Guest Post: Real Americans Are Ready To Snap

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog,

Despite popular belief, every culture of every nation draws a line in the sand against government tyranny. The problem is, many draw this line so close to total defeat that it rarely matters. For the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto, for instance, it wasn't until the Germans had already herded millions onto railroad cars destined for death camps and cornered the rest into dilapidated central housing that the ZOB resistance was formed, only to be wiped out a month later. Perhaps hindsight is 20/20, but clearly too many freedom movements throughout history waited too long to respond to the trespasses of oligarchs.

The Founding Fathers frequently struggled with the proper measure of resistance. Many colonials wanted vengeance on the British after the Boston Massacre in March of 1770, but patriots knew that the timing was not right. The battle to rally citizens to the cause and to educate the masses as much as possible on the facts took precedence over the desire to enter conflict. The Founders endured five more years of British government criminality until nearly 80 farmers and militiamen stood outnumbered on Lexington Green on April 19th, 1775 to confront an army of 700 British regulars on a mission to capture rebel leaders and destroy weapons caches. No one knew at the time that the war would be sparked that day, but everyone knew that a fight was inevitable and near.

I believe the same feeling hangs in the air of modern America for REAL Americans, and by “real”, I mean those who actually support and defend the constitutional values and principles that lay at the foundation of our society. We sense that something is coming; a great change, or an unstoppable reckoning.

The question of when to strike back is pivotal to any resistance movement. Turn to violence too soon or without proper cause in the eyes of the public, and the rebellion may lose the moral high ground and the support of the populace. Wait too long, and the totalitarian hordes may be too far entrenched, forcing the rebellion to fight from a position of strategic weakness.

There are those who might argue that America crossed the “red line” long ago and now our society is simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic while arguing over futile semantics. In certain respects, I can see their point. The U.S. political system is utterly lost. Anyone who still has faith in the Left/Right paradigm after two terms of George W. Bush and nearly two terms of Barack Obama is either insane, or mentally challenged. It should be obvious to Republicans and Democrats alike that our government does NOT represent the average man, and our election process is a sham. Democrats in particular should be equally furious and ashamed as the candidate they blindly worshiped to the point of cultism has now forsaken every value they thought he represented.

The legal apparatus of the U.S. is also beyond repair. Those in the mainstream who argue that grievances with government should be addressed by the courts instead of independent action obviously have not considered that the courts continuously uphold and defend legislation like that contained within the NDAA, which allows for rendition, torture, and even assassination of American citizens without trial or due process. And where are the prosecutions of Constitutional violations by the NSA? Why aren't men like James Clapper in prison for lying directly to Congress. Why hasn't Eric Holder been slapped in irons for his involvement with “Fast and Furious”? And what about the international financiers who back these politicians? How many of them have been prosecuted for their involvement in the toxic derivatives scandals that are destroying our economy to this day?

No, we lost the courts a long time ago. They will do nothing to save this country. But is the fight already over? I think not.

Nihilism is tempting for those people who are lazy and frightened and looking for a philosophical excuse to run away from making a stand. Claiming the fight is lost before it has truly begun is a longstanding tradition amongst millions upon millions of cowards through history. Every freedom fighter in every great revolution for liberty has heard the same arguments that we hear today – “It's too late to change things. The enemy is too powerful and you will be crushed. The nail that sticks up will eventually be hammered down. Your movement is a minority on the fringe and no one will support you. None of you have the guts to really follow through...”

While there is certainly much to despair in the state of our nation, I find the notion that Americans will do nothing in response misplaced and ignorant. From what I have observed, it is not a question of “if” citizens snap, but when.

With objective eyes one could easily see it during the last attempts by the federal government to pass anti-gun legislation that would have led to confiscation. Pro-2nd Amendment protests erupted all over the country (though the MSM mostly ignored them) with participants far outnumbering the miniscule groups in support of gun control. The sentiment amongst millions of gun owners and millions of Liberty Movement proponents was that we were not going to allow government enforcement of new gun laws. Period. If that meant we had to start using those same guns to put an end to government, then that was exactly what we would do. The feds, of course, buckled.

