Obama Announces Kathleen Sebelius Resignation

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... Because the sheer success of Obamacare was too great for her to handle.

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What a fucking waste of time.

This is his legacy that will get chopped up and cost more $$$ to destroy.

Fuck him and the seabeast

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Obviously the answer is MORE GOVERNMENT!  Just kidding libtards/RINOs/Statists.  Your system built upon force, theft, and coercion will never last. 

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More worthless Obama drama and inane antics, The Kommie Keystone Kops in full retard mode.

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It's amazing what you can achieve when you make something mandatory and fine people if they don't do it and keep extending the deadline for months. It's like a Cinderella story. - Jimmy Fallon



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The goal of the ACA and all other government efforts is consolidation of wealth and control to one central power.  From this perspective, government has been VERY successful over the last 100 years.  

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This is the truth.   Screw if it "works", puts one more person on health insurance, pays on a medical bill.   Smoke and mirrors, they don't care, why should you?. 

The program was to move control of 1/6th of the economy under the thumb of D.C.   Mission accomplished bitches.

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An Israeli doctor says: "In Israel, medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man's testicles, put them onanother man and in 6 weeks, he is looking for work".   The German doctor says: "that's nothing, in Germany we take part of a brain, put it in another man, and in 4 weeks he is looking for work".
The Russian doctor says: "gentlemen, we take half a heart from a man, put it in another's chest and in 2 weeks he is looking for work".
The United States doctor laughs: "You all are behind us. Five years ago, we took a man with no brains, no heart and no balls and made him President. Now, the whole country is looking for work!"
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I see three ugly bitches

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She's got a new position under Hillary Clinton......

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Nobody should have to suffer that fate.

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True, but 330,000,000 probably will. 

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That image makes me want to tear my eyes out!!

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I couldn't help but take notice, and many of you all may have also, it seems like an over abundance of women appearing in gov. positions ,,, in the State Dept., aside from Kerry, in all the televised press briefings, it was all women

I know very well that Males are and have been under attack, and any parent of a school age boy should know or research the feminization on US/UK Males. You can start by rsearching these:

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After the fem revolution of the 60s, men just said "F- it" and decided it was easier to drink beer and watch porn.

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Sacred Feminine - Look it up, it might just open your eyes a bit farther.

There be no shelter here


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Actually very much so. These people have counterfeited the sacred feminine, taking female virtues and perverted them until the women we're presented as role models look like men, talk like men, and exhibit the very worst qualities of men. Not to say a lady can't be a tomboy or a lesbian or whatever she wants, but when they parade a bunch of axe wounds around to promote mass murder, it's a gross perversion of the sacred feminine as well as general human virtue.

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Isaiah 3: 12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

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Why do so many ZHers see through the economic and political shit but fail completely to see through the religion shit? Dude, this religious crap was constantly edited, reedited, rereedited, and reintepreted to fit whatever the ruling class needed from the proles that day. There's a reason the Bible tells slaves to obey their masters; there's a reason women are treated as property through the Old Testament. The Hebrew-Roman axis founded by Emperor Constantine was the O.G. New World Order.


The religion shit is a lie too man! I'm not saying there's no God, I'm saying a bunch of knuckle-dragging nomadic ape-men didn't have a monopoly on the divine presence in our universe.

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I've wondered that too, many times. How otherwise seemingly highly intelligent people are able to see through the lies and bullshit that permeate our society, yet still believe what the bible says. There is some magical sky fairy that hovers around occasionally granting wishes.... All in how you were raised I guess. Religion is like crack. Get them hooked early they are addicted for life. Religion is a means through which rich men send mostly poor men to die, by convincing them they are fighting for their idea of god. I have been to a couple catholic ceremonies, had to for my wife, mainly for her family, and that shit creeps me out big time. No child of mine will ever be left alone with a member of the catholic clergy. That being said, the religion of statism that has infected at least 95% of the population is much more dangerous than any other one in my opinion.

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It's the same tendency in human nature that worships the state and that worships "big religion".  Following the herd is clearly a valid survival/breeding strategy, because the vast majority of humans work with the herd mentality.  And let's face it, the herd animal that tries to move against the group is going to get trampled 95% of the time.  Is it rational?  No.  Is it reality, absolutely.  Accept that humans have always had this tendency and that it is part of our collective DNA and the world we live in makes perfect sense.  Assuming the world is at some point in the future made unfit for human habitation through our actions, that destruction will be a direct consequence of this herd behavior.  Depressing, but logical.

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FYI - a lot changed with the new covenant...

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Or perhaps through some very real experiences some people have been able to confirm the truthfulness of some eternal principles.

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so just who believes all this horseshit he's shoveling?

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You'd be suprised how many people eat that shit up.

The FSA fo sho

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Who believes all this stuff from Obama? My Liberal friends do! One just recently told me that Obamacare, which he was very upset that it was being called Obamacare because somehow it was Bush's idea ( I kid you not on this bizarre twisted logic), was actually the best for us. And didn't Social Security and Medicare and all the other government programs have slow starts too? And they turned out fine and are working successfully today. I may criticize Obamacare now, but my Liberal friends say that it will work out great soon. And besides, Republicans hate children and Bush is an idiot. And most of all...

Because Obama!

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Obama's hasn't accomplished a single thing on behalf of the American people and the US Constitution.  His list of accomplishments on behalf of the globalist bankers/corporations/social engineers/MIC/etc. is quite long. 

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"Oh sweet Jesus how long is he going to blather on? 

Just get me the hell out of here, I have a plane to catch!"

Not enough notice to gather a wall of idiots behind him I guess.

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Lies and spin. I'm so dizzy.

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So Obozo replaces one pissed off progressive cunt with another one. Yea, that would be par for the course.

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The Queen's hoe has gotz to go!



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The look on her face says "get me the fuck away from here".

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out with the old , in with the old

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What a great pick! This chick has a long record of campaigning and OMB show-up-to-work jobs. No health or science knowledge or background. Sounds perfect. It is not what you know but who you know in this crony facist system.

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The players may have changed, but the song remains the same.

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I'm surprised 0bama didn't give a "shout out" to her and then culminate the announcement with fist-bumping. 

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Hey Zero. Knowing you enjoy the bath houses I'm sure that you and Reggie will be pleased with the fact that scientists can now grow you a vagina:

In Medical First, Scientists Implant Lab-Grown Vaginas in Humans



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It is amazing how well dressed these clowns are.

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Bread and circuses are best administered by clowns

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+1 for you, for teaching me what 'bread and circuses' means.  I have seen the phrase often, but didn't look it up until now.  It's quite apropos regarding the FSA especially.

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Is falling on a sword covered by Obamacare?


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Too bad Sebelius is resigning. As Cruella DeVille she was the perfect poster child for ØbamaKare.

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Where's the human props for the background?

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WTF?!  Come in from tending to the farm critter to see spewing bs and a casino that is floating back up.

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Is it me or is Zero looking a little Michael Jacksonish today?

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Hang her outside on a street lamp...thanks.