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Did CIA Director Brennan Visit Kiev Recently?

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Just a few weeks ago, someone (allegedly Russia) leaked a recorded phone conversation of Victoria Nuland commenting "fuck the EU" and how she (the US) wanted the political stage set in Ukraine. A lot has happened since then but as multiple pro-Russian sources have now 'confirmed', the new puppetmaster appears to be in town (or was). As Interfax reported, citing sources inside the Ukrainian parliament, none other that CIA Director John Brennan landed in Ukraine on Saturday under an assumed name and held a "series of secret meetings" with the country's "power bloc" Interfax reported.

As Interfax reports, citing sources...

Brennan landed in Ukraine on Saturday under an assumed name and held a "series of secret meetings" with the country's "power bloc" Interfax reported, citing an unidentified official in the Ukrainian parliament.

And Voice Of Russia added...

The person who said this to Interfax in a phone talk added that John Brennan came to Ukraine not under his real name.


According to some yet unconfirmed information, the decision to suppress protesters in Slavyansk, a city in Ukraine's east, with force was advised to Ukraine's authorities by Brennan.

Which The Moscow Times sums up with a rather ominous conclusion...

Ukrainian parliament Communist Party deputy Vladimir Golub told RIA Novosti that lawmakers were talking about the visit openly and opined that the Ukrainian Security Service had become a unit of the CIA.


Commenting on the report, deputy chairman for the State Duma's Defense Committee Frants Klintsevich said that he would view such a visit as a challenge to Russia.

Which leaves us wondering just how long until Brennan's conversations are leaked to YouTube?


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Sun, 04/13/2014 - 21:43 | 4655505 ndotken
ndotken's picture

The CIA is involved in this Ukraine shit? ... I'm fucking shocked ... 

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 21:52 | 4655532 Carl Popper
Carl Popper's picture

The Ukraine government hired american mercenaries too..

How would we feel if our government hired foreign mercenaries to use in the USA?

God help us.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 21:57 | 4655545 SWRichmond
SWRichmond's picture

Do it and then "leak" it?

How droll.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:06 | 4655569 johngaltfla
johngaltfla's picture

Well he can't visit Saudi Arabia as members of the Muslim Brotherhood are banned there, so he might as well go inspire some Ukrainian neo-Nazi terrorirsts....

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:48 | 4655630 disabledvet
disabledvet's picture

why hire neo-nazi's when the real ones are so much better?

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:58 | 4655654 Tengri Temujin
Tengri Temujin's picture

Did Brennan visit Kiev..

Does a dog S**T in the woods or  Pee on a fire hydrant

Can't blame the dude though, those Ukraine chicks are hot

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:07 | 4655682 strannick
strannick's picture

The constitutional republic of the United States vs. The American deep state. Do theJamie Dimons, Mike Rogers and Brennans not realize they are sons of Stalin and not Jefferson?






Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:09 | 4655688 knukles
knukles's picture

I love the smell of a fresh burning country in the morning.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:32 | 4655749 dogbreath
dogbreath's picture

Brennan likes corn straw blondes

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:35 | 4655753 knukles
knukles's picture

We oughta get Kerry one of these ...

... ADHD, disability oriented focus enhancing, good under ObieCare

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 02:58 | 4656005 Manthong
Manthong's picture

Geez, we used to be smart, but with the kenyan messiah and the swift boat faker up front, we ain’t going anywhere good none too soon.


Mon, 04/14/2014 - 03:15 | 4656013 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

when was this smart period?  korea? vietnam? lebanon? guatemala? afghanistan? iraq? libya?

war, interrupted by brief interludes of peace.

of course with stuff like the mexican war, the spanish american war, ww1 and 2, it helped a lot being on the winning side (though the philippines was no picnic in the s.a. war).  since then not so much.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 05:00 | 4656103 ilion
ilion's picture

I propose we give CIA Director Brennan the Nobel Peace Prize. I have no doubt that inside he is probably a very peace-loving individual, like our best friend Obama.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 05:11 | 4656109 Squid-puppets a...
Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

he went to the Ukraine to ask for a refund of $5 billion

claims the product purchased was 'not fit for intended purpose'

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 01:10 | 4655918 Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Isn't Brennan a crypto-Muslim?

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 09:06 | 4656429 tony wilson
tony wilson's picture

crypto muslim is undercover mossad jew

you jew

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 02:34 | 4655986 wee-weed up
wee-weed up's picture



Of course, the Obozo Admin...

"The most transparent Admin in American history"...

 Per Obozo himself - in order to get elected...

Will truthfully answer this question right away!

So, not to worry...

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:05 | 4655805 HardAssets
HardAssets's picture

@strannick -"Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none." - Thomas Jefferson

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:17 | 4655707 Jack Burton
Jack Burton's picture

For us citizens of the North Woods, we always say "Does a bear shit in the woods" If someone want's to make a point he says "I'll show you where the bear shit in the buckwheat". All part of growing up as the son of Swedish immigrants in Minnesota's great north woods!

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:35 | 4655743 strannick
strannick's picture

So that's where Dylan got that Tangled up in Blue line..Though I always thought he'd have done better for himself setting chockers there, instead of working as a cook for a spell

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:44 | 4655767 Georgia_Boy
Georgia_Boy's picture

Forget the neonazis, the neoCONs are much worse...It oughta be obvious by now that the russians have the spy advantage over us over there. One embarrassing leak after another. Everything our warmongering fuckheads are doing over there, they're aware of it, and using it to make fools of us. They'll do it to us all goddamned decade. This is another Iraq just getting started, we need to stop this right now.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:22 | 4655851 HardAssets
HardAssets's picture

Well, you can leave 'us' and 'we' out of it.  As a matter of fact, those that disagree with the neo-con insanity are likely on some list (growing in numbers every day, despite that.) But, I do agree on your other points.

I was thinking recently that all one of the sides needed was hard intel on the actions and motivations of their opposition and to make that public. Like the recent situation in Nevada when the word got out that Reid is involved in some kind of deal with the Chinese. It was CHECKMATE after that.

It will be interesting if more than just accusations come from out of this story - like audio & video catching the guilty parties in the act.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 05:30 | 4656113 beaglebog
beaglebog's picture

That list is called "Main Core".


Snowden already revealed its existence.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 01:10 | 4655912 Lore
Lore's picture

Let's be careful using the collective 'we' and 'they,' shall we?  I resent being associated with a bunch of flaming psychopaths.

Why did Brennan use an assumed name?  Was he up to something that could be embarrassing?  If he travelled on the public dime, one naturally assumes that all will be revealed very shortly. After all, this regime was elected on a promise of transparency.  The public is entitled to know what the meetings were about.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 02:16 | 4655975 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

Bwahahaha!  The comedy club is looking for new talent, such as yerself!

