One Killed, Many Wounded After Shooting Breaks Out Between Ukraine Special Forces And Pro-Russia Separatists

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"Ball is in Kiev's court." That is how we concluded our article yesterday reporting that Moscow won't accept force against demonstrators after Kiev warned it would use special forces to quell ongoing "terrorist" uprisings across cities in east Ukraine.

Predictably, Ukraine couldn't wait to shoot the ball right back at Russia and re-escalate (in hope that the west will finally stand up and side along the acting government in what continues to be a very foolish gambit) and early this morning local time, units of the Ukraine special forces started an anti-terrorist operation in eastern town of Slavyansk, where police station was seized yesterday by separatist protesters, as reported by the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov posts on Facebook, who also warned local residents to stay inside, saying separatist protesters have opened fire in direction of approaching special police units.

Moments later the operation turned deadly after at least one member of the special forces was killed and as many as 9 wounded, as well as an unknown number of casualties on the "separatist" side. But most importantly, Russia now has a pretext to step in and "defend" its ethnic population just as it warned it would do.

WSJ reports:

A Ukrainian special forces officer was killed and five others wounded Sunday in a gunbattle with heavily armed pro-Russian forces who had commandeered a police station in the eastern city of Slavyansk, Ukraine's top police official said.


The firefight erupted early Sunday as Ukrainian forces moved to clear the building where approximately 20 men dressed in camouflage had seized control the day before. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said an unspecified number of the pro-Russian activists had been wounded in the exchange.

This wasn't the only casualty as other firefights broke out in close proximity to the first one.

In addition to the dead and wounded at the police station, Russia's Interfax news agency reported one person was killed and four others wounded in a gunfight at a checkpoint along the road leading from Slavyansk to the regional capital of Donetsk. The Slavyansk operation, dubbed an "antiterrorist action," involved Ukraine's state security service and military and police units from across the country, Mr. Avakov said. "May God be with them," Mr. Avakov wrote on his Facebook page early Sunday, announcing the operation had begun.


A short time later, he said that the men holed up inside the building had begun firing at the Ukrainian forces and urged residents in the center of the eastern Ukrainian city to remain indoors and away from their windows.


Residents reported seeing armored personnel carriers approaching the city and helicopters flying overhead. Russian television station Rossiya 24 reported that tires that had been used as a barricade in front of the building had been set on fire and black smoke could be seen above the city center.


The clash comes after pro-Russia protests spread Saturday in eastern Ukraine, with armed men, some in unmarked, military-style uniforms, moved to commandeer more government buildings.

So now that Ukraine has had its official warning by Lavrov, which it openly ignored, and commenced a crack down on the separatist forces, who may well have been camouflaged Russian army units just like in the Crimea scenario, Kremlin now sees itself fully in its right to cross the border and "defend" people in the east. To be sure, NATO and the west will hardly share Russia's interpretation of events which only means that the situation will further escalate some more.

And if not in Slavyansk, there are more than enough other cities that allow both sides to escalate into lethal gunfights. Reuters reports:

Separatist protesters on Sunday seized control of the mayor's office in the town of Mariupol, eastern Ukraine, on the Azov Sea, local media said.


The protesters entered the building following a rally involving about 1,000 people demonstrating in favor of the creation of a separate republic in eastern Ukraine, a local journalist for the newspaper Priazovsky Worker said.


Police did not try to stop them. They entered the offices, took down the Ukrainian flag and were erecting barricades outside the building, the journalist said.

A photo from Mariupol:

As we said earlier, if this is merely a gambit by Kiev to provoke western nations into action, it will likely fail. Poland PM Tusk explained why earlier when speaking on Polish radio Zet on events in the Ukraine, when he said that he’s “concerned” there is “relatively little will” in EU, other countries to “strongly support Ukraine. Nobody accepts Crimea annexation, but nobody wants to head for sharp conflict. Which also means Poland itself is isolated in a potential expansion next: Tusk said it’s important Russia doesn’t threaten Poland’s security "we need to know how to mobilize international community." Hopefully it will have more success than Ukraine.

