Blowback: Protesters In Kiev Demand Resignation Of Ukraine President

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While the CIA-staged government coups in Libya and Egypt at least managed to last nearly a year before the inevitable "Thermidorian reaction" resulted in a blowback response that saw the overthrow of the interim US-handpicked rulers, Ukraine may not last nearly that long. According to reports by both Russian Interfax and Ukraine's Unian press services, for the first time since the coup that overthrew Ukraine's president Yanukovich in late February, hours ago a group of protesters assembled in front of the parliament building and on Independence Square in central Kiev, with demands for the resignation of both the interior minister Avakov as well as the acting president Turchinov.

Additionally, reports that the protesters have issued a 24 hour ultimatum to the government to suppress protests in the South East where, as is widely known, "pro-Russian separatists" have effectively taken over the bulk of the cities bordering with Russia.

Simply stated, the people are tired of a figurehead government that already folded when it handed over Crimea to Russia on a silver platter and are demanding at least a token resistance before the rest of the cities in the east flip over to Russia effectively splitting the country in two.

A clip of the protesters taken earlier this evening.

More from Unian:

The Interior Ministry of the capital noted that it is unknown to what protesters are demanding positions remove Turchinova.


According to law enforcement treated protesters politely, but for law enforcement in the event of a breach to the scene, police officers directed.


Also in the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Kiev urged protesters not to resort to radical actions and do not disturb the public order "as any problematic issues could be resolved through dialogue."

Ironically, the protesters may just get their wish. Russian RT reported that "Ukrainian tanks and heavy military equipment are moving towards the eastern town of Slavyansk, ITAR-TASS reported quoting acting mayor Vyacheslav Ponomarev as saying. On Monday, protesters ignored the ultimatum to leave by 9 am, and a Russian flag continued to fly over the besieged police HQs in Slavyansk. Ponomarev added that they are getting ready and are monitoring the situation. “We don’t want bloodshed, we are committed to negotiations,” he said."

Finally, and rather surprising, a clip was also released earlier today showing Ukraine troops and APC dispersing anti-tank "hedgehogs" along the Odessa coastline, as if in anticipation of a marine landing.

Finally, while all this is happening, Obama keeps on talking:


That... and this pearl: "White House warns Russia of more 'costs' over Ukraine."  Does the White House mean these "costs" we wonder?

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IridiumRebel's picture

C I A: Central Ineptitude Agency

Fuckin' shit up since 1947!

The Gooch's picture


I demand Harry Reid go to hell.

" We can't have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it's not over," Reid said."


IridiumRebel's picture

I loved his smug fuckin' grin.

IridiumRebel's picture

There's a kickback for that!

IridiumRebel's picture

Of course they pulled back for this.....they saw the numbers and knew that it would have been fair fight or worse for .gov.

They will come back with much more fire power. That's why there is a no fly zone over there thru mid May.

The Gooch's picture

Listen to BLM agent Dan Love in this conversation and bring the bureaucratic, militarized mindet to it's natural conclusion.

Prepare accordingly.

Jack Burton's picture

He is a cunt! Paid by the taxpayer. You and Me!

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

"Patriots" with pop guns will be no match for tanks, assault vehicles and assault helicopters. It doesn't matter how brave they are.

The Gooch's picture

That's so 1914, man.

<golf clap>



Arius's picture

the Ultimatum crew is out ... decision makers are needed!

SilverIsMoney's picture

Dumb. So what? We do nothing becauwe we can't win? Ever? I think not. People would rather die free then live as slaves and the bottom line is we significantly outnumber these people at about 300 to 1. If they slaughtered these people the other 299 could wake up then it won't matter what they have.

IridiumRebel's picture

Not to mention the optics of sending in tanks against your own people. I am sure people will just sit back. Do they have enough tanks to take on about 3-5 million people? There are a shitload of folks getting ready for such a battle.

Drifter's picture

"People would rather die free then live as slaves"

Nope, that's not the case in America anymore. Everyone is a slave (50% of income taken in taxes is slave), and I don't see anyone going all Sparticus over it.

"and the bottom line is we significantly outnumber these people at about 300 to 1."

So why aren't you gettin it on with 'em? What's stopping you, SLAVE?

Element's picture

It doesn't always work that way, look at Syria, you have polarized civil war. You never know what it will be, and you never know what you've got until it's gone. The EU and Russia would be better off flying in a stack of Findus horse steaks and beers for a massive country-wide BBQ and see what can be done about an election and constructive investment to repair the underlying mess, but they wont. They'll wait until about 2.3 million people are dead, the country is destroyed, and Europe has lost all access to Russian, oil, coal and LNG supplies, and is in the process of doing the very same thing to itself.