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 07:21 | 4656183 Kyivska Ruzha
Kyivska Ruzha's picture

Neocons are the most aggressive people in the world. In my opinion, this is the real reason there can't be diplomacy leading to a peaceful partition of East and West Ukraine, a solution which makes the most sense. It's all or nothing with those people. They are blaming all of this on Russia but if you look at a voting map for Ukraine, you can see that sympathies have been divided this way right along. It did not crop up just recently. Have you noticed that we can only go back as far as Crimea now? No 22 years of political division, no violent coup in Maidan, all of that has been wiped away so that what transpired in Crimea and the current pro-Russian uprising can be taken out of context. Also, in light of traditional voting patterns, you can clearly see what the views of the people in East Ukraine truly are. You don't have to guess. Right along the West has been denying that there is any grassroots opposition to the coup in Maidan. It's not fair because the people of East Ukraine suffered through the Yushenko Administration without staging a coup in order to preserve democratic government. This is the second time the people in West Ukraine have raised hell when voting didn't turn out their way. Anyway, it's a great insult to the people in East Ukraine for the coup government to blame Russia for their current plight because it assumes that the people in East Ukraine are just sacks of potatoes with no political will of their own.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 07:38 | 4656217 Canucklehead
Canucklehead's picture

You realize this all started over government corruption and outright fraud?

I don't think anyone has a problem over Russia taking back the Crimea. Going further will likely cause problems. Those who claim to be Russians in other parts of the Ukraine and other nations should be allowed to emigrate back to Russia.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:18 | 4655590 SafelyGraze
SafelyGraze's picture

OT -

milton wolf

fantastic interview

"people survive gunshots all the time"

"every x-ray would always be of a patient. what x-ray would not be of a patient?"

"if you don't identify a person, then you don't need their permission"

"what kind of guns blows someone's head off completely? I gotta get one of those!"

"I'll tell you the *burden" you carry when you're a doctor. maybe most people don't understand the burden of that. it's a burden in a whole host of ways."

He makes some really good points!!

He has got to be the Best Doctor in Kansas!!

He should be in the senate!!


Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:23 | 4655719 Seize Mars
Seize Mars's picture

Carl Popper

How would we feel if our government hired foreign mercenaries to use in the USA?

Do you really believe that there are no armed Mossad killers walking around free here in the US of A?

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:30 | 4655862 caustixoid
caustixoid's picture

you mean like this?:

"nothing informations"


Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:25 | 4655729 Renewable Life
Renewable Life's picture

The fact we know this today, means Putin has "people" at the highest level in Kiev, these guys are way over their heads, and fucking with Russia in its own backyard!!

I predict the former ELECTED President of the Ukraine will be back in power in Kiev by May Day at this pace!!
Russia is starting to look like a real fair world broker to even the most sceptical Ukrainians at this point! When your energy costs triple and your food cost quadruple in three months and the new boss says its the way it is!! The fucking old boss starts looking really good!

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:22 | 4655847 Tengri Temujin
Tengri Temujin's picture

They are truly desperate aren't they to be pulling down their pants right in front of the bear's den

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 01:01 | 4655908 Rock On Roger
Rock On Roger's picture

Does a bear shit on the woods?

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 06:56 | 4656164 Tengri Temujin
Tengri Temujin's picture

Definitely not in his den

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:36 | 4655869 Drifter
Drifter's picture

"How would we feel if our government hired foreign mercenaries to use in the USA?"

Not outraged enough to do anything about it apparently.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 03:45 | 4656031 The.Harmless.Who
The.Harmless.Who's picture



Well, I'd feel about the same as now, angry and lousy.  


Oh, the foreign mercenaries here are Talmudic Zionist land-grabbers and Al CIA-da "assets".  


Both of the above are ironically doing their bit to kill innocent jews (the real ones, not the fucking khazars), and innocent muslims who have to pay with their blood for the actions of these of these fucking radical nutters. (Thought I'd clarify this in case there's an accusation of anti-jew or anti-muslim writings).


So, yeah, fuck the nasty zionists (greenspans, nuland, bernanke, yellen, Fischer, Icahn, and the rest) as well as their ancestors. 




Mon, 04/14/2014 - 08:27 | 4656297 chunga
chunga's picture

"The Ukraine government hired american mercenaries too.."

Capture the bastards and lock 'em up in the Blue Dolphin! How great would that be!

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 10:01 | 4656593 whatthecurtains
whatthecurtains's picture

About as shocked as the US Gov't selling arms to Mexican Drug Cartels.


In other words little would take notice. 

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 21:53 | 4655533 Pladizow
Pladizow's picture

The CIA has co-oped events of far less importance!

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 21:58 | 4655547 BandGap
BandGap's picture

It was Waletr Brennan, dag nabbit!

I know when we visited the forts of our allies it was to plan strategery against the fort at the edge of the pine woods. We knew one side of their fort was cardboard and could be easily breached. I'm guessing this is what'shappening here.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 01:33 | 4655939 jay35
jay35's picture

What's shocking is seeing the Iraq War hatecrowd on forums across the internet a decade later being so quick to buy into anything the government and TV news tells them about the Ukraine situation. How is it people who were so critical of the previous administration (and rightly so) are willing to be such willful idiots for the current administration?

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 07:34 | 4656204 Canucklehead
Canucklehead's picture

The Iraq War hatecrowd are not the smartest people around. I think this is an effective communication strategy because it is based on the "you can't please 5% of the people" rule of thumb.

If you look at many of the comments of the hatecrowd, as an individual you will disassociate yourself from that mob. The end result is an internet hatecrowd stormfront that allows you some maneuvering room.

The end result appears to be the old analogy of a fox in a chicken coop. The chickens will squawk as the fox quietly moves about and takes what it wants.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 14:18 | 4657607 sgt_doom
sgt_doom's picture

Fuck the CIA, NSA and DIA, they have not only been involved in so much drug running (especially those torturing crazies at the CIA) but have also been heavily involved in the offshoring of American jobs, while they gayly embezzle taxpayer monies.

Russia has made it abundantly clear that they will not allow NATO on their border (meaning not in the Ukraine) and will destroy the Ukraine before such an event came to pass.

How many times have we witnessed the super-rich blowing everything out of their ass?

And how many times did innocents get killed because of it?



Sun, 04/13/2014 - 21:43 | 4655511 crazzziecanuck
crazzziecanuck's picture

... and Power just said that Russia was the one interfering in Ukraine.  lol  

She's clearly going after Kerry's job.  Seems that the prerequisite for head of the State Department is to make the most outlandish and factually incorrect statements with the straightest face possible.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:06 | 4655567 BandGap
BandGap's picture

John Kerry has a very straight face. She's in for a battle there.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:48 | 4655631 813kml
813kml's picture

That botox went straight for his brain.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:51 | 4655639 crazzziecanuck
crazzziecanuck's picture

Let's not just pick on Kerry here.  Hillary was the same.  Rice was too.  Remember how Albright said that 500,000 dead Iraqi children was "worth it?"