Rather than take the more dangerous and unifying direct route of federal legislation, gun grabbers have shifted strategies, isolating and targeting specific states they believe will be more pliable and easier to conquer. Connecticut and parts of New York, however, have shown that even people in the most socialist of states have no intention of complying with gun registration or confiscation. In Connecticut, only 38,000 high capacity magazines were registered according to the new gun laws, while approximately 2.4 million purchased through retail remain unaccounted for. Only 50,000 “assault weapons” were registered, while at least 300,000 remain unaccounted for. A sizable number of police are also refusing to enforce registration measures (some out of constitutional loyalty, and some out of a desire for self preservation), causing the state of Connecticut to back off of its hard line rhetoric.

I can say with full confidence that the conditions within Connecticut alone would lead to an open shooting war if officials actually attempt to enforce registration and confiscation. If Safe Act-style legislation or executive orders are ever enforced at a national level, I have no doubt revolution would follow.

The latest hotbed I have witnessed is the Bureau of Land Management attack on a cattle farmer in Clark County, Nevada owned by Cliven Bundy. The BLM has so far stolen over 500 cattle from Bundy on the grounds that the federal government owns the land his family has been using for grazing pasture for generations. The confiscation was implemented under the auspices of “protection for endangered species”. The species in this instance being a desert tortoise.

The methods used by the BLM resemble a militant raid, with hundreds of agents, helicopters, and even snipers at their disposal. Adding insult to injury and making the issue a national concern, the feds have also staged “First Amendment Zones” miles away from their activities to keep protestors away.

This may seem like a minor event, a tiff over cattle grazing or possibly property rights, but there is much more going on here.

Tyranny leaves lasting scars, and each tyrannical act results in an accumulation of wounds on the public psyche that do not heal. In the end, a single event can become a trigger to unleash a torrent of rage pent up in a population for years or decades. The fight for Cliven Bundy's farm has the potential to become such a trigger.

So far, federal abuses have been primarily toward Bundy's cattle, with confiscation ongoing and suspicions that a number of the cows are being killed. Here, protestors try to stop a truck from leaving the area which they believed might be carrying dead animals. Agents respond with dogs and tasers.

However, I believe that if this situation escalates into a Waco or Ruby Ridge brand of event, not only Liberty Movement residents of Nevada, but Liberty Movement champions across the nation will indeed finally throw down the gauntlet. What does that mean? It means they are going to start shooting.  Opposing groups can debate whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but the reality is that one way or another, it is going to happen.

Discussions within the movement are far from apathetic. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of eyes are watching every move of the BLM right now, and they should be taking this fact very seriously.

The naysayers will claim that we don't have the will to take action. They are welcome to think whatever they like. But mark my words, Constitutionally minded Americans are not going to stand by and watch another massacre, nor a loss of gun rights, nor will we be entertaining violations of our freedoms for much longer. This society is on the edge of something. It's kinetic, or electric. It is not yet quite visible but it is there, reverberating in the atmosphere. My suggestion to our federal bureaucracy would be to do what they did during the gun debate, and quickly back away.

Of course, we all know they won't.

Do the elites want to stir up insurgency in order to give pretense for a larger crackdown? They very well might. But it is transparent in the way they try to mitigate dissent and offer placation that they do not want a rebellion larger than they can manage. I think it is far too late for that. I think they've pissed off too many people, instead of just enough people. I think that though most pretend-Americans will do nothing but watch in horror or hide in their hovels, the size of resistance to the tides of despotism is growing far beyond common realizations. And, when this resistance erupts, it will shock even those who fully expect it.

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Gankfest's picture

All I can do is grab some popcorn and just wait... -_-

Pladizow's picture

As long as there are cheese burgers and tv, there will be no American revolution.

