "liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate farmers, liquidate real estate... it will purge the rottenness out of the system.

The Great Purge is upon us: Obama and all the democrats as well as the republicans must go in the end - all "rotten to the core"

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:07 | 4646323 TheReplacement
TheReplacement's picture


US=Banker Mafia

Russia=FSB Mafia

China=Communist Mafia

Eventually this family will try to rub out that family and you get to where we are now.  Any questions?

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 10:59 | 4647460 vened
vened's picture

FSB Mafia are Russians. Russian president is Russian. Russian Central Bank owned by Russia.

Chinese Communist Mafia are Chinese. Chinese President is Chinese. Chinese Central bank owned by China.

US Banker Mafia are "dual" citizens. US President is Kenyan (with "dual" citizen handlers.) US "Federal" Reserve owned by "dual" citizens.




Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:25 | 4646358 Hobo Sapien
Hobo Sapien's picture

Yes, thank you.<3 me some JB.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:27 | 4646051 Mike in GA
Mike in GA's picture

This man is certifiable. Paul Craig Roberts, I mean.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:27 | 4646057 FieldingMellish
FieldingMellish's picture

Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan... your call.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:41 | 4646105 janus
janus's picture

mike in georgia molests collies.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:06 | 4646317 813kml
813kml's picture

Hmmm, doesn't Michael Vick still live in Georgia?

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:51 | 4646136 CrashisOptimistic
CrashisOptimistic's picture

So it's the end of the dollar, or world war with Russia and China, and in 2014.

So come January 2015 and these events did not occur, what do we say?

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:13 | 4646202 DeadFred
DeadFred's picture

A hypothetical question we won't have to worry about.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:17 | 4646217 FieldingMellish
FieldingMellish's picture

Hope he is wrong, prepare as if he is right.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:34 | 4646374 Serenity Now
Serenity Now's picture


They'll say the timing was off and we're still facing hyperinflation and $5000/oz gold.

I had to do it.  ;)

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 03:54 | 4646556 edotabin
edotabin's picture

Regardless of the price of gold, you know the popcorn will be passed around.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 03:18 | 4646533 RafterManFMJ
RafterManFMJ's picture

Keep stackin'!

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:58 | 4646301 Joe Tierney
Joe Tierney's picture

Yeah, he had my attention until he started ranting about 9/11 being a U.S. government plot. I gotta tell ya, these morons in govt are not nearly intelligent enough to dream up and implement such a plot. They're rank incompetents. PCR makes some good points, but then wanders so far off the reservation that I'm sure he's off his lithium tablets.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 03:23 | 4646537 RafterManFMJ
RafterManFMJ's picture

They dreamt it up and implemented it - poorly. Even with the help of the extremely competent Israelis, the still made a mash of it.

The job was good enough to fool Boobus Amurikanus, but anyone who looks behind the curtain realizes the fraud and the evil.

Watch the film PCR mentions then read 911 by Griffin.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:41 | 4647114 flapdoodle
flapdoodle's picture

Whether Mossad or the CIA or the GCHQ matters not. What matters is that it was a false flag meant to enslave you.


Fri, 04/11/2014 - 15:35 | 4648685 Keyser
Keyser's picture

Google WTC7, do a bit of research, take the red pill, then get back to us. You still have your bizzaro goggles on. 


Fri, 04/11/2014 - 15:38 | 4648698 Keyser
Keyser's picture

As a follow up, you might do a bit of research on how the Rockefellers and Henry Ford contributed to eugenics experiments carried out by Germany prior to WWII. That is if you really want to be pull the lid off of conspiracy theories. Just sayin.



Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:12 | 4646333 Savyindallas
Savyindallas's picture

and you are cerifiably brain dead  -or a troll.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:28 | 4646056 JustObserving
JustObserving's picture

Italians had been informed some years previously about government false flag events when their President revealed the truth about secret Operation Gladio

Francesco Cossiga, Italian President, who revealed the truth about Operation Gladio and resigned for it, also revealed the truth about 9/11:

Former Italian President and the man who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, Francesco Cossiga, has gone public on 9/11, telling Italy’s most respected newspaper that the attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad and that this was common knowledge amongst global intelligence agencies.