Being a lying scumsucking piece of cat turd is the job prerequisite.  What's shocking is just how quickly John Kerry was transformed from Winter Soldier and into a Beltway Pod Person.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:27 | 4655699 813kml
813kml's picture

Kerry could definitely benefit from some acting lessons, his lies lack the same expertise and gravitas of his predecessors.

Lesson:  Never hire a man to do a woman's job.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 02:29 | 4655989 MisterMousePotato
MisterMousePotato's picture

Who ever thought we'd miss Warren Christopher?

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:17 | 4655708 Renewable Life
Renewable Life's picture

I do have to thank Hollywood for bringing back into vogue the "winter soldier" thing, because we are going to need a fucking "winter army" of those motherfuckas, if we want to challenge this machine in power today!!

Did you see those fucking cops and Fed agents in Nevada, they were just waiting and praying for the order to fire down there!! The elected Sheriff was a chickenshit POS who couldn't fathom the idea of facing down the Feds when they first arrived, after 5000 militia and protesters armed to the teeth arrived, he found his fucking courage, a little late then you worthless, spineless puppet!!

Being on the Government payroll crack is VERY addictive at every level, it won't be easy to break this shit down!!!

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:26 | 4655728 Jack Burton
Jack Burton's picture

I just saw Power's statements to the UN. That laughable whore is a bad liar and a zionist stooge. Not as bad as the Cliton Bitch, but then we had the Nuland slut handing out bread to people a few days before her hired NATO sniper squads gunned down 70 of the protestors and 27 plus riot police. And as we know from a released conversation with that EU prostitute whore and and the Estonian Foreign Minister, that it was indeed Kiev's own tame Balckwater that shoot everyone. Russian sources are reporting they have intercepted via friendly Ukrainian parliament members in Kiev that the West is planning a major provocation on the Ukraine/Russia border, to make it look like pro Russian protestors have done it. Now a CIA spook, spending our tax payer money I might add, would likley show up to arrange said faked attacks.

CIA has overthrown elected governments by the dozens. They did it in Ukraine, and now cry like babies when East Ukrainians fight back, and Russia vows to defend them is attacked.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 21:47 | 4655512 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

He entered the country under the assumed name of "Maxwell Smart".

<I hope his shoe phone is configured for the local cell phone towers.>

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 21:49 | 4655525 booboo
booboo's picture

In this case I think they sent Hymie

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:59 | 4655656 PiratePiggy
PiratePiggy's picture

The Cone of Silence, please, or the Russian press will learn about the visit.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:55 | 4655787 old naughty
old naughty's picture

"... under the assumed name of "Maxwell Smart".) 

With "99" (who is) in tow?

btw, why is this 'act' a challenge to Russia (Rusputin, may be)...last I heard, Ukraine is still a sovereign country and travellors are free to enter/exit without challenging another sovereign country, no?

It's a fxxking chessboard, you play i play RusUk play...Now getting in under an assumed name is another matter, Get Smart!  ;-p

All i want to know is when will the tanks start firing canons...and where is MH370.

Where's Zionhead 101 when you need the latest scoop?


Mon, 04/14/2014 - 01:09 | 4655916 Rock On Roger
Rock On Roger's picture

Thanks CD.

It sure is good to have a big ole belly laugh,

On a Sunday evening.

Brought tears to my eyes.


Stack On

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 21:49 | 4655526 nmewn
nmewn's picture

No shit, this is getting ridiculous.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:12 | 4655696 knukles
knukles's picture

It's just not weird enough, yet.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:54 | 4655786 McMolotov
McMolotov's picture

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:12 | 4655586 Downtoolong
Downtoolong's picture

Once again, the Cone Of Silence seems to have failed.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:22 | 4655600 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture


I always loved that routine. No one inside the cone of silence can hear a damn thing, but everyone outside can hear every damn thing. :)

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:53 | 4655645 disabledvet
disabledvet's picture

"the shoe phone." who knows what else he was equipped with.

I wonder what his cover story was?
"Buyer for Buffalo Wild Wings. Looking for cheap chickens."

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:00 | 4655660 PiratePiggy
PiratePiggy's picture

Sorry, Downtoolong. Didn't see your comment before I had replied.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 01:16 | 4655926 Rock On Roger
Rock On Roger's picture

Canuck eh?

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:52 | 4655642 YHC-FTSE
YHC-FTSE's picture

Short odds that Tamir Pardo (current director of Mossad) is in Kiev under the pseudonym,  "Mel Brooks".  

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:01 | 4655663 Tengri Temujin
Tengri Temujin's picture

Hey Kiev was the convention destination for the 2014 western world intelligence agency chiefs, they picked it because the Kiev hookers are really hot.  From what I have seen on video chats they love anal sex also, and we all know foreign intelligency agents love to stir up and dabble in shit.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:03 | 4655668 Ifigenia
Ifigenia's picture

Silent Movie?

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:32 | 4655748 Tengri Temujin
Tengri Temujin's picture

He isn't as smart as Maxwell, more like his alias was CARLOS DANGER

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:41 | 4655876 HardAssets
HardAssets's picture

@Cognitive Dissonance - LOL now thats funny !  Haven't thought of Maxwell Smart and his shoe phone in years  :)

I forgot the name of his hot brunette partner on the show.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 01:05 | 4655913 MsCreant
MsCreant's picture


Mon, 04/14/2014 - 04:09 | 4656057 mc225
mc225's picture

99=barbara feldon. one of the best television theme songs ever.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 07:54 | 4656242 mvsjcl
Mon, 04/14/2014 - 02:25 | 4655983 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

Uh, wouldja believe SEAL-Team 5?

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 05:59 | 4656122 negative rates
negative rates's picture

I checked, it still is.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 09:44 | 4656542 NeedtoSecede
NeedtoSecede's picture


And I bet he wore those sweet fake glasses and mustache that is standard issue for deep cover for the CIA agents working in Moscow.  I can't find the link right now, but ZHers will recall the story from a few months ago where some CIA stooge was picked up in Moscow with some dime store glasses and fake mustache he was issued to "hide" his identity...

I cannot believe how corrupt we have become, and nothing would surprise me at this point.  False flags in 3, 2, 1...


Sun, 04/13/2014 - 21:46 | 4655516 booboo
booboo's picture

"The old gray mare just ain't what she used to be"

How the hell is the puppet states of the Rothchilds suppose to get anything done with all this information going out on the innertubes.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 21:50 | 4655519 navy62802
navy62802's picture

Actually, this information regarding CIA sanctioning of Ukrainian action has been out for several hours now.


I'm not sure whether it's true or not, but it certainly isn't "new." I wouldn't be surprised if it is true. These are the dumb ass games that the US has been playing in Ukraine for many years now. And these are the games that have led us to our current situation. Meanwhile, people love to talk of Russian deception and agression in this region. The secret is that the US has been employing deceptive practices in Ukraine for many years in an effort to install a friendly government.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:00 | 4655555 sushi
sushi's picture

Bet they are burning the midnght oil in all the EU capitals tonight trying to work up the costs of being a USSA poodle.

