Ukraine Prepares Military Response To Russian "Act Of Aggression"; Fears Specter of "Gas Wars"

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Following more firefights and government building seizures amid the so-called "liberation of Southeast Ukraine," the Maidan's demands that the government not "give up like in Crimea" appear to be resonating woth leadership. Ukraine's interior minister Arsen Avakov has declared: "The Ukrainian authorities consider the events of the day as a display of external aggression from Russia," adding that, ""Units of the interior and defense ministries are implementing an operational response plan." Russia was quick to respond with threats of war action if Ukraine suppresses pro-Russia 'self-defense' forces. As Reuters adds, with the crisis escalating militarily, the specter of "gas wars" is looming with Ukraine's Energy Minister declaring, "we are probably steering towards Russia turning off its gas provision."





And as Reuters reports,

Armed separatists took virtual control of a city in eastern Ukraine on Saturday and Kiev prepared troops to deal with what it called an "act of aggression by Russia".


Pro-Russian activists carrying automatic weapons seized government buildings in Slaviansk and set up barricades on the outskirts of the city. Official buildings in several neighboring towns were also attacked.




"The Ukrainian authorities consider the events of the day as a display of external aggression from Russia," Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said in a statement.


"Units of the interior and defense ministries are implementing an operational response plan," he added.

Which it seems Russia is quick to respond to...




Which leaves the threat of "gas wars" imminently hanging in the air...

With the crisis in Ukraine still unresolved, the gas dispute threatens to affect millions of people across Europe.




Russia is demanding Kiev pay a much higher price for its gas, and settle unpaid bills. Russian state-owned gas giant Gazprom and its Ukrainian counterpart, Naftogaz, are in talks, but the chances of an agreement are slim.


"I would say we are coming nearer to a solution of the situation, but one in the direction that is bad for Ukraine," Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuri Prodan said in an interview with the German newspaper Boersenzeitung


"We are probably steering towards Russia turning off its gas provision," he was quoted as saying.


That raised the specter of a repeat of past "gas wars", when Ukraine's gas was cut off with a knock-on effect on supplies to EU states.

And The US quickly got involved...

Washington backed Kiev's assessment that Moscow was responsible. "Worrisome violence in ... Ukraine today. Russia again seems to be behind it," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Twitter.

And of course, here is the YouTube proof that Washington needed...

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magpie's picture

And so it beginskikow

Headbanger's picture

Yeah, but the big question now is how far does it go?  Where will it end?

I still think we'll see Russia make a push back into Cuba sooner than later.

But Obozo just doesn't have the balls JFK did against Khrushchev!


Oquities's picture

Russia is the powerful Landlord, Germany is the industrious Tenant, and Ukraine is the corrupt utility company, about to be nationalized.

0b1knob's picture

Since the gas pipeline through the Ukraine is the main gas supply from Russia to Europe, what happens if the Ukrainians just shut the whole thing down?   

If the Russians can raise the gas price at will, can't the Ukrainians just raise the transit fees for the pipeline to any level to compensate?   Its not like Russians can go to war.   Oh wait....

silvermail's picture

It does not matter who will raise the price of gas or gas transit. Pay for it, will eventually be buyers in Europe. It certainly will good for the U.S. economy.
But if for any reason, the supply of gas from Russia to Europe will be terminated, it will be very good for the U.S. economy. In this case, the U.S. plan about economic the destruction of Europe, can be considered as successful executed.

TBT or not TBT's picture

So you can project pathetic victimitude fantasies onto Europeans?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

A European-Asian economic alliance/market is very, VERY bad news for the London and NY bankers.

Europe is a zero-sum piece for the Anglo-American alliance. And, by its dependence on the US, Israel is also tied to the fate of London and NY.

StychoKiller's picture

[quote]...what happens if the Ukrainians just shut the whole thing down?[/quote]

Nothing like stabbing Prince Charming's horse to increase his luv for you!

Ukraine's best course of action would be to round up all the 4th-Reich wannabes and have Putin trundle them off to Siberia.  Every other course leads to more pain and suffering for the average Ukrainian. 

The EU can't even afford Spain/Greece/Portugal/Cyprus, so they wanna add Ukraine to their list of basket-cases?  Someone's been handing out free crazy pills again!

Volkodav's picture

Well...Russians are very stable and durable and will not be cold..

Ukies are more excitable, and will be out of work and cold...and angry

expect pensioner deaths, like after oligarch stealings after Soviet Collapse..

BlindMonkey's picture

Missiles in Cuba was a response to missiles in Turkey. History has been framed that Kruchev backed down. The reality is that the US pulled the missiles out of Turkey too. Given that, I am not so sure that I would characterize it as JFK staring down the gun barrel without blinking.

Volkodav's picture

Yes   and witnesses says Krushchev was the much more stable minded...

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

As stable as any Ukrainian, I suppose.

Volkodav's picture

More the other way around...US removed missles from Turkie put there first also...that is what started it..

and Krushchev aaccording to witness was the more reasonable negotiator...Kennedy not so much,,,as Bobby in on it and was wild enough, it is thought if he had been President, would have pushed the button..

and I am not fan of Krushchev...less than neutral toward him...but he was relief after Stalin..

Chuck Knoblauch's picture

The gas war. Wow, epic news. Wake me up when the fat lady sings.

It's not even a gas war, but a threat of a gas war.

Get a life people.

Skateboarder's picture

Where I come from, gas war = farting contest.

Chuck Knoblauch's picture

Threat of food wars in the U.S.

Beef prices hit a 27 year high in the U.S. and not even a fart from the braintrust at ZH!

Lack of priorities at ZH management.

swmnguy's picture

Well, there was this a couple nights ago:

Why Meat Prices Are Going To Continue Soaring For The Foreseeable Future

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

Chuck is delusional.