Sure enough, the best the west can mobilize was and continues to be nothing more than harsh language.

Something Putin knows too well and continues to capitalize on.

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ApollyonDestroy's picture

Time to roll that gear across the border! This should accelerate the market fall this week. Finnaallyyy

Latina Lover's picture

I suspect Putin will not invade or escalate since incorporating South West Ukraine into Russia would be a huge burden on its economy.  Better to let the US and EU digest this shit sandwich, bail out and restructure the local economies, and then swoop in.

Having said this, Putin is a nationalist and truly cares about Russia, and Russians.  He just may be willing to take on the burden for the sake of the collective Russian peoples.


Arius's picture

The Facebook War!


obviously intended for international audiences ...

dorothy we are not in kansas anymore ...

WHAT's NEXT?  we will see ... but obviously the World is the target

SilverIsKing's picture

Obama and Kerry hold Putin's kryptonite in their respective pockets.

It was reported that the White House recently ordered a Sharpie two pack thick point and guess the color...yup...RED.

So Putin better watch out. If Obama or Kerry reaches for the marker, when the cap comes off, it's game over.

Latina Lover's picture

A ukrainian acquaintances said something very interesting about the difference between Putin and Obama.

To him, Putin is a russian nationalist, who unequivocally loves Russia.  Obama, on the other hand, does not feel a similar love for the US. 



Thats because Obama is not an American.  I don't mean he wasn't born in the United States but that he does not identify as an American.  He understands America as well as he he understands the "African American" experience. He is a foreign raised half white man child who embraced the marxism of his philandering communist drunkard of a father and reinforced by his marxist mother and grandparents.

Obama used every opportunity to learn his radicalism at the feet of Frank Marshall Davis and honed his Saul Alinksy tactics while working as a "community organizer" lawyer for Acorn.

Obama is closer in mind to the old Soviet russians than Putin is. Obama is a marxist who governs as a Fascist

Abi Normal's picture

Looks like the Ukrainian's do have a set of balls after all!  Good for them, fvck russia....even if they do get their asses kicked, at least the stood for something besides communism.

fvck all communists and those that support them...

I sure wish we had a real president in the oval...bathhouse barry, is the 5th column!

I don't care where he was freaking born (Kenya/Hawaii??), his mother renounced her (and his) citizenship to move to Indonesia, to marry the Sotero fella...he could not have attended a madras if he was not Indonesian.  So no, bathhouse barry is something of an inigma, why do you think he spends millions to hide his college records.  It would show he applied to those schools as a foreign national...pure and simple.

MeMadMax's picture

You don't have to censor yourself here... fvckin dumbass....

Abi Normal's picture

lol, ok fvck you, how's that...

Bindar Dundat's picture

Putin and Obama have a lot in common --  they both love Mother Russia! 

Manthong's picture

Is it my imagination, or are most threating looking/armed and/or masked Ukrainians members of the >42 inch belt club?

Looney's picture

The next Red Line will be drawn with Wookie’s bloody tampon. ;-)


Keyser's picture

False Flag tactical nuke strike in Ukraine in 5....4....3....

Manthong's picture

Geez.. I gotta’ change the furniture on the WASR.

When fat Ukrainians have better looking pieces than me, I’ve got to get in fashion.   

..but OMG what don’t these bozos know about mixing camo with white tape on magazines ???????

 That is a fashion no-no.


BTW.. I think I understand the green tape on the forearms (although still dangerous) but I can't figure out the wisdom of the flourescent orange or white gloves.

From my perspective the optics are good.. maybe not so much from theirs.



johngaltfla's picture

Care to wager if Russia's "red line" will result in action? I'll bet we see Russian armor in the Ukraine by dawn tomorrow....


04.13 1215 Ukraine Update: Ukrainian Military to Counterattack against Pro-Russian Forces
JimmyCDN's picture

Was wondering what the green tape on the forearms was for myself?  What do you think?