We let them run rampant over over our communications and trade secrets - Check

We have to publicly take Nuland in the ass. Our ass - Check

They have been doing this for years in violation of promises made to everyone - Check

They want to sell us their gas after 10 years of further development - Check

They will destroy our access to eastern markets - Check

They make us look like the puppets we are - Check

Our publics will hate us for being subservient poodles - Check

Our publics will hate us even more when they face increased energy costs and loss of export jobs - Check

They are treating us like Bosnians - Check

They think Europe in 2014 is Mossadegah in 1958 - Check

We leave getting reamed by the USSA and have big smiles - Check

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:06 | 4655681 Ifigenia
Ifigenia's picture

they make us look like quislings - check

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 07:04 | 4656169 Optimusprime
Optimusprime's picture

Except that the REAL Quisling (not the cardboard figurehead created by Allied propaganda) was an honorable man and a patriot.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 04:06 | 4656051 kurt
kurt's picture

One Corextion:

They want to sell us OUR gas after 10 years of further development - Check

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 21:48 | 4655523 nmewn
nmewn's picture

lol...if true...this is probably the stupidest thing Obama ever ordered done. I mean, why not just send Miley over and have her twerk with Biden coming down the steps of the plane?

They're both very easily recognizable ;-)

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:00 | 4655552 thamnosma
thamnosma's picture

No kidding.  Keystone Cops may yet stumble into a world war.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:03 | 4655562 nmewn
nmewn's picture

I wonder if they are as put off by all this spying & leaking of information as the American people are of theirs? ;-)

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:41 | 4655722 knukles
knukles's picture

The Real Housewives of Williamsburg VA would be so disappointed.

Extra credit: You'd think that with all this shit going on something more constructive might be pursued, like getting help emptying my colostomy bag


Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:10 | 4655564 WhyWait
WhyWait's picture

" ...if true...this is probably the stupidest thing Obama ever ordered done..."

So ... why would you assume that it's Obama who gives the orders?

Another way of looking at it: if the CIA is willing to squander what little is left of Obama's credibility in this way, he should be very concerned about whether they will still find him useful.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:45 | 4655624 Quus Ant
Quus Ant's picture

after the CIAA killed kennedy and his little brother they celebrated by making their director president. 

I don't think they care what Obamaa has to offer.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 21:49 | 4655524 Carl Popper
Carl Popper's picture

Blue team

Red team


They all act like a bunch of crazy neocons.

I am ashamed of our government.


George Washington warned us about this shit in his farewell address.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:00 | 4655661 disabledvet
disabledvet's picture

"the end game is Moscow itself." that's how serious this is.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:45 | 4655886 HardAssets
HardAssets's picture

Wasn't George Washington called a 'terrorist' in military and/or police training within the last few years ?

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 01:35 | 4655944 Leaping Lizard
Leaping Lizard's picture

It aint an act.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:00 | 4655550 JustObserving
JustObserving's picture

If you do not know that the real power in America resides with the CIA, NSA and assorted intelligence agencies who have been spying on everyone (White House, Congress, Supreme Court) for decades and have the goods on everyone, then you have not been paying attention.  Also note that Obama's first job was with Business International Corporation, A CIA front company. Of course, Obama conveniently manages to miss that fact in his autobiography, Dreams from My Father.  Perhaps, 442 pages were not enough to include that name

An incident the other day demonstrates the power of the CIA:

Tuesday’s extraordinary public criticism of the Central Intelligence Agency by one of the CIA’s longtime apologists—Dianne Feinstein, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee—is an expression of the terminal crisis of American democracy.

Only the direst of circumstances could have compelled the California Democrat to make a public declaration that the CIA “may well have violated the separation-of-powers principle embodied in the United States Constitution,” and also “the Fourth Amendment, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as Executive Order 12333, which prohibits the CIA from conducting domestic searches or surveillance.”

Feinstein was evidently driven to make her protest over CIA spying on the Senate because the CIA made a criminal referral to the Justice Department, seeking to prosecute staff of the Intelligence Committee, and possibly members of the Senate themselves, for unauthorized use of classified documents. This was the culmination of months of wrangling over a massive report on CIA torture prepared by the committee.

There was a stark contrast in demeanor between Feinstein, visibly tense and seemingly frightened as she spoke for nearly an hour on the Senate floor, and CIA Director John Brennan, who arrogantly rebuffed her claims of misconduct in a speech to a foreign policy think tank a few hours later, then smirked through a press interview afterwards.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:01 | 4655557 thamnosma
thamnosma's picture

I must admit to a certain enjoyment that Feinstein got hers.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:17 | 4655563 JustObserving
JustObserving's picture
The NSA illegally collects 3.2 billion pieces of intelligence a day and 5 billion cellphone locations a day.  We are all being screwed by the intelligence agencies every minute of every day:


We All Have It Coming Kid

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:33 | 4655613 thamnosma
thamnosma's picture

Yes, but we all haven't served their interests like she has.  That was my obvious point.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:46 | 4655622 JustObserving
JustObserving's picture

I upvoted you for that.

And my concern is that if the well-connected and dedicated servant of the CIA, Senator Dianne Feinstein can be cowed so easily, what hope is there for the average Joe?  Some serfs are more equal than others.

As Snowden revealed, privacy and freedom will be alien concepts soon if not already

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:07 | 4655571 reader2010
reader2010's picture
"The hope for the twentieth century rests on recognition that war and depression are man-made, and needless. They can be avoided in the future by turning from the nineteenth-century characteristics just mentioned (materialism, selfishness, false values, hypocrisy, and secret vices) and going back to other characteristics that our Western Society has always regarded as virtues: generosity, compassion, cooperation, rationality, and foresight, and finding a increased role in human life for love, spirituality, charity, and self discipline." - Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966
Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:08 | 4655574 QQQBall
QQQBall's picture

This is administration is a combination of lies and fuckups.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:10 | 4655581 prains
prains's picture

just this one??

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:53 | 4655646 813kml
813kml's picture

Each one keeps upping the bar.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:28 | 4655739 Seasmoke
Seasmoke's picture

I don't think Hillary will be able to top this bar. Peak Obama.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:46 | 4655771 813kml
813kml's picture

I think you're right, Obama seems determined to nail a "Perfect 10" of incompetency.

so far, so good

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:09 | 4655577 suprinity
suprinity's picture

A reporter just questioned the Ukrainian representative at the UN security council meeting about whether or not Director Brennan had anything to do with today's escalation in the Ukraine... to which he denied it of course. He did look quite uneasy. 50 minutes left until showtime.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:14 | 4655589 NoWayJose
NoWayJose's picture

Possibly Brennan, but it could be a lower level CIA spook runnng the op. Likely meet with Ukraine, but also with the leaders of the field teams already in place. Still unknown if ops increase or if US backs down again.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 07:23 | 4656185 Canucklehead
Canucklehead's picture

It's reasonable to assume Brennan would have gone to the Ukraine at some point. After all, why not? It would be good politics within the NATO sphere.