Drifter's picture

Why are a few thousand "patriots" challenging govt over a few cattle in a small Nevada town rather than a couple million "patriots" challenging govt in D.C. where the orders come from?

When did attacking the tail of a snake ever kill it?

Why can unarmed citizens in Egypt create such chaos in Cairo the US-backed puppet president leaves office, and unarmed citizens in Kiev are gathering as we speak to force the US-backed puppet president out of office, but millions of heavily armed Americans can't descend on D.C. and accomplish anything?

Why is that? Why are unarmed citizens in those countries accomplishing so very much, while heavily armed "patriots" here in America are accomplishing ZERO?

How much more embarrassment can heavily armed American "patriots" take from those unarmed people in Egypt and Ukraine?

It's getting pretty damn disgusting. Those UNARMED people in Egypt and Ukraine are showing us who the real cowards are.

worbsid's picture

It is not bad enough yet.  When food cards don't work, then it is bad enough. 

Drifter's picture

Yea, then it won't be anyone going after D.C., it'll be everyone going after each other.

HardAssets's picture

Drifter - you ask why ?  

The people in Egypt were hungry.

Not enough people in the US are hungry, but they will be.

Drifter's picture

What? Ukrainians are massing in Kiev because they're hungry?

HardAssets's picture

You mentioned Egypt in your post above - try to stick to your train of thought man. Food prices were relevant in Egypt.

Ukraine is a US op.



Zwelgje's picture

Take a good look at the average kid living in the West.

Compare that with this:

Element's picture

Because as with Egypt (and even the Warsaw Pact States in Soviet times for that matter) almost the whole world was supporting their action and protests and the national paralysis that it caused.

But the whole world is not supporting the actions of protestors in the USSA, at this point.

Not yet any way, but it's coming.

And the support when it comes will probably be universal, you'll be very surprised that the majority of people in every country on earth will eventually support it when the right situation arises, and that's when it will finally come to a head.

And of course that will also be the collapse.

HardAssets's picture

Most military minds are limited and one dimensional. (I'm from a military family, and served).  Ex high school jocks with vision limited to 'the playing field'. (Another analogy is dogs trained to serve their Nazi masters for praise or doggie treats during WW2.)

What they don't see is the more outrageous force they use (especially if they murdered American people just exerting their rights) - - - the more they lose in legitimacy and the support of the population, including decent men & women within these very same organizations. The more heavy handed they are, the more their true nature is on display for the nation and world to see.

They are, in fact, fighting a losing battle based on outdated notions. Their masters seek to protect their parasitic world by 'controlling' every living human being on the planet. That is impossible.  Their attack dogs are told they are 'defending the country', when they are the greatest threat to it.

Drifter's picture

"What they don't see is the more outrageous force they use (especially if they murdered American people just exerting their rights) - - - the more they lose in legitimacy and the support of the population"

What? You mean the 0.5% who even care what's happening out there? Lose their support? Like it even matters?

jughead's picture

yeah, tell that to them sheep herders in Afghanistan, surrender monkey.

seek's picture

Yep, I posted the same in another thread today. The .gov will next about 10X as many agents, will show up all at once and bring armor/air support. With that many agents needed count on the FBI being involved like when the ATF fucked up Waco.

The Gooch's picture

If one drop of that family's blood is spilled, all bets are off.

For reference, multiply Dorner x5000.

5000 is a most conservative estimate and that's just day one.



Captain Benny's picture

If one drop of that family's blood is spilled, all bets are off

You said it.   There are literally millions of pissed off Americans right now who are looking for a reason to take out all federal aggressors.   They're fed up with Eric Holder's corrupt DOJ and every other executive agency!

That man or his family's death means fire bombed offices and dead federal agents throughout the USA.   Scary thought?   Might be interesting....

10th amendment must be reinstated with blood.

bunnyswanson's picture

Looking at this story from all angles is necesssary.  This video covers odd events, though the women goes into an area I know nothing abuot, and don't want to, it's worth listening to and take away at least the fact that it was odd 60 foot poles wre erected without a crane and any cement, and really nice flags were ready in 15 minutes, how the west was won off a bridge.  So, I am holding off on making anymore statements on this situation until I do more research.  (Max resistance Joe black) Bundy Ranch is a movie set

Drifter's picture

What if they're just arrested, taken off the ranch, cattle rounded up, auctioned off, house buldozed, land title handed over to the Chinese?

There goes your "blood trigger".

Why does somebody have to get shot to move you "patirots" to action? Why does it have to go that far to get you people off your asses?

How much more govt abuse will you tolerate long as nobody gets shot?

Why aren't a million of you there locked and loaded making sure Bundys and their ranch are protected and not sold off?