Slave's picture

Everybody who bashes those lazy, fat, stupid rednecks is going to be in for one hell of a surprise.

freewolf7's picture

How'd they do it in Iceland?

Abi Normal's picture

Who cares what Iceland did, can't do that here.  In the end of this standoff will be more bloodshed and tears!  The Fed does need to back off here, and elsewhere, or else, pretty soon we won't HAVE any cattle or any land to grow things on.  With Agenda 21 it is the water, check....all bases now covered.


This and many other stories sickens me to my stomach, I feel it in my bones, things are about to get fugly!

Abi Normal's picture

Hey Fonz, that is fvked up...I am hearing more and more stories of 8-9 year olds being arrested, under the zero tolerance rules...that is retarded!!!

Soul Glow's picture

How about a post without a damn youtube clip.  How about someone puts together how shit's going down.  


Yes that's right, even when stocks are about to crash you can't hold dollars.  What the fuck do you hold?  Gold, uhm, silver, uhm, I don't know, beans, rice, have a garden, learn how to be sociable.

Being a good person will define you post collapse.  You won't be able to hold a job if you don't have friends.  Everyone has a skill but if you are an asshole no one will hire you.  No one will do business with you.  Work on your soul and you will be fine - or hold an insane amount of gold.

Gold bitchez.

FredFlintstone's picture

Asshole thugs will rule post collapse. This unfortunate, but it is what will happen IMO.

Soul Glow's picture

You're wrong.  When the dollar collapses the government will lose all sway.  The USA - the media that is - has been make believing that oil is on the rebound; it's not.  The US has food and water, but not oil.  Russia has the oil.  I mean, we could tap the Rockies - look for that to be the GOP rally call 2020 - YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

Tap the Rockies!

- Sara Palin, said like a 50 year old cheerleader with boobs sagging from here [hands raised]

Or we could buy silver crash the financial system....anyway, resources are in play.  The world is a geometric dome.  We all need each other.  The rich ain't got shit but paper and some god foresaken court rulings.

When we stand up and put our sights on some ass hole frat boy rich rids who tell us they have paper that says blah blah they will get crossed in the dome.  Get ready for war bitchez.

SilverIsKing's picture

What I don't understand is why are the protesters/militias going to Bundy's ranch which will not get the desired results and not going to the home of the guy calling the shots here for the BLM?

I would think that if crowds of protesters were showing up at his doorstep, he'd be more likely to change his mind on things.

If screwing Bundy is so important to him, something even more important to him must be used to change his behavior.

He's got no skin in the game. Make him put some skin in the game and see if this is all worth it to him.

GetZeeGold's picture





That Pop-tart looks like a gun.


You're under arrest!


Always eat your Pop-tart in a grid like avoid suspicion.

fedupwhiteguy's picture

SIK, I've been preaching along the same lines. Since the PTB are always behind every agitation, I say that you do an end-run around the lowly cop and fed enforcer and target higher up the corporate ladder Bitchez!!!!

PT's picture

His family has been there for 140 years?  I thought you got squatters rights after seven years.




Or at least give squatters rights to the cows.  They've been there for how many generations?

Can you get the cows listed as an "endangered" species?  Surely there's some biologist out there who can claim their DNA is "unique" ...

If the cows are taken, get the ASPCA to keep an eye on them.


On second thought, I'm quite sure others will have better ideas. 

newdoobie's picture

China wants its solar farm so get them cattle out!

newdoobie's picture

Neil Kornze (sp?) is the acting National director of the BLM (I think)

No idea who is running the CO state division.

Philalethian's picture

"Tap the Rockies!"

Ohhhh noooo they won't!

Weza gotz the High Grounds and weza gonna holds those High Grounds. Fer eva.

Come and get it Yankee!