This whole article is written for the low IQ mob follower. I expect both sides of the issue are watching how this story line gets legs, and how it mutates.

The obvious question to ask is when would Russia accept it's "citizens" in foreign countries to emigrate back home? How many Russians living in Ukraine would want to go back to Russia? I expect very few would.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:22 | 4655599 Mine Is Bigger
Mine Is Bigger's picture

YES.  I saw him in a downtown "gentlemen's club" in Kiev.  He was very "generous."  A lot of green papers were handed out.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:23 | 4655603 post turtle saver
post turtle saver's picture

fake bullshit is fake... no proof, just hearsay

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:49 | 4655636 Ifigenia
Ifigenia's picture

"Which leaves us wondering just how long until Brennan's conversations are leaked to YouTube?"

Perhaps after US officially denied it?

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:54 | 4655648 Seize Mars
Seize Mars's picture

CIA's Brennan:

Fake faker, faking fake fakery for fakers to use as fake propaganda in their fake quest for fake money being use to buy fake tits and fake congresmen so they can promulgate the very real interest of AIPAC in making America fake.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:09 | 4655685 Tengri Temujin
Tengri Temujin's picture

And his assumed name was Carlos Danger 

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:14 | 4655704 Ifigenia
Ifigenia's picture

forget to mention fake printer to print fake monopoly money

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:25 | 4655725 Seize Mars
Seize Mars's picture


No, I covered that. Re-read.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:44 | 4655766 Ifigenia
Ifigenia's picture

but fake printer is important

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:55 | 4655651 Ifigenia
Ifigenia's picture

Perhaps the spook headmaster was there to spupervised his men works:

" On Feb. 22 the first secretary of the Lvov Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Rostislav Vasilko, was falsely accused of “firing at Maidan” and subjected to brutal tortures [9]. According to eyewitnesses, he had needles shoved under his fingernails, his right lung was punctured, three ribs, his nose and other bones in his face were broken, and threats were made to wipe out his family. He is currently undergoing medical treatment in Russia.

 On Feb. 23, Alexander Pataman, the leader of the antifascist People’s Militia of Zaporozhye, was kidnapped.

 On February 24, six members of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine were voluntarily sacked by the Supreme Rada “for violating the oath” [10]. Some of them were subject to threats and physical coersion. Three days later the expelled judges adopted an appeal to international human rights institutions [11].

 On February 28, the deputy governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Boris Filatov, posted an explanation on his Facebook page of how to properly handle members of the pro-Russian movement who are dissatisfied with the central government in Kiev: “offer those dirtbags any promises, guarantees, or concessions they want. And… we’ll hang them all later.” [12]

 On March 5, Andrei Purgin, one of the leaders of the pro-Russian organization, the Donetsk Republic, was captured in Donetsk and taken to an unknown destination [13]. The kidnapped man’s friends claim that he had received a visit the previous day, during which he was warned, “if he stays home today, his wife won’t be come a widow,” but because others were expecting him, he went on to the public square anyway. Andrei’s fate is now unknown.

 On March 6, Vladimir Rogov, the leader of the Ukrainian civic organization, the Slavic Guard, was kidnapped. Both are safe at the moment, but were forced to leave the Zaporozhye region and Ukraine.

 On March 6, Pavel Gubarev, the “people’s governor” and leader of pro-Russian activists, was detained in Donetsk [14]. After being picked up, he was severely beaten, both on the road from Donetsk to Kiev, as well as in the detention facility of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU). Pavel fell into a coma in mid-March and currently remains in a prison hospital. Because of fears that his condition could be made public, he is not being allowed access to a lawyer. His wife Ekaterina and three young children were forced to leave Ukraine after her husband’s arrest.

 The “people’s governor” of the Luhansk region and leader of the Lugansk Guard, Alexander Kharitonov, has been under arrest and held in an SBU detension facility since March 14.

 On March 17 the leader of the People’s Alternative, Anton Davidchenko, was detained by the SBU in Odessa, and he is also currently being held in an SBU prison in Kiev.

 On March 17, a group of far-right members of the so-called “People’s Tribunal” in Vinnitsa brazenly demanded that Tatyana Antonets, the chief physician of the regional children’s hospital, voluntarily step down because she had neither publicly renounced the Party of Regions nor condemned “the crimes of the former government.” [15] The radicals claimed that if she did not obey their orders, the doctor would be held accountable “in accordance with the laws of draconian revolutionary times.”

 After several threats had been made, on March 17, the car belonging to the leader of the Southeastern Front, Artyom Timchenko, was torched. The public prosecutor for the Zaporozhye region, Alexander Shatsky, who had been newly appointed by Kiev, called the incident an example of “self-immolation.”

 On March 19, approximately 300 armed men in Vinnitsa, led by activists from Right Sector, seized a local distillery belonging to the company Nemiroff [16].

 On March 20 a group of activists from Right Sector assaulted some Hungarian schoolchildren who were on a field trip to Transcarpathia from the Hungarian city of Miskolc [17]. Armed extremists broke up a meeting of the Hungarian civic council in the town of Berehove in the Transcarpathian region and beat up the attendees. Two years ago the Ukrainian nationalists desecrated the monument on the Verecke Pass that had been erected to commemorate the passage of Hungarian troops across the Carpathians [18]. They painted “Death to Hungarians” and “This is Ukraine” on the podium.

 On March 20 four Russian journalists from the Russia-1 TV channel were detained in Donetsk [19]. The Russians’ documents were seized and they were taken to the Vasilievka checkpoint, where they were kept for several hours without explanation before being expelled from Ukraine.

 On March 20 the Ukrainian Security Service began an attempt to dissolve the Lugansk Guard civic organization that advocates for placing Ukraine under the authority of the federal government and for making Russian a state language. Three activists were arrested and a search conducted of the organization’s offices and its members’ apartments. One of the leaders of its youth wing, Anastasiya Pyaterikova, posted a public appeal on social networks, claiming that the SBU, along with a deputy from the Verkhovna Rada (a leader from the far-right Radical Party of Oleh Lyashko), organized a search for the members of the Lugansk Guard, and persecuted activists and members of their families [20].

VIDEO:Oleh Lyashko, Ukrainian politician, and the leader of the “Radical Party” kidnaps a deputy of the Lugansk city council Arsen

 On March 20 representatives of the so-called AutoMaidan movement attempted to extort fuel, cash, and other assets from the director of one of the branches of the Russian company Lukoil-Ukraine, in order “to feed the needs of the revolution.” [21]

 On March 20 a crowd in Kiev, wearing masks and armed with firearms and blades, broke into the building of the Ukrainian State Architectural and Construction Inspection Board. Seizing offices on the seventh and eleventh floors, they pretended to be members of an “anti-corruption committee” and tried to confiscate folders containing archival documents.