A simple google search shows that the Tylers were onto this back in January.



Before you rant on the Tylers missing a scoop, type your rant into google and wait for a split second: beef prices soar


The Tylers donT miss much.  There are more than one of them you know.  Having multiple personalities has its advantages.

giggler321's picture

Bundy Ranch Is A Very Big Deal...

BlindMonkey's picture

Because: SOLAR!!

Oligarch cocksuckers....

css1971's picture


Inflation increases year after year. It's been going on for centuries. It means that X is always at an N year high price. Currency devaluation is covered by ZH constantly. They even tell you exactly how it all works.


BandGap's picture

Yep, mystery meat chili and a case of Huber beer. We could have taken out whole armored divisions in college.

BlindMonkey's picture

"Where I come from, gas war = farting contest."

In homage to your avatar: You shall not pass!!! (Gas)!!!!

The Deacon's picture

i am shocked all these recent events in Ukraine may lead to the Ukraininan people being worse off than when it all started.  Shocked I tell you.


That's not how it ended up in Syria, Libya, Afganistan and iraq is it?


Seems that wherever 'freedom' decides to rear its head, chaos follows.  ; (

Wait What's picture

with the help of the US Govt a bunch of of locals decide they want to be like Americans, then reality smacks them in the face and they realize they are not like Americans. nor should they want to be, really.

Tu Vuò Fa' L'Americano!

TBT or not TBT's picture

Ukraine is in shitty condition. So is Russia for that matter. Relative to mediocre parts of the USA.

Volkodav's picture

Russia is everyday better...

Better worry about your country..

silvermail's picture

For the complete victory of American democracy, Lavrov must urgently come to Donetsk and start handing out cookies in the town square.
Damn, where Lavrov with cookies when we need it?

stant's picture

Now is phase 6 of fiendish plan

EZYJET PILOT's picture

So Ukrainian violence is allowed in the name of democracy to "liberate" Kiev, yet when the pro Russia brigade attempt to do the same thing it's suddenly unchecked aggression! It works both ways you fucking buffoons except we all know it wasn't really a homegrown force that led to the illegal coup.

BlindMonkey's picture

A very reasonable retort. Your fight club skills are without parallel.

crunchyfrog's picture

And you are delusional enough to believe that those uniforms and automatic weapons belong to a homegrown force? The number of people here on ZH whose rabid hatred of the current US government makes them talk like Putin is a good guy is astounding.


IridiumRebel's picture

So you are ok with the government fomenting violence in foreign lands that end in innocents dying? It's not Pro Putin. It's Ant-War. You'd better bring better comments if you're going to mix it up here in Fight Club.

Element's picture

No IR, he's quite right, it is pro-Putin-ism nonsense, and Putin is clearly supporting (politically at the very least) the separatists cause, which will knowingly and without fail produce a conflagration, and thus Putin's military support for civil war will then be evident for all to see.

So Putin is pro-war in Ukraine and he's never been 'anti-war', which is plainly Alice-in-Wonderland stuff. People supporting Putin as though he's just some nice chap who's against war can hardly be taken seriously, or considered to have all their marbles. It's quite obviously a load of steaming hooey, Putin is a hard core militarist and he's never hidden that. People just presume that if he's against the US then he somehow translates (in their on-off type mind) to a savior and a good thing.

Never what he really is;

A Politician of a major power (stike #1),

Former KGB/FSB (strike #2)

A militaristic nationalist with openly declared imperial intent (strike #3)


If you doubt strike #3 read the speech he made on March 18th.

Oldwood's picture

Putin is an asshole but I do think he is a pro Russian nationalist. Who is our government for?

Sirius Wonderblast's picture

That is not the speech of anyone about to do anything stupid. The thing that has always struck me about Putin, and probably the scariest thing about him, is just how thought-through everything is. I've read the entire speech. I'll be honest, it is impressive (while always remembering all sides have their agendas). Certainly, I cannot imagine any of the west's mental minnows delivering anything remotely as complete, ordered and effective. He rips them a new one.

Element's picture

Oh I agree, it is, it is calculated as well, as is everything they do, but the intent is there to maximize empire. Maybe the greatest danger is that Putin may not have calculated how daft and goofy Washington is. Obviously he sees they make little sense and make silly moves, so why not take them where you can, while you can. But they are just as likely to over react as well. I think Putin can be relied on to go as far as he possibly can.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

You clearly didn't understand what he wrote.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

Point out in that post where he asserts the Russian takeover is homegrown.

BlindMonkey's picture

Because, pro-Russia is reflexively bad. Don't bother to think about concepts like self-determination. Those are out of scope. Russia sucks, end of conversation. /s

McMolotov's picture

What's astounding is that you seem to believe Uncle Sam can go halfway around the world to take a shit in Russia's backyard without there being consequences.

H. Perowne's picture

C'mon guys, cut the 12 week 3 day member a break. S/he's new here from Homeland Security and likely didn't graduate at the top of the class; a few flubs are de rigueur, y'know?

ObamaDepression's picture

Some of us were 4+ year members before the Tyler(s) blocked us for not having a pro Russia view.

Anusocracy's picture

Open your eyes.

It's not so much pro Russia as anti-US gov.

US gov is a serial killer. There is no moral justification for its continued existence.

silvermail's picture

If Washington, regularly delivers automatic weapons for "peaceful citizens of Syria," then why Moscow can not supply automatic weapons for "peaceful citizens of Ukraine"?
- Why is the supply of weapons to civilians Syria - it is good, but the supply of weapons to civilians Ukraine - is that bad?
- Why will of the people in Kiev - is good, but the will of the people in Donetsk - is that bad?
- Why is the source of power in Ukraine, can act only the U.S. and EU, but not the people of Ukraine?