The nation of lace waring men is gonna learn there is a difference between ranch folks, and massholes. You just don't want to mess around with a bunch of already pissed off cowboys gathered in a circle of wagons. The next thing ya know, the bikers and militias are going to join the cowboys and then the game is afoot.

Even now the second line of militias are being formed to be back up forces from the flatlands of Oklahoma across the top of the Rockies, and down on to the Nevada deserts, men are honing the hardware.

FredFlintstone's picture

When the Soviet Union collapsed the thugs took over precisely because the government lost control. You prove my point by wanting to kill a frat boy when the popo is not there keeping order.

HardAssets's picture

What people don't get . . . heck, maybe they'll never get it . . . is that ultimately the people are in control.


Its like in that Ant movie that came out a few years back where the bad guy says (paraphrase) 'we're out numbered a hundred to one, and if they ever figure that out, our way of life is over'.

Like in any Ponzi scheme - - - the point is reached where confidence in the con game collapses. That can be confidence in a fiat currency, or in the legitimacy of a ruling government which is finally recognized as corrupt and directed by tyrants. This is inevitable as the corruption builds to the point that a blind man can see it. The criminal psychopath control freaks 'in charge' can't help themselves.  - - - It took the Russians in the USSR 70 years to finally see it. It has been going at least 100 years in the USA.

This change in thought starts with a few people, but spreads like wildfire. Given the innate human desire for Freedom, those 'brushfires of the mind cannot be extinguished.

Here's just one example of resistance - but there are many like it:

PrecipiceWatching's picture

Ignorant racist, class warfare pig  (slow glow) has nothing but low IQ hate.

neidermeyer's picture

I'm making a list and checking it twice , gonna find out who's naughty or nice....

Mad Muppet's picture







Asshole thugs will rule post collapse. This unfortunate, but it is what will happen IMO.



I have a nice selection of .300 Win-Mags. Asshole thugs will be in very short supply in my neighborhood.

Yen Cross's picture

 How's this for "inference", soul glo, or what ever/

  You wake-up one morning and realize your life has changed. (drastically)

   How do you contact your family? Where do you meet?

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

Yeah, I saw that this morning too. But to a certain extent, it's what you get when you entrust your kid to the government for their education. I know a lot of folks can't afford to send their kids to private schools or to stay home and homeschool them, but it is time for parents who care to face the reality that the government now acts illegally and is no longer dedicated to protecting the rights of the individual.

I saw a signature on a gun forum last night that nailed the current situation, and I quote...

"America is in a awkward situation. It's too late to fix things from within the system and too early to shoot the bastards."

I loved it. SHAZZAM!

GetZeeGold's picture



Word up.....they've got to shoot first.


The suspense is killing me.

HardAssets's picture

@Theosebes Goodfellow - this link speaks to what you mentioned about education and is so good that I'll post it again.


jerry_theking_lawler's picture

That is just it..they could afford to go to private school if you could 'withdraw' you money (aka voucher)....I don't have kids, but when I tell my friends that do have kids in school how much the .gov spends per year per child they give me a blank stare and utter in disbelief...when I share the links, their jaws drop and I can tell they are pissed....why? because the amount they spend would cover all costs of private school plus about 20% even if .gov took the 20% as an 'administrative fee' and passed the other amount on to parents to make their own choices, it would be plenty to pay for a much better education. THE. SYSTEM. IS. RIGGED.

Dig around, the facts are out there.....and they are ugly. *And this is only one example of many of .gov waste, control, corruption*

No Quarter's picture

The Private schools (many of them anyway) are just as bad but cost more. Same BS mind control.. Most are staffed by the same socialist/Moar govertment-will-fix-our-problems  leaning teachers. My wifes folks teach at a very affluent high school and they seem seem to fit that mold. 

HardAssets's picture

@ No Quarter - - - yep, 'private' doesn't guarantee quality and it doesn't take lots of money for quality either.