 On March 21 a house in the Kiev region was burned that belonged to Viktor Medvedchuck, a leader of the Ukrainian Choice movement.

 On March 23 Euromaidan activists in Kiev attempted to occupy the building of Rossotrudnichestvo, a Russian agency that promotes ties with ethnic Russians abroad, and the car of one of its employees was stolen. This stunt was intended to confiscate that office space and use it to house the headquarters of the People’s Self-Defense of Maidan.

 On March 23 a group of Right Sector members armed with machine guns stormed a concert in Rovno that was being held as part of a local rock festival, brandishing their weapons and dispersing the attendees.

 On March 23 in Zaporozhye, a few dozen militants, known as the Self-Defense of Maidan, attacked the participants in the Melitopol-Zaporozhye Friendship Road Rally with sticks, stones, and iron rebars. People were beaten and cars were damaged.

 On March 24, members of the Ukrainian border service once again forbade Aeroflot crew members from leaving their aircraft during stopovers at Ukrainian airports. No explanation was given. This type of discrimination on the part of the Ukrainian border guards, which has occurred several times in the past month at the airports in Kiev, Donetsk, and Kharkov, is in violation of accepted international practices and poses a danger to civil air traffic. In recent days, Ukrainian border guards have forcibly turned back large numbers of air travelers from Russia. Forty-three such cases have been reported at Aeroflot alone. In 32 cases, Aeroflot was compelled to repatriate passengers at its own expense who had flown to Ukraine on one-way tickets.

 Since mid-March at the Kharkov section of the Russian-Ukrainian border, Ukrainian border guards have stopped Russian citizens from entering Ukraine, each day turning back 120-130 people.

 On March 26, Right Sector supporters in Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, and Kharkov physically assaulted anyone they found in the streets wearing the honorary St. George ribbons (the symbol of Soviet victory over Nazism) [22].

 On March 26 in the Kirovograd region, representatives of the local “people’s council” and members of the Svoboda party attacked the chief physician at the Ulyanovsk Central District Hospital, Aleksander Tkalenko, attempting to beat him in his own office [23]. The doctor’s only “sin” was his political affiliation (he was a member of the Party of Regions and had been appointed to his current position by the Yanukovych administration).

 On March 26, the former mayor of Mirgorod (in the Poltava region) and chairman of the town council Vasily Tretetsky died in the hospital after being beaten and shot by assailants on March 16 [24].

 On March 26, activists from the Avtodozor social movement together with a hundred of militants from the Self-Defense of Maidan, picketed the offices of Russian banks on Kreshchatik street in Kiev (VTB, Alfa, Sberbank of Russia, and Prominvest), demanding that they be closed and all their Ukrainian divisions nationalized [25]. The Sberbank building was seized and looted.

 On April 1, the Ukrainian Security Service searched the apartments of pro-Russian activists in Odessa. In particular, they scoured the flat belonging to Alexei Albu, a deputy in the Odessa regional council. “SBU staffers arrived at my apartment at 8:00 am, opened the door, and conducted a search. They were carrying a court injunction. The security officers themselves stated that they were looking for lists of activists from our organization and also for weapons. However, in the end they were forced to sign a statement attesting that nothing illegal had been found in the apartment they searched.” Alexei claims that he had been previously summoned by the Ukrainian special services for a “conversation.”

The threats to Russian Orthodox priests is also a regretful commonplace in today’s Ukraine. The case of Rev. Alexander Shirokov, persecuted by non-registered National Socialist Workers’ Party of Ukraine, was made public thanks to the special statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs [26]. The great number of other, less publicized cases of pressure imposed against the pro-Russian priesthood by the radical elements and local administrations loyal to the central Kievan interim authorities, are taking place." in

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:24 | 4655723 slightlyskeptical
slightlyskeptical's picture

That is quite a run down. Any citations of violence by the pro-Russians?

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:46 | 4655774 Ifigenia
Ifigenia's picture

violence by pro-Russians is msm or HRW work, not mine.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 03:09 | 4656012 old naughty
old naughty's picture

Thanks If, good summary/

latest scoop : Russia getting in on the MH370 act:

Google translation of first paragraph:

" Rumors of secret services are inclined to this version. 

Riddle disappeared Malaysian liner is still not resolved and generates a lot of versions. Here is one of them. Name intruder forced the pilot to "Boeing" to commit the hijacking of Malaysia Airlines, which was carrying a total of 239 people - Hitch. Nothing is known about his accomplices. Pilots Flight MH370 not guilty to theft, assured correspondent "MK" on condition of anonymity, the authoritative source of the intelligence services."


Hitch ! Oh boy. We are really in a Get Smart series.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 04:44 | 4656090 dreadnaught
dreadnaught's picture

This is all bullshit. The Israel ZioCons have changed their "sky is falling" claptrap from "IRAQ HAS WMDs!" to "IRAN HAS WMDs!" and now to "RUSSIA IS INVADING THE UKRAINE!!"   RUN! HIDE! Give us MOAR of your tax dollars to waste in a pointless war!


Its all to keep us free seeing the our economy is on the brink.....and to put us deeper in debt-how DARE the COngress give Billions in aid to the Ukraine when we need the money BADLY here at home? fucking corrupt pinheads in DC should all be tarred and feathered and run out of town


and i feel disgust at John Kerry....he should hang his head in shame. He was once anti war and against TPTB-now he has joined them, WAR PIG

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 22:59 | 4655658 Cocktosen
Cocktosen's picture

Should've used an alias of Ron Mexico to get into Ukraine.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:08 | 4655684 Tengri Temujin
Tengri Temujin's picture

How about Carlos Danger

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:14 | 4655702 Dan The Man
Dan The Man's picture

It was the arrest of the 150 snipers. The CIA wants them back.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:25 | 4655727 Kina
Kina's picture

I also see that the Director of the KGB landed in Saudi Arabia the same day.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:26 | 4655733 q99x2
q99x2's picture

What would open source software have to do to put the CIA out of business? That is the question.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:31 | 4655742 Jack Burton
Jack Burton's picture

A quote from "War and Peace" might be in order. In reference to getting one's nation into too many military adventures, a Russian proverb was used. "Chop down trees enough and you are bound to cut your finger". I think in Ukraine the CIA and Blackwater, tax dollar leeches, may have chopped at one too many trees and are about to seriously cut a finger! 

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:05 | 4655806 813kml
813kml's picture

I think the US bought that tome as a two-volume set, and promptly lost the second half.

If only that were the extent of injuries in store.  The US is about to stick its hand in a woodchipper, with the rest of its carcass to follow.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 01:43 | 4655949 ThirdWorldDude
ThirdWorldDude's picture

Another appropriate proverb used by Russians and other southern Slavs: "If you jump from pike to pike, you'll end up with one poking you in the arse."