Thanatos's picture

The Green and Yellow tape around the wrists are expedient identification "badges". Likely to identify either Status (i.e. Militia, Former Police, Merc, Specwar Operator [Spetsnaz], etc), Area of responsibility or something along those lines.

You get a lot of civvies wandering in and out and need to identify quickly who is who if shooting starts.

Manthong's picture

hmm..  anybody want to help fund an Android app that marries 512 kbit encryption, Wi-Fi, and the camera for IFF?

maybe even a pulsed IR for S&G's?

we can even add Bluetooth and NFC for the last minute decision process.

side benefit: we can keep the iPod recognition app proprietary and charge a premium for those who do not want to be flagged in the battlescape. 



Thanatos's picture

MK1 Eyeball is hard to beat once things get busy.

Manthong's picture

I am not so sure..

a set of goog glasses with an overlay could come in handy.

.. at least for flagging friendlies.

Thanatos's picture

Anybody notice is offline? Cyber-warfare victim?

Uncle Remus's picture


mixing camo with white tape on magazines

And before Easter at that!

Volkodav's picture

Is it important to you?

Manthong's picture

not really, but I am notappreciative of excessive size or mass except from a holdover or MOA perspective.    

Invinciblehandaxe's picture

@Abi Normal you retard dont understand the fact that there is more capitalism in russia then in the ufsa??

heck even the fucking EU is the prototype of socialism

i wish the russian tanks liberated us from the EUSSR as well

oooh and fuck you dumb moron


Abi Normal's picture

If you could just put a point across you would be dangerous eh, invincible?  Your incoherent ramblings show your ignorance.  More captialism in Russia, LOL, there is no capitalism ANYWHERE dumb ass.  fvcking morons, all you stupid assholes can do is hit the green or red arrow and spew ignorance, go fvck yourselves, you know NOTHING, but what you are told to believe.  You believe everything you read and hear, but trouble is you have been disinformed...only a handful here get it, the rest of you bobble heads have no fvcking clue what is going on, nor of the history of the world, and you certainly have no idea about current events. 

Keep the bags over your heads, cause where you are going, will not be pretty...sleep on little sheeple, to the slaughter you go now!

Ifigenia's picture

how about some Nulland cookies?

silvermail's picture

Imagine the U.S. response if Lavrov arrived in Donetsk now and started handing out cookies in the town square!
Russia correctly was perceived U.S. actions in Kiev - it was an open political rudeness.

nightshiftsucks's picture

Yeah Abi there are a lot of people on this board who love Russian cock,don't worry about them just them them suck it.

bigkahuna's picture

There are also a bunch of trolls who have recently increased their ad hominem bs and agressive rhetoric. They need to be ignored.

TheReplacement's picture

Aw, either someone is butthurt about Russia or they are butthurt about Obama being a fraud. I doubt it is Obama fanboys.

Putin didn't become the richest man in Europe without killing people.  Do you really think he isn't interested in being the richest man alive?  How many people do you think he is willing to kill to attain that lofty perch?  If you put that much faith in a tyrant you are a fool. 

Just where did these "protesters" get those SBRs?  How come the protesters on the Maidan weren't similarly armed?  If you think about questions like that you cannot simply buy the Russian side of the story whole any more than you can the US version.

Russia still has propaganda and disinformation agents working throughout Europe and America.  One of them talks to the White House press corps every day.  Even if extremely detestable, the Obama administration (and more) has been one of the most amazing foreign intelligence operations ever run.  You think I'm lying or wrong?  Cui Bono? 

First consider Obama's background (above).  Next consider how he has presided over the destruction of the middle class, realignment of US Mil to personal loyalty, wealth and asset exportation (to where?), allowing vast amounts of secret intel to be stolen by Wikileaks, Snowden, Russians, and Chinese.  Finally consider the repeated bellicosity and resulting humiliation of this country on the world stage.  How on earth can you believe that the man who said he would have more flexibility after his election to a Russian President is not a puppet for the east?  Everything he has done has weaked this country and given space to Russia and China.  Who actually believes that the leadership in those countries isn't in on the gag?  

