"Analysts" Lower Revenue Growth Expectations By Most In 18 Months

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"Estimates have come down more dramatically than usual," warns BofAML's Savita Subramanian as so-called "analysts" slash their expectations to lower the bar even further for firms to hop over. This hype-hope-reality plunge in expectations is nothing new as the chart below shows but Q1’s gap between the starting and ending growth rates was 5.6 percentage points - the widest gap in at least 18 months. The widest spread for 2013 was 4.4 points, recorded in the second quarter. The reductions may help firms beat expectations but do nothing to sustain the hype priced into markets.



Once again we ask, why do we listen to analysts?


Chart: Bloomberg

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LetThemEatRand's picture

The muppets are back in the market.  Time for the masters of the universe to put on the barbed wire condom and to seal clubbing.

knukles's picture

Nothing like a good seal clubbing in the morning.

Ahmeexnal's picture

Ogolfer false flag bio/nuke attack in US soil coming: russian agent tracking weapon was taken down in Detroit.
This was in the news a few days ago, seems like this will be happening very soon!



A highly troubling report prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Ministry of Defense for President Putin states that the GRU Senior Lieutenant who “disappeared” in Detroit, Michigan this past week was part of a surveillance team that had been tracking a “nuclear/biological” device from its originating site in Libya, its air transit to Canada, and then its entrance into the United States.

According to this report, the now missing and presumed dead Senior Lieutenant first notified his assigned GRU station on 8 February that he had been abducted and stabbed repeatedly by two US Federal agents, stripped naked, had his wrists put into plastic tie restraints, was hurled into a van and then dumped in a warehouse in Detroit.

Unknown to his attackers, this report continues, all GRU field agents are equipped with “near-micro” satellite communication devices concealed within their bodies which this Senior Lieutenant was able to activate upon his freeing himself from the constraints upon his wrists.

Realizing the dire health condition of this Senior Lieutenant, this report says, it was immediately determined that in order to ensure his survival, all security protocols would have to abandoned at which point his satellite call was then transferred to the Detroit Police Departments 911 emergency call center.

philipat's picture

Revenues? How old-fashioned. We now look only at Non-GAAP earnings which are much easier to manipulate, like everything else.

As I learned from a wise old mentor, in running any business, if you grow revenues, everything else takes care of itself....

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Is lowered revenue growth good for the S&P? Chuck Schumer's fund (the S&P) might be up on Monday because of this. 

knukles's picture

I mean Christ almighty, Greece just sold a buncha bonds so it means they're "done" with their "7 year recession" and "anal"-ists are lowering their growth forecasts?
Just think of all the broken windows.  Ukraine, Nevada.

And CNN still has Malay 370 24/7/365.

You'd almost think that it was "spirited" away for a good distraction.

syntaxterror's picture

Isn't the Free Shit Army about to go into their warm-weather-fueled spending frenzy?

Herdee's picture

Gartman said he's going into gold on Monday.Claimed that something or someone had turned the "switch".

LetThemEatRand's picture

Someone being China and Russia.

HardlyZero's picture

This might be the only worthwhile time to listen to the man.

Personally I've been wrong all last year about putin' on the Shorts....but now I'm fully exposed to shortage and its goin' down (the Shit&Pee that is).

Unless there is a Ukrainian miracle and peace is declared worldwide and every thing is roses.


Going forward its Gold, Silver, QID and MZZ.  Then at some profitable point sell out the shorts and go Goldn'Silver all the way babe.

philipat's picture

Please, NO!! If Gartman said to buy Gold it's time to sell, at least short-term. He usually changes his mind about weekly. Unfortunately, I understand it is not possible to pay $29.99 divided by 4 for just a monthly letter, and of course, even then, the timing of the flip-flops would be somewaht random. Still, he can offset the decline in subscribers with all those CNBS appearances. What a dickhead...

Wake me up when China goes long on about 8K Comex contracts then stands for delivery.

Winston Churchill's picture

Maybe the broken clock is about to show the correct time.

itstippy's picture


"Estimates have come down more dramatically than usual..."

The so-called "analysts" aren't analyzing a damned thing.  They're just paid to put out the estimates that the people paying them want to hear.  If you want any kind of real analysis you have to do your own, except you can't get any accurate data to work with.

Government budget analysts say that wars will pay for themselves, fighter aircraft will cost less than $1B apiece, and Obamacare won't raise the deficit one dime.  Wall Street analysts say that every corporation will always see record sales and profits with declining risks.  The whole field of professional financial "analysts" are con men and swindlers.  

Seer's picture


Of course, the entire game itself is nothing more than a con, a HUGE Ponzi- perpetual growth on a finite planet.  If you understand the true fundamentals then things ain't that hard to figure out.

Yes, they're all clowns.  When observing them we ought to keep in mind that we're at the circus... (set your expectations accordingly)

q99x2's picture

And the analysts still don't know what they are doing. You would think that sometime they would at least get lucky.

FieldingMellish's picture

but just wait until next quarter.

HardlyZero's picture

Aunt Yellen patted it down too far...and now she is running around with hair on fire looking for the injectable VIAGRA !

Poor poor putter shrinkage.

Make_Mine_A_Double's picture

I just bought 4 22' Samsung monitors at Best Buy in Portland (no sales tax!) for the office.

That's good for at least a quarter point on upside in Q2 by the time they finish juicing the numbers.

NoDebt's picture

Your purchase was already factored in by seasonal adjustment.

HardlyZero's picture

ND good point.   ...and Years from now, on the other side, we will find out they were talk'n bout their Salt n' Peppa flavoring.   They eat good at the top.   Seasoning my ass !   They ate the steak.

Iam_Silverman's picture

"I just bought 4 22' Samsung monitors"

Dang, your office must be huge!  Four, twenty-two foot monitors?

I Write Code's picture

That's just the banksters putting it to Yellen saying, "We Want More SUGAR!"

SubjectivObject's picture

PunchWhacked Tyler has a spelling impediment.

Let me correct him:

"Anal cysts" Lower Colonue Growth Expected In 18 Months
HardlyZero's picture

Got it. Going forward Yellen is providing dovish guidance to be long the enima-tors, colonics, and donut cushions.

Re-animator didn't work on the brains...so now re-enimate the other side might work out (it will all come out in the end).


Liquidity injections did not clean out all the crap, so now it's colonics.

kurt's picture

Yeah, The liver temperature of the economy is 3 degrees above ambient. "So, Doctor how long has the patient been dead?" asked the detective. To which the Doctor responds, "I don't know lets ask him."

Moon Pie's picture

check it, yo.  yu wanna know where the bomb with the long fuse is...?   check it yo...


not reading for the easily distracted.  something like 1.2 trill on the fed's sheet at majorly risky risk shit here.

kareninca's picture

It is a pretty tough read, without knowing a bit about it beforehand; I just read the first several pages.  All of those transfers of real property into trusts didn't actually happen, and there are big tax (and other) consequences, right?  I hope Bruce Kasting will write an article about this and make it coherent.  I agree that mindboggling sums are at stake; my guess is that the government will simply change the law after the fact to allow what was done.  Kind of like ending mark to market; they will "deem" these transfers to be valid.

yogibear's picture

Russia and China now understand how to severly crush the US/Federal Reserve. With no way out.

Racer's picture

Analcysts are snake oil salesmen for the banksters