Pass this on to your wife's folks (though many 'teachers' seem to refuse to read it, since it makes them question everything)

The Underground History of American Education -





FredFlintstone's picture

Affluent school district is not equivalent to a private school at all. Public schools are virtually all run by statists even your upscale, corporate enclaves. Private schools religious or not serve the parents and children. I have had my 4 children in the affluent public as well as private religious and non-religious. No statists in the 3 private schools attended. if they were they kept it strictly to themselves.

LetThemEatRand's picture

It's not illegal to record when there is no expectation of privacy.  So the kid got arrested for violating a fake law, and convicted of a lesser non-crime in exchange for not being charged with a non-existent greater offense.  The power of government and an uneducated public.

fonzannoon's picture

I can't speak to what the law says but if my kid was getting bullied  and videotaped it and gave it to the principal and he ended up getting arrested I would follow the due process of the law. Several weeks later I would find the principal somewhere and some stuff would happen

Overfed's picture

I'd have a hard time not just going right over his desk and beating him to a pulp. My wife won't let me go with her to the school any more.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

Sorry, fonz and Overfed. But this is Fight Club. And this is what happens inside the principal's office:

Then all of a sudden you can afford to send your kid to the best private schools.

new game's picture

the school my son went to wanted to put him on drugs for being overactive and disruptive in school.

I listened to there b.s. and pulled him out and homeschooled him for a year. best year, phy ed was the new subject matter. throwing footballs, baseballs ect. some math, little english and walla, no over active kid-haha. i asked the ed heads how much time to burn off some steam-20 minutes after lunch, no phy ed??? school system has failed. any wonder what is wrong. right before our eyes and million complying openly and wantingly....adhd is a symtome of making an ordinary human do stir crazy. not to mention sugar in our diet in massive quantities. so many in your face problems with majority clueless to cause effect. what is wrong with me?:)

PT's picture

When the cat's away, the mice will play.

When mum and dad are both too busy working and struggling to pay off the mortgage, the govt, schools, the telebision etc will play.

Reclaim your family.  Reclaim your neighbourhood.  Reclaim your community.  Find a way to insulate yourselves from the selfish thieves who live thousands of miles away.

Pumpkin's picture

The revolution is knowlege.  The government alienates inalienable rights using the color of law.  Common law against these fuckers puts them at the end of a rope.  No appeals.  Straight from the court to the gallows.  Common law is the revolution we need.  It has been replaced by the 'will of the legislature', you know the 'fuck your rights and give me your property movement.'

logicalman's picture

In Iceland they surrounded the homes of politicians and banged pots and pans through the night.

Doesn't seem like it takes too much to scare the pols.

Imagine if they'd all been carrying.

HardAssets's picture

@ Abi Normal - - - How do you know that you can't do what Iceland did, if you don't know what that was ?

For one thing . . . they said the bankster fraud debts weren't theirs and they weren't going to pay it.

Might that not be something to explore ?

Abi Normal's picture

I hear you hardassets, but I do know what happened in Iceland, and it was done well, good for them.  Here, you will have arrests right away, and that is why it would not happen here.  We live in a police state, and the connected will be protected at all costs, don't ya know.

Not that I would not support taking the "fight" so to speak, to their doorsteps; just won't do a thing, is all.

HardAssets's picture

@ Abi Normal - - - I hear you man. But sometimes it seems that defeatism is a tool that 'they' use against us and a trap in which we fall.

They don't always win - - - here's the latest on the Nevada rancher stand-off. The BLM is pulling out.  Ya gotta wonder if they want it to go away after it was recently discovered that Harry Reid (or at least family members of his) may be involved in a secret land deal to sell Bundy's land to a Chinese solar energy company for below market price (undoubtedly somebody was getting a big pay day):


Is the mainstream 'media' reporting about the China deal ?