Cossiga was elected President of Italian Senate in July 1983 before being winning a landslide 1985 election to become President of the country in 1985.

Cossiga gained respect from opposition parties as one of a rare breed – an honest politician – and led the country for seven years until April 1992.

Cossiga’s tendency to be outspoken upset the Italian political establishment and he was forced to resign after revealing the existence of, and his part in setting up, Operation Gladio – a rogue intelligence network under NATO auspices that carried out bombings across Europe in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:20 | 4646199 Escapedgoat
Escapedgoat's picture

On the same line

the Greek Hoodl......s sorry the Government I mean, is UNDER SEVERE STRESS, because of the Golden Dawn's second in command, has revealed some Unsavoury video clips that are DAMMNING THE PRIME MINISTER SomeAreAss. Well this is calling for  some diversionary  tactics ....

......Well yesterday morning a Car Bomb went off in the middle of Athens, the report said, 75 kilogramms were inside the car.

Not 74 or 76 kilogramms but 75.

Question,  how did they know they were 75 kilos?????  Unless of course it was them that went to that expense.

They were not any fatalities, that is, it was harmless.

The previous "Terrrrrist " act was the Professional "double tap" assasination of 2 young Golden Dawn  SUPPORTERS, not high level ones.

Oh I forget, they let out on a normal leave from prison an old "Terrrrrst" somebody called Xiros (Quite thick in the head, by inteligence standards) and he never went back. Greeks are sarkastic about that saying he is guarded by the "Authorities"  in very comfy environment Also he read on the Internet a declaration to carry on the "Struggle" the problem with that is that  he had problem in reading it for somebody that is supposed to have scripted the declaration (Not trained as well as some Other Teleprompter that we know of.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:38 | 4646867 RaceToTheBottom
RaceToTheBottom's picture

Funny, the Italians aren't the name that comes to mind when you think of the reasonable ones in Europe.  Germany is the one that comes to mind....

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 09:33 | 4647069 Ifigenia
Ifigenia's picture

because they have solution to the problem that infested the whole World?

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:32 | 4646067 BullyBearish
BullyBearish's picture

"This $hit's about to get REAL!"  I've been reading this for 6 years and I'm now believing it.  This is the first time in our history that MOST Americans DON't identify with the upper class.  They now realize that all of the rules, regulations, taxes, fees, militarized police, tasers, pepper spray, FEMA camps. homeland security billion bullets are meant for them, not someone else.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:25 | 4646239 813kml
813kml's picture

Dammit!  I was just getting ready to sit down and write the next Great American Novel.

Oh well, time to see what's new on the porn tubes.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:35 | 4646080 A Lunatic
A Lunatic's picture

Well, something needs to fucking happen; either total tyranny or total freedom. Shit or get off the pot.....

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:21 | 4646229 813kml
813kml's picture

Unfortunately, I think we know the answer.  

One does not assemble the most extensive military apparatus in the history of civilization and not take it for a lap around the track before its free fuel source (the dollar) gets swept into the dustbin of antiquity.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:35 | 4646081 janus
janus's picture

Dr. PCR, rousing stuff!  gave me an appetite!  you just made janus hungry for pancakes...i think i'll have some pancakes, two cigarettes and then return to edit this post with other stuff worth postin.

now, mrs. janus, rustle me up some pancakes...andele arreba!

second thought, maybe i'll let her get her beauty rest and make my own damn pancakes...besides, i'm way better than her with pancakes.  i know how to do em just like i like em...

i like cream in my coffee,



Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:55 | 4646296 kurt
kurt's picture

Bob's Redmill Gluten Free Pancake Mix

One scoop of whey vanilla protein powder

Tablespoon Greek plain yogurt

salt, teaspoon lemon

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

Very hot pan

1 egg, water or milk for consistency

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 01:38 | 4646453 janus
janus's picture

well, it seems we can't edit our posts anymore...i don't know quite how to feel about that.  i'll reserve my opinions until i think this all the way through.

anyway, i'm now more solidly convinced than ever on an even more important subject -- in the realm of sweet-stuff, maple syrup is the undisputed king.  for so many years i thrashed about and ripped my hair out over an insoluble enigma: is syrup God's gift to pancakes, or is it the other way round?  i've now finalized my verdict:  real maple syrup is not only God's gift to pancakes, there is no better tasting sweet-stuff in existence.  janus will brook no contrary opinions on the matter.

