Rich-Poor Comfort Divide Surges To 2-Month Highs

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Following Fed Governor Tarullo's comments this week on central bank policies and the recovery benefiting high-income earners disproportionately - potentially damaging the "nation's democratic heritage", we thought it ironic that this week's Bloomberg Comfort Index data showed that the rich (high incomes) just got a whole lot more comfortable and the poor (low incomes) got a whole lot less comfortable. In fact, the rich-poor comfort divide jumped back to 2-month highs.

This is the first major divergence since early December.


Though, we suspect, once the "rich" look at their brokerage statements this weekend things might change a little...


Source: Bloomberg

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   You know shit's getting real when "Swamp Rat" is tree fiddy a LB.

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Friends don't let friends drink Killian's.....under any circumstance.

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You still here Cross?

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J.S. Bach - Fantasia & Fugue in C minor BWV 537 (9:01)

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Everyone will feel a lot better when the rich/poor "asset gap" narrows greatly when the balloon in asset prices pops.