Putting The 'Correction' In Perspective

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"Turmoil" indeed...



Chart: Bloomberg

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don't fight the fed... and keep buying phyz

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The world will end....


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Correction. ..shemechtion

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The bigger they are........Yin Yang, all things in moderation.............

Awww Fuck it!

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The time to have bought was Spooz 666, when NoBama the
stock broker came out to the Rose Garden podium, winked, and said "now might be a good time to buy some stawks," with a twinkle in his eye.

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This steady up ramp since the beginning of 2013 looks identical to the steady up ramp in M0 from QE3. 

The FED is screwed because every single participant in the market knows this is the case, which means the second the FED stops printing look out below. 

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It’s amazing to see what $4 Trillion of on-the –books and $ 25 Trillion or so of off-the-public-books FRN’s can buy you.

The only way to really understand this would be to find the funny book.

Maybe it’s just an Excel spreadsheet named “Madoff 2008”.


(the EU wasn't floated in 2008 and 2011 with magic)

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Correction? Some erections don't look as good.

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"Correction? Some erections don't look as good."

If your stock erection lasts longer than 5 years, please sell your stocks and buy gold and silver.

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"second the FED stops printing look out below."

The FED will NOT stop printing.  Period.  We are currently taking their word for how much money they are printing.  What is it allegedly now?  $65 Billion a month?  How do you know they aren't really printing a trillion a month?  Answer:  you don't.  We can't audit the Fed to find out.  They could be printing like MOFO's in the backround and keeping the stawk market on the up escalator, all while they are telling us they are tapering.  Markets that go down are bad for Keynesian politicians trying to buy votes.  They don't like down markets.

Remember the "we have to lie when things get really bad" meme?  I think everything they say is a lie.

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See you bears at ES 1929 next week.  Big news from central banks this weekend.  

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When you buy phys you are fighting the fed.

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Oh..the humanity of it all.....the humanity....make it stop

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We've got a long ways to go to get back to reality

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just a heads up, the correction has been in the momo section.

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In reply to your bit about taking the Fed's side over the cattle grazer, I'll say I do not support some cattle guy's right to gaze his cattle anywhere he pleases with no supervision.  Federal land is also my land and I'd just as soon the shit kickers didn't have free reign with their bovines. If you see sticking up for my rights as siding with the Feds, so be it.

Now, back to the regular scheduled programming. 

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hey fair enough. I should have phrased that differently, my bad.

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How are the cows tresspassing so much worse than 11 million coming across the border. Obviously we have to send in troops on the cows, a rancher and his wife. The ranchers and wives being over run and killed by the 11 million need no troops.



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This is all about fracking!  TPTB need that yummy energy and are paying whoever they need to to get the BLM to confiscate land for "endangered species" reasons (even though they are cutting funding and killing the Toroises: http://www.kingsnake.com/blog/archives/1561-BLM-to-kill-hundreds-of-dese...) and sell it on the cheap from TPTB to TPTB.

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Guess one of the cows stepped on a sacred turtle................

If that is not a good enough reason to call in the military and their MRAP's then what is??

And we make fun of Indians worshiping cows when we worship rats and bugs and an occational turtle here.........oh and suckers.

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I thought you were talking about the showdown in Nevada between a rancher and about 100 swat team people over a cow stepping on a turtle until I read the article.

Anyhow in Nevada right now is a stand off with a rancher that the feds are trying to turn into another Ruby Ridge...

Insanity at is best.

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In what respect are you harmed by cows grazing on land you have never even visited? 

And who, pray, do you believe should be 'supervising' you? 

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You hit the nail on the head in response to him.  Also, the collectivist idea that Federal Land is OUR land is a misnomer.  We don't communally own anything that the Fed owns, they own us.

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Once you accept the collectivist idea, the entire framework of private property is finished.

In short, dear fedgov (represented by a piece if paper, not flesh and blood human), come face me in court so I can face my accuser. It can't, therefore it does not exist consistent with private property.

