Peak "Hope"

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The gap between current Q1 reality and forward-looking, hope-stuffed, unicorn-tear-fueled expectations for US economic growth has reached a new peak of Keynesian 'faith'. This week saw "economists" downgrade Q1 GDP expectations once again to a mere 1.6% growth (from 2.6% in January) - meaning that cold weather is responsible for a 46% collapse in US economic growth expectation. As the chart below 'hints' at, it appears we have reached "peak hope."



h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

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LetThemEatRand's picture

And the "growth" is the result of massive fudging of numbers to boot.  It's like measuring penis size from the back of the anus.  And speaking of Yellen....

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Well it's never been cold before so why shouldn't the weather fuck it up?

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Not all the people in all the world had it colder than normal for a winter, nor even across the entire United States for that matter.
The weather excuse is another fucking joke about temporary transient factors injuring the robust forecasts...
Been goin' on for 8+ years.
It is not temporary, transient, etc...
It is what it is and it 's very poor dislocated sub par growth, period.

And nothings being done to reverse course, unwind the policies imposed over that time which have made things worse, not better.

Regardless of the temperatures out there, its gonna stay really really cold....

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but there is hope and a hero..

it's a shame he is not black.


What?? Like you want to label truth as racsism?


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Heating bills in most of the U.S. were INSANE this winter - up 300% from last year - any disposable income went straight to the oil and propane companies.

db51's picture

What?   You're not supposed to measure it from the back of the anus?   Damn.....That 10 just went to 2 so fast it made my head spin.  How do I break the news to the wife?

Winston Churchill's picture

I refuse to use mine as a yardstick. I'm not cutting it in half for anyone.

CrashisOptimistic's picture


Remember . . . last July 0.6% was added to GDP via film libraries.

Mr Pink's picture

Just listen to this slimy son of a bitch

Now he is even getting cocky about his bc

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Since official US inflation is at least 3% lower than real inflation, US real GDP has been 3% lower than the official GDP for at least the last generation per Shadowstats.

Welcome to the recession that has been your constant companion since at least 2008.

nmewn's picture

Q: Who the fuck (in the real world) gets to keep their job by consistently missing targets by 50%?

A: Economists, academics & politicians.


Yen Cross's picture

  I guess that "altruism", Incest is best, is alive and well in D.C. nmewn?

nmewn's picture

There is no doubt Yen.

But of course, their definition of altruism is completely different from ours...they confine it to themselves, all in one small, elitist clique.

Yen Cross's picture

  Bohemian Groves.  nmewn our day is coming.

nmewn's picture

Yes, it is...seemingly pretty fast, for those unprepared.

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Economists are the easiest people in the world to rile up because theyre useless and usually wrong, and they know it, and easily get defensive. Easy Al, Copter Ben and Yellen? THOSE breed of economists operate under a different paradigm, along with the elitest of the elite bankers. They are stone cold and non emotional because they stand to profit no matter what happens to a countries economy.

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Hope & change Bitchez!

db51's picture

Just wait until they discover those Corn, Soybean and Wheat Carry Over numbers are Unicorn Ass Shooting Skittles and Rainbows.   That EBT card ain't gonna buy much down at the Save-A-Lot.

SnobGobbler's picture

sav-a-lot "steak" is like how they scrape the lining off the stomach and sell it as "suet" trust me, the one near my don't-givà-fuck-about-cottage sells cow at a premium compared to the grocer. pretty sad the people line up fer the shit,

icanhasbailout's picture

Coming soon: peak change

fonzannoon's picture

Hew Fwiw I was blabbing about this on the bitcoin thread. I actually watched this as it happened. It made me fucking cringe. You guys gotta check this out. This putz blew a million dollars and apparently a car.

Yen Cross's picture

 Fonz?  As a friend/<> Are you sure you're not still suffering from "Sandi Syndrome?"

  Free houses and free food for the "degenerates" have been known to encite "NORMAL" human dissonance.

fonzannoon's picture

I'm suffering from a lot more than that.

Yen Cross's picture

 Apparently I've inherited your (junkster) "remora" Fonz.

LetThemEatRand's picture

The junkster remora junked the shark.  Or is that jumped?  I don't know, Babs.  

Yen Cross's picture

 Ok I'm out. Have a good w/e

Soul Glow's picture

Have a beer.  You'll feel better.

Soul Glow's picture

Bought my first short ever today.  Went cash from the Fall of '08 to the next spring where I bought equity and PM.  Went cash from equity a few weeks ago, then increased gold and silver.  Looking at having half my portfolio PM with a quarter short financials, and with a quarter cash.

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ya know... they were giving free homes to expecting mothers near fukushima.

SnobGobbler's picture

fuck bitcoin, dont you people ever stop!

Soul Glow's picture

Throw darts - you can't miss.

intric8's picture

TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of stimulus over a 7 year period. Where the fuck did that money go? Everyones poorer. Now gdp forecasts dip below 2%? fuck.. [facepalm]

Oldwood's picture

Not everyone is poorer. Just those of us not on the inside of the game.

Yen Cross's picture

   Traders trust your instincts.

  What a great club?

Son of Loki's picture

Gas prices are up over 30 cents where Ilive [in one month] and that has some Burbanites fuming.

Wait What's picture

4 and a quarter in SoCal at the moment. it's making a lot of drivers positively irritable.

d edwards's picture

Well, Barry did say that under his plan "energy prices would necessarily SKYROCKET."


You can thank him and the f-ing Dems in November.

syntaxterror's picture

On the flip side, any sustained heat waves this summer could rocket GPD up to 5 or 6%.

q99x2's picture

I don't know about working in the cold but it sure was great for jogging.

Wait What's picture

who doesn't love a little cold and snow while jogging?

"the perfect texture for running. very low impact and it's dry snow so your feet don't get wet."

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New report linked on Drudge saying 44% of Twitter accounts have never sent a tweet lol

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"This week saw "economists" downgrade Q1 GDP expectations once again to a mere 1.6% growth (from 2.6% in January)"


The government just needs to add in more intangibles, to increase GDP growth to 5.6%.


"meaning that cold weather is responsible for a 46% collapse in US economic growth expectation."

Cold weather could be used as an intangible to boost the GDP number.

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In line with estimates ......yawn

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All Federal Reserve Banks - Total Assets, Eliminations from Consolidation

$4.4 trillion