i've also given a bit of thought to PCR's post, and precisely how i should go about commenting upon it, and to additionally complement my efforts to its overall intent.  this looks like a job for janus!

buying in and forcing my faith into this economic-recovery meme has consumed the better part of my recent efforts (you bitchez know how pro DC janus is...go team!!!).  and i've therefore resolved to yet again become an entrepreneur...but this time i'm gonna do it right!  no more testing the market place, janus is gonna become a consultant.  there's far more money to be made in telling profitable companies how to run their affairs.  in other words, i'm bringing my skills to market, right over-top the market's the parlance of 'basketball', i'm gonna dunk all over dey asses.

most of you were probably assuming janus would open an ebonics clinic...and so i must congratulate the majority of those reading; yes, i am going to teach the white man how to talk colored.

but, as they say, practice makes perfect and the road to carnagie hall isn't paved with gold bricks.  so i'm gonna brush-up on my jive-talkin...oh, BTW, my services are available for, like, eighty or ninty million a day -- and i wanna be picked up from the airport in a bently, and by a hot babe...(my contract is basically four pages of similar stipulations).

{the following is janus jive-talkin with 'the man' (who now happens to be 'colored'...or negro...or black...or african american...or 'person of defiantly non-white ethnic status'...whatev).  some familiar epithets have been changed to protect the wiltingly sensitive}

janus: you jiggers be trippin.

the man:  how so, janus?

janus:  dis shit be all whack and shit...sheeet. 

the man:  to what shit are you specifically referring, janus?

janus:  dis 9/11 shit...dat's some fucked-up shit.  and the economy and shit; dat shit is offa da fuckin chain.  you white bithez be all, 'i be stealin all you motha fuckah's money and be buyin bermuda and fuckin white tigers and shit...bitchez be-all wrappin dey selves in chinchilla and shit...mutha fuckas be sleepin in dat shit...fuckin chinchilla pajamas and shit'. 

the man: yes, but, what does any of that have to do with 9/11 and the economy?

janus: fuck you, mutha fucker!  ain't you heard a mutha fuckin word i sed?  you mutha fuckin deaf, jigger?  don't make me get up and smack yo' ass, bitch!

the man: janus, here, please, smoke a blunt and 'chill'; as you people put it.

janus: you people?  did i just hear you say, 'you people'?  you mutha fuckin jigger.  now back yo' ass up fore i do it for ya.

{here i yank the blunt outta da man's hand, light it and begin smoking}

janus: it's like dis, mutha fuckahs...i gots three differt' baby-mommas, dey all crazier'n dan shit, they all be jumpin all over my paychecks and shit, child-support and shit, diapers and formula and shit, and these politicians and bankers are blowin shit up and goin to war and shit, and robbin banks with computers and shit, and a jigger can't get no job but washin cars and shit.  fuck dis shit.  dis shit's gots ta go, jiggers.

the man: what do you think needs to be done?

janus: well, lotsa jiggers jus wanna pop a cap in dey asses and be done wid it...i think we should make em into slaves...keep em' on a ankle bracelet -- tasers da jigger-ass if they trys and gets away. 


this is an attempt to let 'the man' know that the people are catching is in no way offensive, and no negative inference can be drawn from it -- so don't even try!  it's true, too...from the least to the greatest, the world is waking up -- the veil is being peeled back.  the people and the powers want two different things.  tensions are spiking.

for Christ's sake, even the italians are catching on...mama mia!

but, don't worry, we'll fix it all in the next election...doubtless.

it's the truth,

it's actual,

everything is satisfactual,



Fri, 04/11/2014 - 04:49 | 4646589 Seer
Seer's picture

Always like this song.

Comments are kind of funny, like this one;

wow. this song was about him cheating. Man to think I made this my wedding song. Guess Im glad I quite drinking.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:54 | 4646933 new game
new game's picture

all natural organic american spirits i presume(bright blue box)...