One thing they absolutely don't want is for the American people to figure out that the whole evil system in corrupt from top to bottom. When that meme gets out there, they are toast.

markpower49's picture

The US will become a 3000-mile wide Bosnia, and I will love to see it.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

Then cut to the chase, asshat, and just move your sorry-ass to Bosnia today. The US will most certainly benefit from it.

BobRocket's picture



It was easy, there are only half a million of them and everyone has a relative in the government (they are all inter-related). The Government of Iceland IS the Icelandic people, the government doesn't serve the people, the government is the people.


The reason the Nazis could get away with ghettoing a subset of the inhabitants of Germany is because the victimised peoples were a readily identifiable minority (hardly any blacks/muslims in Germany in the 30's) that could be scapegoated without risk.


Given the current and future demographics of the US it would appear that whitey boy is the perfect target, proven misdemeanors in the past, disunited, elitist and superior in outlook, holds lucrative and profitable assets that could be liberated to buy favours.


Ordinary white working class Americans will be sold down the river to appease the radical upsurgents from the newly empowered ethnics.


The Wasps in power will sell your sister into the sextrade (along with your younger brother) to maintain their hegemony until their position becomes untenable (nothing left that they don't own to sell) and then they will exit with what rihes they can carry whilst ordering the staybehinds to implement scorched earth.


Your leaders are tyrants (all leaders are), they will throw your children out of the lifeboat to make room for themselves.


And the the reason they can behave like this ?, you give them the authority to do so.


So how do you stop them ? simple, don't give them the authority.


YOU give others the authority to act in your name.


It is YOUR fault that the tyrant exists, You put him there.


TAKE responsibility.




Disenchanted's picture

That "subset of the inhabitants of Germany" had already 'ghettoized' themselves(under the counsel of their leaders) long before the Nazis came around. Read up on their real history.




The ghetto was not something inflicted on the Jews by the Gentiles. It was the logical product of the Talmudic Law, and derived directly from the experiment in Babylon. Dr. Kastein describes the Talmud as “the home” which the Jews took everywhere with them. However, for physical life they also needed four walls and a roof. The Talmud itself decreed that the Gentiles were not “neighbours” and that a Jew might not sell landed property adjoining that of a Jew to a Gentile. The express object of such provisions as these was the segregation of Jews from others and their isolation in ghettoes.



The first ghetto was that which the Babylonian rulers allowed the Levites to set up in Babylon. The next was the Jerusalem around which Nehemiah, backed by the Persian king's soldiers, built new walls, wherefrom he drove out all non-Judahites. From those models the European ghetto took its shape. This institution is probably the most onerous part of the modern Jew's spiritual inheritance:



“The ghetto, friend, the ghetto, where all hopes at birth decay.”



Jews who never saw a ghetto carry a half-conscious memory of it within them like a haunting fear, yet it was essentially a Talmudist conception, to which their ancestors surrendered. It was the perfect means of corralling a scattered congregation, imprisoning people's minds, and wielding power over them.



The demand for a ghetto often came from the Talmudists (that is to say, outside Poland, where all Jewish life, of course, was ghetto-life). The modern suggestion that the ghetto signified inferiority is part of the legend of “persecution,” which is chiefly meant to intimidate Jews, so that they shall always fear to venture outside the fold; today's myth of “antisemitism” is intended to produce the same effect on them.



In ancient Alexandria (the New York of its day) and in medieval Cairo and Cordova the Jewish quarters were established at the insistence of the rabbis, intent on keeping their flock isolated from others. In 1084 the Jews of Speyer petitioned the ruling German prince to set up a ghetto; in 1412, at Jewish request, a ghetto law was enacted throughout Portugal. The erection of the ghetto walls in Verona and Mantua was for centuries celebrated annually by the Jews there in a festival of victory (Purim). The ghettoes of Russia and Poland were an essential and integral part of theTalmudic organization and any attempt to abolish them would have been denounced as persecution.


25or6to4's picture

Icelandic people are highly educated and engaged in public affairs, politics , ect. In other words, forget about that solution here.