Show me who was damaged by injury or property that is owned by a flesh and blood individual.

A victimless crime is no crime.

The concept is called LIBERTY! There are lots of principals worth risking loss of life for. This one is nearly at the foundation of them all!

This is always ON TOPIC!

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Fine, but it wasn't his land...

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Addressed in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.

8.17 To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings;--And

Note 'consent' and purposes.



No jurisdiction, no authority, tresspassers guilty of destruction of property and violent assault.

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Aren't those Indian sacred lands? 


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I downvoted your OT remark for a few reasons.  One, it's off topic.  Two, the grazers were there before the BLM even came to be.  I guess the idea of homesteading is only allowed when the Feds say it is.  Three, the m.o. for killing and stealing Bundy's property has nothing to do with the turtles, but because the US government wants to frack there.

At the end of the day, no one will ever get away from the USG's oil and petrodollar without violence, theft, and deceit.  Carry on central government lover. Carry on.

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The amazing thing to me is how many stupid people really believe this is about a turtle. It's funny how all the areas where the feds are "protecting" an animal or a bug are rich in natural resources.

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Agreed.  Whatever excuse any agency, politician, or government body professes to be the reason for their violence is ALWAYS a lie.  The actions will always be realted to power over the people and resources, control over the people and resources, and theft in general. 

The Federal Reserve had to save the economy?  Bullshit, they had to save their cronies.

The US Military had to promote democracy in Iraq?  Bullshit, they had to save their petro dollar.

The list can go on forever.  I wish the fucking revolution would start by everyone withdrawing their consent already. 

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" I wish the fucking revolution would start by everyone withdrawing their consent already."


Sadly I think that will be a very long wait. It seems Americans will eat any shit sandwich fed to them. 

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The fact that the family has been grazing cattle there for over a hundred years, and that the turtle is still found there and is endangered apparently everywhere else strikes at the heart of the Fed's argument that they rancher is causing damage.  But the overreach is everywhere...

1. Oregon farmer is going to jail because he built a pond on his property. 

2. Michigan farmer going to jail for raising hogs with the wrong tails.  Seriously, their tails don't meet goverment standards and are deemed feral by default.

3. Wisconsin farmer going to jail for selling the same cheese he always has because he doesn't go through the state licensed agency.  Seriously, his own industry a non-government agency was given control of his industry and tells him his cheese is bad.  Can't even have it tested to see if it's not except at their testing facility.  Guess what they, and only they found?

This list goes on and on....

Coming to your industry soon.

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The only thing those farmers did wrong was that their operations were too small.

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Government hates self Reliance and you don't get much more self reliant than small scale farmers. Some of my favorite people.

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Agenda 21....Lots more sh*t to come...

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Your use of shit kickers clearly shows your commitment to a fair and reasonable evaluation of the issue. 

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Sorry, but DICK Nixon sold your federal lands.

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An illegal sale is to none effect. It is invalid, it only remains for you to physically back it up. This is an opportunity, when the new owners show up, you can let them know they have been had and if they don't like it, then come and take it if you can!

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Federal land is also my land

It's not. They like the idea of you thinking so, but really, they don't count you in the club at all. To the Feds or any state entity for that matter, you are just a tool to be used, abused and throw away after use. Telling you you are part of the club is like mental qualitative easing, but that's all it is.

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"just a heads up, the correction has been in the momo section."


Bernanke would say it is confined to momo.

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yes, keep "correcting"...


But I digress, even this chart is "priced" in dollars...


Sorry, in order to truly price somthing's value, you have to allow for true price discovery...

we haven't allowed that in the world for quite some time.

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Looking at the last 30 years, the last 3 look like a straight rocket up. It looks like the KA before the BOOM to  me.

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i saw a 5-7% correction is here.  the world is ending.  the horror, the horror!!!

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Steam pressure in a boiler, not a stack of wood.