Baltic Dry Drops For 15th Day To Lowest In 9 Months (Back Below $1000)

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And still the mainstream media's discussion of the collapse in the Baltic Dry shipping index is entirely absent. As we have been pointing out for weeks now, something extreme is occurring in the cost of shipping dry bulk around the world. 2014 is now witnessing the biggest drop in price (a typical seasonal pattern) to start the year since records began. Today's drop to $989 (the first time below $1000 since June 2013) is the 15th drop in a row and it's not just this index that is fading: Capesize, Panamax, and Supramax rates are all falling. As we noted previously, the shipbuilding industry is already feeling the pain.


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It's ALL CNBC talks about when it's going up.  What a joke they are.

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A sad joke. Mute and ONLY the data feed is relevant on this shit-channel.

That and Mandy Drury's babs.

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Bullish for the Chuck Schumer Fund then? (S&P)

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Imma be a shrimpin' boat cap'n!

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Is there any kind of Index or average or whatever for containerload (or even better: LTC) rates?  That would be very useful for us small import/export companies.

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Whatever.  Wake me up when we fall below 2009 levels.

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Did you even look at the lower axis?

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There's a lower axis too? ;)

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Or Indonesia?

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Anyway.  The BDI is sending smoke signals.  

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I couldnt believe the fucker went up in the first place.

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Here is your Canary in the coal-mine. Still believe the Chineese import and export numbers ? The global economy is sinking fast....

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+1 Correct - it is a bell weather and a 6 month look the corner.

Doesn't help that state owned ChiCom ship yards started punching out a Handimax vessel every month for the last 5 years - total crap - hatch covers aren't even water tight.

Massive over capacity just as peak consumption passed by.

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But the fucking ship dip!


we can only go higher from here.

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If you buy in to the dip

Of a modern steel ship,

Hold your breath and hang on

As 'neath the waves she must slip.

(poem found on the bridge of the Edmund Fitzgerald, held in the skeletal remains of the hands of Capt. McSorley, originally penned by Capt. Edward J. Smith)


Buy the fucking dip, you fucking idiot.


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it means nothing.. the u.s. Economy has Reached Escape Velocity now Bitches!!!!!!

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US Total Gasoline Retail Sales by Refiners is not looking so good, either.

And, not surprisingly, vehicle miles driven continue to decline.

Then again, if one does not have a job, one no longer needs to drive to work.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Not valid data.

Refiners started shedding retail outlets about 8 yrs ago.  So retail sales by refiners is meaningless compared to history.

Miles driven is legit, though.  That's all about unemployment.

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But how is that possible? MSM says "Retail sales in March best since 2012 as auto sales surge"

We have all now entered The Twilight Zone.

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I've seen a shit load of new cars in the SF East Bay Area driving around.

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Fuck man, of course the numbers are high for auto sales.  When any FSA member with a pulse can get a subprime 10 year auto loan, sales have to go up.  

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04 15 14 - Macro Analytics- Baltic Freight, Shipping Credit & China - Part 1 w/Bert Dohmen

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According to wall street its because of the weather....the winter was very very colld..def polar vortex related and ice quake related....SARC

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Makes sence to me. Can't load and get those ships out of port if the Baltic is frozen over.....

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Are widgets are circling the maritime waters. 

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And yet Im still being quoted $3, ,250 to ship a 20' from NJ to Sevastopol, Russia. 

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Climate change bullshit can shorten the express package from point A to point B. Those nasty ice caps/polar bears barr the ways.


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Thank you. I almost forgot what time it was.

I'll try to do some more, sitting crosslegged on the (trading) floor.

FREE RANGE chickens... that one makes me smile... Marlin Perkins talking about 'the wild chicken in it's natural habitat'... (cut to wolfpack slavering and rending)

It's the free-range FSA that you need to watch closely, in the coming days and months ahead.

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Get Gartman on the phone!

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if you want to be a millionaire in shipping.......

start with two million

feast or famine

1 good year for every 3 bad...

great tax write off and perhaps the last vestige of capitalism

other than dealing drugs