All Major US Equity Indices Are Negative Year-To-Date

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For the first time in over two months, all the major US equity indices are negative year-to-date (as Trannies finally succumb to the selling pressure). Russell and Nasdaq are down 4% YTD.


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Panic on the streets of London.

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But not the 'City of London'........... they're already short.


And anyone who was likely to spill the beans has been dropped from the top of a tall building.



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Just one week ago we were in paradise, now we are in Armageddon. WTF. Pisani doing damage control. Wait for Finkster and Buffett to come on soon saying its a buying opportunity. Cant believe we are panicking over a 3% drop...I cant wait to see when we hit down 30%...there maybe rockets and missiles in the sky.

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you know I did not junk you DS but there has been a large shift inside the market. Yields are collapsing to a point, where if they go much lower, you get a severe disorderly unwind of things.

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thats good dude...i dont mind things going disorderly in the financial markets....its about time already given the disorderly shit (that I try to understand in my brain but cant) that goes on unnoticed in our everyday lives all over the world. I hope you and Doc didnt buy in on the recent drop.

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judging by talking to doc yesterday I'd say we are in similar positions, we both scrambled over to megacap div payers. I have since further scrambled into bonds. I'm making a partial bet that we end up going JGB over here.

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you know theres a flight to safety when the XLU is up big (10%) this year...but somehow something (like u said) shifted last week though J-bitch tried her best to paint a rosy picture.

oh look, I went to take a quick shit and the NAS went from down 33 to almost unchanged in less than 5 minutes..fuckin markets

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yeah i saw but this is a sell the rip market until further notice.

the best part about these megacaps is the assertion by talking heads that they are undervalued. hysterical.

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i think the straw on the camel back is HFT. i'm in a casino and find out the dice are loaded. i already willingfully entered knowing the odds are against me. i now leave and find a new venue to express my human weakness...

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It's frontrunning the impending lack of POMO, unless that changes.

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With leverage in this 'market', 3% is a good reason to panic.

The FedRes has a bigger problem in defending the petro dollar,than giving a toss aboout

the stawk market.

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Yup. I agree WC..i was being sarcastic but with a 33x leverage, maybe its 3% drop in a day that worries the Fed...not a big drop over a few days....maybe because the Fed will always backstop the bank with capital or there will be repos done at the end of the day?

However, this drop does feel a bit disorderly than others we have witnessed over the past few years.

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The Fed Res PPT have made their choice.

Defend the dollar and f-ck stawks.

Watch out below.

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Indices are sooooo yestercentury.  Who needs indices when you have hope and an EBT?

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they are doing all they can now to bring the market positive today.



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nasdaq opened down 45, now down 15.


cant let friday end red

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We end green across the board.  

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They are trying for a controlled demolition where the insiders get to sell their shares off to the Fed for printed dollars. Individuals are left wealty and all the crap is contained in corporations. The Fed is the bagholder this time and the Fed heads all think they inhabit the mother of all TBTF institutions.

If the institution that prints the dollar is insolvent, then it must be saved right?

Everything is fake, other than the .1%'s dollar denominated wealth. If it looks like the dollar is going to tank, it will be defended and stocks will be sacrificed, until the .1% maneuver their "wealth" into something else.

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Masochists... Masochists everywhere...

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Aaaaaand we're green!

Go figure!

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  The PPI just put in a huge beat...That should encourage spenders to run out and buy things. NOT! Keep killing the usd Yellen. When the serfs can't feed themselves TSHTF.

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The markets were making a push for even after the collapse at the open. But that was short lived. Whoever was intervening couldn't keep it going. Hopefully Janet is by her phone. It should start ringing wtih panicky people on the other end.

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Haven't most of the "Smart Money" and exceutive money managers already moved to the sidelines (beyond just shorting positions), all the while still shouting buy-buy-buy to the muppets? Seems like there was a ZH thread a while back on this or am i mistaken?  If thats the case isn't that rather telling?