Ukraine, as in east versus west, is just a show.  They are all on the same team (tyranny).  They may fight each other to determine who gets to be the supreme leader but it won't benefit us the people regardless of who wins.  They are all bad guys and will do God awful things to us.

Please stop cheering for Team Satan against Team Lucifer.  Wake up.


Manthong's picture

Beelzebub or Mephistopheles ??

CNBC or RT ??

moneybots's picture

First consider Obama's background (above).  Next consider how he has presided over the destruction of the middle class, realignment of US Mil to personal loyalty, wealth and asset exportation (to where?), allowing vast amounts of secret intel to be stolen by Wikileaks, Snowden, Russians, and Chinese."


What is this "allowed"?  A plane thought to be carrying Snowden was forced to land, humilliating the leader on the plane.

Obama has presided over the destruction of the middle class.  So did the President before him.  It is a long ongoing trend.

Citizen_x's picture

Putin the richest man in Europe

When does his miniature giraffes start their world tour.

Abitdodgie's picture

To be the CEO of the "UNITED STATES" the corporation sole you have to be related to the royal family and that he is , and so were all the other presidents ,sorry CEO it does not matter where you were born .

new game's picture

 is a guy on a rope an easy target?

AnAnonymous's picture

Obama is not an 'american'.

One could wonder what the negro could do to be accept of one of theirs 'american'.

Obama is your typical 'american' president. He is an 'american' through and through. No matter the place he is born, by the way.

Being born in the US does not make you a proponent of 'americanism' automatically.

As to undestanding the african american experience, he does not care about that.

He was elected to serve the 'american' middle class that is by far predominantly composed with indo europeans.

angel_of_joy's picture

Problem is, he is a moron too.

Keyser's picture

Sweet Jebus on a cracker. Where do you get this stuff? I mean the stuff you're smoking BTW. 

Barry Soetoro understands as much about "black america" as Oprah knows about being poor white trash in Mississppi. 

crazzziecanuck's picture

Oprah grew up poor and went to public school, Obama grew up in Hawaii with his grandparents who were bankers and went to an exclusive school and went to Columbia and Harvard.

TheReplacement's picture

Jay Carney, is that you?

Why isn't he serving the middle class which has been dying harder and faster every day of his Presidency?


quasimodo's picture

Winner of quite possibly the dumbest fucking post of the month club.

TheReplacement's picture

I don't think Obama is more Soviet than Putin.  Putin seems more intelligent.  Putin seems wiser from experience.  Putin has the advantage of not having to really deal with domestic pressures.  For the part of benevolent stongman, Putin is much better suited and Russia is much more compliant. 

But the gap has been closing until the Feds tried to take on the Bundi range in Nevada.  I thought that maybe they actually intended to go after the Bunny Ranch in Nevada but then realized the Secret Service was not involved.

matrix2012's picture

Read about the Obama’s Pedigree at VT...who's his mother, grandmother, step father indeed, who were their paymasters...

yogibear's picture

Obama is a globalist.

The meddling by the US is digging itself further in being irrelevant. 

It's as though Obama was brought in to destroy whatever nationalism the US had left. 

AnAnonymous's picture

'Americanism' by design has global goals.

If Obama was not a globalist, he could not be an 'american'.

Since 'americans' hijacked humanity through their 'american' natural rights theory, it cant be otherwise.

'Americanism' goes everywhere human beings are.

Abi Normal's picture

ya we hijacked humanity alright, you moron, with liberty and freedon, then the fabian socialists took over about 100 years ago, and have been stripping that freedom daily...we are no longer America, we are now Amerika (USSA)...

Keyser's picture

The truth is that the globalists have hijacked the US and the EU. Only now are a few awakening to this fact and it is all but too late to reverse course as they have seized control of all aspects of western society via the invisible hand. Everything from the monetary system to military, medical to social welfare, education to media, all at our expense. The matrix isn't that far from the truth in a metaphorical way.