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 15:53 | 4648760 janus
janus's picture

no, but i'll share something special with you.

the best cigarettes in the WORLD -- bar none, hands down and without a near rival -- are from holland; they are roll-your-own; and you will never again be satisfied with any other poser brand.

Van Nelle Zware (don't bother with the 'half-zware'...that shit is for pussies).

unfortunately, you cannot obtain them in the contintential US...but, there is hope, and it's to be found on the internet:



Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:36 | 4646082 Leaping Lizard
Leaping Lizard's picture

Holy Shit!!!  PCR got a set of brass balls.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:19 | 4646155 JustObserving
JustObserving's picture

Hope he does not commit suicide like investigative reporter Gary Webb, who exposed CIA sales of crack cocaine in California to raise money for the Nicaraguan Contras, by shooting himself twice in the head or like journalist Michael Hastings by driving his Mercedes at high speed into a palm tree and exploding in a ball of fire.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 04:52 | 4646590 Seer
Seer's picture

Would be great to pair up PCR and Ron Paul and help them gain a voice.  But... seems that TPTB have an endless supply of nailguns...

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:57 | 4646944 new game
new game's picture

seer-think, hope and then dispair(reality)...

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 15:41 | 4648707 Keyser
Keyser's picture

You get like that when you're older than dirt. You know you're closer to the end than the beginning and your tolerance for bullshit evaporates. 

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:37 | 4646087 DavidPierre
DavidPierre's picture
9/11 Conspiracy Solved

Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 06:16 | 4646629 The Blank Stare
The Blank Stare's picture



Well DAT sure is topic changer!  Thanks for the link

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:38 | 4646091 holmes
holmes's picture

You had me until the 9/11 drivel.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:43 | 4646111 Wjunk
Wjunk's picture

Almost my exact words. I have dealt with mentally ill people before. The challenge is to be able to separate the lucid useful things they say from the delusions.

Sadly, I am too weak a man for this cosistently. The moment someone starts off on 9-11 drivel, I tune out the other potentially useful stuff they have to say.

Same thing happens once people start mouth-foaming about the Jooooooooooooos. They may be smart in other areas, but in my minds eye, I go "idiot racist" and tune them out.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:48 | 4646128 DavidPierre
DavidPierre's picture

"9-11 drivel ?"


The Litmus Test

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 22:52 | 4646140 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

a bunch of ragheads training on single engine cessna's flew a commercial aircraft, penetrated pentagon aerospace and managed to fly several feet off the ground and hit the pentagon directly and leave zero evidence of a plane.


Fri, 04/11/2014 - 03:38 | 4646549 RafterManFMJ
RafterManFMJ's picture

Some people Fonz simply are not ready or are not capable of seeing.

For me, it's sort of an if A, then B dynamic.

For example:

If the nexus is willing to blow up airliners full of Americans and kill Americans in shopping malls to gin up war fervor against Cuba, then they are capable of dropping 3 skyscrapers and killing thousands to invade MENA.

Operation Northwoods, 911 False Flag.

If A, then B.
Therefore, B.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 05:55 | 4646618 artless
artless's picture

And Fonz gets the prize for comment of the day.

Concise and to the point. I hate to break it to all the deniers but you are all absolute fucking retards if you buy Wash DC's version of the story. I was here. I listened to the mayor on LIVE RADIO say the words "we decided to pull the building" in reference to number 7.

Got it? Wake the fuck up. The Government of the United States of America is the single greatest scourge on humanity on the planet. Period.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:16 | 4646212 Lin S
Lin S's picture

Lick the hand that feeds you, bitch.

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:20 | 4646226 Quus Ant
Quus Ant's picture

All that has happened in the last 13 years and you idiots still can't see what's standing, screaming right in front of you.


Fuck.  Americans.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:20 | 4646352 TheReplacement
TheReplacement's picture

That is the best point about 9-11 so far.  I find the various theories leaving me braindead but the whole body of evidence of character is overwhelming.

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:44 | 4646379 Quus Ant
Quus Ant's picture

My advice, for what it's worth, is to eschew all evidence and theory- some of which was undoubtedly planted to muddy the waters- and watch the video of all three towers falling.  Again.  And Again.  And again.  Until the good lord talks to you.

It is only because the mind has been made supple and receptive to the whims of authority that this is even an issue. 

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