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 02:21 | 4655979 Tengri Temujin
Tengri Temujin's picture

Vlad the Impaler loved poking the spikes through the asses of the opposition lol, I hope the CIA and the mercenaries studied their history of that area, I know Vlad far further South, but good spiking techniques are well known in the area

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:42 | 4655759 nostromo17
nostromo17's picture

This game of chicken seems ill founded on both sides. Poorly thought out both sides. Dolts running the show both sides. What good can come of this. None. Going down over the Ukraine? Never seen one dumber than this. Intelligence services (so called) playing too much with computers is not helping. And apparently diplomacy is a dead art run by something akin to economists in ineptitude and lack of any viable approach let alone craft or theory. Quite depressing to see things botched %100 of the time - its against all odds no one gets it right ever. Utter morons one and all.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:30 | 4655861 studfinder
studfinder's picture

I get the feeling the real winner in all of this will be (is?) China.

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 23:56 | 4655789 tony bonn
tony bonn's picture

fuck the ziocon cia!!

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:16 | 4655791 Thanatos
Thanatos's picture

I am waiting for more info on this story before I wholeheartedly buy into it. I don't think it's that far out of the realm of possibility at this point, but we'll see.

I would encourage folks to be mindful that the CIA is not a unified, lock step machine. There are assuredly a bunch of selfie taking koolaid drinkers on board and I am not defending them. There are also some dissenters and folks who are probably quite upset by their leadership and it's asinine mal-management of the Ukraine, it's Politics and it's Citizens along with the CIA's staff, reputation and resources. These guys don't get to pick their management, it's appointed by policticians - for politicians.

Do you think everyone at Delta Airlines likes the way things run?

There is a growing crisis of Incompetence in all of the Governmental institutions because Shit-For-Brains management is forcing competent, conscionable people to retire or leave in large numbers.

Team Feckless is on a roll... Time will tell, maybe it ends with everyone having that nice afterglow or just fizzles out and fades away to a dimmer, dumber future.


Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:54 | 4655897 RafterManFMJ
RafterManFMJ's picture

Do you think everyone at Delta Airlines likes the way things run?

Well, sure. But you seldom fear being thrown off a tall building and having your family gutted if you spill a bean about your employer if you work at Delta.

So, there's that.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:09 | 4655807 Angus McHugepenis
Angus McHugepenis's picture

Wow... how did he get through the TSA tug and rub festival at the airport?

Nice to know I can now fly under a fake name to any country or the verge of war as long as I'm a government asshole. I'll keep this in mind the next time a .gov thug tries to fine me for speeding in Ukraine and asks to see my ID, insurance and registration.


Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:33 | 4655867 studfinder
studfinder's picture

The only way we stay a free, loving people is for the TSA to spread your ass cheeks and look for butt bombs

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 02:52 | 4656007 Aussiekiwi
Aussiekiwi's picture

I've got one, they need to get up really really close to see it though. :)

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:49 | 4655879 Ifigenia
Ifigenia's picture

Experts cited by the New Straits Times and the London Daily Mail confirm that the absolute altitude limit for making even a brief cell phone connection from an airliner is about 7,000 feet. But that does not mean that a passenger could carry on a conversation from that altitude. As the experts suggest, airliners travel too fast for calls to be handed off from one cell tower to another.  Unless the plane has special equipment developed during the past few years (and MH370 did not) it is impossible to have a cell phone conversation from an airliner at even a few thousand feet of elevation. Below 7,000 feet, one could dial a number and, with luck, get a brief connection to a cell tower – but that connection would drop before the call could be put through and answered.

That is what happened to Fariq Abdul Hamid’s attempt to make a cell phone call from missing Flight MH370.

And yet we were told that on September 11, 2001, passengers on hijacked flights also made “desperate calls” and somehow engaged in long cell phone conversations with people on the ground!

For many years, the US government and mainstream media reported that at least fifteen cell phone calls had been placed from the allegedly hijacked airliners flying at over 30,000 feet. These reports began with the claims of Bush administration Solicitor General Ted Olson, who told CNN that his wife, right-wing commentator Barbara Olson, had “called twice on a cell phone” from allegedly-hijacked Flight 77 – the flight that supposedly hit the Pentagon. Olson said the first call from his wife lasted “about one minute” and the second call “two or three or four minutes.”

According to Ted Olson, his wife told him that “all passengers and flight personnel were herded to the back of the plane” by hijackers armed with “cardboard knives and box cutters.”

The story is fantastic. The alleged hijackers were barely five-and-one-half feet tall, and weighed in the low 100 pounds range. The pilot, Chip Burlingame, was a large, muscular, military-trained weight lifter and boxer. Yet, he supposedly gave up his pilot’s seat, failed to take a few seconds to squawk the hijack code, and shambled meekly to the back of the plane at the orders of four small men carrying implements for opening packages – none of whom could even fly Cessnas,

Unsurprisingly, the calls reported by Ted Olson could not possibly have happened. One of North America’s most notable scientists, Dr. A.K. Dewdney, proved in a series of experiments in 2003 that cell phone conversations from airliners would be extremely unlikely above 1,000 feet. Dewdney found that the maximum altitude for getting even the briefest cell phone connection was 7,000 feet – the same altitude cited by the Straits Times and London Daily Mail as the absolute limit for cell connections. Yet, while Olson was supposedly talking to his wife on the “hijacked” plane, Flight 77 was, according to the official flight path, cruising at 35,000 feet! The plane said to be Flight 77 did not descend to 7,000 feet until 9:29 a.m., just a few minutes before the first explosion at the Pentagon.

The claim that Barbara Olson called her Bush administration husband from hijacked Flight 77 is not just false; it is preposterous.

The FBI agrees. It confirmed in 2006 that the only call from Barbara Olson’s cell phone on 9/11 was a failed attempt that lasted “0 seconds.”

The FBI now officially admits that, of the fifteen alleged 9/11cell phone calls, thirteen never happened. It says that there were only two such calls, both placed from Flight 93 shortly before it crashed (or was shot down).

The FBI should arrest Ted Olson for obstruction of justice. It should track down and arrest those who created the bogus 9/11 cell phone reports. And it should arrest Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby, Chertoff, Mukasey, Hauer, Myers, Zakheim and the other perpetrators of the 9/11 false flag event.

But to do that, it will have to break up the biggest organized crime ring in America: “The cabal.” That is the name prominent American financier Mark Gorton gives to the loose-knit group behind the murders of the Kennedies, Martin Luther King, Senator Paul Wellstone, and hundreds of other Americans, as well as the Oklahoma City and World Trade Center bombings.

Gorton is a wealthy, respected, reportedly brilliant American businessman who just shocked observers by publishing three works-in-progress entitled “Fifty Years of the Deep State,” “The Coup of '63” and “The Political Dominance of the Cabal.” Taken together, these three works synthesize and condense much of the best research on American false flag events and political assassinations. Gorton’s essays reveal “a hidden history of America with corruption so profound and scary that it shocks the sensibilities of most Americans and drives the mainstream press to seek comfort in official government lies.”