How many guns do you keep strutting around like peacocks boasting you have now? 400 million? And billions of rounds of ammo? And all we see out at that ranch is feds?

Wana make up for Ruby Ridge and Waco? Here's your chance, you've had plenty of warning, get crackin'.

Why are a thousand feds surrounding the place and not a million of you surrounding them locked loaded and ready to shoot ...and driving them off that ranch ...and out of that county ...and out of that state?

Then what if the county just eminent domains the place and gives Bundy a nice fat check? There goes all the wind out of your "patriot" sails, pack up and go home, they outflanked you lawfully.

Either way, I will predict the outcome of this. Govt moves right on ahead, arrests a few, ignores the rest of you.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

" We can't have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it's not over," Reid said."

Does that include Al Sharpton too, Mr Reid?

Tengri Temujin's picture

Until both of her Landra’s parents died, the Reids celebrated the Jewish holidays, the senior senator from Nevada told the New Yorker, adding: “My two oldest children have great affection for things Jewish, and my three younger children are aware of their mother’s lineage, and all of them are very proud of the fact that they are eligible for Israeli citizenship.”

So I Reid can quite easily get an Israeli passport via his marriage (maybe he already has one and we don't know),  I can see why he is saying 'an American people'  Its not like he considers himself part of the American people at the moment.

Rainman's picture

Too bad the Carney call spooked the Congresscritters into selling the RSX.

TruthInSunshine's picture

I can't verify the authenticity of this, but there's a rumor that James Clapper just checked into a 5 star Kiev Hotel under the faux name of Bobby Fischer.

He placed an order with the hotel kitchen/provisions chef for, and I quote, enough raw liver to feed a small army.

IridiumRebel's picture

Yet another American Chess Master!!!

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Of course none of those protestors were planted by Russia.... er..... Putin. Game over Ukraine. Your former masters will be your future masters.  

Infinite QE's picture

So speaks the well known pedophile. Snowden and Putin need to hack his emails and video library and release it.

Winston Churchill's picture

He was already evicted from hell for lowering the moals of the purgatory wing.

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

"But we can have illegal alien people that violate the law and then just walk away from it." - Harry Reid (aka fucking asshole who needs to do the world a favor and die soon).

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Oy! Hollywood!  It's about high time you showed us more shows and movie of how corrupt, misguided and incompetent the CIA/CYA really is.  And how Orwellian the NSA is.

Spare us this Marvel Agents of Shield crap.  There are NO more real heroes in positions of high power and high finance.  The power and hubris has made them arrogant, self-serving, oppressive and corrupt.

Our Gov is no better than Ukraine's.  Our children and grandchildren will not and should not let us forget our complicity and shame:  "When good people remain silent, evil prospers"

- indignant Kirk out

f16hoser's picture

I personally would like to see both Reids DOA!

StacksOnStacks's picture

But...  but... we're the United States of America!  Those other people are BAAAAAAAD.

garcam123's picture

Jesus Christ....what a bunch of stupid incompetent slugs we have for a government!  Fuck it's the Keystone Cops on Steriods!    PULLLLEEESSSSEEEE somebody do SOMETHING TO>>>>>who the fuck knows?

Cover and duck and Kiss your ass good fucking bye.


I vote that we elect to join Norway and become a vassel state to them, with all of thier fine, long lived, beautiful women and all!  I could go for a steam bath with a viking lass just now!

What was it?

Eat, drink and Do Mary, and Jullianne and Olga and maybe Ted, if you're so inclined.....for tomorrow we move to the fema camp!  Boy, THAT SUCKS!  Meaning goodbye forever.



b_thunder's picture

PUTIN AND OBAMA AGREED TO CONTINUE DIPLOMATIC EFFORTS BEFORE APRIL 17 GENEVA TALKS ON UKRAINE - KREMLIN  -  Which can only mean that there will be no Ukraine as we know it by April 17.  The infamous "red line 2.0"

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

That's because there will be are rare Blood-Red Moon, coinciding with tomorrow's Passover, 4/15/2014.  ;-)

Sorry, I couldn't resist.  The guy talks about Space Aliens, which is Kirk's bag.  Damn Clingons!  Damn Klingons too!

p.s. This year, Passover is followed by Ash Wednesday.

Volkodav's picture

uh...there is no Ukraine "as we know" it right now.....

Same as it has always been..not much really a country...but lands..

Brief shot at being a viable governable nation after Soviet defunct has been destroyed by outside interferences with early short breathe of life strangled by Yulia's stealings...and whole Orange monster that did its wishes, not the peoples...



Debugas's picture

you maybe closer to the truth than you even thought

According to UN report Ukraine has not registered its borders with UN so formally speaking Ukraine borders are undefined