The media propaganda machine, dominated by the cabal Gorton exposes, is already attacking Gorton as a crazy conspiracy theorist. But even anti-conspiracist website calls Gorton a genius and admits: “Mark Gorton does not have a reputation as a crackpot. Quite the opposite. He’s been favorably profiled in the New York Times for his business acumen and charitable deeds.”

Gorton is understandably concerned about his personal safety. In “Fifty Years of the Deep State,” he writes about the “Post 9/11 Death Squads” that have killed numerous witnesses and a few politicians, plaintiffs, lawyers, and journalists. Among the dead 9/11 witnesses are Katherine Smith, Dr. David Graham, Kenneth Johannemann, Bertha Champagne and Barry Jennings. Those murdered to derail 9/11 truth lawsuits include Beverly Eckert and Michael Doran. Journalists who may have been killed by the 9/11 clean-up team include Hunter S. Thompson and Philip Marshall.

Gorton’s essays should be required reading for every American. They are well-documented, and include bibliographies listing many of the best works on the American deep state. 

Gorton’s articles, and the research on which they are based, raise a troubling question: 

Did the cabal steal MH370 using remote hijacking, disinformation, and war games that suddenly go live – the same techniques it employed to steal America on September 11, 2001? Dr. Kevin Barrett


Mon, 04/14/2014 - 01:03 | 4655910 RafterManFMJ
RafterManFMJ's picture

The most frightening thing to me about the 911 Extravaganza was how a ream of flaming copier paper took down an entire 47 story building.

I no longer allow paper, or it's mulatto comrade cardboard, into my house; it's just not worth the risk.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 02:50 | 4656003 Aussiekiwi
Aussiekiwi's picture

I am a huge critic of the 911 conspiracy racket, but the cellphone information is very interesting and needs further study, unfortunately this means I am going to have to go and have another look after spending so much time slagging 911 conspirators off....bugger, I hate it when that happens.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 07:02 | 4656167 bunnyswanson
bunnyswanson's picture

13 years later.   Busting this wide open would return the world to relative normalcy.  Their masks would come off and society would shun them.  Bad PR.  Damn you for taking so fucking long.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 07:11 | 4656174 smacker
smacker's picture

"Deep State" or "State Within A State". Same thing and I realised years ago that this exists in the US and also the UK.

The people running these outfits have global reach, access to virtually unlimited funding and skills to carry out whatever criminal act they choose. Law enforcement never investigate their criminal actions.

What has never been clear is who these people are and whether it is a seperate cabal that operates outside of government or whether they are powerful people within the regular state apparatus who have control files on anybody/everybody in elected office to ensure they follow orders. We've all heard of the MIC, CIA and now NSA. The Wall Street crowd are in there too.

But is there an even higher level of cabal who pull all the levers?

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 07:27 | 4656191 smacker
smacker's picture

On 9/11: I used to think that whether or not the Bush Administration were directly implicated in this event, they almost certainly knew about it before it happened. Nowadays I have come further to the view that it was a false flag operation. Why? Because Building 7 collapsed after being hit by nothing. That means it was demolished by someone. A few other very suspicious pieces of the jigsaw also. Did a plane really hit the Pentagon? I don't think so. More likely a missile.


On the UK 7/7: on the day this happened, a caller to the London LBC radio station said he was a retired Met Police Superintenant who now ran a security firm. He stated that several months earlier his firm was contracted by an unnamed person in government to manage a simulated terror attack on the London Underground.

He was told that the date of the terror attack was to be 7/7 and was to take place at exactly the same three tube stations that were actually attacked. A coincidence? I don't think so.

Although this guy now runs a blog about the matter and has given evidence to various parliamentary inquiries, he has never named the government person he was in contact with. Would that be MI5?


Mon, 04/14/2014 - 01:11 | 4655921 Philalethian
Philalethian's picture

Ever notice that when ever one of these bankster puppets visit places in turmoil, moar turmoil happens.

Hummm...maybe he took them another 5 billion American tax dollars that no one in America needs anymoar, and gave it to the mercenaries to start moar war with the Russians.

Ever notice that evil is sooooooooo predictable. It never changes and almost always does the same pathetic filthy psychotic things over and over and over again? Take world war cycles, for instance.

Duhhhhh...gee George...what's going to be blown up next to cause yet moar distractions from the well planned crash and stock market thefts?

Who is the next victim of the beast that seeks to kill off 99% of the human beings on the planet?

Hey world, the Rothschilds ranch has not paid their grazing taxes in over two hundred years...ya suppose it's time to go rustle them criminals up and put them in a BLM cage?

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 01:24 | 4655932 Rock On Roger
Rock On Roger's picture



How many people here end up hungover Monday morning?

I seem to be lately...

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 10:14 | 4656635 TPTB_r_TBTF
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there is only one way to get a hangover: by stopping drinking.

Why did you stop?

You need to learn to keep a certain alcohol level in your blood at all times. 

When it hurts, then you donT have enough alcohol in your blood.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 01:51 | 4655958 keeperpine
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Brennen gave his Kiev stooges a "good to go" to atack Lugansk and Stavyansk. With warrantable casualties up to 10k.


The attack on Lugansk last night:

Rebels casualties: 3

Wounded: 1

Fascists: 9 wounded. Hard to tell how many of them lethal.


One military base was taken under control.


The attack on Slavyansk last night:

Rebels casualties: 0

Wounded: 2

Fascists: 17(!) dead. 

Wounded: 2



Both attacts repeled.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 03:19 | 4656016 Debugas
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events in Ukraine remind me of the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement to devide Poland right before WW2

they signed the treaty meanwhile both sides were preparing for the upcoming war

WW3 is inevitable sadly

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 07:39 | 4656210 Sandmann
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They signed the treaty because the British in the next room refused to sign anything and the USSR wanted time. It was brilliant strategy from Ribbentrop once the British had placed an obstacle between the Wehrmacht and USSR in the form of a stupid guarantee to Colonel Beck to help his country commit suicide........oh, and FDR and Churchill agreed at Yalta that the Treaty was sound

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 10:33 | 4656707 Ifigenia
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Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement is the effect of Munich agreement. Love to know american role in that period.

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 04:46 | 4656093 kurt
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Great News!

Director Brennan got everybody together and said, "Listen people, we messed up when the whole world saw the Nuland/Chevron presentation where she bragged about the 5 Billion Dollars, then the 'fuck em' comment came out and the snipers shooting both sides, at the same time it came out that Monsanto Ricin was used in Syria, twice. Well, we're packing it in. You have immediate orders to evacuate Ukraine. We mailed condolence cards to the people already killed and injured as well as a fruit basket. A heartfelt apology and a lovely card with watercolored irises has been sent to Mr. Putin. So pack it in people, next week we're starting a confab and a series of training sessions, agency wide. Vacations will be honored but you're all encouraged to be fully engaged in this exciting training session which will include a continental breakfast."

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 06:06 | 4656124 negative rates
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Yea, we can call it the Benghazi breakfast.

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